The Habitica Quests Trello Board is a feature tracker board hosted on Trello, where writers can easily submit quest scripts and ideas for feedback, discussion, alterations and eventual inclusion in Habitica. It can be found at

HabitRPG Quests Trello

The Habitica Quests Trello Board


The leftmost column of cards contains instructions and information for quest writers, etiquette for the Quests Trello board and an area for group brainstorming of new quest ideas. If you have questions about the process for writing quests, ask them there.

Guidelines for Writing QuestsEdit

  • Quest descriptions should be in English, and limited to 100 words or less when possible. 
  • When suggesting XP and gold rewards, look at other quests with similar difficulties and value your quests accordingly.
  • Try to write a quest description for existing quest requests and unpurposed artwork before creating a brand new quest; sometimes a great picture just needs an amazing quest description in order to be released.

Quest Writing ColumnsEdit

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.24.07 PM

An Equipment Quest Trello Card

The remaining columns are used for the submission, discussion, and brainstorming of the different types of quests: Equipment Quests (Collection or Boss Quests), Pet Quests, Random Encounters, and Themed Mini-Bosses. Each column has one or more cards with guidelines and current quest projects specific to that column.

Quests are usually based on pre-existing art, and pixel art is attached to each new quest card. It is important to think about the pixel art when writing for a quest.

Equipment QuestsEdit

Equipment quests typically have at least two stages, and one stage is typically a collection quest with the other stage(s) being boss quests. The player receives a GP and XP bonus for completing each stage. Once they finish the last stage, they also receive a piece of equipment.

Due to the high volume of Equipment Quests in the queue, we are not currently accepting any more Equipment Quests for the time being. Please feel free to continue to expand on the Equipment Quests that have cards already, or flesh out the pet quests!

Pet QuestsEdit

Pet quests have only one stage. They are boss quests and award three pet eggs instead of a piece of equipment.

Random EncountersEdit

Random encounters are one-stage quests where only XP is rewarded.

Themed Mini-BossesEdit

Mini-bosses are based on themes like Work, Chores, and Exercise.

Quest Script SelectionEdit

Decisions about which quest writing submission to use are left until right before the quest is about to be implemented. If your submission is chosen, you will be tagged on the Trello card.