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The Grand Galas are the four seasonal events that happen each year in Habitica:

The Grand Galas last about a month and a half; they usually start on or near the seasonal equinoxes or solstices and end on the last day of the following month.

Please note that seasonal edition items are released throughout the period of the Grand Gala; not all at the start. Also, items released in previous Grand Galas are not guaranteed to return in the current/next Grand Gala.

Game Features Introduced Edit

Each Grand Gala brings several additions to Habitica over the course of the festival; they are not all released at the start. They include festive equipment, avatar customization options, a few special holiday treats, and sometimes new game mechanics. For information about specific game features that were introduced, see each of the four individual Grand Gala pages (Winter Wonderland, Spring Fling, Summer Splash, Fall Festival).

Grand Gala GearEdit

The following table shows all the Grand Gala gear that has been introduced for players. The gear for each previous year is available in the Seasonal Shop for the duration of a specific Grand Gala event.

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Shield Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Rainbow Trout Warrior
Weapon special summer2020Warrior
Fish Hook
Broad armor special summer2020Warrior
Rainbow Trout Tail
Shield special summer2020Warrior
Huge Trout Scale
Head special summer2020Warrior
Flashy Fishy Cap
Spring Fling
Rhinoceros Beetle Warrior
Weapon special spring2020Warrior
Sharpened Wing
Broad armor special spring2020Warrior
Exoskeleton Armor
Shield special spring2020Warrior
Iridescent Shield
Head special spring2020Warrior
Beetle Helm
Winter Wonderland
Evergreen Warrior
Weapon special winter2020Warrior
Pointy Conifer Cone
Broad armor special winter2020Warrior
Bark Armor
Shield special winter2020Warrior
Round Conifer Cone
Head special winter2020Warrior
Snow-Dusted Headdress
Fall Festival
Raven Warrior
Weapon special fall2019Warrior
Talon Trident
Broad armor special fall2019Warrior
Wings of Night
Shield special fall2019Warrior
Raven-Dark Shield
Head special fall2019Warrior
Obsidian Skull Helmet
Summer Splash
Sea Turtle Warrior
Weapon special summer2019Warrior
Red Coral
Broad armor special summer2019Warrior
Carapace Armor
Shield special summer2019Warrior
Half-Shell Shield
Head special summer2019Warrior
Turtle Helm
Spring Fling
Orchid Warrior
Weapon special spring2019Warrior
Stem Sword
Broad armor special spring2019Warrior
Orchid Armor
Shield special spring2019Warrior
Leafy Shield
Head special spring2019Warrior
Orchid Helm
Winter Wonderland
Blizzard Warrior
Weapon special winter2019Warrior
Snowflake Halberd
Broad armor special winter2019Warrior
Glacial Armor
Shield special winter2019Warrior
Frozen Shield
Head special winter2019Warrior
Glacial Helm
Fall Festival
Minotaur Warrior
Weapon special fall2018Warrior
Whip of Minos
Broad armor special fall2018Warrior
Minotaur Platemail
Shield special fall2018Warrior
Brilliant Shield
Head special fall2018Warrior
Minotaur Visage
Summer Splash
Betta Fish Warrior
Weapon special summer2018Warrior
Betta Fish Spear
Broad armor special summer2018Warrior
Betta Tail Armor
Shield special summer2018Warrior
Betta Skull Shield
Head special summer2018Warrior
Betta Fish Barbute
Spring Fling
Sunrise Warrior
Weapon special spring2018Warrior
Axe of Daybreak
Broad armor special spring2018Warrior
Armor of Dawn
Shield special spring2018Warrior
Shield of the Morning
Head special spring2018Warrior
Helm of Rays
Winter Wonderland
Gift-Wrapped Warrior
Weapon special winter2018Warrior
Holiday Bow Hammer
Broad armor special winter2018Warrior
Wrapping Paper Armor
Shield special winter2018Warrior
Magic Gift Bag
Head special winter2018Warrior
Giftbox Helm
Fall Festival
Habitoween Warrior
Weapon special fall2017Warrior
Candy Corn Lance
Broad armor special fall2017Warrior
Strong and Sweet Armor
Shield special fall2017Warrior
Candy Corn Shield
Head special fall2017Warrior
Candy Corn Helm
Summer Splash
Sandcastle Warrior
Weapon special summer2017Warrior
The Mightiest Beach Umbrella
Broad armor special summer2017Warrior
Sandy Armor
Shield special summer2017Warrior
Scallop Shield
Head special summer2017Warrior
Sandcastle Helm
Spring Fling
Feline Warrior
Weapon special spring2017Warrior
Feathery Whip
Broad armor special spring2017Warrior
Pawsome Armor
Shield special spring2017Warrior
Yarn Shield
Head special spring2017Warrior
Feline Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2017Warrior
Blue Kitty Ears
Winter Wonderland
Ice Hockey Warrior
Weapon special winter2017Warrior
Stick of Might
Broad armor special winter2017Warrior
Ice Hockey Armor
Shield special winter2017Warrior
Puck Shield
Head special winter2017Warrior
Hockey Helm
Fall Festival
Swamp Thing
Weapon special fall2016Warrior
Attacking Roots
Broad armor special fall2016Warrior
Slime-Streaked Armor
Shield special fall2016Warrior
Defensive Roots
Head special fall2016Warrior
Gnarled Bark Helm
Summer Splash
Shark Warrior
Weapon special summer2016Warrior
Hooked Sword
Broad armor special summer2016Warrior
Shark Tail
Shield special summer2016Warrior
Shark Tooth
Head special summer2016Warrior
Shark Helmet
Spring Fling
Brave Mouse
Weapon special spring2016Warrior
Cheese Mallet
Broad armor special spring2016Warrior
Mighty Mail
Shield special spring2016Warrior
Cheese Wheel
Head special spring2016Warrior
Mouse Guard Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2016Warrior
Red Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Snow Day Warrior
Weapon special winter2016Warrior
Sturdy Shovel
Broad armor special winter2016Warrior
Snowman Suit
Shield special winter2016Warrior
Sled Shield
Head special winter2016Warrior
Snowman Hat
Fall Festival
Scarecrow Warrior
Weapon special fall2015Warrior
Wooden Plank
Broad armor special fall2015Warrior
Scarecrow Armor
Shield special fall2015Warrior
Birdseed Bag
Head special fall2015Warrior
Scarecrow Hat
Summer Splash
Sunfish Warrior
Weapon special summer2015Warrior
Sun Swordfish
Broad armor special summer2015Warrior
Golden Tail
Shield special summer2015Warrior
Sunfish Shield
Head special summer2015Warrior
Jeweled Oceanic Helm
Body special summer2015Warrior
Oceanic Spikes
Spring Fling
Beware Dog
Weapon special spring2015Warrior
Bone Club
Broad armor special spring2015Warrior
Beware Armor
Shield special spring2015Warrior
Dish Discus
Head special spring2015Warrior
Beware Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2015Warrior
Purple Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Gingerbread Warrior
Weapon special winter2015Warrior
Gumdrop Sword
Broad armor special winter2015Warrior
Gingerbread Armor
Shield special winter2015Warrior
Gumdrop Shield
Head special winter2015Warrior
Gingerbread Helm
Fall Festival
Monster of Science
Grabby claw of science
Grabby Claw of Science
Labcoat of science
Labcoat of Science
Potent potion of science
Potent Potion of Science
Monster scalp of science
Monster Scalp of Science
Summer Splash
Daring Swashbuckler
Weapon special summerWarrior
Seafaring Slicer
Broad armor special summerWarrior
Swashbuckler Robes
Shield special summerWarrior
Driftwood Shield
Head special summerWarrior
Swashbuckler Bandana
HeadAccessory special summerWarrior
Dashing Eyepatch
Spring Fling
Mighty Bunny
Carrot Sword
Clover-steel Armor
Egg Shield
Clover-steel Helmet
Green Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Warrior Yeti
Yeti-Tamer Spear
Yeti-Tamer Robe
Yeti-Tamer Shield
Yeti-Tamer Helm

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Off-Hand Accessory
Summer Splash
Oarfish Mage
Weapon special summer2020Mage
Mighty Oar
Broad armor special summer2020Mage
Oarfish Armor
Head special summer2020Mage
Oarfish Crest
Spring Fling
Puddle Mage
Weapon special spring2020Mage
Broad armor special spring2020Mage
Whirlpuddle Gown
Head special spring2020Mage
Drip Top Cap
Winter Wonderland
Carol of the Mage
Weapon special winter2020Mage
Rippling Sound Waves
Broad armor special winter2020Mage
Curvy Coat
Head special winter2020Mage
Bell Crown
Fall Festival
Cyclops Mage
Weapon special fall2019Mage
One-Eyed Staff
Broad armor special fall2019Mage
Smock of Polyphemus
Head special fall2019Mage
Cyclops Mask
Summer Splash
Water Lily Mage
Weapon special summer2019Mage
Brilliant Bloom
Broad armor special summer2019Mage
Floral Frock
Head special summer2019Mage
Lily Pad Hat
Shield special summer2019Mage
Drops of Pure Water
Spring Fling
Amber Mage
Weapon special spring2019Mage
Amber Staff
Broad armor special spring2019Mage
Amber Robes
Head special spring2019Mage
Amber Helm
Winter Wonderland
Pyrotechnic Mage
Weapon special winter2019Mage
Fiery Dragon Staff
Broad armor special winter2019Mage
Robes of Burning Inspiration
Head special winter2019Mage
Flaming Fireworks
Fall Festival
Candymancer Mage
Weapon special fall2018Mage
Staff of Sweetness
Broad armor special fall2018Mage
Candymancer's Robes
Head special fall2018Mage
Candymancer's Hat
Summer Splash
Lionfish Mage
Weapon special summer2018Mage
Lionfish Fin Rays
Broad armor special summer2018Mage
Lionfish Scale Hauberk
Head special summer2018Mage
Lionfish Crest
Spring Fling
Tulip Mage
Weapon special spring2018Mage
Tulip Stave
Broad armor special spring2018Mage
Tulip Robe
Head special spring2018Mage
Tulip Helm
Winter Wonderland
Confetti Mage
Weapon special winter2018Mage
Holiday Confetti
Broad armor special winter2018Mage
Sparkly Tuxedo
Head special winter2018Mage
Sparkly Top Hat
Fall Festival
Masquerade Mage
Weapon special fall2017Mage
Spooky Staff
Broad armor special fall2017Mage
Masquerade Robes
Head special fall2017Mage
Masquerade Helm
Summer Splash
Whirlpool Mage
Weapon special summer2017Mage
Whirlpool Whips
Broad armor special summer2017Mage
Whirlpool Robes
Head special summer2017Mage
Whirlpool Hat
Spring Fling
Canine Conjuror
Weapon special spring2017Mage
Magic Fetching Stick
Broad armor special spring2017Mage
Canine Conjuror Robes
Head special spring2017Mage
Canine Conjuror Hat
HeadAccessory special spring2017Mage
Teal Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wolf Mage
Weapon special winter2017Mage
Winter Wolf Crystal Staff
Broad armor special winter2017Mage
Wolfish Armor
Head special winter2017Mage
Winter Wolf Helm
Fall Festival
Wicked Sorcerer
Weapon special fall2016Mage
Ominous Orb
Broad armor special fall2016Mage
Cloak of Wickedness
Head special fall2016Mage
Hood of Wickedness
Summer Splash
Dolphin Mage
Weapon special summer2016Mage
Seafoam Staff
Broad armor special summer2016Mage
Dolphin Tail
Head special summer2016Mage
Blowspout Hat
Spring Fling
Grand Malkin
Weapon special spring2016Mage
Staff of Bells
Broad armor special spring2016Mage
Grand Malkin Robes
Head special spring2016Mage
Grand Malkin Hat
HeadAccessory special spring2016Mage
Yellow Cat Ears
Winter Wonderland
Sorcerous Snowboarder
Weapon special winter2016Mage
Sorcerous Snowboard
Broad armor special winter2016Mage
Snowboarder Parka
Head special winter2016Mage
Snowboarder Hood
Fall Festival
Stitch Witch
Weapon special fall2015Mage
Enchanted Thread
Broad armor special fall2015Mage
Stitched Robes
Head special fall2015Mage
Stitched Hat
Summer Splash
Ship Soothsayer
Weapon special summer2015Mage
Soothsayer Staff
Broad armor special summer2015Mage
Soothsayer Robes
Head special summer2015Mage
Soothsayer Scarf
Body special summer2015Mage
Golden Buckle
Spring Fling
Magician's Bunny
Weapon special springMage
Magician's Wand
Broad armor special springMage
Magician's Bunny Suit
Head special springMage
Stage Mage Hat
HeadAccessory special springMage
Blue Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Mage of the North
Weapon special winter2015Mage
Winter-lit Staff
Broad armor special winter2015Mage
Boreal Robe
Head special winter2015Mage
Aurora Hat
Fall Festival
Witchy Wizard
Magic broom
Magic Broom
Witchy wizard robes
Witchy Wizard Robes
Pointy hat
Pointy Hat
Summer Splash
Emerald Mermage
Weapon special summerMage
Kelp Catcher
Broad armor special summerMage
Emerald Tail
Head special summerMage
Kelp-Wrapped Hat
Body special summerMage
Shining Capelet
Spring Fling
Magic Mouse
Swiss Cheese Staff
Rodentia Robes
Swiss Cheese Hat
Blue Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Candy Cane
Candy Cane Staff
Candy Cane Robe
Candy Cane Hat

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Armor Head Shield Accessory
Summer Splash
Sea Glass Healer
Weapon special summer2020Healer
Frosted Glass Rod
Broad armor special summer2020Healer
Regalia of Tumbling Waves
Head special summer2020Healer
Glass-Studded Helm
Shield special summer2020Healer
Tumbled Glass Aegis
Spring Fling
Iris Healer
Weapon special spring2020Healer
Sword-Lily Staff
Broad armor special spring2020Healer
Protective Petals
Head special spring2020Healer
Iris Fascinator
Shield special spring2020Healer
Perfumed Shield
Winter Wonderland
Winter Spice Healer
Weapon special winter2020Healer
Clove Scepter
Broad armor special winter2020Healer
Orange Peel Gown
Head special winter2020Healer
Star Anise Emblem
Shield special winter2020Healer
Giant Cinnamon Stick
Fall Festival
Lich Healer
Weapon special fall2019Healer
Fearsome Phylactery
Broad armor special fall2019Healer
Robes of Darkness
Head special fall2019Healer
Dark Miter
Shield special fall2019Healer
Grotesque Grimoire
Eyewear special fall2019Healer
Dark Visage
Summer Splash
Conch Healer
Weapon special summer2019Healer
Bubble Wand
Broad armor special summer2019Healer
Tropical Tides Tail
Head special summer2019Healer
Conch Crown
Shield special summer2019Healer
Conch Trumpet
Spring Fling
Robin Healer
Weapon special spring2019Healer
Spring Song
Broad armor special spring2019Healer
Robin Costume
Head special spring2019Healer
Robin Helm
Shield special spring2019Healer
Eggshell Shield
Winter Wonderland
Winter Star Healer
Weapon special winter2019Healer
Wand of Winter
Broad armor special winter2019Healer
Midnight Robe
Head special winter2019Healer
Starry Crown
Shield special winter2019Healer
Enchanted Ice Crystals
Fall Festival
Carnivorous Plant Healer
Weapon special fall2018Healer
Starving Staff
Broad armor special fall2018Healer
Robes of Carnivory
Head special fall2018Healer
Ravenous Helm
Shield special fall2018Healer
Hungry Shield
Summer Splash
Merfolk Monarch
Weapon special summer2018Healer
Merfolk Monarch Trident
Broad armor special summer2018Healer
Merfolk Monarch Robes
Head special summer2018Healer
Merfolk Monarch Crown
Shield special summer2018Healer
Merfolk Monarch Emblem
Spring Fling
Garnet Healer
Weapon special spring2018Healer
Garnet Rod
Broad armor special spring2018Healer
Garnet Armor
Head special spring2018Healer
Garnet Circlet
Shield special spring2018Healer
Garnet Shield
Winter Wonderland
Mistletoe Healer
Weapon special winter2018Healer
Mistletoe Wand
Broad armor special winter2018Healer
Mistletoe Robes
Head special winter2018Healer
Mistletoe Hood
Shield special winter2018Healer
Mistletoe Bell
Fall Festival
Haunted House Healer
Weapon special fall2017Healer
Creepy Candelabra
Broad armor special fall2017Healer
Haunted House Armor
Head special fall2017Healer
Haunted House Helm
Shield special fall2017Healer
Haunted Orb
Summer Splash
Seashell Seahealer
Weapon special summer2017Healer
Pearl Wand
Broad armor special summer2017Healer
Silversea Tail
Head special summer2017Healer
Crown of Sea Creatures
Shield special summer2017Healer
Oyster Shield
Spring Fling
Floral Mouse
Weapon special spring2017Healer
Egg Wand
Broad armor special spring2017Healer
Robes of Repose
Head special spring2017Healer
Petal Circlet
Shield special spring2017Healer
Basket Shield
HeadAccessory special spring2017Healer
Purple Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Sugar Plum Healer
Weapon special winter2017Healer
Sugar-Spun Wand
Broad armor special winter2017Healer
Shimmer Petal Armor
Head special winter2017Healer
Sparkling Blossom Helm
Shield special winter2017Healer
Sugarplum Shield
Fall Festival
Gorgon Healer
Weapon special fall2016Healer
Venomous Serpent
Broad armor special fall2016Healer
Gorgon Robes
Head special fall2016Healer
Medusa's Crown
Shield special fall2016Healer
Gorgon Shield
Summer Splash
Seahorse Healer
Weapon special summer2016Healer
Healing Trident
Broad armor special summer2016Healer
Seahorse Tail
Head special summer2016Healer
Seahorse Helm
Shield special summer2016Healer
Sea Star Shield
Spring Fling
Springing Bunny
Weapon special spring2016Healer
Spring Flower Wand
Broad armor special spring2016Healer
Fluffy Bunny Breeches
Head special spring2016Healer
Blossom Diadem
Shield special spring2016Healer
Floral Buckler
HeadAccessory special spring2016Healer
Purple Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Festive Fairy
Weapon special winter2016Healer
Confetti Cannon
Broad armor special winter2016Healer
Festive Fairy Cloak
Head special winter2016Healer
Fairy Wing Helm
Shield special winter2016Healer
Pixie Present
Fall Festival
Weapon special fall2015Healer
Swamp-Slime Potion
Broad armor special fall2015Healer
Potioner Robes
Head special fall2015Healer
Hat of Frog
Shield special fall2015Healer
Stirring Stick
Summer Splash
Strapping Sailor
Weapon special summer2015Healer
Wand of the Waves
Broad armor special summer2015Healer
Sailor's Armor
Head special summer2015Healer
Sailor's Cap
Shield special summer2015Healer
Strapping Shield
Body special summer2015Healer
Sailor's Neckerchief
Spring Fling
Comforting Kitty
Weapon special spring2015Healer
Cat Rattle
Broad armor special spring2015Healer
Comforting Catsuit
Head special spring2015Healer
Comforting Crown
Shield special spring2015Healer
Patterned Pillow
HeadAccessory special spring2015Healer
Green Kitty Ears
Winter Wonderland
Soothing Skater
Weapon special winter2015Healer
Soothing Scepter
Broad armor special winter2015Healer
Skating Outfit
Head special winter2015Healer
Snuggly Earmuffs
Shield special winter2015Healer
Soothing Shield
Fall Festival
Mummy Medic
Scarab wand
Scarab Wand
Gauzy gear
Gauzy Gear
Head bandages
Head Bandages
Jeweled shield
Jeweled Shield
Summer Splash
Reef Seahealers
Weapon special summerHealer
Wand of the Shallows
Broad armor special summerHealer
Seahealer Tail
Head special summerHealer
Coral Crown
Shield special summerHealer
Shield of the Shallows
Body special summerHealer
Coral Collar
Spring Fling
Loving Pup
Lovely Bone
Fuzzy Puppy Robes
Crown of Friendship
Squeaky Ball of Ultimate Protection
Yellow Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Snowflake Wand
Snowflake Robe
Snowflake Crown
Snowflake Shield

Year/Grand Gala/Item Set Weapon Off Hand Armor Head Accessory
Summer Splash
Crocodile Rogue
Weapon special summer2020Rogue
Fang Blade
Shield special summer2020Rogue
Fang Blade
Broad armor special summer2020Rogue
Crocodile Disguise
Head special summer2020Rogue
Crocodile Helm
Spring Fling
Lapis Lazuli Rogue
Weapon special spring2020Rogue
Lazurite Blade
Shield special spring2020Rogue
Lazurite Blade
Broad armor special spring2020Rogue
Ultramarine Armor
Head special spring2020Rogue
Lapis Kabuto
Winter Wonderland
Lantern Rogue
Weapon special winter2020Rogue
Lantern Rod
Shield special winter2020Rogue
Lantern Rod
Broad armor special winter2020Rogue
Poofy Parka
Head special winter2020Rogue
Floofy Stocking Cap
Fall Festival
Operatic Specter Rogue
Weapon special fall2019Rogue
Music Stand
Shield special fall2019Rogue
Music Stand
Broad armor special fall2019Rogue
Caped Opera Coat
Head special fall2019Rogue
Antique Opera Hat
Eyewear special fall2019Rogue
Bone-White Half Mask
Summer Splash
Hammerhead Rogue
Weapon special summer2019Rogue
Antiquated Anchor
Shield special summer2019Rogue
Antiquated Anchor
Broad armor special summer2019Rogue
Hammerhead Tail
Head special summer2019Rogue
Hammerhead Helm
Spring Fling
Cloud Rogue
Weapon special spring2019Rogue
Lightning Bolt
Shield special spring2019Rogue
Lightning Bolt
Broad armor special spring2019Rogue
Cloud Armor
Head special spring2019Rogue
Cloud Helm
Winter Wonderland
Poinsettia Rogue
Weapon special winter2019Rogue
Poinsettia Bouquet
Shield special winter2019Rogue
Poinsettia Bouquet
Broad armor special winter2019Rogue
Poinsettia Armor
Head special winter2019Rogue
Poinsettia Helm
Fall Festival
Alter Ego Rogue
Weapon special fall2018Rogue
Vial of Clarity
Shield special fall2018Rogue
Vial of Temptation
Broad armor special fall2018Rogue
Alter Ego Frock Coat
Head special fall2018Rogue
Alter Ego Face
Summer Splash
Weapon special summer2018Rogue
Fishing Rod
Shield special summer2018Rogue
Fishing Rod
Broad armor special summer2018Rogue
Pocket Fishing Vest
Head special summer2018Rogue
Fishing Sun Hat
Spring Fling
Duckling Rogue
Weapon special spring2018Rogue
Buoyant Bullrush
Shield special spring2018Rogue
Buoyant Bullrush
Broad armor special spring2018Rogue
Feather Suit
Head special spring2018Rogue
Duck-Billed Helm
Winter Wonderland
Reindeer Rogue
Weapon special winter2018Rogue
Peppermint Hook
Shield special winter2018Rogue
Peppermint Hook
Broad armor special winter2018Rogue
Reindeer Costume
Head special winter2018Rogue
Reindeer Helm
Fall Festival
Trick-or-Treat Rogue
Weapon special fall2017Rogue
Candied Apple Mace
Shield special fall2017Rogue
Candied Apple Mace
Broad armor special fall2017Rogue
Pumpkin Patch Robes
Head special fall2017Rogue
Jack-o-Lantern Helm
Summer Splash
Sea Dragon
Weapon special summer2017Rogue
Sea Dragon Fins
Shield special summer2017Rogue
Sea Dragon Fins
Broad armor special summer2017Rogue
Sea Dragon Tail
Head special summer2017Rogue
Sea Dragon Helm
Spring Fling
Sneaky Bunny
Weapon special spring2017Rogue
Shield special spring2017Rogue
Broad armor special spring2017Rogue
Sneaky Bunny Suit
Head special spring2017Rogue
Sneaky Bunny Helm
HeadAccessory special spring2017Rogue
Red Bunny Ears
Winter Wonderland
Frosty Rogue
Weapon special winter2017Rogue
Ice Axe
Shield special winter2017Rogue
Ice Axe
Broad armor special winter2017Rogue
Frosty Armor
Head special winter2017Rogue
Frosty Helm
Fall Festival
Black Widow Rogue
Weapon special fall2016Rogue
Spiderbite Dagger
Shield special fall2016Rogue
Spiderbite Dagger
Broad armor special fall2016Rogue
Black Widow Armor
Head special fall2016Rogue
Black Widow Helm
Summer Splash
Eel Rogue
Weapon special summer2016Rogue
Electric Rod
Shield special summer2016Rogue
Electric Rod
Broad armor special summer2016Rogue
Eel Tail
Head special summer2016Rogue
Eel Helm
Spring Fling
Clever Dog
Weapon special spring2016Rogue
Fire Bolas
Shield special spring2016Rogue
Fire Bolas
Broad armor special spring2016Rogue
Canine Camo Suit
Head special spring2016Rogue
Good Doggy Mask
HeadAccessory special spring2016Rogue
Green Dog Ears
Winter Wonderland
Cocoa Rogue
Weapon special winter2016Rogue
Cocoa Mug
Shield special winter2016Rogue
Cocoa Mug
Broad armor special winter2016Rogue
Cocoa Armor
Head special winter2016Rogue
Cocoa Helm
Fall Festival
Bat-tle Rogue
Weapon special fall2015Rogue
Bat-tle Ax
Shield special fall2015Rogue
Bat-tle Ax
Broad armor special fall2015Rogue
Bat-tle Armor
Head special fall2015Rogue
Bat-tle Wings
Summer Splash
Reef Renegade
Weapon special summer2015Rogue
Firing Coral
Shield special summer2015Rogue
Firing Coral
Broad armor special summer2015Rogue
Ruby Tail
Head special summer2015Rogue
Renegade Hat
Body special summer2015Rogue
Renegade Sash
Spring Fling
Sneaky Squeaker
Weapon special spring2015Rogue
Exploding Squeak
Shield special spring2015Rogue
Exploding Squeak
Broad armor special spring2015Rogue
Squeaker Robes
Head special spring2015RogueFireproof Helm HeadAccessory special spring2015Rogue
Yellow Mouse Ears
Winter Wonderland
Icicle Drake
Weapon special winter2015Rogue
Ice Spike
Shield special winter2015Rogue
Ice Spike
Broad armor special winter2015Rogue
Icicle Drake Armor
Head special winter2015Rogue
Icicle Drake Mask
Fall Festival
Vampire Smiter
Silver stake left
Silver Stake
Silver stake right
Silver Stake
Bloodred robes
Bloodred Robes
Bloodred hood
Bloodred Hood
Summer Splash
Roguish Pirates
Weapon special summerRogue
Pirate Cutlass
Shield special summerRogue
Pirate Cutlass
Broad armor special summerRogue
Pirate Robes
Head special summerRogue
Pirate Hat
HeadAccessory special summerRogue
Roguish Eyepatch
Spring Fling
Stealthy Kitty
Hook Claws
Shield special springRogue
Hook Claws
Sleek Cat Suit
Stealthy Kitty Mask
Purple Cat Ears
Winter Wonderland
Ski-sassin Pole
Ski-sassin Pole
Ski-sassin Parka
Ski-sassin Helm

History Edit

Seasonalshop winter2015

The Seasonal Shop first opened during Winter Wonderland 2014-2015.

The term Grand Gala was first used in December 2014 when the Seasonal Shop was added to the Inventory tab. The shop first opened later that month as part of Winter Wonderland 2014-2015.

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