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HabitRPG Metro on a desktop

HabitRPG Metro on a phone


The client requires a connection to work and is in beta mode. This client is written in C# / XAML, the Target Platform is Windows 8.1 (all CPU-Types) and Windows Phone 8.1. If you have any feature requests (besides my own, upcoming "want-to-have" features) please feel free to post your requests and bugs to:

Current Features[]

  • Search Tasks by Name (not on Phone)
  • Filter by Tags
  • Add / Remove Tags and assign them to Tasks
  • Manage your Habits / Dailies / Todos and Rewards
  • Change your Equipment, Pets and Mounts
  • Multiple Accounts, Custom ServerUrl
  • Added Number of not finished dailies to the Livetile
  • Hatch your Eggs using Potions
  • Toggle Sleep Mode
  • Phone: In-App Notifications of Rewards
  • Phone: Transparent Start-Tiles
  • Phone: Cortana Commands!
  • Offline Mode
  • Cast Spells
  • Translations:
    • English
    • German


  1. Install from Store
  2. Type in User ID and API Token (found in the API Options) or Username and Password
  3. Use :)