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Most pets in Habitica have food preferences. Feeding a pet its preferred type of food will cause it to grow into a mount more quickly than feeding it a non-preferred type of food.



These pets have or do not have Food Bars matching their growth status (from left to right: unfed, partially fed, fed to a mount, and re-hatched).

A green food bar is under a pet that has not already been hatched and grown before. This bar tracks a pet's growth towards becoming a mount.
  • When hatched, a pet starts with 10% of the bar filled.
  • The bar increases by a certain amount each time the pet is fed. Preferred foods fill the Food Bar much faster (10% per item) than non-preferred foods (4% per item).
  • It takes 9 preferred foods or 23 non-preferred foods for a pet to grow into a mount.

Specific Preferred FoodsEdit

Each pet that is hatched from a standard potion has a preference for a certain food. As described above, when fed with their preferred food, pets will turn into mounts much faster than with non-preferred food.

Show/Hide a hint about food preferences.

Take a look at the colors of the pet and food, at least on pets other than the Base pet...

Show/Hide the food preferences table. (SPOILER ALERT!)

The pet's food preference depends on which hatching potion was used on its egg. For example, a base potion would make the animal like meat and basic foods (cake, candy, and pie), but a white hatching potion would make them like white foods like milk, cream cake, vanilla, etc. See the chart below:

Hatching Potions Food Preference Cake Preference Candy Preference Pie Preference
Base hatching potion
Base Meat
Basic Cake
Basic Candy
Basic Candy
Basic Apple Pie
Pet Food Pie Base
White hatching potion
White Milk
Cream Cake
Vanilla Candy
Vanilla Candy
Vanilla Pudding Pie
Pet Food Pie White
Desert hatching potion
Desert Potato
Sand Cake
Sand Candy
Sand Candy
Desert Dessert Pie
Pet Food Pie Desert
Red hatching potion
Red Strawberry
Strawberry Cake
Cinnamon Candy
Cinnamon Candy
Red Cherry Pie
Pet Food Pie Red
Shade hatching potion
Shade Chocolate
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Candy
Dark Chocolate Pie
Pet Food Pie Shade
Skeleton hatching potion
Skeleton Fish
Bare Bones Cake
Bare Bones Candy
BareBones Candy
Bone Marrow Pot Pie
Pet Food Pie Skeleton
Zombie hatching potion
Zombie Rotten Meat
Rotten meat
Rotten Cake
Rotten Candy
Rotten Candy
Rotten Pie
Pet Food Pie Zombie
Cotton candy pink hatching potion
Cotton Candy Pink Pink Cotton Candy
Pink candy
Candy Pink Cake
Sour Pink Candy
SourPink Candy
Pink Rhubarb Pie
Pet Food Pie CottonCandyPink
Cotton candy blue hatching potion
Cotton Candy Blue Blue Cotton Candy
Blue candy
Candy Blue Cake
Sour Blue Candy
SourBlue Candy
Blueberry Pie
Pet Food Pie CottonCandyBlue
Golden hatching potion
Golden Honey
Honey Cake
Honey Candy
Honey Candy
Golden Banana Cream Pie
Pet Food Pie Golden
Pet Likes Food

A notification indicating that a pet was fed its preferred food (in the case of a magic potion pet, any food)

Pets hatched with magic hatching potions enjoy all types of food.

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