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Learn how to play Habitica, an open-source habit building program that treats your life like a Role Playing Game. This wiki is written and maintained by the players of Habitica. Please join us!
The wiki is also available in other languages: Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, Nederlands, Polski, Português Brasileiro, Русский, Türkçe, 中文 (简体 & 繁體).

Getting Started

After you finish Justin the Guide's Tour and delete the sample tasks, you can begin your Habitica adventure in three simple steps.

Step 1: Enter Tasks

First, enter a few tasks. You can add more later as you think of them.

1a. Set up To Do's
Enter tasks you do once or rarely in the To Do's column, one at a time. You can click the pencil to edit them and add checklists, due dates, and more!
1b. Set up Dailies
Enter activities you need to do daily or on a particular day of the week in the Dailies column. Click the item's pencil icon to 'edit' the day(s) of the week it will be due. You can also make it due on a repeating basis, for example, every 3 days.
1c. Set up Habits
Enter habits you want to establish in the Habits column. You can edit the Habit to change it to just a good habit (+) or a bad habit (-).
1d. Set up Rewards
In addition to the in-game Rewards offered, add activities or treats which you want to use as a motivation to the Rewards column. It's important to give yourself a break or allow some indulgence in moderation!

Bonus: If you need inspiration on which tasks to add, see the Sample Habits, Sample Dailies, Sample To Do's, and Sample Rewards pages.

Step 2: Gain Points by Doing Things in Real Life

Now, start tackling your goals from the list! As you complete tasks and check them off in Habitica, you will gain Experience, which helps you level up, and Gold, which allows you to purchase Rewards. If you fall into bad habits or miss your Dailies, you will lose Health. In that way, the Habitica Experience and Health bars serve as a fun indicator of your progress toward your goals. You'll start seeing your real life improve as your character advances in the game.

Step 3: Customize and Explore Habitica

Once you're familiar with the basics, you can get even more out of Habitica with these nifty features:

  • Organize your tasks with tags (edit a task to add them).
  • Customize your avatar under User Icon.
  • Buy your equipment under Rewards and change it under Inventory > Equipment.
  • Connect with other users via the Tavern.
  • After completing your second task, hatch pets by collecting eggs and hatching potions. Feed them to create mounts.
  • Form a party with your friends under Party to stay accountable and earn a Quest scroll.
  • At level 10: Choose a particular class and then use class-specific skills (levels 11 to 14).
  • Defeat monsters and collect objects on quests (you will be given a quest when you join and at various levels).

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Have questions? Check out the FAQs (simpler) (more in-depth). If your question isn't mentioned there, you can ask for further help in the Habitica Help guild.

Guild/Party Pages

Want people to know more about your guild or party? Feel like it needs its own wiki page? Well we have a place for that! Head over to The Armory to create a page in honor of your guild or party.





Promo summer splash 2022.png

Summer Splash Begins!

To escape the summer heat in Habit City, everyone's moved down to the undersea city of Dilatory. The Summer Splash event has begun!

Summer Class Outfits

From now until July 31st, limited edition outfits are available in the Rewards column. Depending on your class, you can be a Waterspout Warrior, Crab Rogue, Manta Ray Mage, or Angelfish Healer! You'd better get productive to earn enough gold before they disappear. Good luck! by jjgame83, Vikte, QuartzFox, Beffymaroo, KateKintail, SabreCat, and heyeilatan

Seasonal Shop is Open!

The Seasonal Shop has opened! The Seasonal Sorceress is stocking the seasonal edition versions of previous summer outfits, now available for gems instead of gold. Plus, there will be more fun things in the shop as the event progresses. The Seasonal Shop will only be open until July 31st, so don't wait!

by Vampitch, Vikte, TheDudeAbides, Lalaitha, Beffymaroo, AnnDeLune, nonight, tricksy.fox, Giu09, JaizakAripaik, Teto Forever, Kai, QuartzFox, jjgame83, Vyllan, gawrone, AwesomeKitty, SuperSaraA, shanaqui, SabreCat, and Lemoness

Npc matt summer.png

NPC Costumes

Looks like the NPCs are really getting in to the cheery summer mood around the site. Who wouldn't? After all, there's plenty more celebration to come...

by Lemoness

Promo aquatic sunset watery.png

Summer Splash Hatching Potions Available!

There's a new pet breed in town! Check out the return of Sunset, Watery, and Aquatic Potions to brighten your summer avatar look. Buy them from the Market and use them to hatch any standard pet egg. (Magic Hatching Potions do not work on Quest Pet eggs.) Magic Hatching Potion Pets aren't picky, so they'll happily eat any kind of food that you feed them! These potions will be available until 8 PM US Eastern Time on July 31. After they're gone, it will be at least a year before these Hatching Potions are available again, so be sure to get them now! by By ravenlune, Tigergurke, Persephone, stefalupagus, Beffymaroo, SabreCat, and heyeilatan

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