Finding the Flourishing Fairies is the second part of the Terror in the Taskwoods equipment quest line and is a collection quest. It is a gold-purchasable quest and can be purchased from the Quest Shop for 300 gold


Having fought through the swarm of burning skulls, you reach a large group of refugee farmers at the forest's edge." Their village was burnt down by a renegade autumn spirit," says a familiar voice. It's @Kiwibot, the legendary tracker! "I managed to gather the survivors, but there's no sign of the Flourishing Fairies who help to grow the wild fruit of the Taskwoods. Please, you have to help me rescue them!


Quest taskwoodsTerror2 pixie
Quest taskwoodsTerror2 brownie
Quest taskwoodsTerror2 dryad
Collect 25 Pixies Collect 15 Brownies Collect 10 Dryads

On CompletionEdit

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You manage to locate the last dryad and lead her away from the monsters. When you return to the refugee farmers, you are greeted by the thankful faeries, who give you a robe woven of shining magic and silk. Suddenly, a deep rumbling sound echoes through the trees, shaking the very earth. "That must be the renegade spirit," the Joyful Reaper says. "Let's hurry!"


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Achievement: Finding the Flourishing Fairies x1
Experience Points
75 experience
Broad armor special pyromancersRobes
Pyromancer's Robes
These elegant robes bestow each strike and spell with a burst of ethereal fire.

Quest LineEdit

The Blaze in the TaskwoodsFinding the Flourishing FairiesJacko of the Lantern

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