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This page describes an important legal restriction related to children younger than 13 who use Habitica, and provides useful resources and tips for parents and children.

Legal Requirement for Children under 13[]

For legal reasons, if any child younger than 13 uses Habitica, their parent or guardian must give permission. To do so, please email the Habitica staff at admin@habitica.com. Tell them your child's unique username (their "@ username") (from User > Profile) and User ID number (from Settings > API), and include a brief message stating that you give permission for the child to use Habitica.

In cases where this isn't done, Habitica staff have a legal obligation to block any account for a child under 13 as soon as they become aware of the account. If permission is given after that time, the account will be unblocked.

You are also welcome to email the staff if you have questions about this policy.

Safety Measures[]

There are areas in Habitica where your child may meet general Habitica users: the Tavern, guilds, and the party that the child is in. When permission for a child to use Habitica is received, the child will be able to post chat messages to their party and any private guilds they have joined but they will not be able to post to the Tavern or to public guilds. If you would like your child to be able to post to the Tavern and all guilds, please email the Staff (admin@habitica.com).

Resources for Parents Within Habitica[]

Tips for Helping your Child Use Habitica[]

The following are two ends of the spectrum of control for managing your child's Habitica account:

  • Make an account for your child, where you keep the login details and control whether tasks have been completed. This method is best for young children and ensures that the child cannot cheat the parent.
  • Give complete control of the Habitica account to the child and join them in a family party. This is for older children and involves a certain level of trust (especially when it involves damage through boss battles).

Your child can either add their own tasks that they want to complete, or you can add the tasks for them. If you have access to the child's login details, then it could be a good way of communicating tasks that you want completed. An example of this would be to create a tag saying "chores" and then adding the chores in a To Do Checklist task with the date as the title.

Information for Socialites[]

There is important information for Socialites about this topic in Guidance for Socialites > Children in Habitica.