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How to use Gimp to contribute to HabitRPG by drawing a boss using an existing image.


00:00 Hi there.

00:02 Today I will try to share with you a few tips that I've learned when trying to do some pixel art for HabitRPG.

00:11 So I don't have any sense of design so I like to start from an example.

00:18 So let's try to do a boss.

00:22 So I go to Google images and I will search for a monster.

00:26 Go to image.

00:32 At this point, it's good idea to go to advanced search and filter by images that we can use, share, or modify.

00:39 Then we want some clip art.

00:44 Image and maybe full color image.

00:48 OK, what do we have?

00:54 Maybe let's go with this one.

00:57 View image.

00:59 Now we can download it.

01:04 And we can open GIMP.

01:11 And open the image in GIMP.

01:13 Open> Downloads> Stegorsaurus. Cool[?]

01:17 The first thing to do is to scale the image to 216 by 117.

01:25 So let's do Image> Scale Image

01:32 216. Scale.

01:36 OK. At this point, we want to zoom this one so you can see the image.

01:46 To see a really... it looks like.

01:50 We can make a new hue and remove al those rulers, scrollbar, status bar, and menu bar.

02:02 Then we can move this on that side.

02:06 Then if we zoom large, you can see what it looks like in there. OK?

02:19 Then we want to add a grid because we work with three by three pixels.

02:28 Configure grid> three by three> Intersection

02:32 Then we need to show the grid and now we can see all the pixels.

02:39 Then we want to remove the background. So let's go to Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel

02:50 Then we will select by[?]] color to white.

02:56 Then this grey. I do shift to select and similar[?] colors.

03:02 And Control X to remove this.

03:07 That's good.

03:09 So what can we do now?

03:13 Maybe there are too many colors.

03:17 So if I try to do Blur> Pixelize> three by three and it will look a bit too messy.

03:28 Difficult to see the borders.

03:36 So let's cancel this and maybe play with colors.

03:40 Posterize.

03:46 We're trying to add more colors.

03:51 This one looks good. So let's try to go with five levels of color. OK?

03:57 Then we can do maybe some contrast.

04:04 How do we do contrasting color? Brightness Contrast.

04:07 And let's move this.

04:11 It's become a bit yellow.

04:15 But I guess it's still OK.

04:23 And then...

04:30 Let's try to pixelize again. Blur> Pixelize> three by three. OK.

04:34 OK, so you can see a bit more of the shape. It's a dinosaur. All right.

04:42 So we can see that there are some transparent pixels all around the dinosaur.

04:47 So maybe we can use background color black and we'll do... how do I do this?

05:00 Layer> Transparency> Semi-Flatten

05:05 And all the transparent pixels will go back to black [xx]

05:12 There are some [xx] here.

05:15 So we can use the Eraser Tool. Set to three [xx]... one... three.

05:28 And we can move this.

05:43 That's part of the grey I didn't select when I wanted to remove all the white and the grey.

05:50 [xx] This one. OK.

05:56 Now we can try to add a full border and it's going to put a black border all around the animal.

06:06 So how do we do that?

06:09 Let's select Alpha and then we can select Invert to get the animal shape.

06:20 We can do Grow by three pixels which would create a border.

06:27 If I select Bucket tool and I want to fill the Alpha in black [xx] like this.

06:35 Then you can take the Pencil tool to three pixels as well.

06:47 And you can use the Eraser Tool as well to remove all those white[?] pixels that you don't need.

06:56 Here is a pencil[?] [xx]

07:00 It needs now more manual work but we already got a nice shape and it's a very good start to get our monster.

07:14 Thank you.

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