The Habitica Forum (known as The Courtyard) is located on the Wiki and allows users to hold discussions on a variety of topics. Unlike the Tavern, which resembles a chatroom without distinct topics, the forum is divided into specific categories according to their topics. Each individual category is then subdivided into threads created by individual users.

Popular topics include the Q&A board, the Wiki discussion board, and LFG (Looking for a Group) posts, which help users find parties to join.

Using the ForumsEdit

Users have the option to post either through a Wiki account or anonymously. If posting anonymously, the computer's IP address will be displayed as identification. This can be avoided by creating a Fandom wiki account (separate from the user's Habitica account). In this case, the user's IP address is replaced by their Wiki username. However, tavern titles will not be displayed regardless of the posting method, as it is a Tavern-specific feature.

Starting a DiscussionEdit

Start a Discussion

Starting a new discussion

Is a specific topic not listed on the forum? If so, users can start new threads under the applicable categories. For example, a user could advertise for their party by starting a new thread under the "Looking for a Group (LFG)" category.


Replying to a forum post


Users can directly reply to threads by commenting on them. The thread's author will receive an email notification alerting them of the comment.

Expectations of a Speedy Response Edit

The forums are separate from Habitica, and while the admins and volunteer editors do read the Wiki on a regular basis and usually respond within a day or two, it is possible that posts may go unanswered for a lengthy period of time. You are not being deliberately ignored; the mechanics of how new forum topics show up on the Forum can cause them to fall off of the bottom of the update list fairly quickly, and it takes a deliberate check on the forums to find new posts. For a faster response on short questions, the Tavern or the Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild may be a better place to try for answers. You also can look the Wiki, a lot of answers are there!