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(From top left to bottom right:) A Warrior, a Mage, a Healer, and a Rogue are equipped in their highest-stats gear.

The Class System is a gameplay feature that is unlocked at level 10. Until that point, every player is a Warrior by default, although several features of the Warrior class (mana, abilities, etc) are not available until level 10 and above. This opted-out state prior to level 10 is done to avoid new users having too many features to have to learn their way around.

There are four classes, each having their own specific stat bonuses, special skills, and equipment that increase their effectiveness.

Available Classes[]

Class Choice Option

Pop-up that appears upon reaching level 10

The user may choose to play as a Warrior, Mage, Healer, or Rogue, or they may opt out of the class system.

Since players start as Warriors from Level 1, opting out results in remaining a Warrior, but with no skills because mana is not available until a class is chosen. Opting out of the class system also renders the player unable to select the mode of distributing Character Stats points: the points gained from leveling-up before opting out are temporarily allocated to STR. These stat points (as well as the points gained in between opting out and opting in) become available for distribution as soon as the player enables the class system. A player who has opted out can opt in at any time through their settings. Players may also choose to opt out of the class system temporarily to purchase all the Warrior Equipment, as you are only able to purchase equipment for your class.

Class Warrior Mage Healer Rogue
Image A warrior in ultimate gear A mage in ultimate gear A healer in ultimate gear A rogue in ultimate gear
Icon (Web)
Art by Piyo
Web icon for Warrior
Web icon for Mage
Web icon for Healer
Web icon for Rogue
Icon (Mobile)
Art by Piyo
Mobile icon for Warrior
Mobile icon for Mage
Mobile icon for Healer
Mobile icon for Rogue

• Deals high damage to bosses.
• Higher chance of critical hits and greater bonuses for them, which grants random GP & XP bonuses.
• Moderate defense against damage.
• Can buff party members' STR & CON.
• Useful in boss battles and for players motivated by random rewards.

• Gains high experience to level quickly.
• Gains a large amount of MP and regenerates MP most quickly.
• Can buff party members' INT. Can restore party MP (excluding other Mages).
• Does additional damage to bosses and can freeze streaks.
• Useful in Boss battles and for players who want to level up quickly.

• High defense against damage.
• Can heal themselves and make their tasks less red and damaging.
• Can buff party members' CON and restore their health.
• Levels quickly and gains many MP for using skills.
• Useful in parties in general and for players with many Dailies or negative Habits.

• Finds most drops and gold.
• Higher chance of dealing critical hits, which grant GP & XP bonuses.
• Can buff party members' PER and avoid damage from uncompleted Dailies.
• Useful in Collection Quests and for players who want to upgrade equipment quickly, level up quickly, and find Drops more often.

Primary Stat Strength Intelligence Constitution Perception
Secondary Stat Constitution Perception Intelligence Strength
Weakness Lower XP gain Lower CON Lower damage to bosses Lower damage to bosses

Character Stats[]

Android stats page-0

The character stats screen on Android.

Every character has four stats: Strength (STR), Constitution (CON), Perception (PER), and Intelligence (INT). Each class has one "primary" stat, which benefits greatly from that class's equipment, and a "secondary" stat, which gets a substantial but lesser boost from their gear (see the table above for details).

When the class system is unlocked, each player starts with 10 stat points. Stat points can be manually distributed or automatically allocated.

Stats may be seen

  • on the website by clicking "Stats" in the User Icon drop-down menu and are located at the bottom of the pop-up window;
  • on the Android and iOS app from the menu item Stats.

Strength (STR) is a character stats that affects critical hits, damage done to a boss, and the effects of two skills used by Warriors and one of the Rogues' skills. It is therefore the primary stat for Warriors and the secondary stat for Rogues, though all classes get the passive bonuses described following.

This stat increases the chance that a player will land a critical hit when scoring a task and increases the bonus gained from critical hits. It also increases damage dealt to bosses. Both normal damage and damage from a critical hit are increased.

A player of any class can increase their own Strength by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the STR stat. Warriors and Rogues gain an additional class bonus for wearing the STR-providing weapons and helms that are specifically intended for their class. 

Warriors can use the skill Valorous Presence to buff their own and their party mates' Strength by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Strength, and increased Strength will also increase the effect of Warriors' Brutal Smash skill and Rogues' Backstab skill.

Constitution (CON) affects health and defense. It is the primary stat for Healers and the secondary stat for Warriors.

Having a higher Constitution decreases the amount of damage (health loss) taken from your own missed Dailies and from clicking your negative Habits (e.g., succumbing to junk food). Constitution does not decrease the amount of damage received from bosses. In other words, boss damage is calculated without anyone's Constitution taken into account, regardless of whether the source of the missed Daily is you or a member of your party.

A player of any class can increase their own Constitution by allocating stat points to it or by wearing equipment that provides a CON bonus. Healers and Warriors gain additional class bonuses for wearing the CON-providing armor and shields that are specifically intended for their class.

Healers and Warriors can also temporarily buff their own and their party members' Constitution using the skills Protective Aura and Intimidating Gaze, respectively. The amount of increase in Constitution depends on the caster's unbuffed Constitution. Protective Aura is more powerful than Intimidating Gaze, so a Healer is always more effective at buffing CON than a Warrior with the same CON.

Intelligence (INT)  affects experience and mana points (MP). It is the primary stat for Mages and the secondary stat for Healers.

Higher Intelligence allows the player to earn more XP from doing tasks, which means that they will level up more quickly. It also increases the player's MP cap and rate of MP regeneration.

Maximum MP can be determined by the following formula: ()

Once the maximum MP of the player is over 100, their maximum daily mana regeneration rate becomes 10% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 10 MP every Cron. Their mana gained from positive Habits becomes 0.25% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 0.25 MP, and mana gained per Daily, To Do or To Do checklist item becomes 1% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 1 MP.

A player of any class can increase their own Intelligence by allocating stat points to it (also adds 1 MP per point allocated to INT) or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the INT stat. Mages and Healers gain an additional class bonus for wearing the INT-providing weapons and armor that are specifically intended for their class. 

Mages can use the skill Earthquake to buff their own and their party mates' Intelligence by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Intelligence.

Perception (PER) affects the rate of earning drops and gold points (GP) for each task. It is the primary stat for Rogues and the secondary stat for Mages.

This stat increases the chance of finding item Drops (including drops for collection quests) when completing Tasks, a player's daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for every Task completed.

A player of any class can increase their own Perception by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the PER stat. Rogues and Mages gain an additional class bonus for wearing the PER-providing equipment that is specifically intended for their class.

Rogues can use the skill Tools of the Trade to buff their own and their party mates' Perception by an amount that is determined by their own unbuffed Perception.

Changing Classes[]

Changing classes allows the player to pick a new class and reallocate stat points. There are multiple ways to do this, and they bear different costs:

Free Level 10: Upon reaching level 10 the first time, the class system automatically becomes unlocked and you can pick a class for free. If you choose not to change class by opting out when the pop-up first appears, you can do so later by following the detailed instructions below.
3 Gems Class change in Settings: This option lets you change your class, but retain your level. To use it, go to the Settings page (direct link) on the website or settings icon in the top of the menu on the Android and iOS app.
6 Gems
Rebirth orb
Use an Orb of Rebirth at level 50+: This option resets your character to level 1, and allows you to buy Warrior equipment. Note that the orb of rebirth also affects other things, such as your gold. At level 10 the class system will be automatically re-enabled and you can choose a new class.
Rebirth orb
Use an Orb of Rebirth at level 100+: Same as above, but if you wait to buy the Orb of Rebirth until you are at least level 100, AND it has been at least 45 days since the last time you used an Orb of Rebirth, then the purchase is free. This is the only free way to change your class after the first time you enable the class system.

Enabling the Class System[]

If you did not pick a class when you reached level 10, you can enable the class system as follows:

  • On the website: click on the User icon, choose Settings, then click the Enable Class System button, found in the left column of the page. This will pop up the Class System modal, asking you to choose which class you'd like to be along with an explanation of each.
  • On the iOS and Android apps: choose Settings icon from the main menu, and then choose Enable Class System.

Skills and Mana Points (MP)[]

Avatar toolbar

The player's mana points are shown in the blue bar.

Each class has special skills that can be activated with mana points (MP).

Each class receives four skills that target the player, their tasks, or their party. The power of these skills is determined by the class's primary stat or secondary stat or both, with the one exception of the Mage's Chilling Frost, which has a fixed effect independent of stats. The class's first skill is available at level 11, and one of the remaining 3 skills is unlocked each level thereafter up to level 14.

When a player gains a skill, it will appear:

Rogue Skills

The Skills bar at the bottom of the Tasks page, with the mana cost below each skill

  • on the website, in the collapsible Skills menu at the bottom of the Tasks page;
  • on the Android and iOS app in the Skills menu.

Skills are purchasable for a fixed cost in MP. To use a skill, the player must click on the skill in the menu. If the skill targets a task, the player must then click on the target task. If it targets the player or party, the skill will immediately take effect. Some skills may not be able to be casted at times, if it will have no effect on the player.

Classes and Parties[]

Each class has skills that benefit a party, if the player chooses to join one. Refer to the Party page for more information. A party does not have a maximum limit of buffs cast. Any buffs cast by players of the same class stack and are additive, but reset at a players Cron.


Gear is a general term referring to any items of equipment a player can use to enhance their stats: weapons, shields, armor, or headgear. Each class has unique equipment, with different artwork and different stat bonuses. You can only buy class-specific equipment belonging to your current class, meaning that if you switch classes, you will no longer be able to purchase equipment belonging to your previous class. Additionally, equipment tiers do not carry across classes, meaning that players who purchase gear for one class and then switch to another class will have to start buying equipment for the second class at the lowest tier. Equipment for other classes can still be worn, but it does not benefit from the class equip bonus (see below).

Typically, a class has two pieces of equipment that raise their primary stat, and two that boost their secondary stat. Within each of these pairs, one raises the stat by a greater amount at each tier than the other. For example, the Warrior's weapons raise STR by up to 18, their helmets increase STR by up to 12, their armor raises CON by up to 12, and their shields increase CON by up to 8.

There are exceptions to the above scheme. For example, Mages employ two-handed weapons, so they only have three equipment slots available. Their weapons fulfill the purpose of what in other classes would be spread across two gear pieces.

Class Equip Bonus[]

Any piece of equipment the player is using that belongs to the player's class gives them a 50% bonus to the appropriate stat. For example, a player might own both a Warrior's Morning Star (STR 9) and a Rogue's Ninja-to (STR 8). If the player is a Rogue, they would be better off using the Ninja-to because it adds 12 strength for a Rogue — 8 for the weapon itself, plus 4 (50% of 8) for the class equip bonus.

Players can wear some gear from a different class and still get the class bonus for the class gear they are using. For example, if a player is a Rogue but is wearing the Warrior's Golden Armor, they will still get a class bonus for the Rogue's Ninja-to if they are using it.

Generally, if a player wants to wear another class's equipment for aesthetic reasons, they would employ a costume and wear their more powerful class equipment into battle. However, certain equipment from another class can be more powerful than the current class's ultimate gear (e.g. the Warrior's Golden Sword gives 18 STR, whereas the Rogue's Hook Sword gives 10 STR * 1.5 = 15 STR—a Rogue is better off using the Warrior's equipment).

Legendary equipment is only available through completing a series of quests, and can be worn by any class. It does not confer a class equip bonus, but is usually better than even the most powerful class weapon or armor item in a slot for a class. For example, Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon grants +25 STR and +25 PER, which makes it the best choice for a Warrior or Rogue main hand weapon—but only if they can complete the three part quest series that leads up to it. It is even helpful as a 'task smasher' weapon to Mages and Healers during the day, since the Strength adds damage to bosses and the Perception adds +1 to their drop cap.

Special Gear[]

Grand Galas have associated class-specific gear which is only available for the duration of the event. This gear can be purchased for gold and increases class stats as normal equipment does. See Equipment for lists of each class's special gear.

Special gear does not require prerequisites to purchase it, unlike tiered gear, but does require you to be the appropriate class. The stats on special gear are equivalent to the second-to-last tier, but do not contribute towards tier gear requirements, meaning that you will still have to purchase all of the lower tiers to get the highest level tier gear. This is intentional and is meant to be a bonus for people who are members of Habitica during one of the events, so that they can acquire high-quality gear sooner than by going through the tiers.

Special gear is only available for purchase during the listed period on its tooltip, and is gone after that (though it may become available again much later in the Seasonal Shop). If you die and happen to lose a piece of special gear, however, it will be available for repurchase in the store even if the holiday period that sold it is over, as long as you are currently the correct class to buy it.

Special gear should not be confused with celebratory gear, like the party robes made available each year during the Habitica Birthday Bash. These items are free but confer no benefit to stats; although they can be equipped like ordinary gear, they are designed to be worn for appearance as a costume.

Determining Which Class to Play[]

Certain classes work better with certain player styles, but all are viable choices. For example, players who have trouble completing many Dailies may choose to play as a Mage to encourage them to improve, or they may choose to play as a Healer to decrease HP loss from failed Dailies. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Character stats act the same for all classes, so the class a player chooses can be less important than their stat point allocation.
  • Class equipment determines which stats will receive bonuses.
  • Class selection determines which skills are available, and some may suit certain players more than others.

Of course, you can also choose a class according to your aesthetic or role-playing preferences rather than the benefits it would provide.

If you're having trouble deciding what class to be, think about what aspect of Habitica motivates you the most. Do you have a lot of Custom Rewards, or like using your gold to buy in-game Rewards? Are you motivated by gaining levels? Do you know you'll struggle with your tasks and want to stay alive? Or do you like the chance of getting a critical hit? Also consider what role you want to play in a party or in a quest.

Why would I want to be...[]

A Warrior?[]


Players may wish to be a Warrior if they…

  • Want a good defence and enjoy receiving random rewards from critical hits
  • Are motivated by making their tasks blue
  • Want to help their party by dealing more damage during boss fights (the Warrior skill Brutal Smash does extra damage to bosses and Valorous Presence will buff teammates to do more damage)
  • Don't want to change the way they were using Habitica before unlocking the class system
  • Prefer a measured approach to self-discipline, with moderate penalties and moderate rewards, but also with more frequent irregular rewards from boss quests and critical hits

A Warrior gains special benefits from Strength and, to a lesser extent, from Constitution.

A Mage?[]


Players may wish to be a Mage if they…

  • Want to level up quickly and help their party members to level quickly, too
  • Like to use their skills more frequently and help their party members to do the same (the Mage skill Ethereal Surge restores mana to the party excluding other Mages)
  • Want to help their party by dealing more damage during Boss fights (the Mage skill Burst of Flames does extra damage to bosses)
  • Like a precise approach to self-discipline, challenging themselves to never neglect their tasks (Mages take the highest damage from missed tasks, and unlike Rogues, have no way of avoiding it)

A Mage gains special benefits from Intelligence and, to a lesser extent, from Perception.

A Healer?[]


Players may wish to be a Healer if they…

  • Desire a high defense against damage done by neglected tasks and bad habits
  • Want to avoid death from missed Dailies, negative Habits, or boss damage (even from other players in the party)
  • Have trouble completing all of their Dailies
  • Like to help other party members who, for instance, are just starting out in their habit building (Healer skills can heal party damage and buff party members' Constitution)
  • Prefer a forgiving approach to self-discipline, want to take the least damage from tasks and have the most options for recovering from those mistakes.

A Healer gains special benefits from Constitution and, to a lesser extent, from Intelligence.

A Rogue?[]


Players may wish to be a Rogue if they…

  • Are motivated by earning as much gold as possible
  • Make much use of the Custom Rewards system
  • Want to upgrade equipment and earn gold, pets, and mounts very quickly (the Rogue skills Pickpocket and Backstab net the Rogue extra gold; Backstab also gives experience, but does not do damage to bosses)
  • Want to help the party to collect more drops (gold, quest items, etc.)
  • Prefer a swashbuckling approach to self-discipline, with high risk and high reward but also with the option to occasionally dodge damage from a few missed Dailies

A Rogue gains special benefits from Perception and, to a lesser extent, from Strength.

Optional Sub-Classes[]

Over the years, various Habiticans have developed ideas for optional sub-classes, using Fix Character Values to adjust gameplay. These are not officially supported in the application but provide an extra level of depth that some find interesting. See Creating a Unique Experience for details.


Data showing how many players of each level have chosen each class has been extracted by former moderator Alys and made available in CSV files. These data sets are available:

The explanatory notes will help you understand the data.

Player Classes
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