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HabitRPG Promotional Video

HabitRPG Promotional Video

In early 2015, Kitch sought submissions from HabitRPG players to include in a promotional video that he was making. The video can be viewed to the right. The remainder of this page describes Kitch's process for creating the video.

Do you think you can express your passion for HabitRPG? The video will greatly benefit from your contribution.

What's NeededEdit

  1. Record yourself saying a bit about HabitRPG (anything!)
  2. Upload the recording of yourself to YouTube as an unlisted video (or use any file hosting website such as "DropBox" or "File Dropper")
  3. Send me the link:

If you're not doing a webcam recording (just audio), please also provide a picture of your avatar (your username will be shown alongside it).

Originally, users were selected after viewing their profile on the HabitRPG website, contacting through the messaging system, and judging if they'll be able to make a contribution based on achievements and experience. Of course, anything is great and even a small audio segment could be a great addition to the video.

Target AudienceEdit

In short, the target audience is potential new users. This is just a nice format; for people that don't enjoy reading the wiki pages, it's more personal than what the website gives, with input from users such as yourself passionate about Habit. The video will be not only be expressing what a nice community of people we have here, but also provide new users with that vital information to set them up and get them started.

Planned Video LengthEdit

The video timeline will be between 2-3 minutes (although this isn't set in stone and could be up to 5 minutes).

There is no limit to the length of video/audio you can submit. If you have a lot to say then that's fine. Your submission will be intercut with what other people have to say if it's too long. Any contribution is greatly appreciated, short or long.

Submission DeadlineEdit

I'd like submissions as soon as possible, ideally before April 1st. I plan to have the video rough cut by April 14th, however, the official video won't be live for you to view until June 1st at the latest. This means I'll be able to accept later submissions. For people that see this wiki article after 1st April, you can still be in the video - please don't hesitate to still send me mail containing your input.

Finished VideoEdit

People that have sent me their recordings will be provided a video link to the finished video once live uploaded to the internet.

The video will support embedding and everyone will be free to do as they wish with it upon release.

I'll try and personally send out a few gems to the people that have made an especially good contribution. However, if this doesn't happen to you, you'll still get to be a part of the video and be credited where appropriate.

If you have any more questions: