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Players have the option of hatching Eggs using hatching potions to obtain pets. The type of potion used on the egg determines the color/theme of the pet (e.g., use a Desert potion on a Wolf egg to hatch a Desert Wolf).

Egg Item Drop.png

After a player has completed their second task, they unlock the ability to randomly receive eggs as drops when they complete Habits, Dailies, and To Do's. In addition, players can buy eggs from the Market with gems.

Players can sell extra eggs for gold. Detailed instructions for how to do so in a browser or the mobile app are available here.

Generation 1 Eggs[]

The following eggs are available as drops. They can also be purchased in the Market for 3 gems each, and extras can be sold for 3 GP each. Each egg has an equal probability of dropping.

Pet Egg BearCub.png Bear Cub
Pet Egg Cactus.png Cactus
Pet Egg Dragon.png Dragon
Pet Egg FlyingPig.png Flying Pig
Pet Egg Fox.png Fox
Pet Egg LionCub.png Lion Cub
Pet Egg PandaCub.png Panda Cub
Pet Egg TigerCub.png Tiger Cub
Pet Egg Wolf.png Wolf

Quest Eggs[]

Quest eggs (also known as V2 eggs or Gen2 eggs) are obtained by completing specific quests. They were introduced in early 2014. The table is hidden to avoid possible spoilers.

Like other eggs, extras of these can be sold in the Market for 3 GP apiece. They can also be bought for 3 gems each, but only after the player has completed the relevant quest.

An exception to this is the Plain egg, which cannot be bought; the only way to obtain a Plain egg is by completing the Egg Hunt quest, for which scrolls are only available during Spring Fling.

Show/Hide the Quest Eggs table

Eggs Quest
Pet Egg Gryphon.png
Gryphon The Fiery Gryphon
Pet Egg Hedgehog.png
Hedgehog The Hedgebeast
Pet Egg Deer.png
Deer The Spirit of Spring
Pet Egg Egg.png
Egg Egg Hunt
Pet Egg Rat.png
Rat The Rat King
Pet Egg Octopus.png
Octopus The Call of Octothulu
Pet Egg Seahorse.png
Seahorse The Dilatory Derby
Pet Egg Parrot.png
Parrot Help! Harpy!
Pet Egg Rooster.png
Rooster Rooster Rampage
Pet Egg Spider.png
Spider The Icy Arachnid
Pet Egg Owl.png
Owl The Night-Owl
Pet Egg Penguin.png
Penguin The Fowl Frost
Pet Egg TRex.png
Tyrannosaur King of the Dinosaurs / The Dinosaur Unearthed
Pet Egg Rock.png
Rock Escape the Cave Creature
Pet Egg Bunny.png
Bunny The Killer Bunny
Pet Egg Slime.png
Marshmallow Slime The Jelly Regent
Pet Egg Sheep.png
Sheep The Thunder Ram
Pet Egg Cuttlefish.png
Cuttlefish The Kraken of Inkomplete
Pet Egg Whale.png
Whale Wail of the Whale
Pet Egg Cheetah.png
Cheetah Such a Cheetah
Pet Egg Horse.png
Horse Ride the Night-Mare
Pet Egg Frog.png
Frog Swamp of the Clutter Frog
Pet Egg Snake.png
Snake The Serpent of Distraction
Pet Egg Unicorn.png
Unicorn Convincing the Unicorn Queen
Pet Egg Sabretooth.png
Sabretooth The Sabre Cat
Pet Egg Monkey.png
Monkey Monstrous Mandrill and the Mischief Monkeys
Pet Egg Snail.png
Snail The Snail of Drudgery Sludge
Pet Egg Falcon.png
Falcon The Birds of Preycrastination
Pet Egg Treeling.png
Treeling The Tangle Tree
Pet Egg Axolotl.png
Axolotl The Magical Axolotl
Pet Egg Turtle.png
Turtle Guide the Turtle
Pet Egg Armadillo.png
Armadillo The Indulgent Armadillo
Pet Egg Cow.png
Cow The Mootant Cow
Pet Egg Beetle.png
Pet Egg Ferret.png
Ferret The Nefarious Ferret
Pet Egg Sloth.png
Sloth The Somnolent Sloth
Pet Egg Triceratops.png
Triceratops The Trampling Triceratops
Pet Egg GuineaPig.png
Guinea Pig The Guinea Pig Gang
Pet Egg Peacock.png
Peacock The Push-and-Pull Peacock
Pet Egg Butterfly.png
Caterpillar Bye, Bye, Butterfry
Pet Egg Nudibranch.png
Nudibranch Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranchs
Pet Egg Hippo.png
Hippo What a Hippo-Crite
Pet Egg Yarn.png
Yarn A Tangled Yarn
Pet Egg Pterodactyl.png Pterodactyl The Pterror-dactyl
Pet Egg Badger.png
Badger Stop Badgering Me!
Pet Egg Squirrel.png
Squirrel The Sneaky Squirrel
Pet Egg SeaSerpent.png
Sea Serpent Danger in the Depths: Sea Serpent Strike!
Pet Egg Kangaroo.png
Kangaroo Kangaroo Catastrophe
Pet Egg Alligator.png
Alligator The Insta-Gator
Pet Egg Velociraptor.png
Velociraptor The Veloci-Rapper
Pet Egg Dolphin.png
Dolphin The Dolphin of Doubt
Pet Egg Robot.png
Robot Mysterious Mechanical Marvels!