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On August 8, 2023, Habitica removed the Tavern and all Guilds, so any guild links in this page should be ignored.
Simultaneously, tiers will no longer be awarded for Socialites, Comrades, Artisans, or Scribes.
The status of Storytellers and Ambassadors is currently unclear.
Only Blacksmiths, Linguists, and Challengers are definitely staying.

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Habitica is an open-source project that can help you achieve goals. Everyday people with everyday lives devote their time and energy to creating and maintaining everything you see here on this wiki and at Habitica. Whether you want to earn the contributor rewards and titles or you just like the open-source model, we welcome you to contribute to the project. Please jump in where you feel comfortable contributing; there are a wide range of roles available.

First-Party Coders (Web & Mobile)[]

Main article: Guidance for Blacksmiths
Art by MazHem

Blacksmith contributions are desperately needed! For details about contributing code for the website, see Guidance for Blacksmiths.

Main article: Guidance for Fletchers: Android and
Main article: Guidance for Fletchers: iOS

Fletchers are like Blacksmiths for the mobile app. Your contributions are needed and appreciated! For more info on how to contribute, check out Guidance for Fletchers: Android or Guidance for Fletchers: iOS.


Main article: Guidance for Linguists

Habitica can benefit from translation help from people who are native speakers or very fluent in the language being translated to. See the main article for more details on how to get involved.


These are the writing contribution types that have not been announced as deprecated, though Challengers are the only type listed here that is explicitly known to not be deprecated.

  • Storytellers: Become a Storyteller and submit quest text to the Habitica Quests Trello Board.
  • Challengers: Create challenges for Habiticans to jump start their productivity. Tiers in this title are quite rare and are awarded for consistently creating many valuable challenges that benefit the Habitica community.
  • Ambassadors: Very rarely, a user's post will go viral, causing a spike in traffic, and on those occasions, the admins may decide to award a contributor tier as a thank-you. If you believe that your post resulted in a significant and lasting growth for our userbase (e.g. people made accounts and stuck around for a while), please email Habitica's staff at admin@habitica.com with your User ID and the URL of your post and the admins will check the analytics. Blogs and social media accounts with more prestige, traffic, followers, comments, and visibility are more likely to receive a tier. Note that an example of the kind of traffic we're referring to would be that resulting from this Lifehacker post.

Deprecated contributor types[]

These contributor types occur very rarely, are handled by Habitica's staff now, or were deprecated with the August 2023 shutdown of the Tavern and guilds. For most of these types, it is no longer possible to apply for or receive a contributor title for work in these areas.


In the past, volunteer Designers have assisted with the appearance of the website and their efforts were very much appreciated. Habitica's current website was designed by Habitica's staff and they are the only people who do design work now.

Music and Sound Effects Artists[]

Main article: Guidance for Bards

Currently, new submissions are not being accepted at this time.


In the past, Statisticians have provided in-depth analysis of Habitica's data; however, currently, there isn't a need for statistical analysis and so this contribution type is not in use at this time.

Third-Party Coders (Scripts, Styles, & Other Tools)[]

Main article: Guidance for Comrades

Comrades were developers interested in building third-party tools using the Habitica API or creating userstyles. This type was deprecated with the Tavern and guild shutdown.

Pixel Artists[]

Main article: Guidance for Artisans

Artisans created much of the pixel art for Habitica for several years but were deprecated with the Tavern and guild shutdown. They worked in the Habitica Pixel Art Trello Board and the Pixels in Progress (Aspiring Artisans) guild. They were a vibrant community of artists who gave newcomers directions as to how to best help by being an Artisan.

Helping on the Wiki[]

Main article: Guidance for Scribes

This type was deprecated with the Tavern and guild shutdown.

Helping Other Players in Habitica Chat Forums[]

Main article: Guidance for Socialites

Socialites were users whose helpfulness in the Tavern and Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild were noticed and given a tier. They were friendly people who answered each other's questions about Habitica as well as gave advice about how to make the most of the site. They frequented the Aspiring Socialites guild. Socialites were generally good at framing information (i.e. from places like the wiki or GitHub) in ways that newcomers and the less technologically inclined found less overwhelming.

If a player had been posting helpful, relevant, accurate advice for some time, the staff often awarded them with a Tier 1 Socialite Contributor Reward. If they continued to provide consistently positive and helpful assistance over time, they may have been granted further Tiers.

Socialite Tiers were usually only awarded for assistance provided in the Tavern and the Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild because it was harder for the staff to notice ongoing assistance in other areas. However, under special circumstances, a Socialite Tier could be awarded for other assistance, at the discretion of the staff.

This type was deprecated with the Tavern and guild shutdown.

Requesting Features/Submitting Ideas[]

If you have an idea for improving Habitica:

  • Use the Habitica User Feedback and Suggestions Google Form to request a feature. It's available from the website at Help > Request a Feature and on the mobile apps through the menu's "Help & FAQ" option.
  • Report bugs with Habitica's website by going to Help > Report a Bug.
  • Report bugs with the mobile apps through the app's menu at About > Report a Bug.

Feature requests and bug reports are very much appreciated but do not count towards Contributor Rewards, so you won't get a tier or gear.

For More Info About the Project[]

Requesting a Contributor Tier[]

Each category of contribution on Habitica has a specific process for requesting and awarding a Contributor Tier. A summary can be found on the Contributor Rewards page but for full details about how specific tiers are judged and how you can apply for them, see the "Contributor Tier Process" section in the appropriate Guidance pages.