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This software has been removed by the author and is no longer accessible.

More information on this removal may be available on the software's website.

On March 9, 2019, Habitica's staff removed this extension from the Google Chrome store because it has several bugs and the staff are currently focusing on improvements to the Habitica website and mobile apps. Anyone who already has the extension installed can still use it but it is no longer available for new users (or for previous users if they had uninstalled the extension). The extension will return to the store if it is improved in future.




The Habit formed by the extension. Note that it may be edited without interfering with the service.

The Chrome Extension for Habitica monitors browsing habits to motivate users to stay focused (think Stayfocusd for Habitica). Users lose Health Points for lingering on bad websites, and gain Experience Points and Gold Points for using good websites. The Chrome Extension also allows users to set the hours and days of the week that need to be productive and integrate browsing habits with Habitica to improve overall productivity.


Options page

Install the Habitica Chrome extension into your Google Chrome browser, then enter your User ID and API in the options page. Your User ID and API can be found at Settings -> API.


The Habitica extension sidebar shows information about your character as well as your To Do list

The Chrome Extension also integrates with Asana, Tomato.es, Google Tasks & Workflowy, allowing for tasks across multiple sites to be accomplished and count towards gaining levels and keeping users on track. With a few minutes of set-up, you can customize what sites are considered productive, what sites are vices, and when normal working hours are. The extension is also available on Android, to help keep you productive even when you're on the go.

The Chrome Extension gives you XP and GP when you complete a To Do item in other task management sites (for example Google Tasks) but will not copy tasks to/from Habitica.

The Site Watcher feature can be temporarily disabled by clicking "Take a Break" and reactivated by clicking "Activate." Please note that any productivity or procrastination will be uploaded upon clicking these.

How to Install[]

  1. How to install 1.PNG
    Download the Chrome extension by clicking "Add to Chrome" on the extension's Web Store page
  2. How to install 2.png
    The Habitica icon should appear in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Click on it, then click on Options (Note: This can also be accessed by typing chrome://extensions into the address bar and scrolling down until you find Habitica)
  3. On Habitica, find your User ID and API token. They can be found by clicking Settings (shaped like a gear) and then API (direct link). (Note: your User ID is not the name that is visible to others, it is the long string of characters found on the API page)
  4. How to install 3.png
    Copy and paste both of these into the correct boxes on the Habitica Chrome Extension options page and hit Save
  5. Customize the sites in which you are productive or procrastinating and any further extensions.


In GitHub, the Chrome Extension can be found in the habitrpg-chrome repository.

Known Bugs[]

Pomodoro Integrations

Description: Integrations with Pomodoro Tracker and Pomodoro.es do not work consistently
Able to reproduce: Yes
Octocat.png habitica Issue #156