Need to find a guild or challenge on a specific focus area? Habitica allows adventurers to search guilds and challenges by general themes called categories.

Habitica CategoriesEdit

Habitica OfficialEdit

Guilds and challenges listed under this category are officially sponsored by Habitica.


Want to do better at your school or university? These guilds and challenges will help you level up your transcripts.

Advocacy + CausesEdit

Passionate about a cause? Find adventurers with similar interests here. Guilds and challenges will help you focus your advocacy for your most important causes.


Have writers block? Want to meet more artists? These guilds and challenges are focused on the creative arts.


Want to take a break after an hour of productive work? From the passionate Fandom Guild to casual surfing of the net to those just wanting to have a laugh or read something to get away; check out these guilds and challenges.


Does your budget need a diet? Are you saving up for a dream item? These guilds and challenges can help.

Health + FitnessEdit

Looking to run a marathon? Need to eat more vegetables? Pump up your health by joining these guilds and challenges.

Hobbies + OccupationsEdit

What do you like to spend time doing? Whether the activity is for money or for enjoyment, find adventurers with similar interests here.


Meet Habiticans near you, or learn about Habiticans on the other side of the world.

Mental Health + Self-CareEdit

Heal up for your next adventure by visiting these guilds and trying out these challenges.


Is your apartment an obstacle course? Does your office look like a hurricane blew through it? These guilds and challenges will help you with your organization skills.

Recovery + Support GroupsEdit

Slay some of life's largest dragons with fellow Habitica adventurers.


Explore the deepest of mysteries with adventurers of similar interests.

Time Management + AccountabilityEdit

Need to fit more adventuring in your day? How about a buddy to keep you focused? These guilds and challenges can help.