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In addition to regular players, Habitica is populated by several characters, mostly based on real people who have contributed to Habitica's development. These characters accompany various features in the game, and many of them dress up to celebrate World Events.

The Habitica NPCs[]

The NPCs (Non-Player Characters) of Habitica were the top-tier backers of the original 2013 Kickstarter.

Bailey the Town Crier[]

Npc bailey.png

Bailey keeps the residents of Habitica up to date with all the important news: bug fixes, events, Mystery Items and all cool new features as soon as they're implemented. She doesn't have her own page but can be called up using the "Show Bailey" option under Settings.

Justin the Guide[]

NPC Justin Guide.png

Justin announces locked features as they become available, as well as any special contributor gear as it is awarded.

Alexander the Merchant[]

NPC Alexander Merchant.png

Alexander is the Merchant in Habitica. He can be found in the Market where he sells items for gems. He has a giant sword mounted on the wall of his shop.

Matt Boch the Beast Master[]

Npc matt.png

Matt Boch is the caretaker of all the pets you collect on your journey. He can somehow be in both the pet stable and the mount stable at once. Maybe he knows magic…

Daniel the Tavern Keeper[]

NPC Daniel Tavern Keeper.png

Daniel is keeper and protector of the Tavern and its Inn, reserving rooms for the sick or weary. He proudly displays his favorite golf club on the wall behind the bar.

Ian the Quest Master[]

Npc ian.gif

Ian manages the quest system and appears when you read a quest scroll. He remains in the background while you go off questing and is always ready to help with useful information and reminders.

Other Characters[]

The Grim Reaper[]


Although now retired, the Grim Reaper used to greet players every time they died.

Mysterious Time Travelers[]

Main article: Mysterious Time Travelers
Mysterious time travelers.png

The Mysterious Time Travelers, Tyler and Vicky, are available to subscribers who have received a Mystic Hourglass. These time travelers allow players to trade Mystic Hourglasses for previous Mystery Item sets.

Seasonal Sorceress[]

NPC - Lemoness.png

The Seasonal Sorceress, Siena Leslie, runs the Seasonal Shop.


A mysterious character that is mentioned in Not a Mere Maid, Jacko of the Lantern, Icicle Drake Quake, and In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude.


Masterclassers were introduced in a Behind the Scenes spotlight on the April Fool. There are four Masterclassers in total: the April Fool is the Master of Rogues, the Joyful Reaper is the Master of Healers, Lady Glaciate is the Master of Warriors, and King Manta is the Master of Mages.

April Fool[]

Promo april fool.png

The April Fool, Master of Rogues, was introduced during Spring Fling 2016 and is responsible for Habitica's April Fools' Day events.

During the 2017 Spring Fling, a Behind the Scenes spotlight about the April Fool's backstory and personal life was posted on the Habitica Blog.

The April Fool also appears in the Mayhem in Mistiflying quest line.

Joyful Reaper[]

Promo joyful reaper.png

The Joyful Reaper, Master of Healers, is a skeleton who is the oldest and hardest-working of the Masterclassers. She is known for her sweet heart, her sweet tooth, and throwing fabulous feasts. She is the ruler of the Flourishing Fields, the most productive area of Habitica, and appears in the Terror in the Taskwoods quest line and the Burnout and the Exhaust Spirits world quest.

During the 2017 Fall Festival, a Behind the Scenes spotlight about the Joyful Reaper's backstory and personal life was posted on the Habitica Blog.

Lady Glaciate[]

Scene lady glaciate.png

Lady Glaciate, Master of Warriors, is the tall and brusque leader of the Mammoth Riders of the Stoïkalm Steppes, a calm, icy tundra. She appears in the Stoïkalm Calamity quest line and is mentioned in the In Which the Wind Worsens quest.

During the 2017-2018 Winter Wonderland, a Behind the Scenes spotlight about the Lady Glaciate's backstory and personal life was posted on the Habitica Blog.

King Manta[]

Promo king manta.png

King Manta, Master of Mages, is a merman and the king of the city of Dilatory. He appears in the Dilatory Distress Quest Line and the Dread Drag'on of Dilatory world boss quest.

During the 2017 Summer Splash, a Behind the Scenes spotlight about King Manta's backstory and personal life was posted on the Habitica Blog.

Habitican Cameos[]

A number of Habiticans have made cameos in the game because they have contributed to the quests by creating the artwork or writing Habitican mythology. Below is a list of characters who have made official appearances in Habitica, as part of quest scrolls or "in-character" announcements.

Name In-game identity Appears in Real-world contribution
a_diamond Art for A Whirl with a Wind-Up Warrior
*~Seraphina~* Velici-Rapper Boss Art
amadshade Art for Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranchs
AnnDeLune Anti'zinnya art for The Lost Masterclasser
Arcosine Art for The Basi-List and A Tangled Yarn, art and writing on The Icy Arachnid
Aspiring Advocate Art for Ruby Rapport, The Onyx Odyssey
awakebyjava Art for The Somnolent Sloth
Awesomekitty Art for What a Hippo-Crite
Baconsaur The "Grand Beastmaster" Created the gryphon art, mammoth pet and mount
beffymaroo Art for Ride the Night-Mare, The Nefarious Ferret, The Blaze in the Taskwoods, Find the Mysterious Shards, Seek the Icicle Caverns, Icicle Drake Quake, Bye, Bye, Butterfry, In Which a Mailman is Extremely Rude, Infestation of the NowDo Nudibranchs, The Amber Alliance, Ruby Rapport. Writer for A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration.
Benga Art for Dilatory Distress
bridgetteempress Art for Jacko of the Lantern
Cecily Perez Art for The Push-and-Pull Peacock
confusedcicada Art for all quests
Crawford Art for Such a Cheetah
Daniel the Bard Bard  
Draayder   Art for The Killer Bunny and The Push-and-Pull Peacock
Edge Art for The Silver Solution
Eevachu   Art for Bye, Bye, Butterfry
EmeraldOx Art for Serpent of Distraction
emmavig/eyenne Art for The Guinea Pig Gang
Faye Art for The Nefarious Ferret
FolleMente Artwork
gawrone Art for Turquoise Treasure Toil, A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration
gully Art for Ruby Rapport
Hachiseiko Art for Brazen Beetle Battle
hazel Art for Dilatory Distress quest line
InspectorCaracal   Art for The Hedgebeast, The Spirit of Spring, and The Feral Dust Bunnies
JaizakAripaik Art for The Somnolent Sloth
JessicaChase Art for Ride the Night-Mare
jjgame83 Art for A Startling Starry Idea, A Maze of Moss. Writer for A Maze Of Moss
Jon Arjinborn Art for Swamp of the Clutter Frog
jumorales Art for What a Hippo-Crite
Katy133 Equipment art for the Mayhem in Mistiflying equipment quest linePterror-dactyl boss illustration, City in the Sands
khdarkwolf Art for all quests
Kiwibot Art for The Dilatory Derby, Finding the Flourishing Fairies, and The Somnolent Sloth, Earthen Enemies, In Which Mistiflying Experiences a Dreadful Bother, City in the Sands
Leephon Art for Jelly Regent and Bye, Bye, Butterfry
Lemoness Lemonade Sorceress
  • Numerous Bailey announcements and quest storylines
Too many to list here! See Art Credits and Script Credits
Lilith of Alfheim Art for each of the quests
McCoyly Triceratops egg, scroll; artwork for Mysterious Mechanical Marvels!
Megan   Art for Egg Hunt and Bye, Bye, Butterfry
mewrose Art for all named quests
nirbhao Art for A Bright Fluorite Fright
Painter de Cluster
PainterProphet Art for The Serpent of Distraction, Such a Cheetah, The Somnolent Sloth, and The Push-and-Pull Peacock
Pandah The rat whisperer Art for The Rat King, Rooster Rampage, The Nefarious Ferret, and The Guinea Pig Gang
pfeffernusse Art for Escape the Cave Creature and The Push-and-Pull Peacock
PixelStormArt Art for A Startling Starry Idea, A Maze of Moss
plumilla Triceratops and Badger boss art
Procyon P< Pterodactyl pet art, Velociraptor pet art
QuartzFox Art for The Silver Solution, Turquoise Treasure Toil, A Startling Starry Idea, and A Maze of Moss
randomdaisy Art for The Sneaky Squirrel
Rev Artwork
RosemonkeyCT Art for Swamp of the Clutter Frog
SabreCat Writer for A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration
Shtut Art for The Sneaky Squirrel
snazzyorange/Willow the Witty Art for The Guinea Pig Gang, Stop Badgering Me!, The Sneaky Squirrel
starsystemic Art for Jelly Regent, Swamp of the Clutter Frog, The CRITICAL BUG, Find the Mysterious Shards, Stop the Overshadowing Stress, The Monstrous Moon, The Silver Solution, Turquoise Treasure Toil, A Maze of Moss, The Onyx Odyssey
stefalupagus Art for A Tangled Yarn and Kangaroo Catastophe
tivaquinn Art for Such a Cheetah
-Tyr- Art for The Amber Alliance
UncommonCriminal Writing and art for Help! Harpy!; art for Ride the Night Mare, Wail of the Whale, The Nefarious Ferret
Unruly Hyena Art for Such a Cheetah
Vikte Art for The Amber Alliance, A Whirl with a Wind-Up Warrior, The Onyx Odyssey

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