This describes how to set up Whats New page for all languages. Working on the Whats New Page can count towards a Tier & Rewards. If you require assistance please ask in the Wizard Wiki Guild.

Layout & Text Requirements Edit

For all English version, the English is American English, which should be copied exactly to match the Bailey announcements. To check for the original code or to find historical Bailey announcements on or prior to November 14, 2017, check GitHub here. For dates on or after January 31, 2018, check here. Those locations commits include both the raw HTML for the Bailey announcements and copies of any images used in those announcements.

All Linguists should be fluent in the language they are translating to. It is better to have no translation than a bad translation because poor quality translations result in complaints and can damage Habitica's reputation. Please do not supply translations by using Google Translate or similar services.

When translating text please refer to transifex for items within Habitica, eg.. equipment, backgrounds, hatching potions, quest, etc. If there is no version within transifex exists, please add it and the translation. This will hopefully ensure the translation is uniform from within the game and wiki.

Dates Edit

For the English version dates appear in the US Format. m/d/yyy. Date should match the date the announcement. GitHub. For non-English formats based on the cultural relevant format.

Images Edit

Image names must match the names used in the GitHub (Promo Images). Images for the English version also match the same position as the Bailey announcement, with the TOC closed. For all other languages, it is best to match as closely as possible within reason, given the translated text.

Note that if the newest images are not available in the development tree (linked in the paragraph above), you may be able to find them in the release tree, particularly in the case of minor updates.

Spacing Edit

  • Wording should appear immediately after headings, except for Month and dividing breaks.
  • The Title for the news appear after the date in ALL CAPS.
  • Space always appears before heading.
  • Space always appears after line break (----).
  • Remember comments/only include and other tags are counted as a space.
  • Images should be included on the first line directly under the header.
  • For the English version, ensure to only have one post in the onlyinclude section. The onlyinclude section is not included in translated news.

Month Sections Edit

Once the first article of the new month appears, a month section is required. For January, see the New Year Checklist Section below. A sample of code for November is below


==November 2016==-

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="See November 2016 News" data-collapsetext="Hide November 2016 News">
====Last Chance for Cornucopia Set====-

Lot of text for each section

by the Habitica Team-

==October 2016==

News By Edit

To ensure correct formatting for groups the Template:NewsBy is used. For languages other than English the template name is, Template:NewBy [two letter language code]. For example Template:NewsBy fr

Setting up Edit

English Edit

The current year is, Whats New [YYYY], ie Whats New 2017.

A redirect is then set up on Whats New & Whats new to point to the current year.

Other Languages Than English Edit

The name of the pages for non-English pages is Whats new [two letter language code] [YYYY] for example Whats new fr 2017. Please note the new is lower case n, not capital case N as per the English version.

Please see this reference for the two letter language codes.

The latest year that is translated is then pointed to Whats new [two letter language code] for example Whats new fr.

Creating year template Edit

At the top of each Whats New page a template shows all the years available. For example the English one is: Template:List of News Pages. Each year template should have all years. If there is not yet a translated page for that year, point to the English version for the time being.

The naming convention for the template is: Template:List of News Pages [two letter language code] For example Template:List of News Pages de.

Adding a Language to the Language Templates Edit

Each year has it own language bar to represent the languages translated.

For the new year, a new language bar is required, showing the languages that is required to be translated.

Please note:

  • All languages flags are in the format of Language_[two letter language code].png
  • The name of the country is in its own language. Not English.

Indexs Edit

When creating a new Whats New page, the page needs to be manually added to the Index. By adding these items to the index, the Habitica Wiki in Other Languages will automatically update.

Category Edit

All news pages are added to the Category:News

New Year Checklist Edit

  • On the previous year, remove current news section and create the month of December section, with show/hide option.
  • Create new Whats New page for the new year in your language
  • Add it to the Category:News.
  • Add new page to the Index
  • Create / Update Language template for the year with your language
  • Update your Template:List of News Pages with the new year.
  • Update the redirect What New page, ie Whats New or Whats new zh to point to the new year.
  • Update all previous years in that language to reflect the new year created in the Bailey message.

Contributor Tier Process Edit

Please see the section in Guidance For Scribes and Guidance For Linguist Scribes

See Also Edit