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How the drop system in HabitRPG works, and how to raise pets and mounts.


00:00 Now that I’ve shown you the primary way of interacting with Habit, which is the Tasks page - this front page. You can see how it provides motivation and incentive for staying on top of your good behavior, by completing Dailies, To-Dos and doing good Habits instead of bad Habits.

00:17 Well there’s another mechanism to the game for providing motivation and incentive. And it follows the psychological paradigm of stochastic rewarding: it’s called the Drop System. And let me show you how it works. I’m gonna level up my character to level 4, and this is when the Drop System is enabled. If you’ve played RPG’s, you’ve been following up until now about leveling up and experience and gold rewards, hit points, etc … Well, we don’t stop there. There’s the Drop System, and this goes back to classic RPG’s, which, when you defeat a mob you have a random chance of getting a drop when you loot the corpse. This is no different.

00:53 So what happens, is, you have a random chance, starting at level 4, when you do a good Habit or complete a Daily, etc… of dropping an item. And these items can be eggs, and they can be potions, and they can be food. And we’ll show you what those do in a minute.

01:08 And this is also telling you that these drops can additionally be purchased with gems. Which are, you buy gems with real life money. And, that’s how you support the developers. It’s an open source project, so we could use all the support we can get.

01:22 Now let me show you how this functions. And I’m gonna show you something new, when you click your avatar it brings you back to the settings, this options section of HabitRPG. The options section has multiple tabs. The Profile, where you can customize your character. We’ll get to that in a bit. Social, which is interacting with Groups and Parties, we’ll get to that in a later tutorial. And Inventory, which is what we’re talking about now.

01:42 Inventory houses all the items that you’ve received as random drops for doing good behavior. So you can see I’ve got my Wolf Egg. What you can do with the egg is you can use a potion to hatch the egg. You can see, um, I don’t have any gems to purchase the potions, what I can do is just wait over the course of multiple days. By doing good habits and dailies you’re going to get multiple drops. You can get about 5 drops per day. So they come up, they come out pretty fast. But if you’re waiting for one in particular, um, and you don’t want to wait too long, Well, you can get gems.

02:14 This cheat button on the very bottom right is 10 gems. It’s not available on the live site, it’s only in development. I just got some gems and you can see here I have 60 gems. You can click to increase your gems like I said it will add 20 gems to your account, disable ads, those ads on the front page those will be disabled, and it will donate to the developers.

02:32 Well, I’m going to use my gems to purchase a Base Potion. And I’m going to use the potion to pour over the egg. It’ll hatch the egg into a pet. Down here on the bottom left, you can see the Base Wolf is now hatched. He’s very cute. I click him, and he shows up next to my avatar. So I’m now adventuring with a pet.

02:49 Well, there’s a little, there’s, this Drop System is quite complex actually and it’s a lot of fun. The more items you get, um, you’ll start to find food, and like I said you can get all items from completing your tasks as random drops. But just for the sake of this tutorial I’m going to show you what happens when I purchase them individually. I’m going to purchase some meat, and I’m gonna purchase 10 meat to be precise. Because, you’ll see in a minute. I’m also gonna purchase a piece of chocolate.

03:21 I’m gonna go to my Stable and I’m going to feed the Chocolate to my Base Wolf. I’m gonna feed it, and it will tell you, “the Wolf eats the Chocolate but he doesn’t enjoy it.” ok. That was interesting. Well, let’s try feeding him the Meat. It says, “The Wolf really likes the Meat.” So that was the food that the Wolf liked the most. You can see under the wolf, he has a little green bar. And this bar indicates his growth progress. Up here, Matt tells you a little bit of information about what that’s all about. But let’s just show you what that does. Let’s feed him more Meat. Let’s just continue to feed him Meat until his green bar is completely maxed out. And you’ll see what happens in a minute. He becomes …. a Mount!

04:10 Let’s go to the Mounts tab. You can see down here this Wolf head. If I click it, I am now riding a Wolf. Ok. So, you can get pets, you can get mounts, and you can get the items necessary to hatch your pet and feed your pet to become a mount. And all of these items are obtained from the Drop System. Let me just show you. Let’s see if I can trigger another random drop just to prove to you that these come randomly. There you go. I completed my Daily of exercising, and I have found a Golden Hatching Potion.

04:48 So let’s show you one more time how this whole thing works. It’s a lot of fun. This random reward system incentivizes a lot of people better than predictable rewards. So, we cover many bases of predictability and randomness. Let’s hatch a Golden Dragon. And, this time from the food section, instead of purchasing individual food to feed to our dragon, what we’re gonna purchase is this thing that you can see for 5 gems over here. It’s called a Saddle. It’s a shortcut mechanism. It raises your mount, your pet, instantly into a mount. So, we’re going to use the Saddle on the Golden Dragon, and he will instantly become a Golden Dragon mount. You can see he’s a very cool looking mount. That’s the Drop System.

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