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How to create a party and add your friends. Description of Guilds, Parties, and the Tavern. Subscribing to Challenges.


00:03 So everything we've shown you so far of using HabitRPG is solo play. But eventually you're going to want to play with your friends because in the case of building new habits, social accountability is essential.

00:15 So if you click on your avatar over here in the Social tab, this will take you to Tavern, Party, Guilds, and Challenges.

00:20 We're going to talk about Parties right now. Parties are teams with your friends. Let's create a Party namedMy Friends exclamation points.

00:32 The way this works is you're going to find a friend – Other User here – maybe somebody you know personally or maybe somebody you met on the website.

00:42 They're going to send you over this User ID. User ID's are a little complex matter. We can't use usernames because users can register by Facebook as well. So we need something universally unique. So we create these UUID's.

00:56 So they copy that and they send it over to you. You've put it here in the Party invite section. You invite them.

01:03 They refresh the page and it says that they've been invited to the group.

01:08 They accept and now they can chat with you. “Hello new user”.

01:15 If I refresh the page here, I can see Other User has mentioned me. “Hello new user” is grey. It shows that I've been mentioned. Over here on the right hand side of my Stats bars, that Other User shows up. I can click her. It'll show all of her information, her achievements, her stats, what weapons and armor she's wearing, little blurb, and websites, etc.

01:35 You can modify your blurb and websites over here in the Profile section. You can edit your information here, provide a photo, url, edit your username. As well as on your Profile avatar you can change your skin tone, your hair color, your hair length, etc.

01:54 So let's go back to Party. You can see a couple of things over here on the left. One is the Groups section. It has information about the group. You can edit this and it will show up. It also has a little thing called Challenges which we'll get to in a bit. Then a list of members. Again, you can click on them to see their information.

02:15 Parties are going to show up in your Header and you're going to be able to monitor their progress. Guilds, on the other hand, are private and public groups that are interest groups rather than just a group of your friends.

02:32 They're interest groups. So this one is The Scholars. You can see that this is a bunch of people at university, high school, etc. and they want to give each other advice on staying productive in education. You can join this group and now I belong to The Scholars guild. So you can see the information over here. Here they're all chatting and providing each other some advice. Over here is the list of members. Here's the list of invites.

02:59 Again there's this Challenges section which we're going to get to in a bit.

03:04 Finally there's the Tavern which is essentially the public guild. It's just a big public chat room Everybody just hangs out here. There's a list of Resources, FAQ, and Submitting a Bug.

03:20 And this player tier which I'll talk about in a later tutorial. And then these Challenges.

03:24 So let's talk about Challenges. Challenges are competitions between multiple players. The way they work is a challenge defines tasks that if you subscribe to the challenge will be copied over to your own regimen.

03:42 It also has a bunch of participants. A challenge can be time-based so it can take one month and at the end of the month, a winner will be selected and then a prize will be given to that winner. Or they could just go on forever and it just creates a little bit of a socially competitive mechanism for interacting with your tasks.

04:05 So let's subscribe to a challenge. I'm going to subscribe to the “Study All Your Flashcards” challenge. I'm going to click Join.

04:12 You can see here when I refresh my page I now have this ”Study your flashcards” Daily added to my daily regimen. It's got this little bullhorn here. It says it's part of a challenge. A lot of the editing mechanisms are on lockdown. I can click these dailies and nothing happens. I can't edit these things. It's because it's part of the challenge. When they edit it, it syncs to my account.

04:36 When I complete it, the stat gets synced up to the challenge and this gets updated. This is the aggregate collective progress of the entire group. If I click on my name, you can see it will show you my own progress within the challenge.

04:56 Eventually we're going to have sorting left to right, top to bottom of who's in the lead. At the end of a challenge, like I've said, a prize can be given to the winner of the challenge.

05:07 So let's create a new challenge as an example. It's going to be just between me and OtherUser. It's a party challenge, so it's just between the two of us. We'll call this “Get Fit”. It has this Tag Name. I showed you earlier that you can have tags to filter on your tasks. Well, when you join a challenge, a tag will be created to filter on the tasks within that challenge.

05:36 So you'll want it to be very short. The name of the challenge can be quite long. Let's say “Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Months”. We don't want that to be the tag name because it's too long. It'll take up a lot of space on the front page. So what we'll do is we'll make a tag name which is “-10 Pounds”.

05:56 You can add a description and you can optionally add a gem prize which as you can see here, I have 39 gems. Let's take 10 of my gems and we're going to reward that to the winner of the challenge.

06:08 So a Habit might be “1 Glass or Water”. A Daily might be “Bed on Time”, “Go to Gym”, “Five Vegetables”, etc.

06:22 A ToDo might be sign up for a local marathon and things like that. I save the challenge. I inform Other User via chat.

06:32 Let's go the party and say “Other User, check out my challenge.” Other User refreshes the page. You can see I haven't refreshed since I joined the party.

06:41 There we have New User on the right, and the challenge in the Challenges section of the Party page: “Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Months”. I click it, open it up, and I decide to join it. I'm now participating in that challenge as well.

06:55 Let's' say at the end of the challenge cycle, I - as the challenge administrator- have determined that for all of our users Other User won the challenge, did the best. I reward them, the challenge is closed. Other User refreshes and when I go to the Party section, you can see that there are no more challenges because it's been closed. But I have been rewarded 10 gems over here on the top right.

07:28 If I go to my Profile, section Stats and Achievements, you see I have gained an achievement which says “Was the winner of the following challenges”: Lost 10 pounds in 2 months. That's the challenges system.

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