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Dish Disaster! is the first quest in the Attack of the Mundane quest line and is a collection quest. Completing it awards to the quest owner a continuation quest scroll to fight The SnackLess Monster.

All players who reach level 15 receive this quest. It is one of the few quests that are freely available to all players; most quests are only available by purchasing them from the Quest Shop or Seasonal Shop. Players who wish to repeat the quest after using their free copy of the scroll can purchase additional copies from the Quest Shop for 4 gems each.


You reach the shores of Washed-Up Lake for some well-earned relaxation... But the lake is polluted with unwashed dishes! How did this happen? Well, you simply cannot allow the lake to be in this state. There is only one thing you can do: clean the dishes and save your vacation spot! Better find some soap to clean up this mess. A lot of soap...


Quest atom1 soapBars.png Collect 20 Soap Bars.

On Completion[]

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After some thorough scrubbing, all the dishes are stacked safely on the shore! You stand back and proudly survey your hard work.


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Achievement: Attack of the Mundane, Part 1: Dish Disaster! x1
Inventory quest scroll atom2.png
The SnackLess Monster Scroll (Part 2) — awarded to quest owner only
Experience Points.png
50 experience
7 gold

Quest Line[]

Dish Disaster!The SnackLess MonsterThe Laundromancer

Development and Credits[]

  • Release date: August 12, 2014
  • Writers: itokro, Daniel the Bard
  • Artists: Dishes - Kiwibot, Scroll - UncommonCriminal, Collection Item - Katy123
  • Trello Card