This script is a fork of Alys's and citrusella's Habitica Tags Always Visible userscript which forces the tags box on Habitica's task page to stay open. This fork introduces several new features and fixes to the original script.

The following features are added. All are optional and configurable with JSON.

  • Hiding challenge tags. You may now hide the challenge tags to free up space in the tags box.
  • Auto-selecting tags. You may specify certain tags to automatically be selected whenever you load the tasks page.
  • Parent and child tags. You may specify parent-child relationships between tags so that whenever you select a child tag, its parent tag will automatically be selected as well.
  • Mutually exclusive tags. You may specify groups of tags which will never be selected together. Whenever one tag in an exclusive group is selected, all others will be toggled off.


Before installing this userscript, make sure you have installed a userscript manager, such as one of these:

Then, navigate to the website for this userscript. Click the install button on that page. You will see a new page containing technical details about the script. Click the install button there too.

After the userscript is installed, you will need to refresh the Habitica website to see its effects.

The script can be turned off and on with a checkbox that you can find by clicking the userscript manager's icon in your browser's toolbar. You will need to refresh Habitica after turning it off or on.

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