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Habitica has several boards in Trello, a free project management service.

Active Boards[]

The following Trello boards are in use and each has its own wiki page.

Before using a board, it is important that you read its wiki page.

Previous Boards[]

The following Trello boards are no longer used.

  • The Habitica Wiki board was used to manage documentation on this wiki but is no longer used. Suggestions and discussions about wiki improvements can be made in the Wizards of the Wiki guild.
  • The Habitica Mobile board was used for development of the old Mobile apps that are no longer available. The board is not in use and is now visible to only Habitica's Staff. Programmers wishing to work on the current Mobile apps can read Guidance for Blacksmiths and ask questions in the Aspiring Blacksmiths (Coding For Habitica) guild.
  • Feature Request Trello board.png
    The Habitica Feature Request board was used for collecting feedback about Habitica. It stopped being used in late May 2020 but all of the suggestions, comments, and votes made previously are still visible to Habitica's staff.
    The Habitica User Feedback and Suggestions form is used instead now. It is available from Habitica's website at Help > "Request a Feature" and on the mobile apps at Menu > Support > "Submit Feedback". It is a Google Form but you do not need to log in to Google to use it. It is not possible to see suggestions that other players have submitted.

Tips for Using/Navigating the Trello Board[]

Navigating through a Trello board might be difficult for people who are new to Trello so below are some basic tips. For more information, refer to Trello's own documentation. You do not need to be logged in to Trello to read boards. If you want to comment or vote, you will need to create a Trello account, which is separate from your Habitica account.

Reading Comments on Cards[]

Click on each card to read the information and comments. Recent comments are at the top. For cards with a lot of comments, it's probably not worth scrolling all the way to the bottom, because older suggestions are likely to have been done.


Sometimes there can be many columns of cards on the same page and they may not all fit in your browser window. Use the scroll bar near the bottom of the page to scroll left and right to see all columns.

Finding Cards[]

Search is limited, but filters will help narrow down a word in the card titles.

  • Click the "... Show Menu" link in the top right-hand corner. The menu will open on the right side of the screen.
  • Click "Search Cards", the first option under Menu. The menu screen will change and a search box will appear.
  • As you type a term in the box, the cards will automatically be filtered.
  • You will see a green "Search Results" indicator at the top of the page with an "X" next to it. Click the "X" to clear the filter.

The menu also has options to see the recent activity on all cards, and to sort by labels, members assigned, and due dates.

Filter On/Off[]

Trello's filtering can be troublesome and it's possible that you're seeing only some of the many available cards. If your view of it has very few pure-white cards, then you might have the filter on. Look for a green "Search Results" indicator near the top of the page and if you see it, click on the "X" next to "Search Results" to clear the filter.


To vote for a card, log in to your Trello account, click on the card, then click the "Vote" button on the right of the description. A green check mark will appear in the Vote button. To remove your vote, click the button again and the check mark will be removed.