There are several official and user-created apps, tools, user styles, userscripts, browser extensions, and bookmarklets that can be used to customize the appearance and functionality of Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG) and related websites. Below you will find a sortable list with a brief description of each item, as well as a link to its wiki page.

Creating Third-Party Tools

If you're a developer interested in building third-party tools using the Habitica API or creating userstyles, you're welcome to join the ranks of Comrades of Habitica. You can learn more on the Guidance for Comrades page. Come and share your ideas and tools at the Aspiring Comrades guild.

Type Key

Type Explanation
Alt Interface An alternative means of interacting with your Habitica data.
Integration A program that allows Habitica to interact with a third-party program or app.
Display Customization Changes the way the official Habitica website appears for the user.
Display Customization - Stylus Changes the way the official Habitica website appears for the user, using Stylus, Greasemonkey, or a similar tool.
Display Customization - UserScript Changes the way the official Habitica website appears for the user, using a UserScript.
Reporting Displays your Habitica data to you, but does not allow you to interact with it directly.
CLI Command Line Interface; Can be run from a command prompt without a coding environment.
API Application Programming Interface; A set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software and applications.

Current Apps and Extensions

Name Type Platform Description
Android Pomodoro Integration Integration Javascript Tasker scripts and instructions to integrate the "Clockwork Tomato" Pomodoro timer for Android devices with Habitica using Tasker-habitrpg.
Anki Extension Alt Interface Browser with Flash Anki is a free, open source flash card program that allows you to rate cards' difficulties and utilizes spaced repetition to show you cards just as you're about to forget them, thus optimizing learning efficiency.
Anti-Potions Integration Google Apps Script Gain 25 GP by losing 30 MP (Draining Potion), 15 HP (Fatiguing Potion), or 150 XP (Stupefying Potion).
Athelinde's Dark Habitica Style Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Restyles interface with dark to black color scheme. Condenses task list and buttons.
Batch create sub-tasks Alt Interface Browser Batch create sub-tasks is a third-party website used to create multiple subtasks in detail without having to write it directly from Habitica. It requires your User ID and your API token.
Beeminder Integration Browser Integration with Beeminder, which tracks your progress for any goal that can be measured with a number and reminds you. Lets you pledge real life money to Habits and Tasks that keeps you accountable by taking it away if you continuously fail to do it.
Bookmarklets Reporting Browser (most) Simple JavaScript to add to your bookmarks to hide system messages in party chat and create links in Markdown.
Bulk Feed Pets Tool Alt Interface Browser (most) A tool that helps you bulk feed and hatch your pets. It will also allow you to bulk sell your items, analyze your pets and item collection plus more.
Challenge Data Tool Alt Interface Browser (most) Data analysis tool for selecting a Challenge winner. Has in-depth statics of members, and task clicks with options of PMing participants and gifting gems if challenge owner.
Challenge Data Wrangler Alt Interface Python Data analysis tool for quickly selecting a Challenge winner. It treats the challenge like a multi-event sporting competition where the winner is the participant with the highest average place across all tasks.
Chat Extension Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) Alternative Web chat client for Habitica
Click Through Task Notifications Style Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Allows you to click items behind task-related notification bubbles when they are on the screen, so that you don't have to wait for all your notifications to disappear before accessing your guild or party notifications or user menu or creating a task.
Condense Habitica chat Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Except IE, Edge, Safari) Condenses messages in Habitica chatrooms–the Tavern, your party, and all guilds–to conserve screen space. Adds a scrollbar to long messages. Inspired by sonnet73’s now defunct Habitica Condense Chats user style.
Cron Helper Alt Interface Browser Allows you to take care of all of your accidentally unchecked task entries, even though Habitica's Cron time has already expired.
Data Display Tool Reporting Browser (most) Shows you certain information from your Habitica account, including: Task Overview, Task Statistics, Tasks Untagged, Habit History, Habit Trends, Dailies History, Dailies Incomplete, To Do's with Dates, To Do's Completed, Drops Received Today, Quest Progress, Damage from Dailies, Stats and Streaks Backup, Unallocated Points, Missing Equipment, Current Appearance and Gear, Equipment Recommendations, Skills and Buffs.
Data Display Tool White on Black Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) CSS style for the Data Display Tool. Shows white text on black background, with grey charts.
DeepDark Habitica Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) CSS style that redesigns Habitica pages based on the DeepDark Firefox/Thunderbird Theme.
Diatica Alt Interface Java A tool to control your account via voice commands. Aimed for use in cases where user has little time and wants to know quickly what can be done.
Emacs Extension for Habitica Alt Interface Emacs (MELPA) Emacs extension to view, add and update tasks for Habitica.
Experience Potion and Mana Potion Integration Google Apps Script Creates Custom Rewards for Experience Potion (pay 25 GP, gain 150 XP) and/or Mana Potion (pay 25 GP, gain 30 MP).
Final Data VII Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) CSS style for the Data Display Tool based on the Final Fantasy VII menu system aesthetic.
GitHub Integration Integration Python (Heroku) Score a Habitica Task when GitHub commits are pushed. Uses the Heroku platform.
Github RPG Integration Python (Heroku) Creates Habitica To Do tasks from Github issues. The service is deployed on the Heroku platform.
Gnothi Integration Browser Show correlations between Habitica tasks. Eg "Sleep is most affected by caffeine and exercise." Gnothi is a personal journal which uses AI to provide insights and resources; the Habitica integration is one feature.
Google Apps Script Integration Google Apps Script A collection of Google Apps Scripts that allow you to bulk attack boss with skills, bulk buy from the Enchanted Armoire, auto Cron, auto accept quests, auto force-start quests, auto cast party buffs, auto schedule To Do's to be created, auto bulk remove Habitica emails, auto change pet and mount randomly, change to a saved costume/pet/mount/background, play one of the Subclasses, use Experience Potions, Mana Potions or Anti-Potions, and Swap HP or XP for MP.
Habash CLI Bash A (very minimal) Habitica terminal client written entirely in Bash.
Habit History Connector Reporting Google DataStudio Connector to allow Google DataStudio to create reports based on Habit and Daily history.
HabitCalendar Reporting Browser Uses netlify to display To Do's and a month of Tasks in a calendar view.
Habitica All-Yellow Tasks Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) A style that makes all tasks yellow, unless they are completed, not due (grey), or rewards
Habitica Api-Helper Tool API Javascript An app for displaying Habitica Data and manually interacting with Habitica's API. Webhooks can be saved and deleted. Links to "How to process webhooks with Google-Apps-Script".
Habitica Compact/Light Header Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Condenses the header and makes it light grey. Removes party-related content from header.
HabiticaMagicJS API Javascript Javascript API wrapper for the Habitica API (V3) that make accessing Habitica's returned API data convenient.
Habitican Randomizer API Browser Allows random selection of costume, equipment, pets, mounts, backgrounds, equipment purchases, and party transformations.
Habitipy Command-line Tool and API Client CLI, API Python A set of scripts to interact with Habitica. Python wrapper for the RESTful Habitica API and command-line interface with subcommands.
Habitica Dismounted Style Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Tired of riding your mounts? Dismount them for awhile! Note that this style modification dismounts every avatar, not just you.
Habitica Highly Customizable Navbar Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Except IE, Edge) A style that gives you the ability to hide any button in the header other than the sync button or the user menu button (though you can hide anything under the user menu other than the settings and logout buttons).
Habitica Launcher (Chrome Extension) Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) A simple extension for Google Chrome that opens your Habitica dashboard.
Habitica Lite + Email Alt Interface Browser A Google Script that allows you to manage your tasks via email or in a simple, fast loading web page that works in any browser. It can create tasks from Google Calendar events.
Habitica Magic Wand Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) A Chrome Extension that automatically does certain things when Habitica is loaded or refreshed.
Habitica SitePass Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera) A website blocker that plugs into Habitica and limits you from visiting websites that you decide. You can opt to visit these sites by spending gold.
Habitica Pomodoro SiteKeeper Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera) Originally forked from Habitica SitePass repository, with some bug fixes, functional improvements, and many added features. Main added feature: a fully customizable Pomodoro timer with website blocker and mobile notifications.
Habitica Tags: Level Up Display Customization - UserScript Browser (except IE, Edge) A fork of the Tags Always Visible script that adds additional features including hiding challenge tags, auto-selecting tags, parent and child tags, and mutually exclusive tags.
Habitica-Todo CLI Python This is intended to be a two-way sync of Habitica and Todoist. Any tasks that can't be found in both services should appear on the others, with the same status. If you complete a task on one service, it should appear as completed on another. Tasks that are created on Habitica should be sent to the 'Inbox' project on Todoist.
Habitica To-Do action for IFTTT Integration Browser (IFTTT website) An application that allows IFTTT users to add items to their To Do list in Habitica via the IFTTT trigger(s) of choice.
Habitica ToDo Chrome Extension Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera) Provides users with a shortcut to add current webpages to their To Do list.
Habitica Webhook Editor Alt Interface Browser An alternative editor for Habitica webhooks which includes all of the webhook options that are missing from the main site as well as workarounds for bugs in the webhook API.
Habitica utilities CLI Bash A script for automating tasks such as quest acceptance and cron
Habitican Curse CLI Python (MacOS, Linux, Windows) A terminal application for performing basic Habitica functions, allowing you to edit tasks, dailies, and habits. Party quests can also be interacted with.
Habitican Wardrobes Alt Interface Browser Store your favorite costumes, equip effective battle gear and bulk cast skills.
HabitiFit Integration Browser A small, one-page web application that combines FitBit tracking data and Habitica Habits.
HabitRPG Calendar Display Customization Browser Takes your To Do's from Habitica and displays them in calendar format.
HabitRPG CLI Client - PHP CLI PHP A CLI client for HabitRPG created using the HabitRPHPG PHP library.
HabitRPG Metro Alt Interface Windows App A windows app to access Habitica that can be used on PC or Phone
Hide Habitica Columns Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Except IE, Edge) Hide/remove any task columns. Customized to respond to any number of columns removed.
Hide Habitica Header Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Except IE, Edge) Hides the entire banner of character and party information.
Hide System Messages in Party on Habitica Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) Hides system messages (i.e. skill casts, quest progress, avatar transformations) in your party.
Home Assistant Integration Integration Python Enables you to track name, level, class, gold, XP / next level XP, HP / max HP, and mana / max mana in Home Assistant (Hass).
Inbox Display & Export Tool Alt Interface Browser (most) A tool to show, manage and export the contents of all the messages in your inbox along with information such as the sender's User ID and username, date/time posted, and whether you were the one who sent the message. Has the ability to send and delete messages.
Integromat Integration Browser Integromat is an integration service like IFTTT, Zapier and so on. By Integromat, Habitica and other services will be connected using webhooks. No coding required!
Low Constitution Mode Integration Google Apps Script Press the button to drop your CON to 1 if you want a greater challenge by taking more damage from Habits/Dailies (it's an anti-buff and so wears off at Cron). Press the button again to exit that mode.
MMM-HabiticaStats Reporting MagicMirror A MagicMirror² module for viewing Habitica player status in your smart mirror or wall display.
Microsoft Flow Integration Browser, iOS, Android Microsoft Flow allows non-technical users to connect different web apps with each other, such as email, task management and social media. While not tailored specifically to Habitica, Microsoft Flow includes an HTTP service that can be used to communicate with Habitica via its API .
Mobile App for Android: Habitica Alt Interface Android The official Habitica Android mobile app.
Mobile App for iOS: Habitica Alt Interface iOS The official Habitica iOS mobile app.
Multi PM - Workflow Extension Integration iOS A tool that allows a person to send a message to multiple user IDs through Workflow.
OmniRPG Integration AppleScript AppleScript that counts the number of tasks completed over the last day within OmniFocus, then sends it to a set Habit within Habitica.
Org-Mode Integration EmacsLisp This is a quick hack to integrate org-mode and Habitica.
Party & Guild Data Tool Reporting Browser (most) A tool that helps you analyze what is going on in your guild or party.
Party Progress Info Reporting Browser Helps decide what next Quest Pet the party should handle. Shows Pet Progress per Party. Easily share the url with your party, no api passwords needed.
Pebble Watch App: Habitica Tasks Alt Interface Pebble Access your Habitica tasks and mark them as completed on your Pebble watch.
Phobia Protection Extension Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Hides pets, mounts, quest bosses, equipment, and backgrounds displaying bees, beetles, dragons, rats, snakes, spiders, skeletons, and/or zombies on the website so that players with phobias about those creatures can use the site with safety.
Productive Game 2 - Trees Integration OSX, Linux, Windows App and Browser A timer/pomodoro/timeboxing app created in Unity, that creates a tree for each successful timer, with built-in Habitica habit scoring. Heavily influenced by the Forest APP. Under active development.
Push Todos with Duedates to Top Script CLI Python Moves active To Do's with due dates to the top of the To Do list (excluding To Do's with future due dates)
Shrink Your Habitica Tasks Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Condenses the task list and eliminates the search bar.. Notes are hidden until hover.
Simple View/Hide the Gamification Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Hiding all the gamification elements including the warning when you are in the inn.
Slack Chat Integration Integration Browser Send and receive messages between a Habitica chat and a Slack channel.
Swap HP or XP for MP Integration Google Apps Script Creates a custom skill that allows players to pay 5 HP for 10 MP, or pay 50 XP for 10 MP.
Tags Always Visible Display Customization - UserScript Browser (except IE, Edge) Displays your tags permanently above your tasks and lets you use them without needing to click on the "Tags" button
Task Adjustor Alt Interface Browser A webpage, maintained by a Habitica mod, that displays your tasks and allows you to modify some of their settings, such as difficulty, tags, dates, and attributes. The tool is intended for making similar changes to several tasks at once.
Tasker-habitrpg Integration Javascript A Javascript and example scripts that empower the Android Tasker application to interact with Habitica's API.
Tasks-habitica Alt Interface Javascript Allows users to view and interact with their To Do's through a browser window running javascript.
Things-bitica CLI Bash A simple script to create Habitica To Do's from tasks completed in Things within the last 24 hours. More improvements to come.
Todoist Sync Integration NodeJS Command-line client for syncing your Todoist tasks to Habitica.
To-Do Overs Alt Interface Browser Create To Do's that are automatically re-created upon completion.
Toggl Integration Browser Integrates the Toggl timer service with HabitRPG.
Trello-Habitica Integration Browser You can keep your Trello cards in sync with Habitica using this Power-Up. No coding is required; just fill in the form and you're all set!
Zapier Integration Browser With this Habitica App Integration you are able to integrate with any other Zapier Integration Apps, like Google Sheets, Rescue time, Evernote, Trello, Github etc and either perform actions in other apps based on information occurring in Habitica, or vice versa.
Habitica System Messages Cleaner Extension Display Customization Browser This extension hides Habitica system messages within a party chat (e.g., spells, boss damage, etc.) to improve your communication experience. The change is only temporary and is undone as soon as the extension is deactivated and the page is updated. The extension is designed to be easily installed and it is compatible with Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Opera, and Brave Web Browsers.

No Longer Maintained / Old Apps & Extensions

Show/Hide the No Longer Maintained / Old table
Name Type Platform Description
A Gentler, Purpler Habitica Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Changes the task color scheme from the range of cool to hot colors to a range of shades of purple. Creates a consistent palette and may be less stressful.
Alpha Habitedex Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Gotta Hatch'em All! Find 270 fully animated Pokémon (plus hidden shinies!) all while staying productive! *Designed for use in conjunction with Final Habitica VII.
Boss Button CSS Extension Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Hides all the gamified Habitica images to leave a professional impression. Runs on Stylus and may be easier to install than the Boss Button Extension.
Boss Button Extension Display Customization Browser (Chrome, Opera) Hides all the gamified Habitica images to leave a professional impression.
Chrome Extension Integration Browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) Monitors browsing habits to motivate users to stay focused. Users lose Health Points for lingering on bad websites, and gain Experience Points and Gold Points for using good websites. The Chrome Extension also allows users to set the hours and days of the week that need to be productive and integrate browsing habits with HabitRPG to improve overall productivity.
Dark Energy Theme Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) CSS Style that replaces almost every element on every page with a darker counterpart.
Final Habitica VII Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) CSS style that redesigns Habitica pages based on the Final Fantasy VII menu system aesthetic.
Firefox Extension Integration Browser Monitors your browsing habits to divvy points to your Habitica character.

Lose Health Points for lingering on bad websites, gain Experience Points and Gold Points for hanging out on good websites. Set the hours when you want to be productive and integrate your browsing habits with Habitica to improve your overall productivity.

GitHabit - GitHub Webhooks Integration Javascript GitHabit is a way to make work done on GitHub count for daily Habits on Habitica. This helps keep developers motivated by automatically counting contributions towards leveling up, and can be easily set up to be used with multiple repositories on GitHub.
Google Calendar Integration Linux Script Integration ShellCode Imports your Google Calendar events for tomorrow into your Habitica To Do's.
Habitica Condense Chats Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Dramatically condenses party/guild chats so that less scrolling is required.
Habitica Darker style Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) This is a simple CSS modification that can be installed via Stylus.
Habitica Dark Theme Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) A theme that changes the Habitica UI to something more comfortable to the eye, especially at night.
HabitRPG .NET Simple Client API Windows (.Net) Simple .NET HabitRPG Client Library.
HabitRPG Android client Alt Interface Android Deprecated unofficial "HabitRPG" mobile app by MagicMicky. They are no longer recommended for use. They have been replaced by the new Mobile App for Android: Habitica
HabitRPG deprecated official Mobile Client Alt Interface Android, IOS Deprecated official "HabitRPG" mobile apps. They are no longer recommended for use. They have been replaced by new apps:
HabitRPG Interactive Alt Interface Browser (Chrome, Opera) Open source chromium extension that allows you to easily view and interact with your Habitica lists without having to go directly to the page.
HabitRPG Java Client API Java HabitRPG Java Client is very simple to use!
HabitRPG-CLI - Windows CLI Windows A Windows application written in AutoIT that allows you to send an "up" or "down" message for a habit through the HabitRPG API.
HabitRPGApplet Alt Interface Cinnamon (Linux desktop environment) An applet for Cinnamon (Linux desktop environment) that will let you access your Dailies from the panel.
Hide Reward Items Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) A simple CSS style that hides reward items on the tasks page.
Hide Task Options Display Customization - Stylus Browser (Except IE, Edge) Removes the tags, search bar, and extra Add Task button, freeing up vertical display space.
Hrpg Command Line CLI Perl Command-line client for Habitica. Supports viewing status, listing tasks by types, creation of new tasks, scoring tasks up or down (incrementing/decrementing), unticking all Dailies, API debugging, and more.
Join Challenge Form Alt Interface Browser This form provided a workaround for habitica Issue #1471 (now closed).
Large Print Habit Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) A simple CSS style that increases the font size for many aspects (but not all) of Habit and increases the size of emoji. It is easy to adjust if an even larger font is needed.
Merfy's HabitRPG: Custom Compact Edition Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Stylus CSS add on that allows Hide completed Dailies, Display compact Dailies, To Do's and Habits, Hide unused task controls, Hide tags, Animate avatars, mounts, and pets, Change the header background, Change the task area background, Lighten text (for dark backgrounds), Remove game-like images for work-safe environments.
Mount Fade Out Extension Display Customization Browser A UserScript that causes mounts to temporarily disappear when you hover your mouse over an avatar.
Munin Plugins Integration PHP Plugins for Munin to graph users' XP, HP, MP, GP, open Tasks and open Dailies.
NotificaBot Integration Netlify A bot that notifies Habiticans by private message when they are mentioned in chat
Habitica PHP API Wrapper Integration PHP A PHP wrapper for Habitica's API V2
PHP Character Widget Reporting PHP A widget displaying a player's user name, current appearance and select stats (level, class, health, XP and mana) that can be placed on the player's own website.
PlanHW Integration Browser A homework planner for the modern student, including natural language recognition.
QuickToDo Alt Interface Windows A simple Windows application that allows users to quickly add To Do's to Habitica without having to visit the website or use the mobile apps.
Remember the Milk Sync CLI Javascript Command-line client for importing your Remember the Milk tasks into your HabitRPG To Do's. When you complete your HabitRPG To Do's and run the client again, it marks those tasks complete in Remember the Milk! Start getting XP for completing those tasks, and stop entering them manually!
Remove Group Damage Notifications Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Hides damage and buff notifications in the Party chat. BUG: Also hides any chat messages in which the current user has been tagged (with the @username markup). This bug cannot be resolved at the moment.
Reverse To-Dos Color Theme Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Changes Yellow-Red color sequence in To Do's to a more soothing Yellow-Blue sequence.
Spider Squisher Extension Display Customization Browser (Chrome, Opera) A Chrome extension that squished spiders and rats so that you don't have to see them. The extension hid spider and rat images on the old site only. It does not work on the new site.See: Phobia Protection Extension
Ultra Compact Animated Style Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) A restyling of the Habitica site focused on maximizing your screen real-estate.
Unscroll Habitica Chat Messages Display Customization - Stylus Browser (except IE, Edge) Allows for long messages in Parties, Guilds, and Tavern Chat to take up to 600 pixels in height, so you can read more of the entire post without the limited scrolling area that Habitica uses by default.
Webservice::HabitRPG - Perl API API Perl A full-featured Perl interface for Habitica.
WunderHabit - Wunderlist Extension Integration Browser Level up in Habitica by completing To Do's in Wunderlist.
Wordpress Plugin Reporting Browser A widget displaying a player's user name, current appearance and select stats (level, class, health, XP and mana) that can be placed on the player's own website.
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