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Looking for a party to join? Or are you a party leader who is looking for more members?

There are a few ways -- in and outside of the Habitica app -- to accomplish this and one way may be more fitting for your needs than another. The current methods to find a party or party members are listed below, starting with options that you can use from the Habitica app alone and ending with options that require some other application/login outside of Habitica.

Please note you cannot be invited to a party unless you are currently not in a party or in party just by yourself. If you are in a party, you will need to leave your party. If you have posted to seek a party, a party member who sees your post may invite you. The invitation will appear in your notifications or on the party screen of the mobile apps. Choose "Accept" to join.

In-App Find a Party/Find Members[]

A page with a header depicting four people fighting a boss. Below the header, it suggests that the user play Habitica in a party. A button to create your own party lies in the center of the page. Near the bottom, there is another button to copy your username so as to join someone else's party with brief text above describing it.

The party page for a user who is not in a party.

Follow the instructions on the Party page to be added to a queue of users looking for a party (if you're not currently part of a party) or to see users in the queue that are looking for parties (if you're in a party).

This method is helpful for new players who are looking for any party to join to start questing with other players, or for existing party members who aren't too picky about who joins their party and are just looking for active members. Users in the queue will have basic and limited information displayed so other players looking at the queue for new party members can see what level, class, etc. a player is.

If you have a desired type of party you'd like to join or are looking for party members who meet certain criteria or share certain characteristics with you, then this method may not be the best way to join a party or add new members to your party. The queue doesn't allow the option for you to post any information about what kind of party/members you're looking for. One of the other methods below might be more helpful.

Habitica Wiki Parties category/The Armory[]

You may find a party to join by browsing through the Habitica wiki's Parties category, which shows wiki pages created by some party leaders to showcase their party. Note though that many of those pages may be out of date and those parties may no longer exist. To look at pages that might have been edited recently (and thus may indicate the party is active), you can check out The Keep:The Armory which lists pages with recent edit dates, however, note that these pages may also represent former guilds that are still active outside of the Habitica app. You may use The Armory to find a party without creating a Fandom account. Though you can browse existing party information here, there is currently no method via The Armory to advertise that you are looking for a party to join.

If you are a party leader who wants to advertise your party on the wiki, go to The Keep:The Armory and enter the name of your party in the box there to create a new group profile. This action creates a blank wiki page in The Armory for you to edit, and so you will need a Fandom account in order to edit the wiki page. Edit the page however you like to provide details about your party, keep a quest log, or showcase members. Best practices when creating a page on the wiki to advertise your party:

  • After your page is created, scroll down to the Categories section of the page at the bottom, click "Add a Category," then type in "Parties" and save your changes to ensure the page is grouped onto the Parties category page.
  • Include information about how to contact your party leader should a user want to join.
  • Include information that you want all new party members to understand about how your party works (e.g., is there a queue for who can send the next quest invite? how does someone get added to the queue to send an invite?)
  • Remember to keep your party's wiki page updated. Pages that have not been edited for some time may be tagged for auto-deletion as they will be assumed to be obsolete. Create a Daily that reminds you to update your party's wiki page on a regular basis.
  • Add a link to your party's wiki page in the description of your party on the Habitica app so other party members can check it out and advertise the party.

Habitica Central Discord channels[]

The following methods of finding members for your party or finding out about existing parties are available on the Habitica Central Discord server. A Discord account is required.


Do not post in the #party-roster channel that you are looking for a party. This channel is populated by a bot when a user from an existing party enters information about their party into the linked Google Form. You can scroll through the channel to find recently added/updated party information and reach out to the contact accordingly to join a party that interests you, or you can view the "pinned" posts that contain links to a Google Sheet with the full list of parties so you can browse for one that meets your needs.


Post in the #party-wanted channel if you are looking for a party or would like an additional method to advertise that your party is seeking new members. If you are looking for a party, to give yourself the best chance of success it is best to state:

  • A little about who you are, timezone, life status
  • How often you log on, e.g., once a day, twice daily, every hour
  • What interests you
  • What you are looking for in a party, e.g., if you are looking for socializing and fun, accountability through dealing a certain amount of damage, casting a certain number of buffs per day, or a party running in-house Challenges.

As an existing party member, feel free to post an advertisement for your party in the #party-wanted channel, including how someone can contact you if they are interested in joining.

r/habitica subreddit[]

Similar to creating a wiki Parties page or advertising your party in Discord, parties can also be advertised on reddit via the r/habitica subreddit. Follow the similar advice given above when creating a new post to find a party or to advertise your party -- there is no specific template or method to creating/maintaining a post in the subreddit. When creating a new post, if you're a particular Class (or perhaps looking for a particular class to join your party), you can add "flair" to your post to indicate your class. In the subreddit feed, this "flair" will show up as a colorful indicator next to your post's subject line to make your post stand out.