Find the Lair of the Wyrm is the fifth quest ever released for Habitica players. It follows Free Yourself of the Dragon's Influence as the second part of the Vice quest line and cannot be started until the player has the achievement badge for the Free Yourself of the Dragon's Influence quest, and has reached level 30. It precedes Vice Awakens, the third part of the Vice quest line.

Inventory quest scroll vice2 locked
This is the second collection quest available in the game. The quest scroll is dropped for the quest owner when Free Yourself of the Dragon's Influence is completed, or it can be purchased for 4 gems from the Quest Shop (by players of at least level 30) after the first part of the arc has been completed.


With Vice's influence over you dispelled, you feel a surge of strength you didn't know you had return to you. Confident in yourselves and your ability to withstand the wyrm's influence, your party makes its way to Mt. Habitica. You approach the entrance to the mountain's caverns and pause. Swells of shadows, almost like fog, wisp out from the opening. It is near impossible to see anything in front of you. The light from your lanterns seems to end abruptly where the shadows begin. It is said that only magical light can pierce the dragon's infernal haze. If you can find enough light crystals, you could make your way to the dragon.


Light-crystal by-streak habitRPG Collect 30 Light Crystals.


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Achievement: Find the Lair of the Wyrm x1
Inventory quest scroll vice3
Vice Scroll, Part 3 (awarded to quest owner only)
Experience Points
75 experience
20 gold

Quest LineEdit

Free Yourself of the Dragon's InfluenceFind the Lair of the WyrmVice Awakens

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