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When a player gets a critical hit this notification pops up.

Players have a small chance of landing a Critical Hit when checking off a completed task. A critical hit increases the amount of gold, experience, and mana gained. This increase can be a very large percentage; the base percentage is 50% and increases with the player's Strength, including any effects of current buffs.

The exact formula is:

1.5 + {(4 x STR) / (STR + 200)} = overall damage multiplier

For example, if a player has 50 STR and gets a critical hit, the bonus calculation will look like this:

1.5 + {(4 x 50) / (50 + 200)} = 2.3

In this case, the damage multiplier is 2.3, or 230% total gold or experience gained (100% regular gain and 130% bonus gain), so the alert popup will display "Critical Hit! Bonus: 130%."

This formula gives diminishing returns: as STR increases. Each extra point of STR adds a progressively smaller amount to the player's critical hit bonus. The maximum critical hit bonus is 450%.


The chance for a critical hit starts at 3% and is increased by a percentage multiplier calculated using a player's Strength. The exact formula is:

0.03 * (1 + STR/100) = critical hit chance

For example, if a player has 70 STR, they would have a:

0.03 * 1.7 = 0.051 = 5.1% chance.

Effect on the User's Task Rewards[]

Multiple notifications display. From the top notification downward: A light purple bubble contains the star icon for experience followed by the message "+ 45 Experience"; a light yellow bubble reads + 10 gold 73 silver (where the gold and silver are noted by their icons rather than words); a sky blue bubble reads + 10 gold 94 silver followed by the words Streak Bonus!; a light blue bubble displays the flame icon for mana, followed by the message "+8.6 Mana"; a light orange bubble displays the starburst icon for a critical hit, followed by the message "Critical Hit! Bonus: 243%"; the light green bubble at the bottom displays a strawberry on the left side with the words You've found a Strawberry! Feed this to a pet and it may grow into a sturdy steed.

An example of how a critical hit bonus changes your experience and gold gain.

The rewards that players usually get from completing a task are increased according to the bonus percentage. For example, a bonus of 100% would double (i.e., increase by 100℅) players' gold, experience, and mana based on the original gain, which varies depending on difficulty and the task's value. The same bonus percentage is also applied to the item drop chance bonus subtotal.

Unticking the task will not remove the bonus from critical hit received.

Critical hits also increase the task value of the completed task (i.e. make it more blue or less red).

Effect on Quest Progress[]

If a critical hit occurs when a boss quest is ongoing or on the same day that a boss quest begins, the damage dealt from the task is increased based on the bonus percentage. For example, a bonus of 100% will double (i.e., increase by 100%) the damage dealt to the boss. Unticking a task will have no effect on the damage dealt, regardless of whether a critical hit has occurred or not.

Critical hits during collection quests increase the chance of receiving a quest item, but have no further effect.

Critical Hits and Skills[]

Some skills are able to produce critical hits. Critical hits for skills will not increase the task value of the task they are cast on (however, Brutal Smash increases task value regardless of critical hits). The frequency and size of the critical hit depend on one of the player's attributes:

Skill Class Chance Attribute
Burst of Flames Mage 3% Perception
Brutal Smash Warrior 3% Constitution
Backstab Rogue 30% Strength

When a critical hit occurs while casting a skill, a notification is not shown.