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The Chat Extension adds a chat box to the Habitica website. It allows users to more easily chat in the Tavern, their party, and any guilds they have joined.

Chat spaces appear as boxes that overlay the current Habitica page. This allows you to view your tasks while monitoring up to five chat spaces.


First install the add-on for your browser:

Once installed, click the chest icon in the top right corner of your browser, then click "Click here to link to your account". Your browser will refresh.

Alternatively, you can manually add your User ID and API Token by clicking "Manual Setup" and then manually refreshing your browser.


  • Click on a player's Display Name or Username to add their Username to the message window for quick reply (pressing Ctrl+Enter will send your message).
  • If you wish to enter another line in chat, press Enter or Shift+Enter.
  • Click on the arrows in the message window to scroll through messages mentioning yourself (includes scrolling to the last post).
  • Click on the Tavern, or guild or party title, to quickly go to that page.
  • Click on external links to open in a separate tab in your web browser.
  • Clicking on an Avatar opens their profile page.
  • Like, flag, or delete messages
  • Markdown & emoji support
  • Border of liked messages highlighted in green. The color increases brightness with more likes, maxing at +9.
  • Quick link to the player's join date, class, contribution and User ID (with a link to their profile page).


Disabling avatar display or decreasing the length of chat history that is displayed through the extension can reduce lag for users who are using this extension with a smaller/slower computer.


The settings pop-up that appears after clicking the extension icon.

To change the extension's settings, first click the chest icon in the top right corner of your browser. This will open a pop-up where you can customize features of the extension. After you change any settings, you will have to refresh your browser to see the changes.

Use sound?: Plays an audio notification when any chat has new messages, when you open a new chat, when you post a message, or when you delete a message.

Use large text: Increases the font size of all text elements.

Disable Avatars for Faster Load: Disables the player Avatars beside messages (can reduce lag for users with a smaller/slower computer).

Disable Showing Notifications: Disables the blue highlight in the chatroom list on chats that have new messages.

Disable Deleting Notifications: Disables removing the corresponding notification from Habitica's notification list when opening a chat with new messages.

Confirm Before Deleting Messages: Prompts you for confirmation after you choose to delete a message.

Minimize group list on load: Makes the group list appear minimized upon initially loading the Habitica website.

Message Count Limit: The total amount of messages that can be viewed in one chat. The maximum amount possible is 200 messages.

Pause chat after (...) minutes of inactivity: After leaving the extension inactive for this amount of minutes, the extension will stop fetching new messages until you return. The minimum amount possible is 15 minutes, and the maximum is 240 minutes.

Date Format: The format used for displaying the day, month, and year a message was posted at. The possible formats are yyyy-mm-dd (year, month, day), d-mm-yyyy (day, month, year), mm-dd-yyyy (month, day, year), d mmm yy (day, month abbreviation, year abbreviation). Messages posted today or yesterday will instead respectively display Today or Yesterday.

Time Format: The format used for displaying the time of day a message was posted at. The possible formats are 12 hour time (a.m./p.m.) and 24 hour time.