The Forum has been discontinued and is no longer accessible.

The Habitica Forum (also known as The Courtyard) was located on the Wiki and allowed users to hold discussions. The forum was divided into specific categories according to topic. Each category was subdivided into threads created by individual players.

The Forum had been created in 2014 before many of Habitica's current guilds existed and it served a useful purpose at that time. It was discontinued in early 2020 because Habitica's Tavern and Guilds had taken over most of the Forum's functions and traffic on the Forum had decreased. In particular, questions about using Habitica were sometimes going unanswered or were sometimes receiving incorrect or incomplete answers.

Recent changes to the Fandom service also removed the ability to use the Forum.

Popular Forum topics and their current alternatives were:

  • The Q&A board - questions about Habitica can now be asked in the Tavern or the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild.
  • The Looking for a Group (LFG) board - players seeking a Party or new Party members can post to the Party Wanted guild (for posts in any language) or the Party Wanted International guild (not for posts in English). Parties are still able to create their own party page in The Armory and can link to those pages from posts in the Party Wanted guilds.
  • The Wiki discussion board - discussions about the wiki can be made in the Wizards of the Wiki guild.
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