This software stopped working after 30 July 2016 when Habitica's deprecated API v2 was removed.

Information about the API change can be found at Application Programming Interface.


A Windows application written in AutoIT that allows you to send an "up" or "down" message for a habit through the HabitRPG API.


HabitRPG-CLI accepts 3 parameters, 2 required and 1 optional:

habitrpg <taskID/taskName> <direction:up|down> <message (optional)>

The taskID/taskName should correspond to a Habit on the HabitRPG site, or can be a new habit (the API will automatically create it on the first call).

direction needs to either be "up" or "down" depending on whether you want a bonus or a demerit.

The message parameter is optional and will be shown instead of the default message in the Growl notification.


To give yourself a bonus for the "Productivity" habit and send a custom message:

habitrpg Productivity up "Great job, awesome productivity bonus awarded!"

If you're indulging your bad browsing habits:

habitrpg Browsing down