A tool (3rd party application) that helps you to equip battle gear out of six wardrobes for various purposes, e.g. to maximize mana refresh at cron or to maximize some skills' impatcts on your party or on yourself or increase damage in boss fights. Every wardrobe equips on a single click, so changing gear many times a day is easy with this tool. After clicking on any wardrobe's equip-button the tool synchronizes with Habitica. This can take up to 10 seconds. Upon returning to Habitica, please press the Sync button there to make changes in your gear visible. (The effect of the changed gear still applies without a resync, but will just not be visible.)

Please report bugs in the Habitican Wardrobes guild. Code can be found using F12 button on your web browser.

  • Wardrobe Intelligence: Maximizes your Intelligence. Most likely to be chosen by any class before Cron in order to receive highest possible amount of mana refresh at cron. Can also be chosen to help you leveling up faster while completing your Tasks. Mages choose Wardrobe Intelligence for all of their skills.
  • Wardrobe Perception: Maximizes your Perception. Most likley to be chosen by Rogues before casting 'Tools of the Trade' or by any class to increase the chance of finding items. Wardrobe Perception is also a good choice if you are on a collection quest.
  • Wardrobe Strenght: Maximizes your Strength. Most likely to be chosen by Warriors before casting 'Brutal Smash' or by any class to increase damage to bosses in boss fights.
  • Wardrobe Constitution: Maximizes your Constitution. Most likely to be chosen by Healers before casting 'Protective Aura'.
  • Wardrobe Blessing: Maximizes Intelligence + Constitution. Most likely to be chosen by Healers before casting 'Blessing'.
  • Wardrobe Legendary: Equips your avatar with the Legendary Equipment. This wardrobe can be a good trade off between pros and cons of the above wardrobes. It is most likely be chosen on regular battle days.


To access and use this tool click on the Habitican Wardrobes link and then fill in your User ID and API Token.

Display of Mana pointsEdit

  • Mana refreshes at cron. Refresh rate is dependant on the number of done Dailies in relation to the number of your total due Dailies.
  • Habitican Wardrobes calculates Mana refresh rate on the current completion rate of your Dailies. The tool compares those values to a Perfect Day (in which all Dailies are completed) to motivate you to achieve a Perfect Day.
  • At cron your mana is set back to 2*INT+30 (where INT is unbuffed, but Perfect Day buff applies). Current Mana points plus mana refresh (at cron) can exceed mana max after cron. The tool informs you if you will loose mana at cron due to the cap and displays this number as 'Mana lost on cap'.
  • Changing Battle Gear after cron (e.g. to wardrobe Perception to cast Tools of the Trade) might reduce maximum mana points (e.g. if you switch from Intelligence to Perception). This can lead to mana points exceeding maximal mana points. Mana points will not be reset to mana max instantly. The exceeding mana points can be used for casting spells. Exceeding mana points will be erased, though, when tasks are being checked off.

Display of the Impacts of skillsEdit

  • Some skills impacts on the party are displayed next to their underlying attribute points. Next to the current attribute points displayed are values as an outer boarder. Within the boardars the skills impact will be constant on change of the attriute points.

Display of Mana refresh per taskEdit

  • Mana refreshes everytime a Habit, Daily of To-Do is being checked off. The amount of given per refresh is based on the Intelligence.

Calculation BasisEdit

  • Wardrobes are calculated on the basis of equipment owned.
  • Class bonus applies.
  • The completion rate of due Dailies does not yet consider Dailies with checklists.

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