Find the Mysterious Shards is the first part of the Lunar Battle equipment quest line and is a collection quest. It can be unlocked by checking in to Habitica seven times, as part of the Daily Check-In Incentives. Once unlocked, additional copies of the scroll can be purchased for 4 gems from the Quest shop.


Habiticans have been distracted from their tasks by something strange: twisted shards of stone are appearing across the land. Worried, @Starsystemic the Seer summons you to her tower. She says, "I've been reading alarming omens about these shards, which have been blighting the land and driving hardworking Habiticans to distraction. I can track the source, but first I'll need to examine the shards. Can you bring some to me?"


Quest moon1 shard Collect 20 Lunar Shards.

On CompletionEdit

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"@Starststemic disappears into her tower to examine the shards you gathered. "This may be more complicated than we feared," says @Beffymaroo, her trusted assistant. "It will take us some time to discover the cause. Keep checking in every day, and when we know more, we'll send you the next quest scroll."


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Achievement: Find the Mysterious Shards x1
Experience Points
50 experience
7 gold
Head special lunarWarriorHelm
Lunar Warrior Helm
The power of the moon will strengthen you in battle!

Quest LineEdit

Find the Mysterious ShardsStop the Overshadowing StressThe Monstrous Moon

Development and CreditsEdit

  • Release date: November 23, 2016
  • Writer: ajehy 
  • Artists: Equipment - Starsystemic
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