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Below is the list of titles given for contributing to Habitica. These are given in addition to the differently colored names representing contributor tiers. When a player already has a few tiers, it is possible to gain an extra title – that is, gain recognition for a type of contribution – without gaining a tier, as higher tiers are harder to earn.

Moderators, Staff, and some high-level contributors have other unique titles that don't relate to their contributions (for example, Hat Wearer). These are sometimes changed to match the theme of Grand Galas or other special events.

Title Description
Ambassadors Promote Habitica in blogs and news, driving significant and sustained interest in and traffic to the site. Granted rarely!
Artisans Adorn the halls of Habitica with Pixel Art masterpieces.
Bards Compose music and design sound effects to enrich the Habitica experience. Currently no new applications are being taken at this time.
Blacksmiths Labor in our Habitica Forge, working their programming magic in unseen layers of the Habitica world.
Comrades Build helpful add-on tools that interact with Habitica via its API.
Challengers Consistently create many valuable challenges to improve the community.
Fletchers (Android, iOS) Labor to make a transportable Habitica app, like Blacksmiths, working programming wizardry in unseen layers of Habitica.
Linguists Translate Habitica into other languages for Habiticans the world over.
Linguistic Scribes Translate Habitica Wiki into other languages
Scribes Document Habitica tips and features (i.e., right here on the wiki!).
Socialites Are helpful, friendly voices in the Habitica community, in the Tavern and beyond.
Storytellers Write quests for Habitica.

In addition, there are titles that were created less to be repeatable and more to honor a specific action taken to help Habitica in a way significant enough that it merited a tier. These titles are usually only given after Habitica's staff have asked someone to undertake a particular task.

Title Description
Advisors Help Habitica with knowledge behind the scenes.
Chamberlain Extensive assistance with assessing and purging issues in GitHub.
Designer A title given to the valued visual designer of the original website.
Mathematicians Help balance the algorithms and calculations that make Habitica work.
Shirtster A special title awarded by the staff.
Spokesperson A special title awarded by the staff.
Statisticians Provide in-depth analysis of Habitica's data.
Tinkers Contribute via intensive testing to find issues and document them on GitHub.
Transcribers A title given in only rare circumstances to contributors who, at the request of the staff, transcribe official Habitica videos.
Troubadours People who helped in the creation of Habitica's official videos.