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Habitica appreciates and rewards contributions from its members! This page shows the rewards that can be earned. For information about how to contribute, see Contributing to Habitica; the Guidance page links there will describe the Contributor Tier process for each type of contribution.

After Submitting Contributions[]

Please note that not every contribution will be accepted. Even contributions that are accepted might not be implemented for a long time, especially in the case of art.

Contributor Achievement copy

If and when your contribution is accepted and incorporated into Habitica, a pop-up will announce your contributor achievement and you will earn:

  • a Contributor Achievement Badge, non-stackable, on the first contribution
  • a Contributor Title, which identifies the type of contribution made
  • a Contributor Tier, which increases with each set of submissions
  • a Reward that depends on the Tier earned
  • a permanent increase in your drop chance bonus subtotal of 2.5% for each Tier earned
  • a permanent increase in your drop-cap by 1 for each Tier earned.

Players who contribute more than one kind of contribution will be given the appropriate Title for each kind. It is possible to gain extra titles without gaining a tier, particularly when a player already has a few tiers, as higher tiers are more difficult to obtain.

When you have been awarded a Tier, your name will be highlighted in the appropriate color in all chat areas. When a player hovers over your name, your Title(s) will appear. Your Tier, Titles, and Achievement Badge are also displayed on your profile.

Titles, Tiers, and Rewards are assigned at the discretion of Habitica staff. They reserve the right to change the specific Titles, Tiers, and Rewards at their discretion.

Contributor Tiers[]

Player Name Highlight Contributor Tier Habitica Contributions Contributor Reward Gems
Friend Tier Title
1 Community Helpers/FIRST set of submissions integrated Habitica Contributor's Achievement Badge! 3
Tavern Tier 2
2 SECOND set of submissions integrated Contributor Armor! 3
Elite Tier Title
3 THIRD set of submissions integrated Contributor Helmet! 3
Tavern Tier 4
4 FOURTH set of submissions integrated Contributor Sword! 4
Champion Tier Title
5 FIFTH set of submissions integrated Contributor Shield! 4
Tavern Tier 6
6 SIXTH set of submissions integrated Contributor Pet! 4
Legendary Tier Title
7 SEVENTH set of submissions integrated Unknown[note 1] 4
Tavern Guardian
Moderator Has some admin privileges and moderates in the Tavern.
Heroic Tier Title
Staff Staff Member
NPC Tier Title
Habitica NPC
  1. Prior to August 2023, the reward for a seventh tier was membership to the Contributor's Guild (final name "Level 7 Guild"), but upon the August 8, 2023 dissolution of guilds and the Tavern, the tier 7 reward is now unknown.

The "set of submissions" required for each tier depends on the type of contribution. For example, to gain a Blacksmith tier, you would need to submit all changes required to implement one feature or fix one bug, with higher tiers requiring larger features/bugs or more sets of submissions. To gain a tier for wiki contributions, you would need to have made a suitable number of high quality wiki improvements. You must meet the criteria for the overall tier you are requesting, even if your previous tier was based on another type of contribution; this is so that specialists do not have a more difficult job than generalists.

Upon reaching contributor tier 4, you unlock a secret Habitica feature that lets you see where people are posting chat messages from. (This only applies to messages in guilds, not to PMs, and it only works when you're logged in on the website, you don't have access to this information when viewing messages on the Habitica apps.) This feature is meant to allow contributors to better help Habiticans who are asking questions about the workings of Habitica. Knowing what platform someone is posting from often allows you to give more specific advice.

Rarely, a tier 7 contributor who has continued to offer vital improvements to the site will be offered a free subscription for life. This is awarded only in special cases and only at the discretion of the staff.

Contributor Rewards[]

Contributor Achievement Badge[]

On achieving their first contributor tier, a player is awarded a pink player name highlight, 3 gems, and the Contributor Achievement Badge. The Achievement is displayed on a user's profile.

The contributor badge icon was changed in Fall 2015, due to a user pointing out that it looked too similar to the Firefox logo.

Contributor Gear[]

Once awarded, the equipment is available for purchase in the Equipment section of the Market, if you filter for Class = "None" or "Classless" (depending on whether you are on web or mobile app). Each piece gives a bonus of 6 points to all four character stats.

Contributor Tier Equipment Image Description Cost (Gold)Gold
2 Crystal Armor ContributorOnly-Equip-CrystalArmor Its tireless power inures the wearer to mundane discomfort. 170
3 Crystal Helmet ContributorOnly-Equip-CrystalHelmet The favored crown of those who lead by example. 170
4 Crystal Blade ContributorOnly-Equip-CrystalBlade Its glittering facets tell the tale of a hero. 170
5 Crystal Shield Contributor Shield Shatters arrows and deflects the words of naysayers. 170

Special Gear[]

Glow hammer gif by zoebeagle The Critical Hammer of Bug-Crushing is rewarded to contributors who fix a bug marked "priority - critical" on GitHub.

Contributor Pet[]


On achieving Tier 6, a player is given a Hydra Pet, which can be found under the Special Pets section of their stable.

The Hall of Heroes[]

Hall of Heroes

Contributors are ranked by tier with their contributions linked on the right.

Contributors are displayed in the Hall of Contributors, ranked by username and contributor Tier, along with their Titles and list of contributions. The Hall is accessed through the Community > Hall of Heroes at the footer of the website (direct link).

The Hall of Patrons displays the names of Kickstarter backers. It can be accessed from the tab next to the Hall of Contributors (direct link).

Clicking the contributor's or patron's display name will open up their Profile, giving the ability to view their details, message them, or gift them some gems.

Requesting a Contributor Tier[]

Each category of contribution to Habitica has a specific process for awarding a Contributor Tier. Below is a summary of the processes but for full details about how tiers are judged and how you can apply for them, please see the appropriate Guidance pages.

  • Applications required:
  • Applications not required:
    • Storytellers, Blacksmiths, and Fletchers (Android, iOS) do not need to do anything special, like complete a Contributor Tier request, to earn Contributor Tiers.
    • Challengers do not need to apply. Note that tiers are awarded rarely and often only after months, sometimes years, of valuable challenges.
    • Ambassador contributor tiers for blog and social media posts are awarded on a discretionary basis for spikes in new user sign-ups. If you believe that your post resulted in a significant and lasting growth for our user base (e.g., people made accounts and stuck around for a while), please email the Staff (admin@habitica.com) with your User ID and the URL of your post and the admins will check the analytics.

The following contribution types were deprecated in August 2023 alongside the removal of the Tavern and guilds. Their method of tiering is described for historical reference, but users can no longer receive contributor tiers for these kinds of work.

  • Scribes and Linguistic Scribes must apply for a Contributor Tier, and are awarded based on the contributions of meaningful content to the wiki.
  • Comrades must apply for a Contributor Tier.
  • Artisans and Bards do not need to do anything special, like complete a Contributor Tier request, to earn Contributor Tiers.
  • Socialites do not need to apply. In fact, there is no nomination process for Socialite tiers. The staff choose who will be awarded based on what they observe.

Information for Developers

This section contains information of interest to Habitica developers. It is not of use for normal gameplay or task management.
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In the data returned by the API's content route, the Contributor equipment can be identified by these keys:

  • armor_special_1 (Crystal Armor)
  • head_special_1 (Crystal Helm)
  • shield_special_1 (Crystal Shield)
  • weapon_special_1 (Crystal Blade)