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Habitica’s Group Plans provide a shared experience by allowing members to assign and complete tasks from a shared task board. The Group Plans page can be accessed under the Group link in the navigation bar.

After reviewing feedback from existing users, Group Plans received an update on August 23, 2022. Group Plans are still in early development, with full mobile support coming soon. We recommend turning on the copy tasks switch to view and complete shared tasks on mobile for now.

Note that corporate plans are not directly related to Group Plans. Corporate plans provide private instances of Habitica for organizations.

Group Plan Setup[]

Creating a Group Plan[]

Group Plan Menu Item

Group Name will appear under the Group menu item on the website after creation.

You can activate the Group Plans feature by upgrading a private Guild or Party that you already own (selecting "Upgrade to Group" from the three dots menu next to the "Invite to Party" button) or by creating a new Guild through the Group menu.

Any Guild that has a Group Plan can be accessed through the Guilds screen on the website or mobile apps. A Party that has a Group Plan can be accessed as normal through the Party tab. Alternatively, you can access the group under the Group menu item on the website. Note that the shared task board view attached to these social spaces isn't visible on the mobile apps at the moment, but all other features associated with Guilds or Parties are still available.

When a Guild or Party has a Group Plan, only the leader can send invitations to join the Guild or Party, since each accepted invitation increases the group's cost to the leader.

Group Plan Member Types[]

Group Plan Add Manager

A member list of a group and a highlighted circle around the "Add Member" option are shown.

Leader: Each group must have a leader, and may not have more than one at a time. The leader is the member with administrative rights over the group and its membership. Only leaders have the ability to adjust the group's information (using the "Edit" button under the "Group Information Tab") and Group Billing options, to invite or remove group members, or to add or remove manager status. The leader can also do everything that managers can do.

The leader is the one who is charged for the Group Plan. To ensure that the leader always retains control, it is not possible for the leader to choose a new leader or leave the group unless the Group Plan is cancelled. If the group were to continue they would have to start a new Group Plan.

Managers: A group may also have multiple managers. Managers have the ability to create, edit, and assign tasks. A group leader can assign managers by clicking on the Members List under Group Information and selecting the "Add Manager"

Members: Everyone who is part of the group, but not a leader or manager, is a member. Members can participate in chat, or join challenges/quests, and can complete tasks the same way they would on their personal task board. They do not have access to any administrative functions.

Access & Navigation[]

Any member, manager, or leader can access the normal functions of the group by visiting the Guild or Party with which the group is associated. This can be done in either the website or the app, in the same way the member would normally visit a Guild or Party.

A Guild or Party upgraded to a Group Plan will display additional sections to access the shared task board or billing. Only the leader will be able to see the billing tab. These sections aren't currently available on the mobile apps.

Group plan tabs

Group plan tabs for the guild/party leader

Details on the contents of each tab:

Tab name Contents Members with access
Task Board The Group Plan’s shared Habits, Dailies, To Do's, and Rewards. All
Group Information Regular guild and / or party page features, including chat. All
Group Billing Ability to control the Group plan cost, options to update the payment method, or cancellation of the Group Plan Leader only

Features and Benefits[]

  • The primary benefit of Group Plans is the ability to share Tasks by assigning them to different members.
  • In addition, since Group Plans are an upgraded version of either a Guild or Party, they have all of the features of those spaces, including a chat area, the ability to host Challenges, and a Party can engage in Quests. See the Guilds and Party pages for more information about those features.
  • Finally, Group Plans provide Subscription benefits to all members.

Shared Task Board[]

From the shared task board, any group member can:

  • View and complete tasks
  • View assigned members’ task status
  • Toggle ability to copy shared tasks to their personal task board

Group leaders and managers can also:

  • Add, edit, sort, and assign tasks
  • Uncheck completed tasks if necessary

Creating a task[]

Group leaders and managers can add tasks to the shared task board just like they would their personal task board. Using the quick add text box at the top of each task column will create an unassigned, open task that anyone can complete. You can add assignees to this task by editing it.

Assigning a task[]

Assign shared tasks to one or more group members (including the leader or managers) by using the Assign To dropdown when creating or editing a task. Assigning tasks is not essential; you can choose to leave shared tasks unassigned so any group member can complete it.

Quick tips for assigning shared tasks:

  • Leave a task unassigned if any member can complete it
  • Assign a task to one member so only they can complete it
  • Assign a task to multiple members if they all need to complete it

Completing a task[]

Tasks can be completed directly from the shared task board or from a group member’s personal board, if the toggle to copy tasks is on. In order to complete a task, it has to either be open to anyone, or assigned to you. Tasks that are assigned to another group member will appear locked.

On the shared task board, a task that’s assigned to multiple members will only complete after every assigned member has checked it off. Your own completion status will show with a checkmark.

Unchecking a task[]

Unchecked task notification

Notification received after a completed task is unchecked

When a member completes a task, the group leader or managers have the ability to uncheck the task to mark it incomplete. Unchecking the task will send a notification to the group member that completed it, and remove any task rewards they received (EXP, Gold, MP).

When there are multiple assignees, a leader or manager can uncheck a specific member’s completion by expanding the status view on that task.

The member that completes the task can also uncheck it like they would a personal task.

View status of a task[]

Shared task status

Status view for a shared task

When a shared task has multiple assignees, the status view is a great way to see the completion status for each group member. Simply click the status button at the bottom of a multi-assigned task to see who has completed the task and when.

For repeating Dailies not yet done that day, the status view will also tell you the last time it was completed by each assignee to help track progress.

Displaying shared tasks on the personal board[]

Copy shared tasks toggle

Toggle to copy shared tasks to your personal task board

Group members have the ability to copy shared tasks to their personal task board. This toggle will also make shared tasks visible on the Habitica mobile apps.

If you prefer to keep your task lists separate, keep this toggle off and be sure to check the shared task board daily for any updates!

After a shared task has been copied to a group member's personal task board, the member can interact with it the same as they would a personal task.

Task summary view[]

Shared task summary

Summary view for a shared task

Clicking on a shared task from your personal task board will show a summary view of the task’s details. This allows you to see scheduling for a shared task even when editing isn’t available. If a group leader or manager edits a shared task, all changes will be automatically synced to the task copied onto the group member’s personal task board.

Synchronized day start time[]

Tasks on the shared task board reset for all group members at the same time to keep everyone’s progress in sync. This start time is determined by the group leader’s Day Start Time and is displayed on the shared task board. This means shared tasks reset differently from personal tasks, which reset when you login for the first time each day. Because shared tasks reset on a different set time, shared Dailies will not appear in your Record Yesterday’s Activity prompt.

To encourage collaboration, shared Dailies that are missed will no longer damage group members. However, shared tasks that are missed will still degrade in color to help visualize progress.


The group’s chat area can be accessed by using the group's "Group Information" tab or by navigating to the guild or party as usual through the toolbar. In the chat area, members can chat privately with the entire group, as for any private guild or party. However, whereas most chat areas only hold a history of 200 messages, a group plan's chat history limit is raised to 400 messages.

Maintaining Membership[]

Group Member Admin Menu

Under the Group Information tab, members can click on the "Member List" button to view and sort group members. On the top right corner of each member's entry, there is a three dot drop down menu that allows messages to the group member and allows users with sufficient privileges to add or remove manager status and to name another member as group leader.


All members of a Guild or Party with a Group Plan receive full subscription benefits, including the exclusive monthly items and the ability to buy Gems with gold.

If you have an existing subscription and join a Guild/Party with a Group Plan or a plan is added to a group you are already in, your paid subscription is cancelled and you are given a free subscription. If your current subscription is through Apple or Google, please contact admin@habitica.com to get help setting up your new Group Plan subscription manually, as we cannot cancel those automatically.

After the switch, all the subscription time you had already paid for but not used is saved as extra months in your account. While you are in a group with a Group Plan, you'll have the free subscription (with all normal subscription benefits). After you leave the group (or if the leader cancels the Group Plan), then your stored extra months will start to be used.

If a member leaves the Guild or is removed by the leader, the member’s free subscription ends two days later. The two-day grace period is to give them time to create their own personal subscription, if they want to, without losing their consecutive month benefits.

For large enough groups, the total cost of group membership will be lower than the combined cost of subscriptions, and will include group benefits as well, but will require combining payments at the group leader level.

Jackalope Mount[]

Mount Jackalope-RoyalPurple

All members of a Guild or Party with a Group Plan receive a Royal Purple Jackalope mount, which is exclusive to Group Plans. The mounts stay in a player's inventory even if they leave the Guild/Party with a Group Plan or if the Group Plan is cancelled.

Payment Details[]

Group plan payment details

Information/options on "Payment Details" tab

The group leader can view the group plan costs, or cancel the group plan from the "Group Billing" tab.

Group plans are a monthly paid plan, with a recurring price of USD$9 every month, plus USD$3 a month for every additional group member (the group leader's membership is included in the US$9 price). For example, a group plan for 4 people (including the leader) costs USD$18 per month ($9 + $3 + $3 + $3). This helps fund the continued development of group plan features, as well as the free version of Habitica.

If you create a new guild through the Group Plans page, the normal four-gem cost for the guild is not applied. The guild is created with no gems in its guild bank and four gems are not deducted from your Habitica account. However, if you add a group plan to an existing guild, you do not receive a refund of the gems that you used to create the guild, but the gems do remain in the guild bank for you to use for challenges, as normal.


Once a group plan is cancelled via the red “Cancel Group Plan” button on the “Group Billing” page, the group plan will continue to run until its termination date so that the group gets the benefits for the full time that was paid for.

As mentioned above, a leader needs to cancel a group plan before changing the leader. However, a group leader can change after the cancellation date but before the termination date.

If a plan is cancelled, new players can be invited to the guild but they will not be given a free subscription, even if the termination date has not yet arrived. This is because once the plan is cancelled, Habitica has no way to charge the $3 monthly cost for each additional member. If a new group plan is added, the new members will then get the free subscription.


Group plans are still in beta, and additional features are upcoming. If you have any feedback or questions, send an email to admin@habitica.com.

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