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IFTTT (If This Then That) is a site that allows you to create actions between your apps and devices that don't normally communicate with each other.

Glitch is a site that allows users to create apps for other users to download and modify. Users can 'remix' an app to make a copy with their own modifications. This process is used to create the IFTTT action.


An application that allows IFTTT users to add items to their To Do list in Habitica via the IFTTT trigger(s) of choice.


You also can view instructions for setting this extension up here.

  1. Remix the Glitch project to create your personal copy. You can use this link or click the Remix to Edit button at the top of the app page.
  2. Make a note of the project name in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you will need it later in IFTTT. This project name is randomly generated, but you can change it by clicking on it.
  3. Configure the .env file by adding your User ID and API Token, which can be found in your Habitica API Settings. Create the GLITCH_APP_KEY, used for security, using a random string of numbers and letters. It's recommended to use something like random.org to generate the string.
  4. Next, in IFTTT, click New Applet to create the action.
  5. Click +this to specify the service to be triggered with the "If" condition. For example: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Weather Underground, or browse the services & use your imagination! Note: If this is your first time adding this connection, follow the prompts to grant access to the service.
  6. Click +that to add the "Then" condition. Search for "Webhooks" and Connect then select the Make web request action.
  7. Fill in the web request dialog:

Make a web request dialog.

  • In the URL field, enter the url for your remix. This will have the format: https://your-project-name.glitch.me/. You can also get it by clicking the Show button and copying the url in the address bar.
  • Select "POST" from the Method dropdown.
  • Select "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" from the Content Type dropdown.
  • In the Body field, enter: title=YOUR_INGREDIENT&key=GLITCH_APP_KEY. After you've typed "title=", click Add ingredient and select the field you want to use as the title for your To Do item, this will fill in YOUR_INGREDIENT. Replace GLITCH_APP_KEY with the key you generated for the .env file.

Note: Remove any extraneous spaces, there should be no spaces next to either '=' sign. They will cause your web request to fail.

  • There is an issue between glitch and IFTTT, so fill Additional Headers with "User-Agent: IFTTT" if you don't want to see "a 403. Unable to make web request."

Your IFTTT is now ready to run.

If the action doesn't work, here are two ways you can troubleshoot the problem(s):

  1. In IFTTT, click the gear icon on the applet to configure it. Next, click View activity log. You will be presented with a list of times the applet has been updated & run. Click Show details to see a list of the ingredients generated during the run.
  2. You can also check the Glitch logs by editing your project and clicking Logs. This will show you if the remix failed due to a bad key (possibly because of a tricky space).