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An overview of the features provided in the settings menu, and descriptions of a variety of third-party apps and extensions.


00:01 Finally let's talk about some of the advanced sections of HabitRPG.

00:06 If you click on your character, there's a Settings tab. This allows you to customize the start of the day. Let's say that you go to bed at 3 am instead of 12. Well, you don't your Dailies to roll over at midnight. You want them to roll over at 3 am when you're in bed. So you can set this to 3.

00:26 There's also some buttons showing miscellaneous things. You can hide the Header. Let's say you use HabitRPG at work and you don't want your boss to think you're playing video games.

00:34 You can show the Tour again. You can show Bailey, who is the person who announces new features.

00:39 You can change your password.

00:40 There's this Danger Zone section down here. You can reset your account. If you have just started playing HabitRPG and you were tinkering around and got a feel for it. Now you want a fresh start. You want to delete all the tasks it set up for you. You want to start back from level one with 50 hit points. You can reset your account and it will do that for you.

00:58 You can also restore your account. Now, a little note about HabitRPG. It's beta quality. It's open-source project. A lot of us just do this on nights and weekends as we find time. So there's this Restore dialogue. In case you hit any bugs, you can set yourself to specific stats where you think you should be prior to having experienced the bug. You hit Save and it will set your stats to those.

01:23 You can delete your account which will completely, permanently delete your account from the database. It can't be restored so be very cautious about that.

01:30 Then over here we have the API credentials. Like I said previously, you use the User ID to send that out to people who want to send you a private Guild invite or a Party invite.

01:40 There's also the API token. The place where these are used is if you go to in the Extensions section, there are multiple third party extensions to Habit.

01:56 There are multiple mobile apps, both for Android, iPhone, and Windows phone.

02:02 If you go to This one: OCDevel HabitRPG is the official HabitRPG Android app which is also on IOS.

02:17 But if I just search for Habit in the search bar, you can see that there are two unofficial Android apps. They're going to require your... You enter your API token and your User ID.

02:29 There's a Chrome extension. Over here you can see that the Chrome extension is monitoring my website browser usage.

02:43 The way it works is if I browse sites that I deem that I procrastinate on like Reddit, 9gag, and in the case of many people, Facebook, I lose hit points. If I go to websites where I'm productive, I gain experience. You need to enter your API credentials in here for it to work.

03:00 It triggers every 5 minutes or so. It's a very handy utility.

03:03 There are multiple other Chrome extensions here. There's Remember the Milk synchronization, synchronization with Anki which is a flash cards application, Pomodoro which is an attention management application, as well as CLI utilities if you're a hacker, and GitHub integration and more.

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