Looking for a Party to Join?

The best place to find a party is in the

If you are on the iOS or Android app, go to Menu => Guilds / Discover (iOS) or Menu => Guilds => Public Guilds / Search (Android) and search with the word party. If this is your first time viewing the Public list of guilds on the apps, it may take a little while to load.

You can choose to either make a post stating you are looking for a party, or reply to an existing party advertisement. Some parties may ask that you send a private message to the advertiser for an invite.

To give you the best chance of finding a party it is best to state

  • a little about who you are, timezone, life status.
  • how often you log on, e.g. once a day, twice daily, every hour, etc.
  • what interests you
  • what you are looking for in a party, e.g. if you are looking for socializing and fun, accountability through dealing a certain amount of damage, casting X buffs per day, or a party running in-house challenges, etc.

A party leader who sees your post will invite you. This will appear as a row in your notifications or on the Party screen of the mobile apps. Choose accept to join.

Please note you cannot be invited to a party unless you are currently not in a party or in party just by yourself. If you are in a party, you will need to leave your party.

Join Party Popup

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