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This Guilds Guide is automatically generated from the stat reports produced by GuildBot. While it gives a good overview of most guilds grouped by topic, it is not complete since new guilds will be created, grow, shrink, and be abandoned and deleted every day. This page only lists guilds whose primary language is English. For guilds with alternative primary languages see the links listed below. For other communities and languages see Language & Local Community Guilds section at the bottom of this page.

Please note: Guilds are classified by the Pirate GUS Classification. Private Guilds and guilds under Pirate Action are not listed on this page.

As of 2022-07-05, there are 1087 public guilds in Habitica. They are broken down by size:

Gold guild badge179 Gold Tier Guilds, approximately 16% of all public guilds. These are the large guilds of Habitica with over 1000 or more members.

Silver guild badge390 Silver Tier Guilds, approximately 36% of all public guilds. These are medium sized guilds with more than 100 but less than 1000 members.

Bronze guild badge518 Bronze Tier Guilds, approximately 48% of all public guilds. These are the small guilds of Habitica with fewer than 100 members.

Looking for more great guild guides? Check out the Guild Spotlight series on the Habitica Blog, which features a variety of guilds sharing common themes.

Health & Fitness[]

Healthy Lifestyle[]

Gold guild badgeEat, Move, Love (Your Body)
A safe space to talk about food and fitness goals, body positivity, Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. Build self confidence and love for the body you have right now! Focusing on fat acceptance, accessibility, and healing.
Gold guild badgeGeneral Health - Food, Exercise and Mentality Guild
This guild is for those of you that want more in life. Better and healthier Sport, better and healthier Food as well as a better and healthier Mentality regarding those aspects.
Gold guild badgeGreatFit - Fitness & Nutrition
A **place for people who sit a lot**: to discuss, share Know-How and specially **get into the habit of moving more throughout the day**.
Gold guild badgeLife/Habit Challenges
This guild is for people looking to start some new habits.
Gold guild badgeWeight Loss & Maintenance
Weight Loss & Maintenance


Gold guild badgeGluten-Free Living
Gluten-Free Living
Gold guild badgeHabitican Herbal apothecary
Habitican Herbal apothecary
Gold guild badgeIntermittent Fasting
Want to try Intermittent Fasting? Need advice, articles, or support to commit to your new habit? Join us!
Gold guild badgeKeto-ers
Gold guild badgeLose Weight/Get Healthy
Weight is just a symptom. We want to be healthy as we work toward a healthy weight.
Gold guild badgeLow/No Sugar Guild
Created this guild to support the Low/No Sugar Challenge - it's a place where people can discuss thoughts, feelings, successes, and failures related to avoiding sugar!
Gold guild badgeThe Vegan Inn
This guild is a safe space for everyone who is living vegan or interested in veganism 🌱
Gold guild badgeVegetarians, Vegans and Raw Vegans
Vegetarians, Vegans, Raw Vegans and the Veg-curious
Gold guild badgeWe Eat With Bright Lines
This Guild is for those who live, or are interested in, The Bright Line Eating Way!
Gold guild badgeWellhacks
Wellhacks is the 'program' used for a wellness journey by one crazy autistic "trainer" to lose 260+ lbs. It is a wellness journey using lifehacks to trick your mind into letting you lose weight without realizing it!
Gold guild badgeWhole30 Support
A group designed to help those getting started! Whether you’re starting R1 or R10 there’s always something new to learn.


Gold guild badgeE2M (Eager 2 Motivate) Fitness
Guild for anyone following the E2M fitness program. Challenges for every 8-week round to help track progress.
Gold guild badgeEvidence Based Fitness
Looking to lose weight? Build muscle? Wondering what to eat? Or how much to eat? Have fitness goals? Want to run a 5k? Or see your abs? Or just become healthier in general? We are a fast growing active guild that tries to offer help to everyone. :)
Gold guild badgeFire Warriors
A guild for all shapes, sizes and health conditions who want to stay fit in a supportive environment. Our challenges are focused on inclusion and accessible fitness.
Gold guild badgeFitbit Guild
Fitbit Guild
Gold guild badgeFitness Guild of Habitica
The Guild for all things Fitness (and self-improvement) in Habitica!
Gold guild badgeG-Force
Get in shape while saving Habitica from giant monsters! --- Search terms: Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, kaiju, mechs, movies, exercising, working out, running, martial arts, accountability, health, fitness
Gold guild badgeImaginary/virtual journey challenges
This guild contains challenges where real/fantasy routes have been turned into imaginary/virtual challenges. They can be performed anywhere and contain milestones as goals for one's own walking, swimming, bicycling, rowing, skiing etc.
Gold guild badgeIron Paradise
Fitness focused daily achievement and motivation. Never give up on your goals. No matter how outlandish someone says they are. Do your best to work towards those goals side by side with your friend and comrades. A guild for EVERYONE. Join today!
Gold guild badgeNerd Fitness Rebellion
This guild is for members of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, users of any of the products released by Nerd Fitness (Prime, Academy, Yoga, Rings&Handstands, Coaching, etc).
Gold guild badgeNerdy Fitness
Nerdy Fitness
Gold guild badgeOutdoor Corps
Outdoor Corps
Gold guild badgeParkour Practitioners!
Parkour Practitioners!
Gold guild badgeRanger's Workshop
A place for those who walk, climb, ride, and swim the wild lands.
Gold guild badgeRising Heroes (unofficial)
The Guild for Habiticans who are also [Rising Heroes] Come here for the Challenges that give you your RH Missions as Habitica Tasks, stay for the camaraderie!
Gold guild badgeSurvival: Challenge Guild
This is the hub for participants in the Survival: challenges.
Gold guild badgeThe Iron Guild
The Iron Guild
Gold guild badgeThe Road Goes Ever On
The Road Goes Ever On
Gold guild badgeThe Rogues' Playground
Develop your physical fitness with short, real-time challenges with gem rewards. Set your own workouts, exercises, or other physical health tasks. You don't need to be a rogue to join us!

Running & Walking[]

Gold guild badgeAbel Township
Abel Township
Gold guild badgeRunner's Edge
The running community of Habitica.
Gold guild badgeTeam Walk-a-Thon
This guild is for participants in the monthly Walk-a-Thon challenge and other walkers who want to chat about their successes and struggles.
Gold guild badgeTrail Runners of Habitica
Just a place for trail runners to get together to talk about technique, training for races, reviews of gear, and places to run on the trails.
Gold guild badgeWalk the Walk
This is a guild for those who walk every day!
Gold guild badgeWalking to Mordor
Based on the distances charted at [EowynChallege.net] we're walking to Mordor!

Be a Good Sport[]

Gold guild badgeArchers, Assemble!
A place to discuss archery, and bond with fellow shooters! Archers of all styles (recurve, compound, barebow, traditional, field, 3D, etc.) and experience levels are encouraged to join.
Gold guild badgeHabit City Roller Derby
Habit City Roller Derby
Gold guild badgeHabitica Cycling Club
Love to ride your bicycle?
Gold guild badgeHabitica Peloton (Pro Cycling Fans)
Guild to discuss everything UCI pro cycling (races, grand tours, cyclists, whatever).
Gold guild badgeLong-Distance Biking
Want to build your cycling endurance?
Gold guild badgeMartial Artists
A guild for Martial Artists of all disciplines. Let's use Habitica to support our practice and enrich our understanding of the journey toward mastery!
Gold guild badgeMonks of the Stone Mountain Temple
This guild is for practitioners of the grappling arts (BJJ, wrestling, judo, etc.). The training is harsh, but the skills of the monks are legendary. Adventurers from across the land come for a chance to train. All are welcome. Few will stay.
Gold guild badgeScuba Professionals
Focused on Scuba and dive related professionals balancing real life and life under the water.
Gold guild badgeThe Climbers Guild
The Climbers Guild
Gold guild badgeUpside Down Acrobats and Aerialists!
For brand new beginners or advanced aerialists or acrobats to chat and cheer each other on! Whether it’s pole, lyra, silks, or something else, all acrobatics are valid here!
Gold guild badgeYoga Practititoners
formerly Yoga Enthusiasts
Gold guild badge❤⛸Figure Skating⛸❤
Do you love to skate? Want to try it? Then this is the perfect guild for you! have fun chatting with fellow skaters here in this fun guild! Whether you're a beginner or have been skating for years, I guaranty that you will have fun!

Sleep Hygiene[]

Gold guild badgeEarly to Bed and Early to Rise
This is a guild for better sleep hygiene! Join us if you're interested in working to achieve the sleep you want and need!
Gold guild badgeNaps of Power: Habiticans for Better Sleep
Naps of Power: Habiticans for Better Sleep
Gold guild badgeNight Owls
A place for people who are typically awake and productive late at night
Gold guild badgePolyphasic Sleep
Polyphasic Sleep, sleep hygiene and sleep health.

Recovery & Support Groups[]

Mental & Physical Health[]

Gold guild badgeADHD Writers
A guild for anyone with ADHD (professionally diagnosed or self-diagnosed) who considers themself to be a writer! As ADHDers we have to overcome significant barriers to harness our creativity, this is a place to talk about it!
Gold guild badgeADHDers Guild 🐿
This is a guild for those of us with diagnosed or undiagnosed AD(H)D using Habitica to help manage the issues of motivation, distraction, and other impairments that come with our condition.
Gold guild badgeAnxiety Alliance
Anxiety Alliance is a place for those managing and dealing with anxiety to gather and support each other. We also offer a variety of Challenges for managing anxiety generally as well as to help you accomplish your anxiety-inducing tasks. :)
Gold guild badgeAutistic Adventurers' Guild
The guild for Habiteers on the autism spectrum, whether you be professionally or self-diagnosed.
Gold guild badgeAutoimmune Warriors
This guild is for people living with autoimmune disease. Let's trade ideas and support each other on the quest to living well.
Gold guild badgeBPD Army
A guild created to show support and care, and add some stability to the often turbulent lives of those affected with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Gold guild badgeBlind Bohemians of Habitica
A place for blind & visually impaired users of Habitica and anyone curious about living life with sight loss or a visual impairment. Feel free to join, chat about your experiences or ask questions :)
Gold guild badgeBorderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Gold guild badgeChronic Illness POT Luck (POTS, EDS, MCAS, etc)
Dyautonomia, POTS, EDS, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, Gastroparesis, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's and other autoimmune diseases. The list goes on and on and sometimes it feels like we've got all of 'em!
Gold guild badgeChronic Illness Queers
A guild for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are also disabled, chronically ill, or mentally ill!
Gold guild badgeCompanions in the Midst of Despair: Compulsive Sexual Behavior (Public)
Compulsive sexual behavior: inappropriate/excessive sexual behaviors/thoughts causing distress or impaired function. What support can be found here I do not know. ""Who knows? Have patience. Go where you must go, and hope!” - Gandalf
Gold guild badgeCovid Long-Haulers
Diagnosed or not, long-haul or recent, this is a place for mutual support of those suffering the effects of Covid-19.
Gold guild badgeDID/OSDD
A guild for those with Dissociative Identity Disorder or Other Specified Dissociative Disorder.
Gold guild badgeDifferent Diets
Eating differently from everyone else? So are we. Food allergy, intolerance, malabsorption, or sensitivity? Religious diet? Vegetarian? Vegan? Elemental diet? Something else? Learn, share, support, and vent in a helpful and understanding atmosphere.
Gold guild badgeDisability / Chronic Illness Problem Solving Guild
Guild for discussion of PHYSICAL (incl. developmental) disability, chronic illness, health insurance issues, accomodations and accessibility, personal care and/or in-home caregivers, psychology of disability, relationships with disability, and more!
Gold guild badgeEveryday Ehlers-Danlos Battles
Everyday Ehlers-Danlos Battles
Gold guild badgeExecutive dysfunction buddies
For anyone experiencing executive dysfunction, a place to share your struggles and tools that help you!
Gold guild badgeEyerobics 👀
Eye exercises, eyesight problems, eye health and self-care.
Gold guild badgeGeek Therapeutics
Integrating Geek Culture Into Therapy
Gold guild badgeGet It Off Your Chest - GIOYC
Got something you need to get off your chest, but no one to listen? Come and share it with us. We don't judge! ❤
Gold guild badgeHeadmate Habiteers
Plurality and multiplicity! Open to all who are more-than-one, regardless of system type or origin. This guild serves mostly as a storage space for challenges, but we do welcome light discussion about the day-to-days of plural life.
Gold guild badgeHomebound
Gold guild badgeJust For Today, Avoid Your "Stupid" Thing
Everyone makes mistakes; it's human nature. But sometimes we knowingly and intentionally make a choice that we know will harm us. (That's also human nature.) The hard part is sometimes choosing *not* to indulge the self-destructive behavior...
Gold guild badgeLaughter is Allowed
Not everything that ends with syndrome or disorder has to be a negative.WARNING! LAUGHTER WILL OCCUR!
Gold guild badgeLife After Bariatric Surgery
@sneakylittlepooka created this guild in the hope that others that others learning to readjust their lives after bariatric surgery could help one another and uplift each other. Let's keep the dream alive!
Gold guild badgeLife Basics
Life Basics
Gold guild badgeLiving Vividly
A guild focused on joy, connection, and mindfulness for building resilience in the face of life's challenges, particularly those relating to chronic illness but applicable to everyone! Come create your own best life with us!
Gold guild badgeLiving with the Bone-Destroying Monster (Osteoporosis)
If you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis or just want to take precautions to avoid developing this bone destroying disease, join us for support, comments and "Above All, Don't Fall!"
Gold guild badgeMastering ADHD - Evidence Based ADHD | CBT exercises from Oxford University Press
This is the only self-help book that's evidence-based from double-blind studies. If you're *serious* about using *scientifically based* tools to manage ADHD, join this guild!
Gold guild badgeMentally ill
For those of us suffering from mental illness(es) and trying to develop better habits to deal with them. **This is an open mutual support group, and as such may contain triggering material.**
Gold guild badgeMigraine Warriors
Migraine Warriors
Gold guild badgeOCD Support
The OCD Support Guild welcomes anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or similar diagnoses! Search terms (to make it easier to find this guild): mental health, therapy, psychiatry, compulsions, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, support group
Gold guild badgePMS survival guild
Have a blankie, a pillow and some tea and sit and talk with us about the worst time of the month. everyone is welcome. menstruation #pms #mittelschmerz
Gold guild badgeRecover and Thrive from CPTSD
Recover and Thrive from CPTSD
Gold guild badgeSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
A group for those of us with SAD to share strategies. Monthly challenges with seasonal strategies.
Gold guild badgeSensory Soldiers
Support guild for those who have, think they may have, or support those who have sensory issues. We share tips, tricks, resources, & encouragement, but we cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any condition--please seek a professional.
Gold guild badgeSkin Support
A guild to help any Habitican battling a skin condition! Anyone with eczema, psoriasis, xerosis, or anything else is welcome. Let's band together and focus on applying cream/medicating and not itching!
Gold guild badgeSmart ADHD-ers Chat
Chat for ADHD-havers to share info and work together.
Gold guild badgeThe BFRB Guild
Welcome! This is a safe, friendly place for people who pull their hair, pick their skin, bite their nails, or have other body-focused repetitive behaviors. Join this guild to make new friends and discuss your body focused repetitive behavior tips!
Gold guild badgeThe Bipolar Bears
The Bipolar Bears
Gold guild badgeThe Black Ribbon
Our guild, made to help prevent suicide & self-harm, is a friendly support group. If you or someone you love is afflicted with mental illness, depression, friendlessness, or hard times, we won't judge. We can help or simply listen—whatever you need.
Gold guild badgeThe Chronic Illness Guild
A Guild for those that live with Chronic Illnesses Guild Co-Leaders: Foxie, Mike the Monk, Bumbleshoot
Gold guild badgeThe Comprehensive Spoonies - Divergence
A guild for all. Spoonies, Aspies, Zebras, POTS, and all other conditions who aspire to communicate to help support each other, have some fun together, share some jokes and find a friend!
Gold guild badgeThe Hodge•Podge of Veritable Interests
A place for random, appropriate topics of discussion, challenges and information sharing. Anyone is welcome, please keep to the code.
Gold guild badgeThe OCPD Owls
Public support guild for people with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), with the goal to support the ones who need it and to provide more information and awareness about OCPD.
Gold guild badgeThe SugarKill Gang
The SugarKill Gang
Gold guild badgeThere Will Be Blood! (Public Lobby Guild)
Lobby Guild for the private guild about menstruation and alternative products. Come in to join the conversation!
Gold guild badgeTic Town
A safe place for people with Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders.
Gold guild badgeTrauma and Dissociative Disorders Guild
Trauma and Dissociative Disorders Guild
Gold guild badgeUNFREEZE the Freeze Response, CPTSD and trauma (no/minimum triggers)
Since this Guild touches on a very personal subject, we also have a [private guild] The rules are the same, but only other members of the Guild can read what is written.
Gold guild badgeUnity - [JOKO]
A guild for the community of JebroUnity - Mental Health Counselor (in training!), advocate, TakeThis Ambassador, streamer, shoutcaster, GW2 and ESO Partner, player of all the things.
Gold guild badge🦀The Crab Combatants
This is a guild for cancer survivors and people still fighting the fight

Addiction Recovery[]

Gold guild badgeAlcoholics Anonymous - One Day at a Time!
Alcoholics Anonymous - One Day at a Time!
Gold guild badgeChimney🚬Sweeps
Everything about smoking.
Gold guild badgeDigital Addicts Anonymous
For those seeking to improve their relationships with their digital media and devices. Habiticans struggling with digital media of all kinds are welcome. DAA is not affiliated with classic 12-step programs.
Gold guild badgePorn-Free and NoFap Support Guild Lobby
Porn-Free and NoFap Support Guild Lobby
Gold guild badgeRecovery Dharma
For those of us on Habitica who are also in the Recovery Dharma program. This guild was created by a fellow member of the community who holds no actual authority.
Gold guild badgeRecovery Warriors
This space is for anyone who is in eating disorder recovery and wants support! We welcome those of any gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and history with food. Together, we can practice mindfulness, intuitive eating, self-love, and body acceptance. :)


Gold guild badgeAdults Only
Noone magically becomes an adult when they turn 18. Life is a battle to find balance and harmony. "Adults Only" is a place where you'll be challenged to take care of yourself, your relationships, and to create goals for the future.
Gold guild badgeThe Work/Life/School Balancing Act
The Work/Life/School Balancing Act
Gold guild badgeYoung Adult- Unprepared
Young Adult- Unprepared

Getting Organized[]

Goal Setting & Accountability[]

Gold guild badgeAccountability Buddies!
Find a buddy to help support you in achieving your goals and meeting your commitments.
Gold guild badgeAll About Habits
This is a place to discuss your favorite habit strategies, your favorite books about habits, and anything else habit-related! Let's work on building better habits for ourselves together!
Gold guild badgeAllies
Want extra accountability, motivation and encouragement? You are more motivated to achieve when your actions affect others. Your allies have a better chance of winning the game if you achieve your goal - don’t let them down!
Gold guild badgeBuild-A-Routine
Greetings Habiticans! Do you find yourself slogging through your days with no purpose? Do you want to add more structure, or maybe more excitement in your day? Or maybe you've tried a routine before but you need a place to help keep you accountable?
Gold guild badgeBusy Bees
Hi! We're the Busy Bees :D Our purpose is to make the most out of our days. We make long-term and short-term goals for the things that hold weight in our lives like our mental health, physical health, academics, work, family, volunteering, etc.
Gold guild badgeCreating a Summer Bucket List
Summer is coming... why not create a bucket list all together?
Gold guild badgeDeep Dark Reds
In Habitica, tasks gradually turn dark red as they are left undone. Named after these lingering tasks, Deep Dark Reds is a guild for procrastinators. Challenges, run regularly, deal with the thoughts and emotions that cause procrastination.
Gold guild badgeGrowth By Habits Guild
Our purpose to hold each other accountable as we strive to become better versions of ourselves. You should join us if you are interested in goal setting. personal development and creating positive environments.
Gold guild badgeJournaling 📝
You are here because you want a nudge to produce an interesting readable journal.
Gold guild badgeLevel-Up League
Want your tasks to be more gamefully designed? Whether you need more external motivation or want to up your fun with getting things done, check out this guild! Turn that tough task into a dragon and let your life be an adventure!
Gold guild badgeLong-Term Goal Accountability 🎯
This guild helps you set long term goals which are three months or more in the future. It's a place to discuss ways of defining long-term goals, how to break them down into achievable short-term goals, and for celebrating progress.
Gold guild badgeNjorđr Vikings
Looking for fellow members to quest and chat with!
Gold guild badgePlanner Addicts of the Papery Kind
Are you planner obsessed? Do you love your Bullet Journal/BuJo? Your Filofax reign supreme? No matter what type of planner you use, join us and discuss all things planner! Home to the Plan Ahead!, Bullet Journal 101 & 201, and Monthly BuJo Challenges
Gold guild badgeRadical Compassion Collective
Public Guild A co-working space and break room for anyone working who'd like the company of a kind and supportive group while they work on their personal projects. Our aim is not just to get our work done, but hopefully to enjoy doing it.
Gold guild badgeShort-Term Accountability Guild
Need an extra push to accomplish something today, this week, or this month? Here you can announce goals, report results, and be cheered on (or motivated by the thought admitting failure). No goal is too small to mention if you need accountability.
Gold guild badgeShort-Term Accountability Guild OVERFLOW Challenge Chat
STAG (Short-Term Accountability Guild) overflow challenge chat. For check-in reports on certain challenges, and the new home of the DFF (Daily Focus Finder) Challenges.
Gold guild badgeStardew Self Improvement Guild
Stardew Valley Discord's Guild. All are welcome!
Gold guild badgeThe COB Games Room!!
The COB Games Room!!
Gold guild badgeThing a Day
This guild is dedicated to people who want to get more done! Thing a day focuses on getting at least one thing done everyday that gets us closer to our goals!
Gold guild badgeTime Management
If you want to stop feeling short on time, this is the place for you. Come figure out how to plan better with us, track results, find ideas to improve, and start enjoying your time more. Beat procrastination with smart goals and accountability.
Gold guild badgeWampus - House of Everyone
Hey There I know you have big ideas, plans and you are dying to execute them to be in the place where you exactly want to be. So what's stopping you to be the best version of yourself, Procrastination ? Commitment ? or Discipline ?
Gold guild badgeWeekly Goals in a Group
If you need some extra gem motivation to get working on your weekly project, without a lot of extra conversation, this is the place for you. Weekly goals affect the group's ability to win. Set your goals and get achieving.
Gold guild badgeWillpower Instinct
The greatest power of all!
Gold guild badge⚔ The Duelling Grounds - Race Track ⚔
⚔ The Duelling Grounds - Race Track ⚔ is a stadium dedicated to 24h Pomodoro Sprint announcements. Pomodoro Sprints are challenges run in [⚔ The Duelling Grounds ⚔]
Gold guild badge⚔ The Duelling Grounds - Tally Board ⚔
This is a subsection of the main guild, [The Duelling Grounds]
Gold guild badge⚔ The Duelling Grounds ⚔
-PvP Guild- For those motivated by friendly competition, the Duelling Grounds are a place to publicly challenge friends and strangers to compete on the fields of honour. Spectators are also welcome.
Gold guild badge⭐The Elite Habiticans Guild⭐
We are a growing community with a bunch of interests, who encourage each other in achieving our goals, offer support, motivation and guidance for those of us who r experiencing obstacles, make friends around the world, and learn new things.
Gold guild badge📋Long Term Project Guild
"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." Confucius. Are you working on a long-term project 📋? We're here to support & 🎏encourage each other, offer strategies, & celebrate 🎉our milestones.

Methods to Stop the Madness[]

Gold guild badge12 Week Year Guild 📅
An accountability and support group for anyone planning their own *12 Week Year* (based on the book by Brian P. Moran).
Gold guild badgeA Mythic Life
This guild is a hub for fellow productivity and self-improvement enthusiasts, to both share and discover breakthroughs that have led them closer to living their life to its highest potential, their *Mythic Life*.
Gold guild badgeA Quiet Room
This guild links to A Quiet Room, an online space that people can check into when they need to study or work and just want some quiet company, with a voice channel open but minimal conversation.
Gold guild badgeAnki and SRS Enthusiasts
Anki and SRS Enthusiasts
Gold guild badgeAtomic Habiticans - Tiny Habits Towards Sustainable Goals
A guild themed on building tiny habits and focusing on small steps, based on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear
Gold guild badgeEnneagram Community
This is a guild for the personality typing system called the Enneagram! If you're interested in learning more about it, or helping other people learn more about it, we'd love to have you here! Personality types, personality system, typing system.
Gold guild badgeFocusmate Fans (public)
This is the public guild channel of the Focusmate Fans guild. This guild is only for discovery. Introduce yourself, please, and you will be invited to the private guild.
Gold guild badgeGTD Users
Guild for anyone who already uses the GTD (Getting things done) productivity method or have interest in starting.
Gold guild badgeGnothi
Discussion of [Gnothi] a journal that uses AI to provide insights and resources. [Integrates with Habitica] by showing task correlations. Made by Habitica's creator, lefnire.
Gold guild badgeMini Habits
Want to create permanent healthy habits? How about focusing on just starting the activity?
Gold guild badgeMinimalist Challenges
Avoid overstimulation and overthinking.
Gold guild badgeObsidian Users Unite!
Hi everyone! As an avid Obsidian.md user, I thought I would create a Guild to connect with others to share tips, ideas and knowledge!
Gold guild badgePillars Of Happiness 😃
The Pillars of Happiness are designed to help create a Life Balance to live a fulfilling and happy life. The Pillars of Happiness hold the foundation for a meaningful life. Balancing the pillars of your life is the key.
Gold guild badgePomodoro Playground
A guild for all the tomato enthusiasts. We run weekly challenges to help you get organized using the Pomodoro Technique.
Gold guild badgePublic Habit Academy
This is the public Guild of the Habit Academy. The purpose of this Guild it to teach you to design new behaviors using the "Tiny Habits" method, celebrate everyone's wins, troubleshoot not working behaviors and keep each other accountable.
Gold guild badgeRecovery International
A guild for those interested in a better life through the teachings of Dr. Abraham Low.
Gold guild badgeSuperBetter
Gold guild badgeThe Daily Journal
Do you keep a daily journal? This guild is for you!
Gold guild badgeThe Hero's Journal
This a group for those who have answered the call to adventure and embarked on their own quests of self-improvement with The Hero's Journal to help along the way.
Gold guild badge♥嬉しい森 ♥ | HAPPY FOREST |
HAPPY FOREST GUILD🌱 Are you trying to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone in a fun way? Join a community of Forest App users! Come learn more about the app or find more friends to plant with while studying.
Gold guild badge🌲Forest App Users
If you use the Forest app, come join us!
Gold guild badge🍅 Pom Throwing Arena!
:tomato: Somewhere we can throw poms!
Gold guild badge🏆 Pom Quest
Guild members strive to complete poms towards their long term goals. Quests will be tracked on the leaderboard. Every participant is working hard to complete 100 poms to reach a reward!
Gold guild badge📅 Calendar To Dos
A unique guild where we use the Habitica columns as calendar days instead of task lists. Come explore a very different way of using Habitica!

Cleaning House[]

Gold guild badgeDecluttering Devils
For people who are sick of working for their things, instead of having their things work for them. We are all walking together on a decluttering journey to simplify our lives. Less is More!
Gold guild badgeFLYBabies
Got C.H.A.O.S.(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? You've come to the right place. We all know our houses didn't get dirty overnight, and it won't become perfect overnight either, but we can make great progress... fifteen minutes at a time!
Gold guild badgeHorrible Housekeepers of Habitica
Horrible Housekeepers of Habitica: a place to discuss our triumphs and defeats in housekeeping
Gold guild badgeJourney to Clean
Journey to Clean
Gold guild badgeMake Your Home Sweet Home
"Home, Sweet Home"? More like "Help, Someone Help"! Your home should be your sanctuary, but so much goes into creating and maintaining it that it's easy to get overwhelmed. This guild aims to offer solidarity, encouragement, and support.
Gold guild badgeSlobs Anonymous
We are slobs! And proud! Proud to be working on not being slobs. Share your successes. Tackle your messes. Come be the unslobbiest slob you can be!
Gold guild badgeSpring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. This guild will be used to hold ourselves accountable, to post maybe our last find, to comserate our struggles and praise ourselves for our hard work.
Gold guild badgeTeam UfYH
Team UfYH

Money Matters[]

Gold guild badgeAlchemy Scholars (Personal Finance and Investing Book Club)
Together we read a new book every month to inform ourselves about the art and science of creating gold (building wealth) through managing our personal finances and investing.
Gold guild badgeCrypto Barrons of Habitica
A place for cryptocurrency traders, long term investors, yield farmers, nft artists & connoisseurs, developers, and enthusiasts to discover and share information concerning the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and DLT technology.
Gold guild badgeDeath and Taxes
Waaah! Taxes! And other scary official paperwork! With deadlines! I'll never fill out that form correctly! And I can't find anything in my filing "system"!... If you're feeling like that, this is the place to talk about it and encourage each other.
Gold guild badgeFinancial Discipline Guild
In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements to strip us of our hard earned money, this group seeks to turn the tide of consumerism and develop financial discipline. All knowledge levels and ages are welcome!
Gold guild badgeFinancial Fitness
Financial Fitness
Gold guild badgeYNAB - You Need A Budget
A guild for fans of You Need A Budget and for anyone else who wants to talk about personal budgeting.

Seasonal & Life Events[]

Gold guild badgeApplying to College
A space for college applicants or future college applicants to get help with applying to college!
Gold guild badgeChristmas Preparation Guild
Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat :D If you would like to make your Western Christmas Holiday less taxing and more calmer. We will take Christmas tasks and make them more manageable.
Gold guild badgeCoronavirus/COVID-19 updates
A space to talk about virus news and about personal experiences -- whether that's talking about hand sanitizer shortages or cancellations, or sharing work-from-home tips, or getting emotional support.
Gold guild badgePregnancy Guild
A group focusing on preparing your body and your life for a baby.
Gold guild badgeWedding Planning
Wedding Planning
Gold guild badge🎢 Fun-employment
For those who need a little extra support creating structure around their days


Be Your Best Self[]

Gold guild badgeBad Habits
If you have bad habits you're trying to break, then this is the place to find support, advice, and if you want it, accountability. If you have already managed to break some of yours, come share with us what has worked for you.
Gold guild badgeBeauties of Habitica
The Beauties of Habitica Guild is open to everyone interested in beauty, grooming, personal hygiene, and physical health. Our chat is active, friendly, and supportive, and we have a nice offering of fun Challenges that are regularly updated.
Gold guild badgeFairyTail
Help each other learn to get this done
Gold guild badgeGenki Geeks
Genki Geeks
Gold guild badgeGoblins Alliance
For all those who feel like an extra in life and want to become a full fledged adventurer. Take charge of your life and bend the universe to your will. Home of D&D themed challenges and Habitica compatible adventurers.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Heros!
Habitica Heros here to help hustle in health, home, happiness, and hobbies!
Gold guild badgeHeart and Hearth: A Space for Positivity
An active and positive community. Home of monthly Positivity, Love and skill-building Baby Steps challenges. Everyone welcome to join, even if you aren't participating in the challenges.
Gold guild badgeHigh Performance
In high performance, we strive to reach our long-term goals.
Gold guild badgeIderfox
Welcome to the Iderfox community! A growing group of folks with a bunch of interests, who encourage each other in getting our stuff done, help eachother out, and just have fun in general!
Gold guild badgeKOA
Knights of Academia is an educational organization devoted to helping individuals actively become the greatest versions of themselves through the development of self discipline, critical thinking, and positive habits.
Gold guild badgeLearn to Love Yourself
Loving yourself can be hard sometimes, but in this guild we'll work together to learn to love ourselves (and others).
Gold guild badgeLevel Up Your Life
Level Up Your Life
Gold guild badgeLife Hackers
Life hacks are tricks, shortcuts, or methods that help increase productivity, efficiency, health, & get you to a better state of life. This guild helps members discover, utilize, & implement these secrets.
Gold guild badgeLimitless
This guild is only for people who want to take their lives to the next level. Guild of like-minded supporters set on increasing IQ levels, motivation, bank accounts, becoming disciplined, and more powerful. This is the LIMITLESS guild.
Gold guild badgeMaximum Effort!
:radio: Open to all sorts of goals and ideas! Lets stick together and support our awesome journey to well... whatever we want!!! Friendly to: yoga, gamers, self care, chore motivation, pet care, parents, students and more to come I hope!
Gold guild badgeMinimalism
Sometimes there is just TOO MUCH! Minimalism can be a way for many types of people to experiment with less (less stuff, less obligations, less mental clutter, etc.) Maybe it will lead to permanent changes, maybe just insight about what is important.
Gold guild badgeMinimalism for a Better Life
We support each other in learning and practicing the principles of minimalism. Together we find ways to increase our quality of life by mindfully decreasing our baggage in the material, digital and other realms. Sometimes less really IS more!
Gold guild badgeRebirthers
Explore the benefits and necessity of restarting in Habitica. - When and how to use the *Orb of Rebirth* and stack the *Began a New Adventure* achievement. - Why you should change class, and when is the best time to start over.
Gold guild badgeSelf-Improvement Movement
Join a friendly community of Habiticans who are also on a journey to self-improvement by cultivating healthy habits.
Gold guild badgeSnail
Gold guild badgeStart Designing Life
We provide support and accountability to anyone who wants help making positive changes in their life ❤️. A community of like-minded people - we run weekly challenges to help start new habits or create consistency in a positive uplifting environment
Gold guild badgeSteady Habitican
Slow and steady wins the race.
Gold guild badgeThe Firekeepers 🔥
Hamza based cult. Jeffrey to Adonis. Accountability
Gold guild badgeThe Knights of Blackstone
The Knights of Blackstone is a guild that is meant to be a safe haven for those who are having a tough time. We will help each other whenever we can. Phoenix will be posting daily motivation within the guild as well. Have a great day!
Gold guild badgeThe Overachievers
The Overachievers
Gold guild badgeWork Hard, Play Hard
A place to get motivated to be your best and have fun while you do it!
Gold guild badgehouse henzy
💀 time is short and all things must come to and end - we are not exempt 🥀
Gold guild badgethe secret garden ❦
cultivate love for the self + the other ❦
Gold guild badgeutopify.org - Utopia begins with 'U'
utopify.org - Utopia begins with 'U'
Gold guild badge⚔ Conquerors of Betterment {COB}
COB originated as a discord server on which likeminded people came together from Habitica to work on their goals together, build friendships and improve themselves and the world around them!
Gold guild badge🏂 🎯 Flow and stress-free productivity
Become more productive than ever while staying calm. "...find a sweet spot between boredom and burnout" @DorcasBagley

Challenge Yourself[]

Gold guild badge30 Day Challenges
30 Day Challenges
Gold guild badge365 Days and Other Challenges
Official Guild of the 400 Days Challenges and the 365 Tasks in 365 Days Challenges
Gold guild badge52 Weeks
Each of us has 52 weeks in a year and in 52 weeks, we can make a difference just doing a little at a time.
Gold guild badgeA Warrior's Challenge
Challenges are hosted on here periodically! So if you like battling monsters, come on in!
Gold guild badgeChallenges + Proof
Pics or it didn't happen, right? Pick your challenge and share moments of your experience with others.
Gold guild badgeComfort zone is OUR ENEMY
Please be thoughtful, respectful and mindful to everyone in the chat! Feel free to share your achievements or struggles so we can improve together.
Gold guild badgeCompletion Colosseum
The Completion Colosseum stands tall in the booming Habitica City. A place offering competition, training, and improvement. We are ever looking for the most determined of Habiticans to compete in our challenges.
Gold guild badgeDaily Check-In Guild
This guild is a community for the Daily Check-In challenges—all of which can be found in the description. The goal is to hopefully increase accountability, to help with mindfulness and reflection, and to encourage the daily use of Habitica.
Gold guild badgeDream of the Perfect Challenge
I (@HannahDream) am going to try my hand at creating challenges. This guild is a way to find them all in one place, give feedback, and chat about whatever you'd like.
Gold guild badgeGuild of Challenges
Monthly challenges with gem jackpots! Challenges cover a wide variety of topics, and I'm pretty relaxed about what counts as completing a task. If something was difficult for you and you think it counts, then it probably does.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Triplers
This is a guild for people who participate in the monthly Habitica Triple challenge
Gold guild badgeHard Mode
The guild is for Habiticans who try to increase the game difficulty bringing some extra flavor with self-imposed challenges. Come join us to discuss how to make the game harder and find party-mates who are not afraid of some wounds and scars.
Gold guild badgeMonster Hunters Rise!
Prepare to be reminded of the hunt! After a long hiatus, the Monster Hunters guild is back. We host a variety of challenges themed around the popular video game series Monster Hunter. We open to fans and non-fans of the Monster Hunter series alike.
Gold guild badgeOfficial New Year's Resolution Guild!
Need help achieving your goals for 2022? Join us to stay accountable as we complete monthly Challenges designed to help you every step of the way!
Gold guild badgeOut of the Comfort Zone Guild
You are something special, the world has never seen before!
Gold guild badgeParty Games!
For Habitica's party animals enjoy themselves and have fun!
Gold guild badgeRPG LIFE
Guilde Francophone. Cette guilde a pour but de faire vivre la vie comme s'il s'agissait d'un RPG. Comment ? Au travers de défi divers et variés.
Gold guild badgeSealeo's Guild of Challenges
In this guild, there will be challenges you can complete for gems! Anyone is allowed to create challenges for people in the guild to do.
Gold guild badgeSeekers and Solvers
Hunters, Finders, Seekers, Solvers: Join the Seekers and Solvers guild for pushing your mental capabilities with riddles, brainteasers, scavenger hunts, puzzles, and more.
Gold guild badgeShadow of a Guild
Nothing but the shadow of a guild that once was. Strange happenings are frequent in Habitica, but not quite as much as in this guild. Being a member might prove to be quite the challenge.
Gold guild badgeShort Term Challenge Guild
Trying to start a new habit? Feeling daunted by the commitment? In the Short Term Challenge Guild you can give your lifestyle changes a serious test run before deciding whether or not you want a permanent change.
Gold guild badgeSpirit Warriors
Mission : To challenge ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. To grow beyond our setbacks and limitations. To learn who we are by becoming all we are capable of being. This is a guild for the ambitious, self-motivated, and those who love a challenge.
Gold guild badgeSuperior Habtician
Looking to become the Superior Habitican and take your Habitica game to the next level? Look no further. Each month we will be releasing challenges to help you become your superior self. If you are the best and want a challenge, join now!
Gold guild badgeTavern Challenge Overflow Chat
Tavern Challenge Overflow Chat
Gold guild badgeThe Driving to Success Guild
Learning to drive a car? Newly licensed? Trying to figure out examinations or insurance? This guild aims to provide solidarity and motivation for drivers. Join us and vent your frustrations, share your successes, log your hours, and more!
Gold guild badgeThe Guild for Knowledge
Home base for The Quest for Knowledge public challenges. Open to all who enjoy learning.
Gold guild badgeThe Hero's Journey - There and Back Again
A monomyth journal method to complete one major project using the **Hero's Journey theory of storytelling**. You decide the project and craft the tale, crossing from wistful desire to completed project and ultimately living a better life.
Gold guild badgeThe New Year Countdown Challenge Guild
Each December, @shanaqui runs the New Year Countdown challenges, a series of challenges with big gem prizes counting down to the new year in the Gregorian calendar. This guild will reactivate in December 2022.
Gold guild badgeThe Seasonal Challenges Guild
A discussion space for seasonal challenges.
Gold guild badgeWhy Not…? Take a Challenge
In this guild we ask, Why Not...? We offer monthly challenges which are themed with daily, quick, light hearted, fun tasks. Will you try something new, make connections, stretch your knowledge and have a laugh. Are you ready to ask… Why Not…?
Gold guild badge➕ Habitica Plus
Welcome to Habitica Plus! In this guild, we try to create new, creative ways to play Habitica, by creating special challenges and rules for the game. Curious? Feel free to take a look and ask!
Gold guild badge🌟 Perfect Day. 🌟
A place to participate in discussion and share thoughts that remind us of our goals, put us in a positive place to continue on with our day. Perfect Day is a place for people who aim for Perfection (and perfect days in Habitica.)
Gold guild badge📜 Library of Tasks and Challenges
Share and review lists of habits, dailies, todos, rewards.

Broaden Your Horizons[]

Gold guild badgeBusy Learning
NEW CHALLENGE: Check description or Tavern! Have trouble doing something meaningful with your learning? This guild is a place where you can share your learning (be it a book, TED talk, podcast, etc.) with others.
Gold guild badgeCulture Me!
Culture Me!
Gold guild badgeHeroicis Ludos
The official Guild of the Epic Gamers. Join To Get Better with your fellow Gamers.
Gold guild badgeMusk World
This is a guild for all things Elon Musk.
Gold guild badgeNAMELESS | The Dark Side Of Self-Development
Become a rebel, challenge the status quo and live the life you truly want to live. In this community, we do not sugar-coat our advice. We tell the truth the way it needs to be told. Join the dark side of self-development.
Gold guild badgeOdyssey
For those who have embarged on their own Odyssey
Gold guild badgeThe Art of Mind-Blowing
Did you learn something mind-blowing during your day? Then, come and share fascinating facts here! You just might learn something mind-blowing to share with someone else !!
Gold guild badgeThe Modern Polymath
The Modern Polymath/ The Renaissance Man ___ Join us on Discord :arrow_down: + [Discord] ___ `optional but recommended for the experience and lovely community` *unnofficial server. not a habitica affiliate
Gold guild badgeThe Philomathic Tribe
This guild has been shut down. Unfortunately, a bug is preventing it from being deleted
Gold guild badgeThe Rhyme Commando
The Rhyme Commando
Gold guild badgeThe Samurai of Philomathy
We love learning and studying and follow the virtues of the samurai like the military-nobility of medieval Japan.
Gold guild badgeWise Old Guild
Legendary and very powerful guild of Habiticans that seek knowledge from the wise to fuel their success in the form of quotes on a ~~daily~~ irregular basis.
Gold guild badgeWorld Travelers
Do you love to travel? Do you want to see the world? Are there some places you have always wanted to visit, but just never had the chance? Well, this guild is for you.

Look on the Bright Side[]

Gold guild badgeA Silly Place
If you worry overmuch about what others think / are just stressed and need a laugh, this is somewhere to find support and fun. If you are already confident and carefree, this is a place to share your exploits, get new ideas and give a hand to others.
Gold guild badgeAchieve, Accomplish, Aspire
Achieve, Accomplish, Aspire
Gold guild badgeDaily Gratitude
A place to keep a daily gratitude journal
Gold guild badgeGood Things Today
Good Things Today
Gold guild badgeHappy List Guild!
Make a list of ten things that make you happy, and then come talk about them here!
Gold guild badgeInspiration ☀️ Station
A home for inspirational insights, quotes, poems, stories, parables & fables. A place for uplifting jokes, puns & riddles. A repository for words of motivation & encouragement. An antidote to procrastination, stress, anxiety & depression.
Gold guild badgeLet's chat!
Let's chat!
Gold guild badgeSHOUTYWAFFLES
Gold guild badgeSavouring Journal
This is a "Savouring Journal" for people looking to increase their happiness levels. Commit to savouring something every day and write about it here!
Gold guild badgeThe Happiness Guild
A guild to find and share tips for happiness in your daily life.
Gold guild badgeThe Optimists!
A guild to help you grow and share your optimistic outlook on life.
Gold guild badgeThe Self-Credit Heroes
Reflect and give yourself credits for what you have done today. Insert Barney's self-five ([How I Met Your Mother reference]
Gold guild badgeWhat a PUNderful World: Just Have Pun!
Do you like wordplay? Do you have a deep and abiding love for puns, the worse the better? Then you must be a glutton for pun-ishment! Come pun in, and bring your worst stinkers! (Formerly known as Gluttons for PUNishment!)
Gold guild badge❤ Kindness
Welcome! Our only goal here is to be kind to everything and everyone, and we only have two rules. **ONLY 2 RULES!** 1. **Be kind!** To others To yourself 2. **Have fun!!!**
Gold guild badge🃏Habitica's Court Jesters🃏
Habitica's Court Jesters :black_joker:
Gold guild badge🎉 Everyday Holidays 🎉
🎉 Welcome to the Everyday Holidays Guild, where every day is a cause for celebration. We have daily, weekly, and monthly challenges celebrating and observing a variety of holidays. Most of our challenges have an element of learning.


Gold guild badgeLive Life to the Fullest with Mindfulness
This guild is for anyone interested in exploring how mindfulness can enhance their daily lives. We're all on this journey together - please join us!
Gold guild badgeMastering Emotions (DBT Skills)
This is a guild for us to support each other as we learn how to manage emotions with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills.
Gold guild badgeMeditation and Lucid Dreaming Mega Challenge Guild
A guild for challenges about Meditation and Lucid Dreaming.
Gold guild badgeMindfulness and Relaxation
Feeling frazzled from tackling your tasks? Join us in this quiet corner of Habitica where we discuss practices to help unwind from the daily grind. (breathing exercises mandala coloring massage meditation mental clarity self-care stress reduction)
Gold guild badgeMusical Mood Management
Request new music from other members that will effect you in a positive manner. Or submit music that helps YOU for others to see.
Gold guild badgeQigong & MindBody Mastery
Tools, tips, and tricks relating to qigong and other mindbody practices for health, wellness, longevity, and performance enhancement. Accountability, support, and challenges to develop good personal energetic hygiene.
Gold guild badgeSatsang International
What remains is what is. That what is, is what you cannot not be. Everything else is bullshit.
Gold guild badgeTherapy Homework
Therapy Homework
Gold guild badgeTulpamancers
Gold guild badgeVenture outside your lair 🌿
This guild aims to encourage you to venture outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and become more aware of the environment outside.
Gold guild badgeWeekly Meditation
It's easy to get swept up in life.Take some time to yourself today. Each week we present a new idea, thought, or quote to meditate on. Take what you learn and apply them to your day as you move through the week to help create a more thoughtful life.
Gold guild badgeWonderland
Wonderland is for all those looking to find and keep wonder alive in their lives.

The Way You Are[]

Gold guild badge/r/actuallesbians
Gold guild badgeA Woman Like Me
Inspired by Wonder Woman, this guild has a focus on women's issues, whatever those may be for its members! Of course, if you'd like to join to participate in our challenges, feel more than free.
Gold guild badgeAftercare
For enthusiasts. Public lobby for an 18+ private guild.
Gold guild badgeAromatic Aromantics
A guild for aromantic people and those on the aro spectrum! Inclusive of aroaces, aroallos, arograys, Non-SAM aros, greyromantics and aplatonic aros.
Gold guild badgeAsexuals Who Probably Don't Glow In The Dark
Let's **ace** productivity together! This Guild is a sp**ace** to chat! Everyone on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum is welcome and part of our community, whether ace, aro, demi, grey-a, lith/akoi, cupio, questioning or other orientations!
Gold guild badgeAwesome Introverts
If you're an introvert proud about something you've achieved, post about it here.
Gold guild badgeBeauty, Fashion, and Self-Care for *Men*
Yes, that's right. You, yes you, as a man, deserve to feel beautiful, sexy, and well-taken-care-of. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation, "metrosexuality", or being feminine. Taking care of yourself is the most masculine thing you can do.
Gold guild badgeDepth Psychology
Interested in psychology? Depth Psychology might be the thing for you. Depth Psychology is defined as psychology that takes the unconscious into account. Our current main focus is CSJ's typology system, but we plan to expand in the near future.
Gold guild badgeFemale Fitness & Lady Lifters
Female Fitness & Lady Lifters
Gold guild badgeGeek Grrrrrls Unlimited
Women in tech who want to transcend pink.
Gold guild badgeGender Friends
Gender Friends
Gold guild badgeGolden Agers
A guild for older Habiticans to share the challenges related to trying to age gracefully (or not so gracefully)!
Gold guild badgeHighly Sensitive People (HSPs)
Welcome to the HSP community of Habitica! Come hang out with other highly sensitive people to discuss traits, superpowers, and find support.
Gold guild badgeIntroverts of Habitica
This a quiet space where introverts can talk with like-minded people about being introverts.
Gold guild badgeLGBTQ+ Books
A place to share your favorite books with queer representation, and let more people know about them.
Gold guild badgeLolita Fashion Guild
A guild for wearers of EGL fashion to participate in challenges and have discussions relating to the clothes, brands and subculture.
Gold guild badgeMENSA
Gold guild badgeMothers' Hideout
Welcome all mothers! You can be a stay-at-home mom, working mom, future mom, crazy mom, etc. We all need a place to vent sometimes.
Gold guild badgeNeuroQueer
ND + queer people reaching goals together
Gold guild badgeNeurodivergent Cleaning Crew
For members of the "Neurodivergent Cleaning Crew" group on FB!
Gold guild badgeNeurodiverse Universe
Connect with other neurodiverse people, gain and offer support, or just have interesting conversation!
Gold guild badgeNon-Binary Pals
A group to chat and make friends with other nonbinary people
Gold guild badgePoly-geekery
A guild for members of the poly-geekery Facebook group.
Gold guild badgeQueerstake
A Habitica guild for members of the Queerstake to help each other with accountability!
Gold guild badgeSexual Positivity Guild Lobby
This is the Lobby of the Sexual Positivity Guild. As the Guild is 18+ and discusses topic relating to sex and sexuality it is Private. If you would like an invite, are 18+, and will abide by the rules, please ask for an invite in chat!
Gold guild badgeThe Queers
The Queers
Gold guild badgeThe Socially Awkward Survivalists
We are a supportive group of Socially Awkward Survivalists, here to help each other through the rough times of social difficulty, and provide a place to share funny stories about the not as rough times.
Gold guild badgeWe are Transgender
This guild is for Transgender people and Transgender allies to support each other in achieving our goals in life.
Gold guild badgeWomen and Gender Diverse people in STEM
This guild is for Women and Gender Diverse people in STEM.
Gold guild badge🏳️‍🌈Queers of Habitica🏳️‍🌈
A Queer community where you can proudly sport your queerness!


Gold guild badgeAncestors, Heritage and Genealogy
A genealogy/family tree/heritage guild.
Gold guild badgeBroken Hearts
**Broken Hearts Guild**- For all those who seek solace from the turmoils of any heartbreak. ![Broken Hearts Logo] "Broken Hearts Guild Logo")
Gold guild badgeChoose Your Partner Today
This guild is about actively choosing your partner each day, by writing *why* you are choosing them today.
Gold guild badgeCombating Loneliness
Whether surrounded by people or alone we can all feel lonely at times, and this guild is to combat loneliness and isolation and help people feel more connected, less alone, make new friends and experience companionship and social interaction.
Gold guild badgeCompassionate Communication (NVC)
Learning about and practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC), as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. NVC empowers us to relate to ourselves and one another with compassion and ultimately create more peace in our lives and in our world.
Gold guild badgeExpanded Party: Polyamorous Adventurers
A place to explore open relationships! Come discuss your ethical non-monogamy with fellow poly folk of all levels of experience. Trade tips and non-mainstream relationship advice! Learn about love, time management, emotional skills and communication!
Gold guild badgeHealthy Boundaries
Welcome to Healthy Boundaries! This is a place where you can learn more about setting healthy boundaries. I'm still learning too and I hope we can learn more together.
Gold guild badgeLove Pursuers ❤️
Love Pursuers ❤️ is a support group for those either seeking a new romantic relationship or the healthy maintenance of an existing one. Share any tips, and motivate your friends! **NOTE: This guild is NOT a dating service.**
Gold guild badgeParents' Guild
From the moment you get that positive test parenthood is a journey full of challenges.
Gold guild badgePen Pals 💌
Welcome to the Pen Pals Guild! This a place for those who love snail mail, letter writing, receiving packages, love to learn about other people around the world and more! Maybe you’ll even find a pen pal!
Gold guild badgePostcrossing
This is a guild for all the Habiticians who are also fans of Postcrossing and postcards! :)
Gold guild badgeSelf Care for Caregivers
This guild is for caregivers of all kinds; parents, health care professionals, therapists, social workers, those caring for sick loved ones... if you are a caretaker and want to work on taking better care of yourself, welcome!
Gold guild badgeThe Month of Letters
The Month of Letters

Belief Structures[]

Gold guild badgeASIQS Community
A dedicated centre for research, development and propagation of Quranic Sciences to children aged 7-17 years old.
Gold guild badgeAm Yisrael Chai עם ישראל חי
For Jewish habiteers looking to add more prayer and mitzvot to their daily lives.
Gold guild badgeAtheists, Feminists, and other No Good Commies
Atheists, Feminists, and other No Good Commies
Gold guild badgeBuddhist Sangha & Mindfulness Community
A guild for those interested in Buddhism, Buddhist and mindfulness practices, mental health, and spiritual community.
Gold guild badgeBurners
Gold guild badgeCatholic geeks
A place for Catholic geeks of all kinds! Geek out, level up in holiness, help each other become the hero God is calling you to be.
Gold guild badgeChristian Fiction!
For those who love God and reading/writing mixed!
Gold guild badgeDailyBible
Reading your bible daily, learn more things about God and yourself :D *TongueTalking* participants yes, you're in the right place ;) [TongueTalking - Wikipedia]
Gold guild badgeDisciples of Jesus
A guild for those who want to grow as disciples of Jesus through spiritual disciplines, as well as for those who are seeking to know more about Jesus Christ and his teaching.
Gold guild badgeDisciples of Jesus - Challenge Discussion Group
This guild is intended to streamline discussion on various books in the Bible. Join up with us here, and then join the main guild by searching up Disciples of Jesus!
Gold guild badgeEastern Orthodoxy (Traditional)
Eastern Orthodoxy (Traditional)
Gold guild badgeEclectic Spiritualists' Guild
Hello, you beautiful expression of divinity! Are you a spiritual person, do you have your own faith, or is there no religion fitting you because you have your own unique hybrid believe system? Then welcome to the guild! :)
Gold guild badgeEnergy and The Celestine Prophecy Guild
Feeling lost, anxious or unsure what's going on in the world right now? This guild is for those who want to find the answers and gain direction within by working with Energy and The Celestine Prophecy books as a common foundation/reference.
Gold guild badgeEssential Habits of a Christian
Essential Habits of a Christian
Gold guild badgeFreemason Lodge #Habitica
I noticed a distinct lack of Guilds for any Free and Accepted Masons that may be out there looking so I made one. If anyone has objections, issues or problems - I'll shut it down. This lodge is not Tylered (clearly).
Gold guild badgeHermetic Aspirants
Followers of the Way of Hermes
Gold guild badgeHuman Design Experiment
Human Design is a synthesis of modern science and ancient wisdom. With HD you discover your strength and weaknesses and what makes you different from everyone else, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and easeful living
Gold guild badgeKnights of the Prayerful Rose (Catholic/Christian Habiticans and their friends)
Knights of the Prayerful Rose (Catholic/Christian Habiticans and their friends)
Gold guild badgeLGBTQ Christians
Are you Christian and in any way LGBTQ? Then join this guild! The idea behind this guild is to create a place where issues specific to LGBTQ Christians may be discussed without judgment, so that we might find strength in each other.
Gold guild badgeLogical Faith
Is it logical to believe in the Christian faith? Let's have a friendly discussion about it!
Gold guild badgeLove Your Neighbor
Whether you're looking to follow Jesus' command to love your neighbor or climbing out of COVID isolation and needing some ideas on how to connect or anything in between, this is a group for sharing the struggles and joys of living near each other.
Gold guild badgeMantras, Meditation, and More ૐ
This is a group to support one another as we battle through starting new spiritual practices, whether this is meditation , japa, or something else!
Gold guild badgeModern Magic ✨
Welcome to Modern Magic. Join us as we explore the Law of Attraction, Energy, Chakras, Dream Analysis, Horoscopes, Essential Oils, Healing Herbs and Plants and more.
Gold guild badgeMother Gaia's Angels 💚🌍🌞🌕💚
Hello Soul Family :sun_with_face::dizzy:🦋 This is a space for assistance, sense of community/support, sharing and a place to have fun, and find ways to heal the World :earth_africa:, Trees :deciduous_tree:, and all of Us.
Gold guild badgeMuslims of Habitica
Welcome to the home of Muslims in Habitica! Let us gather and be bonded by ukhuwah, hope we can share some motivation to get our imaan up! 😆
Gold guild badgeNovasutras on Habitica
We are interconnected with Nature through reverence, joy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness. Yet environmental, social and personal challenges are vast. Join our community abiding in agaya and ubuntu, ready to change everything.
Gold guild badgeOccult
For people interested in the occult and/or using Habitica to keep on track with their rituals and practices.
Gold guild badgeOpenStoic - Stoicism Community
Welcome to OpenStoic, the first practical community based on the new project [OpenStoic.com] We will design a training plan for promoting Virtue and progressing through Prokopton in life
Gold guild badgePrayerful Christians
A place for Christians to gather and pray. We pray for each other and for the world, for our concerns and for our blessings. We can come together in our struggles and our victories. We can challenge each other in our walk and devotion to Christ.
Gold guild badgeReiki
Practitioners of reiki and other energywork modalities
Gold guild badgeRen+Spiritwork
This guild is exclusively for students enrolled at [www.renspiritwork.com] 🔥
Gold guild badgeSaintmaker Sodality
This guild exists to integrate Habitica with the [The Saintmaker] as well as other Catholic lifestyle products, in order to promote a richly liturgical Catholic life.
Gold guild badgeSecular Humanists, Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics
The guild name says it all... But if you're religious or believe in the supernatural in other ways, please feel free to come in and have your beliefs challenged (and challenge ours) in a friendly debate!
Gold guild badgeSeekers of the Faith
Christian Guild! Here to support each other moving forward in our Faith and all other aspects of wellness. We love the Lord. Let’s create a shame free atmosphere that people can flourish in as a family friendly community and guild family! :)
Gold guild badgeTarot Readings 🔮
🔮 A place to get a free tarot reading?!? I'm in! 🔮 Come in my lovelies and have your energy read or if you dabble in the arts and want to give out a reading do that as well. We're all inclusive and supportive here. 💜
Gold guild badgeThe 'Clairs'- A Metaphysical Guild
The 'Clairs'- A Metaphysical Guild
Gold guild badgeThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, making our lives better line upon line, precept upon precept.
Gold guild badgeThe Starling Connection
Join us for astrology, tarot, and other witchy things!
Gold guild badgeTherians and Otherkin
A guild for Therians and Otherkin to talk about their non-human side or anything else going on, and to make friends with other otherkin and therians, furries are welcome, but the main focus is otherkin and therians.
Gold guild badgeWitchcraft!
This guild is for everyone that practices Witchcraft and for those interested in Witchcraft! Everyone's welcome:)
Gold guild badgeWitches of Habitica
Welcome to the Witches of Habitica! Come learn new witchy things here! Herbs, Plants, Astrology/Zodiacs, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Crystals, Intuition, Meditation, Dream Analysis, Candle Magic, Book of Shadows (BoS), Feminism, Yoga, Essential Oils
Gold guild badgeWitches, Pagans, and Diviners
Witches, Pagans, and Diviners
Gold guild badgeYe Ragamuffin & Warrior Tavern
We are a public guild associated with the Christian community [Ye Ragamuffin Warrior Tavern] Request to join our [private guild]

Scholarly Pursuits[]

The Academic Life[]

Gold guild badgeAcademics (Unseen Academicals)
Academics (Unseen Academicals)
Gold guild badgeChinese learners
Having problem with Chinese ? well, no fear, cause this guild is what you need
Gold guild badgeCollege Info Geeks
The official guild for fans of College Info Geek. Connect with fellow students trying to study more efficiently, learn new skills, and become more productive!
Gold guild badgeGraduate Student Guild
A guild for graduate students or prospective graduate students. Use Habitica to complete that thesis, dissertation, or other big foreboding project, or just get support and advice on graduate student hardships.
Gold guild badgeIvory Tower Dwellers
Ivory Tower Dwellers
Gold guild badgeLeague of Student Heroes
A guild that gamifies homework with rpg challenges!
Gold guild badgeThe Enchanted Forest
Monthly challenges for sustainability and long-term goals. Should be especially helpful for working on your PhD thesis but everyone is welcome! Bonus if you have read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede ;-)
Gold guild badgeThe High School Scholars
This guild is for people working toward their high school education! Share study tips, experiences, stress out about graduation requirements, and have fun!
Gold guild badgeThe Homeschool Guild
[The Homeschool Guild]
Gold guild badgeThe Scholars
The Scholars is a guild for students and all lovers of learning of all ages! Share tips and tricks for studying with your fellows here, ask for help, and support others in turn. **NB: PLEASE DO NOT LOOK FOR PARTIES/TEAMS IN THIS GUILD.**

Online Courses[]

Gold guild badgeAchievement Unlocked: Think Deeper, Get Smarter!
Achievement Unlocked is a guild to help you improve your mind. It includes courses on physics, logic & set theory, creative writing, and a book club. Develop your reasoning skills, ability to solve complex problems, imagination, and self-expression.
Gold guild badgeLifelong Learners
Formerly known as Coursera Conscripts
Gold guild badgeOnline Lecture Hall
An online community to study with diverse learning platforms worldwide. Numerous universities, courses, lecture series, and experts await your discovery! Key search terms: university, education, MOOC, podcasts, class, professional skills
Gold guild badgeThe Office
New to Office 365 or need a quick refresh on the fundamentals? This is the place to start. Join Clippy as we learn tips and tricks for the Microsoft Office suite of tools and share productivity shortcuts with other users from around the world!


Gold guild badgeBook Lust
Book Lust - the guild for those who adore books and reading! :)
Gold guild badgeBook lovers guild :-)
This guild is for book lovers. Feel free to share what your reading or what you would like to read every now and then. :-)
Gold guild badgeBookCrossing
This guild is for members of Bookcrossing and others who are interested in Bookcrossing. We talk about the books we've released and found and about other Bookcrossing related things.
Gold guild badgeLinguaphiles & Polyglots - Lovers of Language
A place for all lovers of language to enjoy the wonders of the written or spoken word in their native and/or other language(s).
Gold guild badgeRead Your Books!!!
Read Your Books - Books you own in physical, eBook or Audible form. Books that are on a Want-To-Read list on Goodreads (for example), books that are checked out from the library, or on hold, even text books that have a due date could serve!
Gold guild badgeSociety of Old Books
Welcome to the Society of Old Books! We sound stuffy, but we're really not. We're just a group of people interested in reading some classic books. Join us as we dive into classic literature!
Gold guild badgeSpeculative Fiction Reading Club
Primarily for reading the Hugo-nominated works - and voting for them!
Gold guild badgeThe Legendary Book Club of Habitica
The Legendary Book Club of Habitica
Gold guild badgelibrary for habiticans
Reading a book is good for you, and we all should do it everyday ! I am a person who likes to read books but many people didn't. I think I can share this hobby to everyone in habitica, so I've create a guild for everyone to talk about their books

Occupations & Fields of Study[]

Social Sciences & Humanities[]

Gold guild badgeArt & Animation Peeps
Howdy! This guild is a chill place for artist studying/teaching in any art schools, looking into learning animation/art, or just in general want to meet other artist...We also got memes! :D
Gold guild badgeBarrister's Inn
Barrister's Inn
Gold guild badgeChildcare Providers
This guild is for childcare providers. Nannies, babysitters, daycare workers, anyone who works with children, past or present! (Teachers, parents, and grandparents also welcome.)
Gold guild badgePhilological Guild
Linguistics, phonology, morphology, syntax, reconstruction, analysis, old texts, obscure meanings, and ancient languages.
Gold guild badgeThe Ancient Clan
To all mid evil lovers, You know, I'm in love with the oldest history! Are you? I'm exited to learn more so please speak up! I'm glad Thayer are more history lovers out there than me!
Gold guild badgeThe Bayesian Conspiracy
For people interested in overcoming bias and aligning their beliefs with reality (a.k.a. rationality). Part of LessWrong diaspora. Read Slate Star Codex? Investigating Effective Altruism? Unsure about x-risks? Want to talk about AI? Come here!
Gold guild badgeThe Classical Scholars
The Classical Scholars
Gold guild badgeThe Philosophers
The Philosophers are seeking to better themselves and their communities by studying or practicing philosophy in all its forms. All levels of familiarity welcome!
Gold guild badgeThe Philosophers' Archive
A guild with the scope of archiving challenges and resources from the [The Philosophers] guild.
Gold guild badgeThe Stoic Society
The Stoic Society
Gold guild badge新華文化 WeGrow Culture
WeGrow is here for us to support each other throughout the entire process of growing to become our better selves, by managing our habitual tendencies with WeGrow Culture.


Gold guild badgeArtificial Minds
A guild for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning (DL) to meet, discuss, and challenge themselves.
Gold guild badgeBioлогíа и Russкий
Want to learn more about Russian or Biology? Here's the perfect guild for you. All levels are welcome, so you can tell us what you've learned in one or both subjects.
Gold guild badgeBusiness Intelligence
A space for business intelligence professionals and beginners, as well as data analytics enthusiasths.
Gold guild badgeCitizen Science
Place to gather citizen science news, experiences, challenges etc.
Gold guild badgeData Professionals
Whether you are a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Steward, Data Librarian, Data Journalist, Data Archivist, Data Strategist, Data Storyteller, or just someone interested in the subject, you are welcome!
Gold guild badgeForensic Science
Forensic Science
Gold guild badgeHands-on Math
Come and play with math. This guild is for creating, sharing, and enjoying math. There will be challenges, resources and prompts for all to participate.
Gold guild badgeMathematica
Ask and answer math problems here. Also discuss theory, application, trending topics, and more. Anything related to mathematics is welcome!
Gold guild badgeSTEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths
STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths
Gold guild badgeThe Archaeology Guild
A guild for anyone interested in the study of the human past through its material remains.
Gold guild badgeThe Guild of Engineers
Here's a place to ask for/offer advice, network, geek out about engineering stuff, discuss ideas, and generally chat with others interested in engineering. Welcome!
Gold guild badgeThis Guild Rocks!
A guild to discuss all things geoscience including geology, geophysics, earth and environmental science, paleontology, etc. We welcome rockhounds, gem/crystal collectors, nature buffs, or anyone who just likes rocks, minerals, or fossils!

Making a Living[]

Gold guild badgeEntrepreneurs
Gold guild badgeHowgart’s School of Credits and Accountancy
A group for accounting students, business majors, industry or firm employees, and everything in-between. Whether you’re studying for the CPA , CFA, or CFP, this group will serve as a catch-all for young and upcoming professionals in the field.
Gold guild badgeSelf-Dev Support Guild (For Pinoy IT Pros)
A guild for Filipino IT professionals to support each other in enhancing their skills, building lifelong habits for both career and personal growth, and being better IT professionals overall.
Gold guild badgeThe Beermoney Bombers (Lobby)
This is the lobby to be recruited to “The Beermoney Bombers” private guild. The term Beermoney refers to online market research respondency opportunities which are done typically on a remote, get-paid-to basis.
Gold guild badgeWorking from Home
Working from Home


Gold guild badgeHealthcare Habiticans
Are you a Healthcare Worker? Are you looking for a place to support healthy habits during this unprecedented time?
Gold guild badgeLights and Sirens: Emergency and First Responders
Lights and Sirens: Emergency and First Responders: Open to any and all involved in any part of first response. Police, Fire, EMS, medical & emergency room personnel, dispatchers, tow truck drivers; if you deal with emergencies, this is your guild.
Gold guild badgeMed In India
A guild for Indian medicos. Want to discuss NEET/ AIIMS/ College exams? Need help with Forensic medicine and Community medicine? Have words of wisdom to share? This is the place for you!
Gold guild badgeUSMLE Takers
Share your tips and feel free to ask for any kind of information regarding the USMLE exams. Challenges are coming soon!

Trade Craft[]

Gold guild badgeThe Aviator's Cave
Welcome on-board aviators and any aspirants! Here we talk about happenings in the aviation world, share our knowledge and ultimately motivate each other. Flights crews, cabin crews, ATCs, engineers, come assemble in this cozy cave of ours!


Programming & Programming Languages[]

Gold guild badgeFreeCodeCamp: The Unofficial Guild
FreeCodeCamp: We're an open source community of busy people who learn to code.
Gold guild badgeJavaScript
A guild about everything related to programming in **JavaScript**.
Gold guild badgePerl Mongers of Habitica
For Perl programming acolytes and masters alike
Gold guild badgePowerShell
In this guild we help each other in **Microsoft PowerShell** related habits, tasks or dailies. No matter if you're new to **PowerShell** or already a pro scripter, join us to improve your skills or help other players.
Gold guild badgeProgramming Challenges
Programming Challenges
Gold guild badgePython

Development & Design[]

Gold guild badge3D Modeling Blender Guild
:mortar_board: **Learning 3D modeling in Blender*** or any other software? Here you are at the right place to meet other people who want to improve their 3D modeling skills. Ask questions, help each other to stay motivated and complete challenges.
Gold guild badgeAWS Fanatics [NEW]
Group for people who love AWS services and cloud in general. If you have any questions regarding AWS or would like to show some dope resources regarding cloud computing then go for it!
Gold guild badgeBSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution
Gold guild badgeBlockchain & crypto currencies
I created this guild for anyone who's curious about Bitcoin, Altcoins, blockchain technologies and the Crypto world.
Gold guild badgeComputer Companions
A guild for people who work in and/or want to learn more about networking, programming/coding, hardware, technology, information security, development, design, privacy and all things computers!
Gold guild badgeDevelopers
This guild purpose is to create a healthy habit for developer through positive/negative reinforcement
Gold guild badgeDigital Freedom
A guild for those who are committed to or just interested in **Privacy** and **Security**. This guild and it's challenges encourages people to learn, experiment and be conscious about their **Digital Life**.
Gold guild badgeEthical Hackers
A guild where we learn about Ethical Hacking together.
Gold guild badgeHardware Hackers
Hardware Hackers
Gold guild badgeIndie Game Developers
Developing a game independently is a hell of a challenge by itself. What if instead, you could gamify the very game creation itself with funny and helpful challenges? That's what you'll get by joining the Indie Game Developers guild!
Gold guild badgeSpreadsheets?
This is a guild that exists for people who like spreadsheets (whether Excel, Google Sheets, or anything in between) and/or use them heavily in their jobs and want to get better at them!
Gold guild badgeSwarm of the Resting Secret
We are archmages, paladins, warriors, and rogues. We come from all walks of life to follow in the path of Kelsey, the Wizard of Hightower and his Kuber Staff of Netes. With weapons of silicon and infusions of coffee, we seek truth and knowledge.
Gold guild badgeThe CAD Cads
For those scoundrels engaged or interested in computer-aided design, 3D animation, drafting, etc. From users of SolidWorks to Blender, Inventor to Solvespace, we welcome 3D modeling rogues of all stripes.
Gold guild badgeThe Developers Guild
A guild for computer programmers / developers / coders to meet, talk, and challenge themselves.
Gold guild badge[GDG Game Developers Guild]
[GDG] Game Developers Guild
Gold guild badgeiQmetrix Support
support team!!
Gold guild badge🌐 Virtual Worlds
The guild for everything VR

Creative Pursuits[]


Gold guild badgeArtistic Studies
Build your visual library and create a strong art study habit! 💪 (New challenges currently on hiatus)
Gold guild badgeArtists
For artists varying from painting, drawing, or sculpting to creative writing, music, and more!
Gold guild badgeComic Makers
Guild for comic artists and writers! Comics, webcomics, manga, beginner, intermediate, pro, casual, grinder, everyone is welcome! Let's do our best!
Gold guild badgeComputational Arts
For all interested in creative coding, machine learning for artists, and the general generative art!
Gold guild badgeLearn To Draw and Evolve Your Art
Come learn about drawing, improve your level or find inspiration! Join our challenges to improve your artwork, digital or traditional, and ask every question or bring discussion topics related to drawing!
Gold guild badgeMake Art Out Of Chaos
Make Art Out Of Chaos
Gold guild badgeOctober Art Challenge Guild
(Formerly Unofficial Inktober Guild) Hangout for participants in any October art challenge
Gold guild badgePixel Power
A guild for new and experienced pixel artists alike! We have challenges!
Gold guild badgeScrapbookers and Memory Keepers
Scrapbookers and Memory Keepers
Gold guild badgeSketch Daily
We're a group of artists dedicated to drawing more and ameliorating our skils. Here you will find a community of daily sketchers from all skill levels! There is no judgement, all practice makes you better! Draw every day! Everyone is Welcome!
Gold guild badgeThe Artist's Way
Guild for artists of all disciplines who want to try the exercises and techniques as described in the Artist's Way book.
Gold guild badgeThe Atelier
A guild for creative folks of all sorts; LGBTQ+ friendly with reoccurring challenges. Whether you doodle or draw, write or sculpt or needlepoint, we welcome you!
Gold guild badgeThe Creative Hedonist
The Creative Hedonist is a guild for artists who just wanna have fun with their creativity! We are a no-pressure place for people who just want to create art for the joy of it. All arts are welcome, from painting to sewing to writing to pottery!
Gold guild badgeThe Digital Painting Guild
The Digital Painting Guild welcomes new and experienced digital artists who are looking to hone their craft. Share progress and techniques, participate in challenges, and find support for your digital art journey!
Gold guild badgeWebcomic creators and appreciators
Webcomic creators and appreciators
Gold guild badgeWet Paper
Guild for all things watercolor!
Gold guild badge💡 Creative Minds
Creative Minds is a Guild for everyone who wants to experience and make more time for creativity in their daily lives.

Graphic Design, Photography & Video[]

Gold guild badgeAnimator's Survival Guild
Our passion is the entertainment arts, including animation, game design, visual effects, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
Gold guild badgeCouncil of Filmmakers
A guild of people in the Film/TV business
Gold guild badgeCreative Projects
We are a guild focused around keeping you motivated and accountable for starting and completing your creative projects. Whether you're into drawing, music, or film making, this is the place for you!
Gold guild badgePhotography 365
A group to help transform photographers through taking pictures daily over the course of a year, and beyond.
Gold guild badgeVideo Producer's Organization (film, TV, YouTube)
Video Producer's Organization -- all aspects of video & film making for film, TV or YouTube
Gold guild badgeVisual fact👁ry
Are you either a design graduate, freelancer, or a graphic design professional looking for inspiration, motivation or accountability? Then, Visual fact👁ry is for you; **The first community in Habitica for all kinds of design.**
Gold guild badge📷 The Darkroom - Photographers
For Photographers of any skill level or style of camera. A place to share photos and ideas.

Stage & Screen[]

Gold guild badgeArt of/ Magic/ Video editing/ Creativity
Being creative through the art of magic. This guild specialises in magic tricks, and magic as an art form. Street magic, performing organic close-up miracles is the main game.
Gold guild badgeAudio Drama Adventurers!
Audio Drama Adventurers!
Gold guild badgeBadia's Raqs Sharqi Salon
Badia's Raqs Sharqi Salon is a place to discuss the dance arts of the Middle East, N. Africa, Turkey, etc. (often referred to as belly dance) and the forms of dance that are their creative descendants such as transnational fusion, FCBD, ITS, etc.
Gold guild badgeScribes of the Silver Screen
Scribes of the Silver Screen
Gold guild badgeThe Great Debaters
In this guild, we debate all topics under the sun. Join for some light-hearted debate and fun!
Gold guild badgeTheater People
Are you on the stage? Behind the stage? Did you *build* the stage? Are you in the booth? Calling the show? Come join your fellow Thespians.
Gold guild badgeVoice Actors of Habitica
A place for experienced and aspiring voice actors to share experiences and encourage each other. No experience needed! If you're interested in starting voice-over work and don't know how, this is the place for you!


Gold guild badge4TW
Gold guild badgeComedians and Comedy Writers Guild
Comedians and Comedy Writers Guild
Gold guild badgeDaily Writing Challenges
Guild for the 250, 500 and 1000 word writing challenges - public challenges available separately of the guild.
Gold guild badgeDare to Share
Guild for participants of the writing prompts challenge to share their texts and get/give feedback
Gold guild badgeHouse of Teleyal
The House of Teleyal is a small House of writers.
Gold guild badgeInk Slingers
Ink Slingers
Gold guild badgeKey and Quill Inn
Hello, traveler! You just stumbled upon a place for building worlds, drawing maps, weaving fantasy political webs, constructing magic systems, singing songs and whatnot. Come sit with us and tell your stories.
Gold guild badgeLetter to the future
This guild will challenge you to write a yearly letter to your future self.
Gold guild badgeProfessional Writers of Habitica
A guild for those who write professionally or who wish to do so. Writing may be your main source of income, a side gig, or perhaps you work for a non-profit as a volunteer and don't get paid at all. Come share your wisdom, ideas and struggles.
Gold guild badgeSmall Wattpad Writers
You just joined Wattpad and aren't a popular writer? You just want atleast someone to read your story? Then this is the place for you :)
Gold guild badgeThe Bloggers
A group for bloggers who want some motivation to post regularly. In this guild, we also strive to give each other tips and feedback how to improve your blog and how to grow a following.
Gold guild badgeThe Guild of Writer-Illustrators
From children's picturebooks to illustrated novels, the realm of writing *and* illustrating one's own books is different from doing one or the other separately. This guild features Challenges and support specifically tailored to that unique endeavor.
Gold guild badgeThe Unsaid Syllables
This is a small corner for writers to discover new ideas and words. For the ones who don't write, this is a corner for entertaining yourself with witty lines, book discussions and rediscovering themselves!
Gold guild badgeThe Wordsmiths
The Wordsmiths is a guild dedicated to writing and the forging of solid words.
Gold guild badgeVenomous Verse: A Guild for Poets and Flash Fiction Writers
Creating work that is bound to a single page (or two) comes with a unique set of hurdles. This is a place to talk about writing, share some rad prompts, celebrate our work and commiserate about rejection letters! Poetry and flash fiction focused!
Gold guild badgeWriters
Whether you are working on your screenplay, novel, blog post or comic book - this is the guild for you.
Gold guild badgeWriters of Ideas: Speculative Fiction Authors
Writers of Ideas: Speculative Fiction Authors
Gold guild badgehaiku 🌺
The guild where everyone posts in haiku! Write about your day in the form of a haiku and post to the guild. Simple as that!
Gold guild badge✎﹏Writing Buddies﹏
Helping you write that awesome story you have in your heart. You can even post them on our website, [Writing Buddies] to share with the rest of the world!
Gold guild badge✒️ MultiTalented Writers ✒️
**MultiTalented Writers** This guild is associated with the website www.multitalentedwriters.com This is a space for multi-niche or multi-genre writers to discuss ideas, participate in challenges, and get encouragement.


Gold guild badgeArtists & Bards
Hello all adventurers! We are a guild of artists and bards that work together to help each other in times of dire need. The pen is mightier than the sword, as they say!
Gold guild badgeBards of Habitica
The home for classical musicians, classical music lovers, and anyone interested in classical music.
Gold guild badgeClassical Music Guild
A guild for those interested in discussing all forms of classical music. Whether you are a professional musician, student, hobbyist, or enthusiast feel free to join! Don't forget to introduce yourself :)
Gold guild badgeDubsteppin'
**Dubsteppin'**: "I don't think I could fall asleep to that."—My freshman roommate. This guild is for all who listen to or produce dubstep (in the broadest possible sense) to stay awake at work, get pumped to exercise, or just for pleasure.
Gold guild badgeElectronic Music Producer's Guild
Electronic Music Producers is for anyone involved in creating music electronically whether you're working in a D.A.W. (digital audio workstation) or using Hardware. All styles of music are appreciated and welcomed. Everyone is welcomed!
Gold guild badgeHabitica's Jazz Club
A place jazz learners to come and share challenges. Piano, bass, guitar, drums, clarinet, etc. all welcome!
Gold guild badgeHabitica's Music Aficionados
Habitica's Music Aficionados - a place for all the music lovers out there.
Gold guild badgeInstrumental Music Appreciators
For those who enjoy music in its purest form. Let the magic of the notes wash over you, and bask in the voiceless melodies.
Gold guild badgeLearn a Musical Instrument
A guild for anyone who would like to learn a new musical instrument (whether it be their first, second or twelfth). If you like helping people learn an instrument, you are welcome as well.
Gold guild badgeMetalheads 🤘
Do you love Metal, Hard Rock, and\or other extreme music genres? Then this is your guild!
Gold guild badgeMusic Festival
For music-lovers of all genres, who want to share music, discover music, or just talk music.
Gold guild badgePiano
For fellow pianists.
Gold guild badge🎹 The classical musician's guild🎻 40hrs per day
Grab your Chopins and your Kreizlers and join my quest on achieving our ideal practice routine while balancing the rest of our life. If you feel as clueless about where to fit your new etude and your yoga lessons as I do, grab a seat.

DIY, Crafting & Decorating[]

Gold guild badgeAsian Ball-Jointed Dolls
Let's support each other in our BJD activities, whether they be painting, sewing, crafting, photography, character development, or simply marking out time to appreciate our dolls.
Gold guild badgeCosplay and Costume
Cosplay and Costume
Gold guild badgeDIYers, Crafters, Sewing, anything creative.
We DIYers paint, sew, knit, crochet, draw, up-cycle, felt, fold paper, puzzle mosaics, model with clay, cut and glue, saw and nail or mix up the materials and techniques to create something wonderful.
Gold guild badgeKnitting and Crocheting!
For the Habiticans who can never get enough yarn. Challenges will involve Knit/Crochet-a-longs, stash busting projects, and more!
Gold guild badgeMadam Penzil's Steam Emporium
Madam Penzil's Steam Emporium
Gold guild badgeMakers of Habitica
Are you a Maker? A tinkerer? Do you like solving problems? Do you want to be more creative, or live a more sustainable life by creating instead of buying? Fan of creating and building and programming? Join us!
Gold guild badgePinterest Doers
Do you have a tonne of things saved to you Pinterest, but never actually do any of them? Join this guild for challenges that will give you some encouragement to actually try things out.
Gold guild badgeSeasonal Decoration Guild
Do you love to decorate for all the holidays? Whether you're DIYing your decorations or drooling over storefront displays, this is the Guild for you! Keywords: holidays, seasonal, decorations, decorating, home decor, crafts, crafting, DIY
Gold guild badgeStitchcrafters Guild
Stitchcrafters Guild
Gold guild badgeThe Builders
Builders, cleaners, housekeepers, gardeners - all welcome. Main purpose of creating this guild is to share ideas and support about home maintaining and renovation.
Gold guild badgeThe Crafters' Guild
The Crafters' Guild
Gold guild badgeThe Crafty Nerds
The Crafty Nerds is for all people who craft including sewing, crochet, stitching, knitting, woodworking, furniture making, metal working, scrapbooking, and general crafting. We have monthly challenges and are making more! Please consider joining!!!
Gold guild badgeThe Sewing Collective
The Sewing Collective
Gold guild badgeThe Urban Homesteader's Guild
Interested in food storage, food preservation, disaster preparation, self-sustainability, or DIY projects? The Urban Homesteader's guild is for anyone who wants to do some things the old fashioned way.
Gold guild badgeUnhinged Goblins
Do you like shiny things, frogs, bones, and foraging? Then this is the place for you! We are here to be unhinged and embrace the goblin lifestyle
Gold guild badgeYarn Crafts off Rav
A guild for yarn crafters of all types, but particularly those who can't or won't use Ravelry. Whether you knit, crochet (Tunisian or standard!), weave, spin, or dye, whether you're a beginner or a veteran, come socialize and share your crafts.
Gold guild badgeorigami and/or paper crafts
a place for people to share their interest in origami and/or paper craft search terms: folding paper art origami craft

Food & Beverage[]

Gold guild badgeConscious Consumers Guild
Increase your vibration, motivation, productivity & health eating 100 % naturally. Say goodbye to junk food & drinks and enjoy the divine energy that is flowing directly from godliness through your body. Eat consciously, live consciously!
Gold guild badgeBakin' Bakin' All Day Long
A guild for those who love to bake (or simply love sweets and pastries) to share their baking experiences, recipes, awful puns, fandoms, and more.
Gold guild badgeCan Do
A summer/early fall seasonal guild that focuses on weekly preservation of vegetables and fruits, whether by freezer or canning. if you want to can this summer join this group!
Gold guild badgeFoodies
Do you love food, and can't wait to discover and try new food?
Gold guild badgeFor the Love of Apples and Other Fruits
Welcome fans of all things related to apples and other fruits! Whether it be eating, cooking, growing, buying, writing about, making art about, or just thinking about them -- this is a place to share your love of fruit with other Habitica fruit fans!
Gold guild badgeGeneral Health - Recipe challenge guild
If you have a recipe you would like to share feel free to do so!
Gold guild badgeHomebrew Crew
Homebrew Crew
Gold guild badgeThe Tea Room
The Tea Room
Gold guild badgeThe Wild Yeast Guild
The Wild Yeast Guild


Board, TableTop, & Live Action[]

Gold guild badgeMagic: The Gathering Planeswalkers
This guild is a place where you can find folks that love the best card game ever created **Magic The Gathering**! Join us and share your game experiences!
Gold guild badgeMiniature Wargamers
A guild for miniature wargamers of all stripes! Whatever your game(s) of choice may be, whether you're a painter, a gamer, or an all-round hobbyist, you're more than welcome here.
Gold guild badgeSCA Known World Greathall
SCA Known World Greathall
Gold guild badgeSpeedcubers
This is a guild for cubers! Can solve a Rubik's Cube in 10 seconds? Join us! It takes you 5 minutes to solve one? We can help you improve if you want! Have no idea what I'm talking about? We'll explain it to you!
Gold guild badgeTabletop Game Creators
Tabletop Game Creators
Gold guild badgeTabletop Gamers
A place for all those tabletop gaming geeks out there who play board games, RPGs, card games, and party games.
Gold guild badgeThe Board Game Guild
This is a guild for the boardgamers out there.
Gold guild badgeThe Chess Club
A place for any and all chess players.
Gold guild badgeThe Game Masters' Grotto
A guild for game and dungeon masters of TTRPGs. Come say hi, share your experiences, and ask for advice or input. Game on!
Gold guild badgeThe Masters of Dungeons
This guild is designed for Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, Story writers, and others who are passionate about Role Playing Games, and are looking for a community of like minded individuals to talk shop about what goes on behind our gaming screens.
Gold guild badge⚫⚪ Go // Baduk // WeiQi Board Game Club
This ancient board game originated in China, but it's called Go (囲碁) in Japanese, Baduk (바둑) in Korean, and Weiqi (圍棋) in Chinese.

Electronic Play[]

Gold guild badgeAdventurer's Guild [FFXIV]
Calling all Warriors of Light and Darkness o/ A spot for players of Final Fantasy 14 to keep track of various to-do's of the game!
Gold guild badgeAnimal Crossing
For fans of any of the animal crossing games, share your FC and find new friends, and join challenges involving keeping up with daily things in game and more to come.
Gold guild badgeCompetitive Pokemon
This guild is for people who are looking for a community on Habitica to talk to people who are interested in competitive pokemon and getting started with it.
Gold guild badgeGamer Isle Reception and Gaming
You like gaming? Come, Invite people to an online lobby or join someone else's! We try to play something every Friday. If you like Roleplay guilds, you can be invited to one of our Gaming themed guilds! (Is named after my Animal crossing island, lol)
Gold guild badgeGeocachers Guild
Geocachers Guild
Gold guild badgeKnights of Ember
The guilded of KoE created by the owner.
Gold guild badgeMinecrafters
Love minecraft? Come on in! Ask for server recommendations and just chat about the newest updates! :)
Gold guild badgeMirror's Edge
Run, jump, and Slide your way past your dailies! This is a guild taking inspiration from the video game franchise "Mirror's edge." Come on in to discuss lore, future plots, and how to apply the game to your dailies!
Gold guild badgePlaying with Power: Nintendo of Habitica
The company. The consoles. The cartridges. Habitican fans of Nintendo, come join us to discuss your favorite games, characters, and Nintendo moments, present, past, and future!
Gold guild badgePlaystation Platinum Hunters
A guild for people who enjoying hunting for trophies
Gold guild badgePokemon Go
Pokemon Go
Gold guild badgePokemon Trainers
A place for Pokemon trainers, collectors, breeders, traders, coordinators, and lovers. All experience levels and game systems welcome! (Separate from but more or less affiliated with the Pokemon GO Guild!)
Gold guild badgeSKYRIM GUILD!
It’s a Skyrim/guild! You can RP, talk about Skyrim, share your characters…
Gold guild badgeThe Small Gaming Guild
If you are a gamer, The Small Gaming Guild, created by @Bailey_, is for you !
Gold guild badgeWandering Glitchen
Wandering Glitchen

Gaming Communities[]

Gold guild badgeDream SMP Empire
Ever wondered where your fellow Dream SMP fan were? Well, this guild is especially for them! All fans are welcome: Dream SMP, Origins SMP, Tales of the SMP, etc. PLEASE BE NICE AND WELCOMING
Gold guild badgeGamers Union
A guild for gamers of all kinds: consoles, PC, tabletop, handhelds, trading cards, etc.
Gold guild badgeNew York Society of Play
You do not need to be from New York to join! We are a community of social gamers who strive to make new connections and learn new lessons through the power of play.

Fandom & RolePlay[]


Gold guild badgeBag End
Bag End
Gold guild badgeCamp Half-Blood
So you're a demigod? Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! It's where you'll meet other demigods (dare I say, *friends*), battle monsters (and maybe come back alive), and learn how to handle a weapon. So what are you waiting for? Head on over!
Gold guild badgeCritters
For fans of Critical Role to discuss episodes and their own roleplay games. Is it Thursday yet?
Gold guild badgeFurries and Friends
Furries and Friends
Gold guild badgeGryffindor Common Room
A home for Gryffindors, the students of the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry most commonly associated with bravery/courage, determination, chivalry, and Harry Potter. But there's far more to us than that!
Gold guild badgeHSWW RolePlay
`Blue Sky enters an empty room, known as the Room of Requirement. There she sees all sorts of computers, all with one page open.` "HSWW RolePlay" `she reads aloud.` --- Are you a wizard interested in RolePlay? Well, this is the guild for you!
Gold guild badgeHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Welcome to Hogwarts! Before we begin I would like to say a few words: *Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!* Join for all things magic! --- Our guilds are all-inclusive, and we do not share JKR's recent beliefs nor do we tolerate similar comments.
Gold guild badgeHunger Games!
For all Hunger Games fans, *this* is the guild for you! RP, discuss facts, mourn over losses. Search terms; RP, roleplay, role-play, rp, Hunger Games, hunger games.
Gold guild badgeMythological Habiticans
A place to discuss Myths, Legends, Folklore, and more!
Gold guild badgeNarnians Guild
Welcome to the Narnians Guild! Fans of the Chronicles of Narnia series can connect here to chat about the books, as well as the movie and audio adaptations. Discussion of other CS Lewis works is welcome!
Gold guild badgeRavenclaw Common Room
Welcome to the Ravenclaw Common room! Here we will gather to challenge each other, and share our adventures. --- Our prefects are @Timtamttime and @nimynous. --- Please read the description to learn more!
Gold guild badgeRedwall Abbey
This is where you can hangout with all the other Redwall lovers! You can chat about the books, roleplay, and talk about your favorite characters.
Gold guild badgeShadowhunters' Institute
Welcome to the Institute, where Nephilim from all over the world are welcome to train, study and meet fellow shadowhunters and downworlders. Join to discuss all things related to the chronicles, and to smash your goals Nephilim style!
Gold guild badgeSlytherin House
Slytherin House
Gold guild badgeThe Dresden Files
The Dresden Files
Gold guild badgeThe Ship of the Dread Pirate Roberts
The Ship of the Dread Pirate Roberts be a place where anyone with a sense o' adventure an' a hankerin' ter talk like a pirate be welcome on our journey - we allus needs more swabbies. Iffen ye have ideas fer any Challenges just talk ter the captain.
Gold guild badgeThe Turtle's Back (Discworld Guild)
A Guild for discussion and fandom of the works of Sir Terry Pratchett.
Gold guild badgeThe Wheel of Time
Come, and be welcome, all fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series! Here we gather to discuss the books and perhaps to add some of the One Power to your day. Ideas for the guild's progression are welcome.
Gold guild badgeWarrior Cats
Warrior Cats!
Gold guild badgeWings Of Fire RP (The Dark Talons)
RP here!
Gold guild badgeWings Of Fire Roleplay
Wings Of Fire
Gold guild badge🎡 Fantasy Adventurers
Venture into the land of fantasy to achieve your goals with a dose of fun and productivity!
Gold guild badge🏰 Teacher's and Staff Room - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
This is a place to discuss planned challenges and teaching methods in our magical school. But be aware, some students have extendable ears.. be careful with revealing all surprises!

Science Fiction, Mystery, & Horror[]

Gold guild badge221b Baker Street
221b Baker Street
Gold guild badgeAt the mountains of madness
For all the fans of Lovecraft's work and for those who think there aren't enough monsters in their everyday tasks!
Gold guild badgeFear Fans
A guild for anyone who enjoys (or makes) horror movies, games, art, novels, short stories, or anything really. This is the place for recommendations, reviews, deconstructions and debates of all things scary.
Gold guild badgeHow Odd! (A black hole that devours thoughts and things)
In this guild, you can do whatever you want! Chat, share weird facts, do weird roleplay! As long as everything is fun, friendly, and weird.
Gold guild badgePositive Pictures
This guild is dedicated to sharing happy images, positive memes, funny photos, and any picture that makes us smile :star2:
Gold guild badgeSolarpunk
A place to discuss the genre/movement of solarpunk, eco-futurism, and so on.
Gold guild badgeSpace Traders
Space Traders
Gold guild badgeStar Trek Fans
Star Trek Fans
Gold guild badgeThe Browncoats
A guild for Firefly fans. This is a place to mourn our beloved series and to revive it with fan fiction, discussions, role-play, quest challenges and much more.
Gold guild badgeThe Cosmere - A Brandon Sanderson Fan Guild
Are you a Mistborn? Maybe an Edgedancer or perhaps a Doomslug? Come join a group avid for the Cosmere of Brandon Sanderson!
Gold guild badgeWay of the Force
Way of the Force a place for those with a special talent or "force skill" feel free to suggest more search terms in the chat search terms: Star Wars, the force, Jedi, force users, special skills, talents
Gold guild badgeWicked folks saving ourselves
Guild for all fans of Seanan McGuire's books, music, comics or just her wonderful self. Discussions, general nerding out together and challenges based on her books.

Anime & Manga[]

Gold guild badgeAnime Club
This club is for people who watch anime, recently started watching anime, or want to start watching it! We're an active guild. Come and join in on the fun!
Gold guild badgeFairy Tail
We are Fairy Tail, the wizard's guild! It is an all powerful guild where magic thrives! Come be part of the guild to add to Fairy Tail's wonder!
Gold guild badgeThe Magical Girls
A guild about the anime/manga genre of Magical Girls. Our challenges will be focused on helping "save the world". Come join us! 🌸 🎀
Gold guild badgeThe Ninja Dojo
You wake up in what seems to be medieval Japan and taken to train in battle. Discovering you can do the cool things from *Naruto* by using productivity techniques and habits, you prepare to battle the threats of an evil party in the West.
Gold guild badgeThe Otaku and Gamers Dōjō
A guild for all anime, manga, light novel and visual novel fans and people who like playing video games, as well as the wider otaku subculture outside Japan!
Gold guild badgeUA High Student's guild
UA high; a prestigious school for those who want to use their quirks to become heroes, and has raised some of the best of the best!

Comics & Animation[]

Gold guild badgeAvengers Assemble!
Avengers Assemble! A fan-group for Marvel-themed challenges, discussions and more.
Gold guild badgeDisney Fans
Everybody loves Disney - who doesn't? This is a guild for everybody who loves Disney movies, characters, and everything Disney!
Gold guild badgeEverfree Pony Brigade
A guild for fans of My Little Pony (MLP)
Gold guild badgeKuru Studio
This is a guild for people who like making stuff and watching anime.
Gold guild badgeMy Little Pony lovers guild
A guild for people who love My Little Pony.
Gold guild badgeRainbow Rumpus Partytown
Rainbow Rumpus Partytown
Gold guild badgeSpoiler Talk
For all Marvel lovers, comics and MCU, join this Guild!
Gold guild badgeThe Crystal Gems
A guild to talk about the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, and its related media (i.e. Attack/Save/Unleash the Light, comics, etc. etc.).

Social Media, Podcasts, & Blogs[]

Gold guild badgeFans of Epbot
Fans of Epbot
Gold guild badgeNight Vale Habitica Anonymous
Night Vale Habitica Anonymous
Gold guild badgePodcasters
A guild for podcast creators and listeners.
Gold guild badgeProductivity Alchemy podcast - normal people being productive
This is a Guild for listeners of Productivity Alchemy, the podcast about normal people being productive.
Gold guild badgeTwitch Streamers & Viewers
Twitch Streamers & Viewers

General Fandom Discussion[]

Gold guild badgeFanfiction Connoisseurs
Fanfiction Connoisseurs, the place to discuss fics you've read, fics you've written, and fics that. Just. Won't. Happen. Come get inspiration and a friendly chat.
Gold guild badgeGeeky Pop Culture Challenges!
Fun challenges designed to help you to become a healthier you, each with a geeky pop culture theme such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, The Hobbit and others!
Gold guild badgeHabitica's Movie + TV Enthusiasts
Habitica's Movie + TV Enthusiasts
Gold guild badgeKPOP Stans ✨
**For fans of KPOP JPOP & CPOP**
Gold guild badgePerfume People
Perfume People
Gold guild badgeRetroGuild
RetroGuild is a community with emphasis on chat and chill challenges about 80's and 90's pop culture. If you're keen on nostalgia, or want to learn how to be sweet, come hang with us.
Gold guild badgeThe Little Professor
The Little Professor

Other Role Play[]

Gold guild badgeBrasil - Guilda Winter 🇧🇷
Aventureiros na vida real que buscam tarefas em um mundo alternativo para melhorar seus dias e se beneficiar nesse mundo, venham para cidade de Winter, fazer amigos, missões e muito mais.
Gold guild badgeD&D
Take the role of an adventurer and measure your progress in fitness, charisma, knowledge and other fields. Slay dragons and get that extra incentive to do your daily things. Use habitica Dungeons-and-Dragons-style.
Gold guild badgeDemonic Beasts
This guild is for the Demonic Beasts challenge, which gives you extra motivation and fun in your Habitica journey by celebrating the beasts you collect along the way.
Gold guild badgeGuardians of Knowledge
You're a time traveler who decides to save the ancient papyruses from the burning Library of Alexandria. Hurry, before the sacred knowledge is gone forever! (Read Wikipedia or other encyclopedias and share what you learned with others)
Gold guild badgeHabitClan 🐱
🐱 A fanclub for Warriors fans to roleplay! :D 🐱
Gold guild badgeHabitican Exploration and Research Organization
Habitican Exploration and Research Organization
Gold guild badgeHeroes and Hydras
**Heroes and Hydras** is a Questing, Role Playing, Gamers guild full of friends and challenges. Here you can improve your life in any mystical, mythical, or magical way you see fit with the help of your fellow *Heroes*. Come... Slay the *Hydra*
Gold guild badgeKnights of Habitica
Knights, men-at-arms, condottieri, landsknechte, chevaliers, come here to engage in deeds of arms, and discuss treatises from across the history of fencing.
Gold guild badgeMinecraft Role Players
Hey, you! Yeah, YOU. Like Minecraft? Interested in role-play? Well, whether you're new to (or haven't heard of) one these, or a seasoned professional, we don't care. Just join us and have some FUN.
Gold guild badgeNorthern Imports
Come one, Come all! Gather 'round the Important Importer and behold the chance of the week!
Gold guild badgePokemon Place
Enjoy roleplaying in Sol Terra, the city amongst the clouds.
Gold guild badgeProject ERA
Headquarters for a secret project!
Gold guild badgeQuiet Farm Town
Roleplay of a small, sleepy, peaceful town. There are gardens and hobby farms. People visit their neighbors. Nothing bad ever happens. Wouldn't you like to just sit down, and have some grateful zen time while you listen to the rain?
Gold guild badgeRangers Guild
Rangers Guild
Gold guild badgeRedholme Dragon Dung Distributers
Our members get the best prices on dragon dung in the entire kingdom. We test the dung for optimal acidity, texture, and bone content. Our dung is in demand everywhere! All this translates to profit, profit, profit! (This was Father Purity's guild.)
Gold guild badgeThe Archons
This is a guild with a mixed batch of challenges designed to make our journey through Habitica more fun and helpful!
Gold guild badgeThe Coliseum
Interested in roleplay but getting your quests lost in other guilds? Want a place where you can create your stories in peace? The Coliseum is a roleplay guild primarily focused on personal quests and fast-paced action. All are welcome!
Gold guild badgeYour Life, The RPG 🐉
A guild for role-playing your daily life as an adventure in the world of Habitica.
Gold guild badge⚔ Friends of Red Jenny
First Ferelden, then Kirkwall, then within the Inquisition... Storms are brewing all over not just the southern continent, but all of Thedas. Who will help keep the common people dry? Well... it's good to have Friends. A Dragon Age fan guild.
Gold guild badge🍁 Arbor Fati 🍁
Gold guild badge🎞Error Productions🎞
This is an RP/ARG guild, where people can join the roleplay and have fun.

The World Around You[]

Flora & Fauna[]

Gold guild badgeAnimal Lovers United
Where animal lovers from all over the world and gather and converse! This guild is for ANY type of animal, from the furry to the feathered to the scaled and beyond!
Gold guild badgeAquarium Lovers
Let's talk about aquarium fish, plants, aquatic snails, shrimp, amphibia, as well as fish tank maintenance, recommended products, etc.
Gold guild badgeCat Lovers
Love your pet cat? Or just cats in general? This is a no-dogs zone, and the perfect place for you and your cat! (Also cat product recommendations and books about cats.)
Gold guild badgeCynophiles - For the Love of a Dog
We love dogs. We talk about living with dogs, educating or training them, grooming, or anything else related with our furry friends. Questions and suggestions welcome. Force free training only. No prongs, shock collars, alpha rolls etc.
Gold guild badgeLovers of Lepidopterans (Butterfly Gardeners of Habitica)
Open to anyone practicing or interested in butterfly and pollinator-centric gardening or raising moths and butterflies. Ask questions and share photos and tips with fellow enthusiasts!
Gold guild badgePet Owners and Lovers
If you love animals and pets, you're in the right place!
Gold guild badgeThe Birdwatchers Guild
Talk about your bird observations, post requests for bird identification, share amazing bird-related materials from web and so on!
Gold guild badgeThe Gardening Gnomes 🌱
A guild for gardeners! Whether you've got one lonely houseplant, a thriving herb or vegetable plot, or are an enthusiast of flowers, this is the place to share your green wisdom and ask your most pressing horticultural questions!
Gold guild badgeWildlife Appreciators 🏞️
This guild celebrates encounters with nature, large and small.


Gold guild badge#MeAndWhiteSupremacy
A place for white people to do the work to end racism
Gold guild badgeEco Resilience 🌍
We are Habiticians interested in: Permaculture, Transition Towns, Green Wizardry, Rewilding, Appropriate Technology, Natural Building, Homesteading, Primitive Skills, Ecovillages, Slow Food, and more.
Gold guild badgeMarch of the Blanketeers
This is the Habitica Guild for the US nonprofit, March of the Blanketeers.
Gold guild badgeUnited Socialists, Super Responsible!
Guild for socialist organizers to organize socialist-ly.
Gold guild badgeVegan World
Are you vegan or vegan-curious? This guild is for you!
Gold guild badgeinHabitants of Earth: the eco-friendly guild
Save our World keywords: organic, bio, energy, renewable, save water, reduce waste, animals, plants, air, oceans, earth, global warming, climate resilience, pollution, endangered species, sustainability, plastic, recycling, compost, ecological, green
Gold guild badge🏛️ Direct Progressive Action 🏛️
Welcome, heroic Habitican! This guild's aim is to promote **[progressivism] in politics & society through individual & collective action. ✊
Gold guild badge🛡️Climate Defenders🛡️ (Formerly Challenge of the Day)
Welcome to Climate Defenders, the guild formerly known as 🛡️ Challenge of the Day 🛡️


Gold guild badgeEffective Altruists
Effective Altruists - making the world as good a place as it can be using evidence and reason
Gold guild badgeGhost Ship
Be a blood donor or organ donor (after death or live) and win a challenge! Topics: 1. Donating organs, blood, stem cells, etc., body donation to medical research and education, etc. 2. Death preparations (advance healthcare directive, will, etc.).
Gold guild badgeHabitica Heroes on Kiva
Habitica Heroes on Kiva
Gold guild badgeHabitica Mercenaries Guild
A guild dedicated to Habitica gold and gems, trade them for services (volunteer help) and advice. Be a mercenary and sell your time to whoever you please or a client and request help from them.
Gold guild badgeHabitica's Helping Heroes
In this guild, we not only better ourselves, but the world as well! It is our responsibility and privilege to serve those around us. How can you use your time and talents to bless the lives of others? How might your efforts to serve change your life?
Gold guild badgeLatter Day Spacemen
Latter Day Spacemen
Gold guild badgeMercenary Overflow
This is a place to discuss or share more detailed things needed for the [Mercenaries Guild]
Gold guild badgeNerdfighters
For fans of John and Hank Green!
Gold guild badge🐯 Zooniverse Conservation Quest Guild 🌎
People powered research! Assist researchers by joining the Zooniverse as a volunteer and helping tag photos, audio clips, and more! Great for animal lovers and science lovers!

Language & Local Community Guilds[]

Countries & Languages[]

Gold guild badgeBundesministerium für Prokrastination (BMfPk)
Ihr dürft hier gerne nach Parties suchen, um zusammen Quests erledigen zu können, Fragen stellen oder einfach quatschen. Keine Regeln - einfach freundlich sein. ☺️
Gold guild badgeFilipinos of Habitica
A *tambayan* for Filipino Habiticans.
Gold guild badgeFlower of Scotland
The guild for all things Scotland! A place for habiticans to chat and share things relating to Scotland, and in true Scottish fashion everyone is welcome! Guild leader - PerfectNightmare (Fife, Scotland)
Gold guild badgeMaghreb Habitica - Maroc Algerie Tunisie
Welcome to the Maghreb guild - Merhba bikoum ! Ici on va rassembler les maghrébins de Habitica ! Pour progresser ensemble et apprendre à se connaitre ! Maroc - Algérie - Tunisie - Lybie - All arabic world are welcome !
Gold guild badgeNative Americans of Habitica
Native Americans of Habitica
Gold guild badgeScandinavian Vikings
Guild for people living in Scandinavian countries, or people interested in the area.
Gold guild badgeSouth African Habiticans
A group for South Africans who use Habitica!
Gold guild badgeSouth East Asian Habiticans - HEROES OF ASEAN - (HASEAN)
Clans: Indonesian, Filipino, Thai & Vietnamese . . . Mercenaries: Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong Kongers, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodian, Laos, Timor Leste
Gold guild badgeThe Land Downunder
The Land Downunder - A place for Australians (Aussies) and New Zealanders (Kiwis) to hang out.
Gold guild badgeWales and all things Welsh / Cymru a phopeth Cymreig
If you live in Wales or you are a Welsh person living elsewhere, this is the guild for you! / Os wyt ti'n byw yng Nghymru neu wyt ti'n Cymro/Cymraes sy'n byw rhywle arall, dyma'r urdd i ti! (Wales, Welsh, Cymru, Cymraeg)
Gold guild badge꧁༺SǤ WARRIORS༻꧂
Guild for Singaporean Habitica Users! (Or people who are interested in Singapore stuff)

Language Learning[]

Gold guild badgeAprender Inglés - Learning Spanish
A guild to foster learning Spanish for English speaking folks, and vice versa. Una gremio por favorecer el aprendizaje del Inglés y viceversa.
Gold guild badgeArabic Language Learners
I created the Arabic Language Learners guild so that we'd have a space to talk about learning Arabic, talk some in Arabic, and share resources.
Gold guild badgeChinese (Mandarin) Study Group
A support group for Chinese (Mandarin) learners. We run a challenge once every 1 to 2 months 😄 As the saying goes "good good study, day day up" (好好学习,天天向上), remember to study even on the days where we don't have a challenge!
Gold guild badgeDuolinguists of Habitica
Duolingo is a gamified, free language learning website and app with dozens of languages available! Join the guild to connect with other Duolingo users.
Gold guild badgeGlorious Glossopoeists
A guild for all lovers, speakers and creators of conlangs (constructed languages).
Gold guild badgeGreekLearners
You love Greek? Then this is the place for you. All Greek languages welcome - from classic Greek, Koine, biblical Koine Greek to modern Greek. 🇬🇷
Gold guild badgeItalian task by task
Welcome to your Italian gym, where you can practice Italian.
Gold guild badgeJapanese Knowledge Gang
I mainly made this guild to keep my friend(and me) accountable for studying Japanese everyday.
Gold guild badgeJapanese: Intermediate & Advanced
Have you finished Genki? Did you take an introductory course and you have no idea where to go from there? Or have you hit a "learning plateau" perhaps? Join us and keep growing!
Gold guild badgeKorean Language Students Guild
Korean Language Students Guild
Gold guild badgeLearn English
This is a guild for anyone who is learning English, regardless of their first language. You may post in English or your first language or both! Mistakes welcome--we're here to help!
Gold guild badgeLearn Mandarin
This guild is for those learning Mandarin Chinese, a Sinitic language spoken all around the world. Beginner or expert, all are welcome as we share techniques, strategies, and experiences; as well as improve each other through cultural exchange.
Gold guild badgeLearn Uropi—we have P.I.E. 🥧!
About half the world speaks an Indo-European language. Uropi was based on their common ancestor, uses the most commonly descended words, and has a straightforward pronunciation & regular verbs. It has a strange familiarity and beautiful/unique sound.
Gold guild badgeLearning a Language
For Learning a Language
Gold guild badgeLet's learn German!
A place to practice your German skills, or help others improve theirs.
Gold guild badgeNew Language Learners
Find support and inspiration for learning a new language! Share tips, join challenges, play games, and chat with others in your target language.
Gold guild badgeSedulous Sesquipedalians
A guild for assiduous aficionados of esoteric English vocabulary.
Gold guild badgeSign Language Association
A guild for learners of all signed languages, whether ASL (American Sign Language), BSL (British Sign Language), LSF (Langue des Signes Française), or any other! All are welcome
Gold guild badgeThe Language Hackers
The Language Hackers is for all language learners. This guild has a regular monthly Language Hacking challenge and offers support and tips to all language learners, regardless of what methods you are using.
Gold guild badgeThe LearnJapanese Guild
A guild for members of the [subreddit LearnJapanese]   Of course, anyone who is interested in learning Japanese is welcome to join!
Gold guild badgeThe LearnSpanish Guild
This guild is for people who want to learn Spanish!
Gold guild badgeThe Noun-Verb-Adjective Challenge Guild
The Noun-Verb-Adjective Challenge Guild
Gold guild badgeWaniKani
WaniKani is a web application dedicated to aiding Japanese learners master the art of reading kanji and vocabulary.

Local Communities & Organizations[]

Gold guild badgeACC Adventurers
A guild for the students of Assiniboine Community College, to help achieve their goals in and out of the classroom!
Gold guild badgeArcade UFO
Guild for patrons of Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas.
Gold guild badgeBay Area Habiteers!
Live in the California Bay Area? Here's a guild for you!
Gold guild badgeBielefeld
Da es Bielefeld nicht gibt, müssen wir zusammenhalten!
Gold guild badgeCanadian Sabretooth Squirrels
This Guild is a Canadian based productivity and lifestyle group with a secondary focus on providing support to those of us who have diagnosed or undiagnosed AD(H)D. The mythological Canadian Sabretooth Squirrel is the Guilds official mascot
Gold guild badgeCatholic Christian Outreach (CCO)
Canadian based Catholic community spread across 16 universities in Canada
Gold guild badgeCrew Bravo
Stay motivated through military life
Gold guild badgeEastern Connecticut State Univeristy
This guild is for all students attending ECSU that use Habitica! Meet others at your school who are also working on habits and task management!
Gold guild badgeEpic Nerd Camp
Epic Nerd Camp is a week long adventure every summer in Maryland, where nerds gather. Join us!
Gold guild badgeExtra Life Guild
“Play Games. Heal Kids” For more information, please go to [Extra Life Homepage] And/or [Extra Life Philadelphia]
Gold guild badgeGirl Scouts of Habitica
Created by OrangeOtaku2006 for herself plus all Girl Scouts to have a safe spot to talk about badges, traditions, camp, etc. Remember to follow the Girl Scout promise and law!
Gold guild badgeHome depot
A guild for homedepot associates
Gold guild badgeLondon Habiticans
Place for Habiticans in London; let's all get together.
Gold guild badgeMassachusetts
Gold guild badgeRomania
Romanian Guild Only! Clan creeat special pentru romani.Aici puteti discuta liber despre orice si va puteti creea propriile provocari.
Gold guild badgeSan Diego Habiticers
This Guild is for people who work or live in the San Diego, California area.
Gold guild badgeThe Purposes of Play
The Purposes of Play
Gold guild badgeUniversidad de Concepción
Bienvenidos habiticanos de espíritu libre! Este es el gremio de los estudiantes de la universidad de Concepción. Nuestro objetivo como comunidad es crear una red de apoyo en los estudios y organización a través de los retos y tareas con un toque geek
Gold guild badgeValley Community
Valley Community is a South African community based in the Southern Suburbs . Our guild consists of members from Fish Hoek, Kommetjie, Ocean View, Simons Town, Sun Valley, Capri and many more
Gold guild badgeVeterans of Habitica
Veterans of Habitica
Gold guild badge[GNP22 Geek & Plus 22]
Promouvoir les saines habitudes de vies auprès des gens qui sont passionné en général, par l'univers Geek & Plus. Geek & plus fais la promotions des valeurs suivantes auprès des gens passionnés: Entraide, respect et plaisir. EN & FR are welcome.

The World of Habitica[]

Help & Support[]

Gold guild badgeElven Grove
Inspired by the pirates, the Elves have come out of hiding, and now wander the Forest of Challenges, hunting any that are past their time, nurturing the young growing ones, and guiding those that have been separated from their herd.
Gold guild badgeGuild Leaders & Challenge Creators
A place for existing and prospective Guildmasters to ask or share advice on running engaging and active guilds, and for aspiring challenge creators to gain inspiration from others.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Help: Ask a Question
This Guild aims to give users a dedicated space to ask questions about Habitica, so please feel free to ask whatever you like! And if you're an experienced user, you can join the Guild and help answer any questions that come up. Everyone is welcome!!
Gold guild badgeHabitica Party Roster
Browse hundreds of active parties by topic with Habitica's first ever roll call. Easy A–Z party index, bio and stat info on any group, read news updates and earn quest badges.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Party Roster Meeting Room
Chat about any party topic in the Habitica Party Roster's meeting room. Discussions and tips on party optimisation, member participation, leader duties, motivation ideas, handling arguments, recruiting standards and more.
Gold guild badgeParty Wanted (Looking for Group)
Want to join a Party so you can quest together and stay accountable? Hoping to advertise your Party for new members? Look no further! This is the best place for you to find a group. Please do not look for Parties in the Tavern!
Gold guild badgeParty Wanted International
A guild to find a party speaking a language other than English more easily. French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, Finnish, Filipino, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, and many other languages.
Gold guild badgeParty wanted for autistics
A place for autistic people to find a party.
Gold guild badgePirate Cove
Here we assess guilds abandoned by their leaders. Before posting here, please read this guild's description and the linked wiki pages in detail. If you are in an abandoned guild, you don't need to post here - we'll get to your guild in time. :)
Gold guild badgeThe Abandoned Camp
... is abandoned - or is it? If you don't know how you got here and what to do here - be careful! It could be dangerous! Maybe better stay outside? Pirates have been known to lurk here. And nobody knows if that volcano is still active. And snakes...
Gold guild badgeThe Challenge Sandbox
A place to build challenges slowly, without danger of anyone joining them before they are ready. All the challenges in this guild are under construction or used for testing purposes. They are not meant for "real" participation.
Gold guild badgeThe Mystery Train
All Habiticans are welcome on the Mystery Train. Hop aboard and explore the guilds of Habitica. (The Train is currently not running but will start again when its Conductor, @Cinnamon_Toast, returns.) This is currently NOT a role-playing guild.

Beyond the Tavern[]

Gold guild badgeADHD Off-Topic Squirrel Hunt 🐿
This is a sub-guild of the [ADHDers Guild] It's meant for conversations that occur in the main guild, but are not about ADHD itself, and it's for links to permanent challenges.
Gold guild badgeFun life stories
In this guild you can share your life stories with others, or create a challenge!
Gold guild badgeGames and Riddles
Join us for daily riddles and other games or just a general chat!
Gold guild badgeHabitica Discord Server (unofficial)
[Habitica Discord Server]
Gold guild badgeMythical Creatures of All Sorts
We're exploring a cave...scary! We just have fun in this guild.
Gold guild badgeNecromancer's Guild
deadbender's Necromancer's Guild, a home for casual Habitica players.
Gold guild badgeOn Hold
A place beyond the typical tavern chat of habit features, pets and levelling up to get to know your fellow Habit users on a personal level. You are never alone when you are On Hold!
Gold guild badgePotatoes' Paradise
The guild for all aspiring potatoes! Join our cause to overrun Habitica with potatoes! I'm a potato. I'm not social enough to find other potatoes. But, I want to help other fellow potatoes accomplish something. There you go. Join us.
Gold guild badgeThe Bulletin Board
It is quite easy for announcements of your awesome guild, challenge, or project to get lost in the Tavern, so here is the place to share your awesome creation.
Gold guild badgeThe Forge
Get Together, Share Ideas.
Gold guild badgeUse Case Spotlights
Use Case Spotlights is a place to share your ideas for using Habitica for certain types of tasks and situations!

Class System[]

Gold guild badgeCloak and Dagger (Recent and Retired Rogues)
Every Rogue needs his or her's place to hang and trade secrets of pickpocketing. And none other is better than Cloak and Dagger (Retired and Recent Rogues)!
Gold guild badgeFort Ironwill
We are here for those habiticans who chose the honorable path of the Warrior. Sharing knowledge, tips, tricks and strategies for becoming a good, effective and truly powerful fighter who leads their team to victory.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Healers Association
A place to focus on the role of Habitica's Healers. Ask or answer questions. Join in chat or just lurk if you want. All classes welcome!
Gold guild badgeThe Habitican ??? Syndicate
NOTICE `There is a new and active guild for Warriors.` CLICK LINK BELOW [Fort Ironwill] ***This one is going to be repurposed into a different type of guild.***

Contributor Guilds[]

Gold guild badgeAspiring Blacksmiths (Coding For Habitica)
This is a place for aspiring coders to discuss working on Habitica's official website and official mobile apps. Both newbies and experienced developers are very welcome!
Gold guild badgeAspiring Comrades
A guild for developers who have built 3rd party tools using the Habitica API. Got a tool? Share a link!
Gold guild badgeAspiring Legends: Contributing to Habitica
All of us are Aspiring Legends, whether we're blue-tagged veterans or gray-tagged newcomers. Introduce yourself, mention how you'd like to get involved, read the Guild's resources, and post if you have any questions about volunteering for Habitica!
Gold guild badgeAspiring Socialites
Do you want to help make Habitica a friendly, helpful community? Then this is the Guild for you! This is a great place to share resources, keep up with what's new in Habitica, and spread cheer.
Gold guild badgeAspiring Tailors
A place for us to work together to make userstyles that make Habitica more accessible for everyone. Anyone with ideas to make the site easier to use is welcome, and anyone who knows CSS will be hailed as a hero in no time. Requests are welcome, too.
Gold guild badgeAspiring Zapier Comrades
This guild is to assist developers who are helping to enhance Habitica's official Zapier integration.
Gold guild badgeBrazilians Translators | Tradutores Brasileiros
Esta Guilda é dedicada a unir tradutores de língua portuguesa, especialmente tradutores(as) brasileiros(as). Assim, este espaço é aberto para discussões e troca de informações sobre assuntos relacionados às traduções que envolvam Habitica.
Gold guild badgeCech česko-slovenského překladatelského přátelství
Máme za cíl sjednotit, dotáhnout, opravit a udržovat překlady pro Habitica web, iOS a Android.
Gold guild badgeCommonwealth of i18n (Aspiring Linguists)
The official guild for discussing translations of Habitica and Habitica's wiki.
Gold guild badgeDanish Translators
For the Danish translation team: Habitica Contributors.
Gold guild badgeFrench Translators Guild
Une Guilde pour les personnes désireuses de traduire et rendre Habitica plus naturel et inclusif en français
Gold guild badgeGerman Translators
Want to help with the German translation of Habitica or the Habitica wiki? Join the guild and meet other contributors! (Language: German)
Gold guild badgeGuild for Hungarian translators - Magyar fordítók társasága
Azért hoztam létre ezt a céhet, mert szeretném ha a Habitica-n a magyar fordítás megfelelő minőségű valamint egységes lenne.
Gold guild badgeHabitica Korean Translation Project - 해비티카 한국어 번역 프로젝트
English-Korean Translation for Habitica / 해비티카 한국어 번역 프로젝트
Gold guild badgeHabitica 日本語訳: Japanese Translators
Habiticaのウェブサイト・アプリ・Wikiを日本語に翻訳する有志たちのギルドです。英語を日本語に翻訳できる方はぜひ参加ください。ユーザーのために日本語訳を充実させて、Habiticaに貢献しましょう! --- This is a guild for Japanese translators who contribute to Habitica.
Gold guild badgeHebrew Linguists
Hebrew Linguists
Gold guild badgeIndonesian Translator Alliance
This Guild is established mainly to coordinate the translation from English to Indonesian in Habitica Weblate. We welcome to all any capable translators.
Gold guild badgeLatin Translators
Usus est magister optimus. A guild for Habiticans who would like to help translate Habitica into Latin.
Gold guild badgeNederlands Vertalersgilde van Habitica
Nederlands Vertalersgilde van Habitica
Gold guild badgeNorwegian Translators
Norwegian Translators
Gold guild badgePirate Foley
Pirate Foley
Gold guild badgePixels in Progress (Aspiring Artisans)
Want to help make art for Habitica? This is a place for pixel artists (both experienced and aspiring!) to work on rough drafts for official Habitica pixel art.
Gold guild badgePolish Translators
Polish Translators
Gold guild badgeRomanian Habitica Translators
Romanian Habitica Translation
Gold guild badgeSvenska översättare – Swedish translators
Svenska översättare kan diskutera översättningar och dylikt här! --- Swedish translators can discuss translations and such here!
Gold guild badgeTh' Pirate's Tongue
Ahoy! We be Aspirin' Linguists o' the Habitican Seas, what be workin' ex-clusive like on yon Pirate Translations.
Gold guild badgeTraductores al español
Para traductores de Habitica al español
Gold guild badgeTradutores Portugueses
Guilda de apoio à tradução da App e do Site de Habitica para Português Europeu.
Gold guild badgeTraduzione italiana Habitica
Want to help with the Italian translation of Habitica or the Habitica wiki? Join this guild and meet other contributors! (Language: Italian)
Gold guild badgeTranslation Reviewer Application Discussion Board
A forum where applicants for translation reviewer positions can post about their qualifications, and where fellow Linguists working on the same language may comment on said qualifications.
Gold guild badgeTürkçe Linguists and Scribes
Turkish Linguists and Linguistic Scribes
Gold guild badgeUkrainian Translators Guild 🇺🇦
Збираємо людей, щоб перекласти **Habitica** українською :smiley: --- + Наш [чатик] в **Telegram** + [Інструкція] з перекладу
Gold guild badgeWizards of the Wiki
The Habitica Wiki is a tremendous resource thanks to the many volunteers who edit and translate it. This guild is a place to coordinate edits, learn the ropes, and hang out with other wiki wizards. Current and future volunteers welcome!
Gold guild badge🌐 Переводчики Habitica
Русское сообщество переводчиков. Желаете помочь проекту, но не знаете как? Помогите переводом и играть будет одно удовольствие!

Bug & Suggestion Reports[]

Gold guild badgeBeeminder
Gold guild badgeHabitican Randomizer (third party tool)
Guild for a third party tool, for bug reports, suggestions, feature request etc.
Gold guild badgeHabitican Wardrobes
Optimal battle gear for every class in Habitca.
Gold guild badgeTesting & Bug Squashing for Dragon Tools
Guild for testing, bug reporting and feature requesting for tools developed by cTheDragons. Tools include are Party & Guild Data Tool, Challenge Data Tool, Inbox Display & Export Tool, Bulk Feed Pets Tool.

Habiticans Being Awesome[]

Gold guild badgeBailey Appreciation Guild
Bailey Appreciation Guild
Gold guild badgeCelebrate Habitica
Celebrate Habitica
Gold guild badgeCostume Carnival
Discover all the latest costume fashions in Habitica! Share your own favourite avatar designs!
Gold guild badgeHabitican Fashion Week
Greetings, dear citizens! This newly created guild, promoted by @Ektael and @Dea_Matrona, has the intention of gathering all of us who actually know how to dress properly in Habitica.
Gold guild badgeOverheard Somewhere in Habitica
Share any useful, fascinating, or just plain hilarious quotes you read from fellow Habiticans. So many wonderful posts just get lost in busy places like the tavern, but sharing them here will give them all the attention they deserve.
Gold guild badgeRandom Habitica Costumes
Show off your RANDOMLY-generated Habitica avatars!
Gold guild badgeTestimonials of Habitica
This Guild is a collection of testimonials from Habiticans about how the site and app have helped them. If Habitica has helped you and you want to shout it to the rooftops, you can post it here to share with others.
Gold guild badgeThe Habitica Fans
this guild is for people that want to say thanks to all the people that made habitica the way it is.
Gold guild badgeTyler Simply Rocks!!!!!!
Tyler Simply Rocks!!!!!!

Party Chat Guilds[]

Gold guild badgeBalistyczne ogniomioty
Łupa Łupa
Gold guild badgeBerlin Adventurers Guild
Hoi! Welcome to the Berlin Adventurers Guild! *Deutsch sprachige auch herzlich eingeladen* For the brazen heroes seeking local support in their parties and bold explorers looking to integrate Berlin based cultural challenges into their lives.
Gold guild badgeDynOmitEArmy
🧨(DOE)DynOmitE Army We Will Conquer Anything We Set Our Mind And Energy Towards!
Gold guild badgeExcuse me, do you have a bell pepper?
Excuse me, do you have a bell pepper?
Gold guild badgeFelløwship Øf The Stärr
There are many forces of evil at work in the land. This Guild's primary quest is to rid the world of these dark forces through motivation, inspiration, and life advice.
Gold guild badgeFor The Games
We are here For The Games! #FTG
Gold guild badgeForest Witches ♥
Everyone here adores you ♥
Gold guild badgeGalactic adventurers
This is an adventure guild for people participating in the '[Galactic Adventures] challenge
Gold guild badgeGretchen's Obligers
This Guild was inspired by the book "The Four Tendencies", by Gretchen Rubin. According to her 40% of the population have the tendency she calls "Obligers". "Obligers respond readily to outer expectations but struggle to meet inner expectations."
Gold guild badgeHouse Thrasher
Let's get our stuff done! search terms: organize productivity
Gold guild badgeKnights of Ni
This guild is to support each other in being productive to create better lives for ourselves in the real world. In Habitica we will defeat evil creatures and find lost objects for the betterment of the guild.
Gold guild badgeLevel Up - Guild
Gold guild badgeLife is an adventure!
Challenges will be in English, but feel free to use Danish in the chat
Gold guild badgeLuvpact
We show them what is worth following. We look at the raw material and visualize the finished product, just like Michelangelo did. Seeing things in a visionary way like this grants us the ability to greatly influence others for the better.
Gold guild badgeMission: Become programmer and get healthy!
Learning Programming, hitting the gym and eating healthy.
Gold guild badgeMonastery
Gold guild badgeSquirrel-Bop Guild
The first rule of the guild: come up with the first rule of the guild.
Gold guild badgeSynergy Tutoring
Synergy Tutoring
Gold guild badgeTask Force Ωmega
Task Force Ωmega
Gold guild badgeTen's Band of Misfits
Welcome fellow hoomans! Fair warning, I have no tolerance for closed-minded individuals, this is a negativity-free zone.
Gold guild badgeThe Fancy Men of Cornwood
An order descended from Titanius Anglesmith, the King of Cornwood and the original Fancy Man.
Gold guild badgeThe Misfits
Beginners are welcome! We are accepting of anyone and everyone, no matter who you are. Express yourself and let your true self shine.
Gold guild badgeThe Rising Sun
Our guild is dedicated to inspiring others to do better by themselves, and others.
Gold guild badgeTree Remembered
A gathering for members of the Tree Reunited Party.
Gold guild badgeWe Got This
We Got This
Gold guild badgecool friends who do stuff guild
this guild is for cool friends who do stuff. doing stuff together is more fun than doing it alone!
Gold guild badgepixlandia
This is the Habitica guild of SassyOrangePixie2002! Come join other Sassy Pixies as we organise our life in a gamified style whilst having fun and supporting one another!
Gold guild badge★❅Glitter Snow❆★: Solo Work & Collabs
Public Lobby for the Private Guild. Please PM for invite to Private Guild Guild est: 2019.11.27 1623 EST (USA)