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Is something wrong with the Habitica site?[]

Please check the Habitica Forge Twitter account for information about whether there is currently an outage.

For more information about what to do if there is an outage, please read Habitica Outage Instructions.

My question is not answered below - what do I do?[]

The fastest way to find an answer is often to search the wiki for a relevant keyword. For example, enter "quests" or "party" or "pets" into the search box at the top of this page. You're likely to find all the information you could want. (If you don't find it at once, you can try an advanced search.)

If that fails, go to the Habitica website and click on Help -> Ask a Question. That will take you to the Habitica Help: Ask a Question Guild where there are many helpful users. Please note that it might take several minutes or longer for you to get an answer because our volunteer helpers drop in to the guild between actioning their own tasks. Searching the wiki could be faster!

See also our Glossary of common terms and the wiki's Index page.

Questions about the Habitica mechanics for various character and class-related things.

Sometimes, a very large critter threatens Habitica... See the World Boss page for information on past and (if any) current world bosses. When there is a world boss, check out our progress in the Tavern and read Bailey's announcements for updates.

General Questions[]

How do I get started?[]

When you first create your account, Justin the Guide will pop up and show you some of the main features of the site.

After that, you can type in the tasks and habits that you want to track. You may want to start with just a few, and add more as you learn the system. For suggestions, see Establishing Your Tasks and "Should this task be a Habit, Daily, or To Do?" If you are looking for ideas for a To Do or Daily just think about stuff that you may have trouble doing or remembering.

Quick start tip: Your character will take damage for every task in the Dailies column that's not completed at by the end of your day (midnight of your local time by default). If you don't want to deal with that yet, you can just put tasks only in the Habits and To Do's columns while you're getting started. Add tasks to the Dailies column when you're ready to take on regular responsibilities that have consequences (damage) for missing them.

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When do I unlock features?[]

If you're new to Habitica, you may notice a lot of people chatting about features that you can't find. "Wait a minute," you might be saying, "Pets? Why can't I find them?"

To help new players become used to Habitica without being overwhelmed by all the features, Habitica unlocks the less critical features one at a time. For example, the Drops (which allow you to get pets) are unlocked when you reach Level Three. Why don't you wash some dishes or complete an assignment to discover the rest?

Spoiler Alert!
However, if you're not one to enjoy surprises, the levels at which you unlock certain game elements can be found on the Level page. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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I found a bug. How do I submit it?[]

If you are having a problem with the Habitica website and believe you have found a bug, please let us know by clicking on Help > Report a Bug. This will create an email to admin@habitica.com, with information about you your account's current state (like your UUID, subscription type, timezone offset, etc.) where you can detail the bug you're experiencing.

To report a bug on the Android or iOS app, go to Menu > About > Report a Bug.

Thanks for helping us make Habitica even better!

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I have not completed any tasks, why have my stats changed?[]

Something else triggered the HP loss or XP gain. Examples are a Boss fight, a Chrome extension, the mobile app, Pomodoro, a different browser, or simply that you just received the update while interacting with an unrelated part of the website.

When software code such as Chrome extensions, mobile app, Anki, and Pomodoro hits the API, it interacts with your user's stats. Up-scores give you XP and down-scores dock your HP. When you interact on the website, it will send up the operation, and it will send down any changes to your stats since the last time you talked to the server.

Here is an example sequenced in time:

  1. (website) You check off a To Do.
  2. (chrome-extension) You go to Reddit, and lose HP from the Chrome extension.
  3. (website) You change your profile name. You'll now get a notification from step 2 that you lost HP.

It happens with any interaction, e.g. finishing a challenge, which syncs your user account. Chatting in group chat does not sync your user.

This may be confusing, but the way it works is good. It's similar to Gmail. When you send an email, you might suddenly see three new inbox messages. If two of them are from five minutes ago, why weren't they visible five minutes ago? Gmail doesn't synchronize every operation immediately since that's expensive in terms of resources for a small gain. It takes the opportunity to fetch changes at the same time as posting them. So while it may seem confusing to receive three emails as a result of sending one, it's more efficient and just takes some understanding of the process.

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What is habit tracking?[]

Habit tracking refers to measuring, quantifying, or recording behaviors that you want to improve. It provides immediate feedback, and the ability to see your progress add up over time. This structure can give you the information and inspiration needed to get better. It's similar to the way that tracking calories can be helpful in improving your diet. See Trackers vs Lifehackers for more information and website examples.

Habitica lets you keep track of several kinds of tasks and habits, using the structure of a Role Playing Game (RPG). If you've played RPGs before, this will be familiar: When you make progress with your real-life habits, your character gains treasure and experience. When you do poorly, your character takes damage. Later on, you can collect cute pets, sturdy mounts, and powerful weapons and armor. You can also join a party and share encouragement with your friends. If you're not familiar with RPGs, you can still use Habitica: Just set up your Habits, Dailies, and To Do's, and enjoy tracking your progress and seeing your successes build up!

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Should this task be a Habit, Daily, or To Do?[]

Main article: Task Type Choice: Habit, Daily, or To Do

Some tips for choosing which type of task to create:

  • Habits: Actions that you want to reward or discourage. Examples: take a stretching break (positive) or chew your nails (negative).
  • Dailies: Actions you want to do once a day, or on certain days of the week. At the end of each day, you will take damage for uncompleted Dailies. Examples: Go to bed on time (every day) or do laundry (every Saturday).
  • To Do's: One-time or infrequent activities. Examples: Send dad a birthday card or pick up package at post office.

For more details on the differences between Habits, Dailies, and To Do's, see Task Type Choice: Habit, Daily, or To Do.

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What do the task colors represent?[]


The hue of each of your tasks (i.e. Habits, Dailies, and To Do's) will change based on how well you are currently accomplishing them. Each new task starts out at the neutral color in the spectrum, yellow. Perform Dailies or positive Habits more frequently and they move toward blue. Miss a Daily, give in to a bad Habit, or procrastinate a To Do, and the task moves toward red. The task color corresponds to the task's value.

Making progress in any red tasks will gain you higher experience and gold. Setbacks with red Habits or missed red Dailies will cause higher health damage. (Note: To Do's do not inflict damage.)

The aim is to encourage you to make the extra effort needed to make progress in your neglected tasks. Note that any Habits or Dailies you begin to neglect will move toward red.

Dailies have an extra color — grey. This indicates that either the Daily is not due today, or you have already completed it. Refer to Grey Dailies for more information.

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How do I customize a task's value?[]

Some tasks may be more valuable to you than others. Finishing your research paper, for example, should be worth more points than flossing your teeth. Instead of customizing value upon task-creation, Habitica calculates a task's value automatically over time. The longer something sits without being completed (Dailies and To Do's), the more valuable it becomes; the more frequently you complete Dailies, the less valuable they become.

Because task value is a representation of your progress on a task over time, there is no way to directly adjust a task's value. However, if you want to directly adjust how much a task is worth, there's a difficulty setting under the Advanced section of task-editing. You can set a task to be Trivial, Easy, Medium, or Hard, with Easy being the default. For example, you may want to use the Hard difficulty if a task is particularly difficult or protracted, like "Finish doctorate" or "Run marathon."

The task value is updated based on a function of its current value and difficulty. It changes in a positive direction when you complete a Daily or click on a (+) Habit, or in a negative direction when you fail to complete a Daily or To Do by your Cron or click on a (-) Habit. Completing a To Do gives you a one-time XP and GP gain based on its current absolute value.

Task values can be indirectly affected by certain class skills, which increase the value of the task without clicking it.

There are also a few ways to reset tasks to neutral value:

  • You can completely reset a single task to the 0.0 (yellow) value by deleting it and recreating it.
  • You can reset all your tasks to the 0.0 (yellow) value with a Fortify potion without deleting the tasks.
  • You can reset your entire character to level 1 and 0 XP with an Orb of Rebirth or the far more drastic Reset Account action.

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Why am I getting a random Habit in my list?[]

If the new Habit has random characters in its title (something like d904bd62-da08-416b-a816-ba797c9ee265), it was a glitch that happens occasionally. You can delete it. It won't have done any damage to your account.

If the description contained something meaningful (perhaps "productivity") then it was created by an extension or other software that you might have installed.

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I'm going on vacation; how can I disable my Dailies?[]


Sometimes life intervenes and it's actually healthier NOT to be working. If you're zipping off for a tropical getaway or coughing up a lung, feel free to pause damages! This stops your Dailies from hurting you at the end of the day, so you can enjoy your sunshine or chicken soup in peace.

The Function is located in the Tavern, which can be found under "Guilds". You will see an image of Daniel the Tavern Keeper with a button that says "Pause Damage" or "Pause your Dailies." Click it and you're home free! Your avatar will look like it is sleeping: it will close its eyes and "Zzz" will appear next to it. However, keep in mind that pausing damage will not contribute towards a Perfect Day.

IMPORTANT! If you or your party is participating in a quest against a boss, Pausing Damage will not protect you from damage caused by the Boss!


What if you'd rather just disable a specific Daily? Dailies have a "Repeat" field, which specifies on which days of the week this item is due. To disable a single Daily, deselect each day. You can also set it to recur every so many days, like every 2 or 3 days. This is useful if you don't use Habitica on the weekends, or you want to exercise only every other day, etc. Refer to Grey Dailies for more information.

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I'm missing some, or all of my tasks! Where did they go?[]


Most likely, you have activated a filter by selecting a tag (e.g., the "morning" tag in this image), and few or none of your tasks are tagged with that tag. Simply deactivate the filter by clicking on the active tag. If no tags are highlighted in this way but tasks are missing, click "clear". Sometimes a tag will be selected invisibly and hide many or all tasks.


It is also possible that you have activated one of the task column tabs. For your Habits, Dailies, and Rewards, click on the "All" tab. For your To Do's, click on the "Active" tab.

Another possibility is that you accidentally created a second account. This sometimes happens if, for example, you create your account during server instability, or if you forgot that you actually originally signed in with Google or Apple. If it seems your account has been reset to the starting tasks and tutorial, try signing out and back in (try with Google or Apple too).

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My Dailies didn't reset! What happened?[]

Every morning, your Dailies should uncheck themselves, and your avatar should take damage from any missed Dailies. This process is called "Cron" (aka, the day roll-over). If it didn't happen as it should have, there are a few things you can check:

  • Is your custom day-start set until after now? See Settings → Site → Custom Day Start. If it's set to 11, and your time is now 10, Cron won't happen for another hour.
  • Have you refreshed / synced your account? Cron doesn't happen automatically; you have to trigger it by interacting with something (anything). Simply click a task, or click "Sync" from the toolbar, or refresh the page. This is true for most things in Habitica — your page doesn't "catch up" until you interact with something (e.g., chat is out of date until you post a new chat, or click "Sync" or "Fetch Recent Messages".)

If your Dailies still haven't reset, don't panic, and chime in on this issue.

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How does Habitica know that I really did my tasks?[]

Habitica does not really know that you did any of the tasks you set up and then check. We have not set up cameras to watch you day and night, nor have we bribed your family to tell us if you're following your task lists. We're not a spy agency, after all.

We believe in the honor system because, in the end, you only hurt yourself if you lie. If you find yourself checking off tasks that you didn't really do or otherwise using Habitica in dishonest ways that hurt your productivity, see Cheating for advice on how to stop.

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How do I delete a tag?[]

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-12 um 22.40

Editing tags

Click the "Filter" button above your tasks to open the modal, next click "edit Tags" (upper left-hand corner) to edit your tags. Deleting: Hovering over a tag, shows a trash can icon, click to delete that tag. Click the Save edits button (bottom left-hand corner) and you're done.

On android, click your task to open the edit window and choose delete. On the iOS app, tap Filter (upper left-hand corner), can delete tags from the edit function (bottom left-hand corner) tapping "-" or by marking them and tapping delete (bottom right-hand corner) without opening the edit function.

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How do I delete a Challenge task?[]

A Challenge task can only be deleted if you have left the challenge or the after challenge has ended.

When a challenge ends, the announcement (megaphone) icon on your challenge tasks will turn red. Click the pencil icon on any of the challenge's tasks and you will be asked if you want to keep all the tasks or remove them. If you choose to keep the tasks, you can edit or remove them individually later, just like regular non-challenge tasks.

Due to the nature of the way challenge statuses are checked, the red icon may not appear immediately. If you know a challenge has ended but the megaphone hasn't turned red yet, click (check off) one of the challenge items to update the server, and then you can remove tasks as described above.

To delete tasks from a challenge in progress, go to the challenge page and select "Leave." You will then be prompted to keep or remove the challenge tasks. If you have trouble deleting tasks, after you have left the challenge, follow this protocol.

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I've taken damage! How do I heal?[]

The main way to heal is to gain a level, which restores all your HP. Other ways to restore HP are:

  • Buy a Health Potion from the "Rewards" column.
  • If you are a Healer, you can use the skill Healing Light on yourself.
  • If there is a Healer in your party, they can use the skill Blessing to heal you.
  • Buy a Fortify Potion in the Market with gems.

For further details on healing or staying alive, see Death Mechanics -> Strategies for Staying Alive.

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What happens when my character dies/loses all its health?[]

If your character's health points are reduced to zero, you will lose one level, one random piece of equipment, and all your gold. See the page on Death for more details, and suggestions about how to survive.

You may wish to rethink your Habits and make sure your expectations are realistic. You can also focus on Habits or To Do items you've been neglecting, in order to earn some quick experience and level up. If you have many red Habits or Dailies, take a look at the Fortify Potion, found in the Market. This potion cleans your proverbial slate by resetting all tasks back to yellow.

All users are welcome to weigh in on possible enhancements to Habitica's death mechanic on Trello, or to join discussions on the subject in the forums.

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My character died when it shouldn't have! What do I do?[]

The most common explanation is that you took more damage than you expected, often due to you or a party member missing Dailies during a battle with a Boss. You can check this by looking at your party's chat.

Another possibility is that your browser failed to sync with the server, causing some Dailies to count as unchecked. You can prevent this by clicking the sync button when you are done checking off Dailies, and ensuring that recently completed ones don't become unchecked.

If your death was undeserved, you can restore your lost XP and gold using the Fix Character Values button in Settings. Any equipment you lost will be available for repurchase as long as you are the correct class for that equipment.

For additional information on causes of death and ways to recover from death, see Death Mechanics.

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How do I restart/reset my character?[]

Be sure this is what you want to do. Resetting your account will delete all your tasks and custom Rewards. You'll lose all your task history and have to re-enter everything from scratch. You will also lose all your gear, gold, items, and XP, and go back to level 1. For a comparison of different ways to restart, see Start Over Options.

Danger zone

To reset your account on the website:

  1. Go to User Icon > Settings.
  2. Click on Site.
  3. Scroll down to the Danger Zone.
  4. Click on "Reset Account".

To reset your account on the mobile app:

  1. Go to the menu and tap on the Settings icon.
  2. Tap on Authentication.
  3. Look in the Danger Zone section.
  4. Tap on "Reset Account".

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What's the difference between a fortify potion, the Orb of Rebirth, and a reset?[]

A fortify potion (available in the Market) restores all health and sets all your tasks to neutral (the color yellow).

Market special items

The Orb of Rebirth returns the player to level 1 warrior with no experience, gold, or stat points. The player will retain their tasks, histories, equipment and settings, plus some other items. This option is only available after a player has reached level 50.

A reset also returns the player to level 1 with no experience, gold, or standard equipment. The main difference is that you also lose your tasks and historical data. Your character will retain some items. Please read the Settings page for more details.

For a comparison of these and other options, see Start Over Options.

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I have enough XP to level up, but it's not happening. What's going on?[]

Sometimes, as a result of experience gained through a skill or as a quest reward, a player's XP bar may show more XP than is required to level up. If this occurs, simply clicking on any task will trigger a level up and fill the experience bar with the extra XP. If the player is on level 1, the excess XP might be from doing part of the tutorial and doing tasks, and then completing the tutorial, or similar situations, because XP is earned from each stage of the tutorial. Clicking on any task will trigger the level up.

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What is this blue bar for? Do I need Mana?[]

The blue bar that appears when you hit level 10 is your mana bar. It is used by the class system to power the special skills that come with each class. At level 10, you do not have any skills, so you do not have a way to spend mana until you gain your first skill at level 11. Unlike your health bar, your mana bar does not reset when you gain a level, but you gain some mana each day at Cron and when you check off tasks. There is no penalty or risk involved in having low mana; it just means you can't use skills that cost more mana than you currently have.

Skills can be used to make your Tasks less harmful or more rewarding. It can also be used to help your party members. You have limited amounts so that you don't abuse these options. The options appear in a special "skills" drawer at the bottom of the tasks page on the website; on mobile, there's a separate "skills" section in the menu. Options differ depending on your chosen class. Strictly speaking, no, you don't need this; you can get along fine in Habitica ignoring it, but you may find these options helpful when you're faced with difficult tasks.

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What is the Class system?[]

All players begin the game as Warriors. Classes are unlocked at level 10, at which point players can choose to remain a Warrior or switch to the Mage, Healer, or Rogue class. Each class comes with specific stats, skills, and gear. Players can choose which class to join based on playing style, a desire for more pets, advantages in different quests, etc.

While the first switch between classes is free, subsequent class changes cost 3 gems each and also come with the ability to re-allocate stat points.

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Why would I want to be a Healer, Mage, Rogue, or Warrior?[]

There are many different reasons to choose one class over another and it's very much a personal decision. The Determining Which Class to Play section in the Class System page describes the advantages of each class.

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Help! I just want to keep playing the way I was; do I have to change classes?[]

You can keep your current playing style — just choose Warrior when classes unlock. If desired, under User → Stats → Stats area, pick automatic allocation. See also "How do I change classes?" below. You may also want to choose later. In that case, choose "Opt Out of the Class System" when classes unlock. If you change your mind you, can opt in at a later time.

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How do I change classes?[]

Currently, you can change classes once for free when you unlock the class system at level 10. Thereafter, it costs three gems to change classes. To change classes on the website, go to User Icon > Settings and click the Change Class, Refund Stat Points button under Character Build.

Class change

The class change button on the website.

To change classes on the Android app, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Change your class. To change classes on the iOS app, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Change Class.

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What are Stats, and how do I assign them?[]

Character Stats are qualities of your character (i.e., Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Perception) that affect game play. Once you unlock the Class System at level 10, you get one stat point for each level you have achieved. You can go to User > Stats to allocate each of these points to one of the four stats. You can either allocate your stat points manually, or choose one of three Automatic Allocation methods.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-16 um 22.28

click the arrow tips to assign stat points - orange badge icon shows number of points available

If you choose the task-based automatic allocation option, each of your tasks will have a Task stat. When you level up, the system will automatically add a point to a character stat based on which task category saw the most improvement. You can assign task stats under Advanced Options when you edit a task. If you do not choose this method to allocate your stat points, task stats are not relevant and you will not see them in your task options. The default setting for task-based automatic allocation ist STR.

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What level do I have to be before I can join a quest?[]

Many quests are available to you at level 1. However, you will find that at level 1, your contributions towards the quest objectives will be somewhat limited.

  • Collection quests rely on your Perception stat. Low level characters have a very low Perception stat, which means there will be days where you might find no collection items at all.
  • Damage you do during boss quests are based on your Strength, so you might not hit the boss for very much damage unless you have a lot of Dailies.

Certain quests have a level requirement to start the quest; the challenge of those quests tends to be more appropriate to a character of that level requirement. However, if you are in a party with someone else who qualifies for a quest, they can start the quest with you in the party, and you are allowed to participate.

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How do I get Quest scrolls?[]

In most cases, quest scrolls are only gathered by purchasing them with gems (or, in a few cases, gold) in the Quests page under Inventory. You will never receive a quest as an item drop. However, you can receive quest scrolls for free in the following additional ways:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-16 um 22.21

Number icons on already owned quests in the quest shop.

Quest scrolls that you have purchased or received can be found in the Quests sub-tab under the Inventory tab. When browsing the Quest Shop, quests already in your inventory sport a number icon, showing if and how many you own.

Quest scrolls never expire, but they disappear once they are used. Any quest scroll can be bought again to repeat the quest if you so desire, although a few quests are seasonal editions that are only available in the Seasonal Shop at certain times of year.

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Can I add participants after I start a quest?[]

No. You will need to abort and restart the quest if you wish to add participants. If you abort a quest, the quest scroll goes back into your inventory. You will not lose the scroll, but you will lose any progress that was made on the quest before aborting.

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Will the quest expire before I have finished it?[]

There is no deadline to complete a quest. Some quests are no longer for sale in the Market after a certain date. Quest scrolls purchased before that date remain in a player's inventory until started. Once started, the quest continues until completed or aborted. Aborted quests return to the player's inventory for safekeeping.

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Can I be on multiple quests at once?[]

No, you can only be on one party quest at a time. However, if there is a World Quest currently happening, it is possible to be on a party quest at the same time as the world quest.

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All right! I have armor and a weapon. How do I kill monsters?[]

It's a simple process, like falling off a dragon mount.

  1. Join or start a party. This can be a party of just you, but adventuring solo can be pretty slow.
  2. You or someone else in the party with a quest scroll starts a quest, which you accept.
  3. Complete tasks. For every Daily, To Do, or positive Habit you complete today, you damage the boss or have a chance of finding an item that counts towards collection type quests. Damage and quest item pickups are not shown until the next day, after your Cron processes.
  4. If you are a Warrior or Mage and you are fighting a boss, you can use Mana to cast Skills that do additional damage to the boss.
  5. When you log in the next day, check your Party screen to see how much damage you did to the boss or how many items you collected. (Reloading may be required to see the boss's health bar go down.) If you missed any Dailies, the boss does damage to the party at the same time.
  6. If the boss still has health left or you don't have enough collection items, go back to Step 3 for the day.

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Why am I taking damage at random times during the day when I didn't click a negative habit?[]

There are two sources of damage apart from negative Habits: damage from your own Cron and damage from your party mates' Crons if you are on a Boss Quest with them.

When you first use Habitica each day, your Cron runs and you receive damage for any due Dailies you did not complete on the previous day. This can occur when you tick off your first task of the day or claim a Reward. However, it is not the task or Rewards that cause the damage; the damage merely occurs at the same time.

This Cron process can also be triggered while you sleep if you have left Habitica open in a browser on a running PC (e.g., if you leave yourself logged in at work overnight). The website auto-refreshes after six hours of inactivity and that will trigger Cron if the refresh occurs after your Custom Day Start time (midnight by default). When you first use Habitica the next day, you will see that your Health has been decreased due to your incomplete Dailies.

You can also take damage from your party mates' Crons if you are on a Boss Quest with them and if they did not complete their Dailies on their previous day. Because they could be in any timezone, this damage can occur at any time of day or night. When you next update Habitica with a task click of your own, the server sends you the latest update, including any damage from a party member. In other words; you didn't take damage from what you just clicked on; you took damage because someone else just logged in after not having completed all their Dailies. You can check your Party page to see who is responsible for the boss damaging the group. It is shown in the party chat as [Player] attacks [boss] for [X] damage, [boss] attacks party for [Y] damage.

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How do I find soap/eggs?[]

Soap and plain eggs are some of the possible collection items that need to be collected in collection quests. Similar to food, pet, and potion drops, they are dropped when you complete Dailies, To Do's, and positive Habits. However, while players do get an instant notification when they find a quest item, unlike the food, pet, and potion drops, a player does not know exactly what quest items they have collected until the next day (after a player's Cron has run) on the party page. On that page, they will see a tally of items that were collected from the previous day.

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What are the benefits of wearing armor?[]

Typically, equipment (armor and weapons) increase your stats. Class-specific equipment increases the primary and secondary stats of the class it's for. If you're below level 10 or haven't opted into the class system, the equipment available to you is Warrior equipment that will increase your Strength (STR) and Constitution (CON) stats. CON may be particularly helpful in the early levels because it helps reduce the health loss from incomplete Dailies and negative Habits.

Some equipment, like the Mystery Items available to subscribers, does not boost stats and is for appearances only. You can enable the "Use Costume" option to differentiate between battle gear, which is the equipment that affects your stats, and costume, which is what your avatar will appear to be wearing.

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Why do I need a new weapon?[]

Weapons are another type of equipment that can increase your stats. See What are the benefits of wearing armor? above.

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How do I change my equipment?[]

You can change which equipment your avatar is wearing under Inventory > Equipment. Note that, if you have the "Use Costume" option enabled, you will be able to wear two separate sets of equipment: "battle gear" affects your stats, and "costume" is what appears on your avatar.

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I died and lost a piece of gear. Can I get it back?[]

Never fear. Any piece of gear you lose due to dying is available for repurchase in the Market in the Equipment Section, though you may need to resync to see it. All items are recoverable, including limited edition seasonal gear. If you cannot find the item that you lost, try cycling through each item on the Class Sort.

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What is the Shade Armor?[]

You may see that some Habitica users have animated Shade armor. This was a special reward for the people who backed high-level tiers in Habitica's Kickstarter campaign, and it is not currently available through any other channel.

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I keep clicking on the Mystery Box, but I never get my items. How do I get them?[]

If you are experiencing this problem, reload the page while holding down your shift key. If that doesn't help, then clear your browser's cache and reload again (clear the cache, not just your browsing history). You will then find the Mystery Gift Box has been refilled or the items are in your inventory.

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RPG: Pets and Rewards[]

What does gold stand for?[]

Gold is earned by the completion of tasks. You can use gold to buy rewards for your labor, both custom rewards (such as watching an episode of your favorite TV program) or in-game rewards (such as health potions or equipment).

You can edit a custom reward (by clicking on the title of the reward or the white space around it) to change the price. You can also enter reward costs in decimals to designate a reward's value in decimal values. Thus, if you have a .25 GP "Eat cookie" reward and .5 gold, you can afford to eat two cookies.

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What are gems?[]

Gems are an in-game currency that can be purchased with real currency. If you love us, this is the easiest way to help us out!

Habitica has no wish to drain your pocket change, but those who use and appreciate the project can support us by turning real-world quarters into gems. In return for your generosity, you'll get to do many fun things like buying eggs to complement all those potion drops, food to grow a nice strong mount, and specialty hairstyles and backgrounds for your avatar to impress friend and foe alike!

In addition, while some quest scrolls are given to the player for free after achieving certain levels (15, 30, 45, and 60) or during special events, and a few can be purchased with gold, the majority of quest scrolls are only available as gem purchases. While you can participate in quests with your party without having any gems yourself, at least one person in your group will need to eventually have gems to purchase quest scrolls.

Creating a Tavern Challenge or a Guild also costs gems.

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How can I earn gems?[]

In addition to buying gems directly or becoming a subscriber, there are two other ways players can earn gems. However, these require a lot of effort:

1. Win a group challenge that has been set up by another player.

2. Contribute your skills to the Habitica project. (There is a 3-gem reward each for Contributor Tiers 1 through 3, then a 4-gem reward for each subsequent tier.)

Both methods require a lot of work. Challenges are also a less reliable way to obtain gems because only one player can receive the challenge reward.

It is also possible for players to gift gems or subscriptions to other players. For example, someone with gems may send you some to thank you for something you did, or to help enable you to start a guild or challenge that they're also interested in. Note, however, that asking other players for gems in chat or via private messaging is considered spamming and is forbidden under the Community Guidelines.

Gems are a thank-you for supporting the Habitica project, either by contributing your money or your time. For this reason, they cannot be "earned" through normal gameplay the way gold can.

Keep in mind that items purchased with gems do not offer any in-game advantages; they are just for fun. Habitica is not a pay-to-win game and gem purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game.

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I want a pet. How do I get one?[]

To hatch a pet, you will need to obtain both an egg and a hatching potion. There are two ways to get standard eggs and hatching potions: you can either find them through the random drop mechanic or buy them with gems. Spending gems is not necessary, however. There are other types of pet eggs that are not available through drops, but as rewards for completing pet quests.

Eggs and hatching potions can then be combined either in the Inventory > Items menu by clicking on the egg, then the potion to hatch it (or vice versa), or in the Inventory > Stable menu, where hatchable pets are indicated by a black pawprint.

Clicking on the pawprint will open a modal to click hatch (or cancel). The pet will then hatch and will appear on your inventory > stable. To display the pet with your avatar, click on it in the Pets tab. You can click again to remove it from your avatar. Pets can be changed as much as you like to suit your mood.

There are also some pets that require a different mechanic to obtain, such as the veteran pets for veteran users or the hydra for contributors (see Special Pets).

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Why isn't my egg hatching?[]

Unlike some games, where if you find an egg, it hatches after a certain period of time, Habitica's egg drops are not time-based; they only hatch when you pour a hatching potion over them, since the hatching potion sets the color of the pet that hatches out of the egg.

If you don't have any hatching potions yet, don't worry! Eggs in your inventory will never go bad, and sooner or later you'll get a potion as a drop if you keep completing tasks. Hatching potions can also be bought in the Market for gems.

After clicking the egg and the hatching potion, a confirmation pop-up will open. Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser so you can complete the confirmation process and hatch your egg.

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What are pets for?[]

Pets and mounts are decorative only (they appear next to, or are ridden by, your avatar), and do not contribute to your stats. Many Habiticans collect pets for the Beast Master achievement, which is to collect the 90 pets available to all members (9 egg types x 10 hatching potion colors = 90). Quest pets, which are typically only available using gems, do not count towards the Beast Master achievement.

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I haven't received a drop yet! When can I get one?[]

Item drops (food, hatching potions, and eggs) are unlocked at completing your second task, but your chances of getting one depend on several factors, including your Perception stat and the value of the tasks you complete. Quest drops are independent of item drops and can happen at any level. Both types of drops are only triggered by positive task clicks (positive Habits, Dailies, and To Do's); you can't get a drop off of a negative (-) Habit.

In general, redder tasks have a higher chance of dropping an item than less red tasks. This rewards focusing on your shortcomings more than your championed habits. However, the higher your streak on a Daily, the greater your drop chance gets, so you are also rewarded for consistency! For more details about how drop probability is calculated, see Drops.

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I'm getting more of one type of drop (potions, eggs, food) than any other! Why don't I get the other drops?[]

Some people get many more potions than eggs, and some experience the opposite. It's just luck of the draw — the system is completely random (30% eggs, 30% hatching potions, 40% food). Over a long enough time period, most people get the expected distribution. You can see the "randomDrop" function here, and an experiment conducted by a few community members on 1,000 drops showing expected results. If you still think the algorithm is wrong, take a look at that code and see if you can spot any mistakes.

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What are special pets?[]

Special pets are awarded on special occasions and can't be obtained through the normal pet mechanic. They also can't be fed, though some have related special mounts that can be obtained in similar ways to the special pets. A full list of special pets is available at the pets page.

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Which pets like which foods?[]

Any pet can eat any food and it won't hurt them, but they grow faster if you feed them what they like. You can figure it out yourself through trial and error, or you can read about Food Preferences here on the wiki.

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Will my pets die if I don't feed them?[]

Pets never require food, but most pets can be fed food drops until they grow into mounts, which do not need to be fed at all. Pets, like mounts, are purely aesthetic – they do not confer in-game bonuses of any sort. Once a pet grows into a mount, it is no longer listed as a pet, but you can hatch another pet of the type that just turned into a mount if you have the correct egg and hatching potion.

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RPG:Tavern/World Boss[]

How can I join or leave a world boss battle?[]

All active players automatically help battle world bosses. While there is no way to "opt out" of these quests, world bosses will never directly damage players or their inventory. For example, the first Rage Attack from The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory burned down the Tavern, but players were still able to chat there and pause damage.

Pausing Damage functions for world bosses the same way that it does for quest bosses; you do not contribute to damaging the world boss, but you do not increase its Rage bar by missing Dailies either. Pausing Damage is the closest equivalent to "opting out" of a world boss event.

World bosses occur only once or twice a year. Keep watching Bailey's announcements for more information.

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When will we have another world boss?[]

World boss quests are a rare event; when they occur, it will be during one of the Grand Galas. Refer to the World Bosses page for information about the timing of past world bosses.

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Your Avatar[]

How do I make my avatar female or male?[]

Characters/avatars do not have a specific gender. You can mix and match all the available avatar customizations to produce any appearance you like. See How do I customize my character's appearance? below.

Subquestion: "How do I get rid of the ponytail?" "How do I get rid of the flower in my avatar's hair?"[]

To change the default look for your character (it looks like flower and a ponytail to some folks), do the following:

  1. Open the User Menu in the upper right hand corner. Select Edit Avatar.
  2. Select the "Extra" group, and then the "Accent" subgroup. Choose the diagonal red line option on the left (none).
  3. Select the "Hair" group and the Style" subgroup. Choose the diagonal red line option on the left (none).
  4. Close the Edit Avatar dialog box.

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How do I customize my character's appearance?[]

Habitica provides several options to customize your character's appearance. They can be found by clicking on the User Icon > edit Avatar in the toolbar or on Avatar in the app menu.

Character appearance can be customized by body type, shirt design, accessories, hair color and style, and skin tone. Simply click on a design to apply it to your avatar. Designs with a dark grey background can only be obtained by purchasing them with gems, and some designs are only available for a limited time period.

Character appearance can be further customized once the equipment and inventory rewards become available. Selecting Use Costume under the Inventory → Equipment tab allows your character to wear any item you own without affecting their stats. Certain pieces of equipment, such as class and quest-specific rewards, are intended to give you a particularly special look.

You can contribute new designs for avatars by volunteering as a pixel artist on the Habitica Pixel Art Trello Board.

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My character is now a ghost, a snowman, a flower, or a starfish! How do I fix it?[]

Opaque potion

Don't panic; you're not actually a ghost, a snowman, a flower, or a starfish (aka sea creature). Someone in your party hit you with a Transformation Item. This could be a Spooky Sparkles potion (available during the Fall Festival), a Snowball (available during the Winter Wonderland), a Shiny Seed (available during Spring Fling), or Seafoam (available during Summer Splash).

It will wear off at your next Cron automatically, or you can get rid of it earlier by using an Opaque Potion if you're a ghost, Salt if you're a snowman, a Petal-free potion if you're a flower, or Sand if you're a starfish. These become available in your Rewards list only after you've been transformed.

The good news is that you get special Achievement badges from it. You get the Alarming Friends badge for Spooky Sparkles, the Annoying Friends badge for Snowballs, the Agricultural Friends badge for Shiny Seeds, and the Aquatic Friends badge for Seafoam.

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Browsers and Mobile Apps[]

Which browsers does Habitica support?[]

Currently, Habitica runs on:

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Safari (versions higher than 5.0.6)
  4. Most mobile browsers

While Habitica.com mostly supports Internet Explorer, there may be some compatibility issues, especially in older versions. For best results, use a different browser, such as Chrome. If you encounter any difficulties, let us know by going to the Habitica website and clicking on Help -> Report a Bug.

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Are there Mobile Apps?[]

Main article: Mobile

There are official mobile apps for Android and iOS.

There is an unofficial Windows Phone app, HabitRPG Metro.

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What are Loading Page Tips?[]

Loading page tips are randomly chosen tips that appear as the page is loading to help you use Habitica more efficiently and effectively!

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Social and Privacy[]

What are the Tavern Chat rules?[]

The Tavern chat can be located by clicking the "Guilds" button in the toolbar. Before your first post in the Tavern, you will be asked to agree to the Community Guidelines. These are in place to keep Habitica safe for users of all ages, so please read them, follow them, and be considerate.

The guidelines include no spam or offensive behavior (this includes swearing), but luckily the Habitica community has always been incredibly kind, polite, and helpful to each other. Let's continue to spread that positive attitude!

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How do I add friends?[]

While we encourage everybody to be friendly, there aren't "friends" in Habitica, per se. Instead of a "friends list", you could join a party or a guild (or both!). You can learn more about each of them and how they differ below!

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Parties vs Guilds: What's the difference?[]

Parties and guilds are similar (both have Tavern-style chat rooms and challenges), but have key differences:

Parties Guilds
Purpose Parties are best for smaller, close-knit groups or accountability partnerships. Your party members appear on the right side of the header. Guilds are well suited to interest groups, such as students (Scholars) or new players (Habitica Help: Ask a Question). Guilds can be an important source of help, advice, and information since they often include experienced and helpful members.
Motivation Party members are able to visually monitor each other's progress. This provides positive peer pressure to stay productive. Party members can assist each other by casting healing and stat-enhancing skills. Parties can quest together, which encourages solidarity due to incurred damage affecting the entire party. Guild discussions will often contain questions, motivation, success stories, and topical discussion. An active guild often has productivity challenges and discussions about how to succeed at them. Guilds cannot quest together.
Membership Players can be a member of only one party. Large parties can cause performance issues. Parties are private. Guilds can support large membership rolls. Players can join multiple guilds. Guilds may be private or public.
Cost There is no cost to creating a party. Forming a guild costs four gems.

Players can participate in either or both! If you share the game with friends or family, joining a party together can be a good way to encourage motivation and accountability. If you want support with a particular goal, you might join a guild (e.g. the Chronic Illness, Stop Smoking, or Get Fit guilds). If you're already in a party but wish to share tasks with your co-workers, you can create a private guild for your team. You can also join or create guilds for groups that you participate in elsewhere, which may have very active and helpful communities.

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How do I join a Guild?[]

In the Header, click Guilds for the dropdown menu. You will see "Tavern" "My Guilds" and "Discover Guilds". My Guilds shows you guilds you have already joined for easy access. Discover Guilds shows you a list of all the public guilds that are available. Each guild listing can have a short summary description of what the guild is about, and clicking the green Join button joins that guild. Clicking on the name or summary space opens the guild chat. You'll find a longer description, challenges and perhaps useful links on the sidebar. There is no limit to the number of guilds you can join. Once you join a guild, its name appears in your My Guilds page.

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Is there a Newbies Guild I can join?[]

The Habitica Help: Ask a Question is a particularly good guild for newbies. It is a guild where all Habiticans can ask questions of or help out fellow members, though most of the time asking questions in the Tavern works just as well.

Please don't post the same question to both the Help Guild and the Tavern at the same time; you will almost always get an answer in both places which means you will have doubled the amount of time that people have spent to help you.

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Why join a party?[]

Parties provide a means of motivation as you work toward your goals. You can share ideas, encouragement, experiences and advice by chatting in a more private setting than the Tavern or guilds.

Competition: Seeing your party members display in-game rewards (such as pets, weapons, armor) may add interest and challenge you to find some more tasks to complete. You can also challenge your party to work toward common goals—also helpful for family members and co-workers.

Accountability: The threat of embarrassment if the members of your party can see you dying and/or the grief they give you can motivate you to get back on track. "Dude, I've already collected 10 feathers — get your act together."

Cooperation: You can join quests with your party. Use the Class System to boost your party with a buff. "I healed you, you're good now — finish your Dailies :)"

If you begin to lose steam playing solo, try social accountability and encouragement to help your self-improvement soar.

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Can others see my tasks?[]

Other players cannot see the Habits, Dailies, To Do's, and custom Rewards that you create in your own task lists. They can see any tasks you have that came from Challenges or Group Plans.

If you join a Challenge (created by yourself or by anyone else), the Challenge tasks, your progress in them, and any notes or checklists that you add to them are visible to some or all other players. If the Challenge is hosted in a Party or private Guild, then only members of that Party/Guild can see the your Challenge tasks. If the Challenge is hosted anywhere else, any player can potentially see all the details of your Challenge tasks.

If you are a member of a Party or private Guild that has a Group Plan, then the Group's leader and managers can create tasks that can be shared by all Group members. Anyone in that Group can potentially see all of those tasks, your progress in them, and any notes or checklist items that you add to them.

Habitica's Staff are able to see any of your tasks by searching in Habitica's database. This includes tasks that you created in your own task lists. However, they will only look at your tasks if they need to do so to investigate an issue that you have reported to them.

If you share your Habitica password or API Token with anyone, then that person can see all details of all of your tasks. You should never share your password or API Token.

Task information in Habitica is not encrypted. You should not add anything to Habitica that needs to be kept completely private, such as passwords. Back to Top

How can I find and/or contact someone on Habitica?[]

Users are usually identified by their nicknames, or display names, on Habitica*.

  • If you know someone's nickname there are several options to contact them.
  1. by putting a message in the Tavern's or a guild's chat addressing a person in the form of @nickname. More information is available on the page about the chat features.
  2. sending a private message, or PM to a person you want to contact. In order to do so you should first access the Private Messaging system from their Profile by clicking their name: in the Tavern's or a guild's chat, list of a Party members, participants of a Challenge or the Hall of Heroes.
  • If you can't find a place where you can meet the person you're looking for, you may try your luck using real-world search engines, social media, and messaging services.
  • You should only contact a Staff member with questions about other users in case of reasonable emergency, because they generally cannot provide any additional information. Respecting users' privacy is one of the key points in Habitica.

* Please note: players can change their display names whenever they like. Moreover, display names are not meant to be unique on Habitica. So it may be wise to check the Profile of someone you've just found and believe you would like to contact before actually sending a message to them.

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Can I make a single task list for two users?[]

It is currently not possible to make a task or a task list so that if one user checks off a task, all the other users included will also have it checked off. You can share tasks with other players in a group by making a challenge. Each participant will have an independent copy of the challenge tasks, but it is possible to view each other's progress on the tasks.

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User Settings[]

You access your settings by going to the User Icon > Settings.

I saw something called User ID under Settings. What is it?[]

Your user ID is a large hex number that represents you in the database (e.g. d125bb53-d0b3-4a2f-83d5-3d500fc1e4ce). You need this if you want to join a party or if you need a developer to fix your account. You can find somebody else's User ID near the top of their profile, which you can access by clicking on their name from various parts of the site (e.g. in chat, in the member/participant list of a group or challenge, or in the Hall of Heroes), or on their avatar if they are in your party. You can find your own user ID on the website under Settings > API, or on the app under Menu > Settings > Account Details.

The other hex number here is your API Token. Sharing this publicly could grant unwanted access to your account. Treat it as you would a password.

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How do I switch from Google or Apple authentication to Username and password?[]

To add "local" authentication (Username + password) to your existing Google or Apple-authenticated account, go to Settings > Site and follow the instructions for "Add local authentication". Afterwards, you'll see an option to "Detach Google" or "Detach Apple" from your account if you desire.

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Username and email not recognized[]

The most common situation is that users signed up with Google or Apple, not with Username/password (local auth). Try logging in with Google/Apple — we often hear "trust me, I didn't register with Goog- oh, never mind." Presently, you can't tie the two accounts together (see FAQ above), so they're treated as separate accounts if you registered with both.

Next (you're sure you didn't register with Google or Apple), make sure your Username is exact. That includes spaces, capitalization, punctuation, etc. Many users have registered with a Username like Johny M. Wilbert. For one reason or another, they entered something other than their usual Username (e.g., jmwilbert), and are surprised when they find their Username to be as above — which needs to be entered exactly. If you can't remember your Username, try using your email address to log in instead.

If neither of these works, send an email to admin@habitica.com. Send your User ID (UID) if you have it. If you don't, send something to look you up by — some task title that's super unique to your account, capitalization and everything.

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I turned on the Daniel the Bard Audio Theme, but I can't hear any music. Is this a bug?[]

No, it isn't. You might think that Daniel would have a theme song or ambient music for the Inn, but what the Audio Theme setting actually does is play sound cues when certain events occur. Try clicking off a task and you'll see.

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What timezone do my Dailies use?[]

Dailies reset based on your device's timezone, not the server's. When you first load the webpage, it asks "is this user's timezone up-to-date?" (a.k.a., have they just started playing, or are they in a different timezone than usual?). If not, update their timezone automatically. Then the server will run day roll-over when you make your first request in the morning, using your own timezone.

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How do I find the email address I used to register?[]

On the website, go to User Icon > Settings -> Site (direct link). Your email address is listed in the Registration section. On Android and iOS, it can be found at Menu > Settings > Authentication.

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I can't login anymore using Facebook/Google/Apple. What happened to Facebook/Google/Apple login?[]

  • Facebook: As of May 2, 2022, the option for authentication via Facebook was removed. More details on how to set up an alternative login method are available in the April 28, 2022 Whats New.
  • Google: If you have successfully logged in using Google in the past, but now you can't, it's probably a browser issue. When you click on the button to log in via Google, it tries to open a pop-up window, so make sure that your pop-up blocker isn't stopping it from appearing. If that's not what happened, then ad blocking software might be at fault - try disabling it or whitelisting Habitica, then reloading the page.
  • Apple: If you have successfully logged in using Apple in the past, but now you can't, it's probably a browser issue. When you click on the button to log in via Apple, it tries to redirect you to a new page, so make sure your browser isn't blocking redirects somehow. If that's not what happened, then ad blocking software might be at fault - try disabling it or whitelisting Habitica, then reloading the page. If it still doesn't work, try going directly to this page and logging in there.

If you're trying to log in using Google or Apple, and have not ever logged using that service before, then it's likely that the login for that service hasn't been enabled. An explanation for how to fix that is available on the Settings page.

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The Habitica main site is completely down/I'm behind a firewall that doesn't let me get to Habitica. Is there a backup site?[]

There are currently no alternative sites that are recommended for normal use. Please see Outage Instructions for information during a site outage.

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How do I support Habitica?[]

Aww, thanks for asking!

The easiest ways to support Habitica are to buy gems or subscribe. In the navigation bar, you will see your gems. Click on them, and you will have the option to support Habitica by buying some. If you're on the website, there will also be an option to subscribe, which includes the ability to buy gems with gold.

You can use your gems to buy many different items and options, including:

Gem prices are currently in US Dollars.

You can also help fund the development of Habitica by using a group plan.

If you aren't able to support Habitica financially or you've already done so and want to help more, you can also contribute to Habitica.

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What are the benefits of subscribing?[]

A subscription includes the following:

  • Purchase gems with gold.
  • Retain more task history entries from the start of your subscription.
  • Double your daily drop cap.
  • Limited-edition Mystery Items (do not increase stats).
  • A special Royal Purple Jackalope pet for first-time subscriber.
  • And, of course, the money helps to keep Habitica running!

(Mystery Items are revealed during the first three days of each month. Non-subscribers can subscribe at any time during the month to receive that month's items.)

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How do I cancel my subscription?[]

Many users contact us via email to cancel their subscription; however, the correct method is to cancel through the website, as there are backend scripts which can't be run by the admins. Go to Subscription and click "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of the page.

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How can I get involved?[]

We need all the help we can get! Check out Contributing to Habitica for more information.

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Who are the Staff members?[]

The employees of Habitica are listed on the staff page. You can learn more about them, and meet some of Habitica's most devoted and prolific community contributors, in the Staff Spotlight feature on the Habitica blog.

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Who are the NPCs?[]

The Habitica NPCs are the highest-tier backers of the Kickstarter, who were rewarded for their patronage by becoming Non-Player Characters in our fair land. You can read about them in Characters in Habitica and in the Meet the NPCs blog series.

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How can you keep releasing awesome content while working on bugs?[]

Short answer: we can do both, thanks to the great and varied community of contributors to Habitica's open source project! But the hardest problems take extra time to solve.

Habitica is a community endeavor, and at the moment, almost entirely unpaid. People who work on the site are volunteering their time and energy, on top of other commitments like day jobs, because they're fans of the site and want to see it succeed!

There are many people around with the skills to make fun little additions like artwork, write wiki pages, and fix typos and other small bugs. There are far fewer expert contributors who can diagnose and fix errors deep in the site's code, or track down bugs that happen only sporadically or for a limited number of users. Don't despair: those experts are putting in all the power they can to taking care of the nastiest bugs! While they're at it, you'll continue to see little fixes and additions contributed by people who want to pitch in but aren't up to the task of tackling the thorniest issues.

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