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Food in a player's inventory.

Food items are random drops that become available after a player has completed their second task. They are also purchasable from the Market with gems, and can be received from use of the Enchanted Armoire, or as quest rewards and check-in prizes. Upon collection or purchase, these items can be found under the Food category of the player's inventory or in the Quick Inventory action drawer in the Stable. Food items are used to raise pets into mounts.

Feeding Your Pet[]

A Shade Wolf about to be fed chocolate.

You can feed a food item to the pet of your choice from the Stable's Quick Inventory action drawer (direct link), which contains all food and saddles stored in your item inventory. To feed a pet, first click on the food item. The image of the food will turn light purple and a second image of the item will follow your pointer around the screen. Then, place the pointer over the pet you wish to feed and click. The image of the pet you are about to feed will be highlighted with a purple border and a star icon. To cancel the action, click on the image of the food you are currently using again.

Under each pet is a Food Bar, which fills by a certain amount each time the pet is fed. See Food Preferences for information on how quickly the Food Bar fills up based on the type of food a pet is fed.

These pets have or do not have Food Bars matching their growth status (from left to right: unfed, partially fed, fed to a mount, and re-hatched).

When the Food Bar reaches 100%, the pet becomes a mount and disappears from your pet Stable. It can be replaced by hatching another egg of the same type. Pets that have been raised to mounts but not re-hatched are shaded grey. After a pet becomes a mount, it still continues to count towards the Beast Master achievement.

Hatching a second pet of the same type replaces the greyed out pet image with a full-color image. This re-hatched pet does not have a Food Bar and cannot be fed because you already have a mount of this type.

An alternate (and quicker) method to change a pet into a mount is to use a saddle, which is available in the Market for the price of 5 gems or as a daily check-in prize.

Types of Food[]

There are ten types of food that can be fed to pets. Each type can be bought for 1 gem and can be sold for 1 gold in the Market. Different types of pets may prefer different types of food.

Special Event Food[]

During some special events, normal food items are replaced with more festive varieties: either cake or candy or pie. These special foods have different names and images than the normal ones but are used in the same way. They can also be obtained in the same way but in addition, when a variety of special food becomes available, each player is given one of each of type of that variety.

Each variety of special food has ten types, corresponding to the ten normal types of food, as shown in the table below.

The special foods are available at the following events:

Table of All Food Images[]

The images of the normal types of food were updated on February 22, 2014. The original images are shown beside the current images in the table below.

Normal Food Type Original Normal Food Cake Equivalent Candy Equivalent Pie Equivalent
Basic Cake
Basic Candy
Basic Candy.png
Basic Apple Pie
Pet Food Pie Base.png
Cream Cake
Vanilla Candy
Vanilla Candy.png
Vanilla Pudding Pie
Pet Food Pie White.png
Sand Cake
Sand Candy
Sand Candy.png
Desert Dessert Pie
Pet Food Pie Desert.png
Strawberry Cake
Cinnamon Candy
Cinnamon Candy.png
Red Cherry Pie
Pet Food Pie Red.png
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Candy.png
Dark Chocolate Pie
Pet Food Pie Shade.png
Bare Bones Cake
Bare Bones Candy
BareBones Candy.png
Bone Marrow Pot Pie
Pet Food Pie Skeleton.png
Rotten Meat
Rotten meat.png
Rotten Cake
Rotten Candy
Rotten Candy.png
Rotten Pie
Pet Food Pie Zombie.png
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink candy.png
Candy Pink Cake
Sour Pink Candy
SourPink Candy.png
Pink Rhubarb Pie
Pet Food Pie CottonCandyPink.png
Blue Cotton Candy
Blue candy.png
Candy Blue Cake
Sour Blue Candy
SourBlue Candy.png
Blueberry Pie
Pet Food Pie CottonCandyBlue.png
Honey Cake
Honey Candy
Honey Candy.png
Golden Banana Cream Pie
Pet Food Pie Golden.png