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Emacs extension to view, add and update tasks for Habitica.


Install from MELPA with

M-x package-install habitica
or load the file habitica.el.

In both cases, you have to set your Habitica user id and token as:

(setq habitica-uid "123")
(setq habitica-token "456")
You can find your uid and token by following the instructions here.


To see your tasks, call

M-x habitica-tasks


Place your cursor on the task

  • C-x t n => new task
  • C-x t t => cycle todo/done
  • C-x t + => + a habit
  • C-x t - => - a habit
  • C-x t d => set deadline (due date)
  • C-x t i => set difficulty
  • C-x t D => delete the task
  • C-x t b => buy reward
  • C-x t g => refresh


If you want to try highlighting tasks based on their value

(setq habitica-turn-on-highlighting t)
This is very experimental.

Streak count

If you want the streak count to appear as a tag for your Dailies

(setq habitica-show-streak t)