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The Habitica Pixel Art Trello Board is a feature tracker board hosted on Trello where Pixelists can upload their art for feedback and eventual inclusion in Habitica. It can be found at

The board covers the submission, discussion, and implementations of pixel art to be used for various Habitica elements.

Most often each card will have its own rules and guidelines for pixel art submission along with some previously suggested ideas needing attention.

HabitRPG Pixel Art Trello

The Habitica Pixel Art Trello Board.

READ FIRST Column Edit

The leftmost column of cards contains vital instructions for artisans, an explanation for how to use the board, permissions for pixel art contribution, and an area for discussing new projects and ideas.

Pet Quest Art Edit

This column of cards deals with the rewards such as eggs, pets, and mounts associated with pet quests.


This column of cards deals with the monsters involved in Boss quests, whether it be Equipment Quests, Pet Quests, or Random Encounters.

Items Edit

This column of cards deals with the items involved in the many elements of Habitica including, equipment, icons/emojis, achievement badges, items involved in collection quests, quest scrolls, and other miscellaneous items that can be found through Habitica.

Character Customization Edit

This column of cards deals with the art involved in avatar customization including backgrounds, hair colors and styles, and skins.

Theme Art Edit

This column of cards deals with an upcoming feature to be implemented into Habitica involving certain themes and themed elements that the player could change to be able to view a different overall theme for Habitica other than the standard 8-bit theme. Once more is known about the upcoming features, information about the feature along with art requests will be added to the Theme Art column.

Other Art Edit

This column of cards deals with other pixel art that might be used for various purposes including Promotional art (i.e. clip art) and Wiki page decoration art.

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