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Tutorial on using the Challenges feature in Habitica.


00:00 Hey everyone. Tyler here. Here to showcase the Challenges feature.

00:03 All right, so here's how it works

00:07 You've got your standard tasks. OK? And you've got your standard tags. Now check this out. Matteo added this little loader bar. You'll see it in a bit.

00:14 You've got your standard tags.

00:15 Now click over here and you'll notice a couple things.

00:19 One is the tabs have been restructured. Now they're nested a lot more so you've got Stats and Achievements, Profile, and Avatar all under the Profile section.

00:27 Even though there's a lot of white space here, it's going to go away once we add...we have a lot more hair colors on the way and some accessories, such as flowers can be removed from the head and put down here and stuff like that.

00:36 The good thing... So what this sub-tab navigation component is called Angular UI Router. Angular...UI...Router.

00:48 And what it allows us to do is navigate to something. You see the little loader bar up there.

00:52 Basically it loads incrementally every step of the process. It's called lazy loading. So when I went to the Social tab, it automatically loaded the Tavern tab as well, just as a default.

01:05 But it only loaded the Tavern data. It didn't load the Party data or the Guilds or the Challenges, which is really.... it's going to improve performance drastically.

01:14 It's also bookmarkable so you can copy this and bookmark it and it will take you directly to the Tavern.

01:21 A lot of people like the Tavern specifically to check in for chat and all that stuff.

01:26 So you go to... So the new feature is under Social and Challenges.

01:33 The way it works is they are shared task lists that you...they're basically a competition between multiple participants.

01:44 So you can see, because it's in my localhost, there's only one participant who is me.

01:48 And I've given it a 10 gem prize. At the end of a challenge, you can award people who are doing the best at your challenge a prize.

01:56 So let's show you what it looks like.

01:58 So I'm going to create a public one in the Tavern. The Tavern is the public guild, essentially.

02:05 I'm going to call it Stop Smoking.

02:09 There's this little thing called tag name.

02:12 You'll see in a bit. When you subscribe to a challenge, it creates a tag on your list and shows up in tool tips and stuff.

02:19 So if you really want... let's say. Let's call this one like Lose 10 Pounds in Five Weeks, right?

02:26 You don't want that to be a tag. It's going to take up a lot of space.

02:29 So let's call this like Minus 10 Pounds.

02:33 All right. For public challenges, they have to have a minimum of one gem to prevent spam.

02:37 All private groups, you can get... you can have zero. You don' have an optional gem prize.

02:44 The way the gem prize works is at the end, you close a challenge and you designate a winner, if that's a thing. Some challenges can go forever. Some challenges have a cut-off date and then there's a...

02:56 Some challenges don't have a winner. Some do. For those that do have a winner, you may optionally provide a gem prize for a little bit more incentive.

03:02 Description- whatever.

03:05 OK. So like we're trying to lose weight so drink water is a Habit.

03:10 Take the stairs

03:14 A Daily would be the gym.

03:16 Five veggies.

03:17 A To-Do sign up for a marathon. Whatever.

03:24 You save this

03:26 And as soon as I save it, it's automatically... I'm subscribed to it as the challenge leader.

03:28 Otherwise, you'd click Join.

03:32 We'll do that for this other one. Let's skip that challenge.

03:35 Now we go to my character. You can see that there are a couple of new tasks on my list.

03:42 Down there and down here. OK?

03:47 And you can tell that they're part of a challenge in that they have this challenge bullhorn icon.

03:52 The tag shows you which challenge it's part of.

03:55 Then up here in the tags, you can filter by what's in your challenges. Remember I said that we have a tag name on the edit field of the challenge creation.

04:08 What happens is the following. This is really cool. This is probably the biggest piece of challenges.

04:13 Let's say I ate a lot of fruit today, OK?

04:16 Now I go over to Social and Challenges and I think this is part of the Get Fit challenge.

04:25 You can see here – this little pop up here that gives you a description – the color coding of... These are.. This is the aggregate for how well the entire group is doing at all the tasks.

04:40 So this is the average of how well the group is doing.

00:44 Because I'm the only participant, it's now only showing my stats.

04:50 As you can see down here. No, actually, there's another participant – Andre Casey. And it's actually accurate because you can see here it's a lighter blue than this.

04:57 Mine is really, really bright blue. His is yellow.

05:01 So this is the aggregate.

05:03 You click on it and it'll show you the progress of how everyone's doing.

05:05 So this is good... I realize why it kept loading. Because I kept doing this and dropping it. It's trying to sort it.

05:15 So a few other mechanics. There's a little filtering mechanism over here.

05:18 These are all Tavern challenges so if I uncheck the Tavern then they could disappear.

05:23 And things I'm participating in versus not participating in, either or.

05:27 What happens if you leave a challenge?

05:29 You can say remove tasks, keep tasks, or cancel will remove them all from your own section. Or you can keep them and it will clone them over to your user, remove the challenge linking, and then they're independently tracked as part of your own regimen.

05:47 If you edit a challenge and we'll want to do some testing on this to make sure [xx] a little bit of kinks.

05:54 But if you edit a challenge, you can add new tasks and they'll be synced.

06:00 Take the stairs. Drink some water. Don't smoke. A day without smoking. Stuff like that.

06:04 Then you click Save. It will get synced over to all the participants.

06:10 Same with deleting and editing, etc.

06:12 Then finally, of course, there's this Close button and you can either delete a challenge and then it will give the participants the opportunity to clone the tasks to their own regimens if they like them. Otherwise they can delete them.

06:25 I'll show you what that looks like in a bit.

06:27 Or you can select a winner.

06:30 Looks like that has had a little bit of trouble. I'll make sure that gets fixed before too long.

06:37 Which one did I create? I created this one.

06:39 Edit. Close. There we go.

06:43 So I selected myself as the winner and hit Enter.

06:46 It deletes the challenge and here's what it looks like.

06:52 Over on my task list, these red bullhorns mean that the challenge is broken. It's either been deleted , it's been completed, a particular task has been deleted from the challenge template. Stuff like that.

07:02 When you click on it and it shows you what the deal is – why it's been broken – and then allows you to either keep them or remove them.

07:08 In this case, it says,” This challenge has been completed and the winner is Tyler. Do you want to keep these challenges or not.. these tasks as part of the challenge or remove them?”

07:17 And it should... There we go. They're gone.

07:19 You'll see here, under my Stats and Achievements, I was the winner in the following challenges: Lost 10 Pounds in Five Weeks.

07:27 I gained gems Went up from 376 to 386. Of course, I was the one that created the challenge with 10 gems so I got my gems back.

07:37 All right. So that's the challenges feature, everyone.

07:40 I'm really excited about that. We did a lot of database and server overhaul which is going to improve performance in the future.

07:49 I'm really excited also about this whole Angular UI router thing.. this option group[?] Tavern.

07:57 All right. Thanks for watching.

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