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All Habitica players have four character stats: Strength, Constitution, Perception, and Intelligence. Players can increase these statistics in several different ways:

  • Using equipment, especially equipment that matches the character's current class.
  • Leveling up. Every two levels gained (up to and including level 100) applies a one-point level bonus to all stats.
  • Receiving a buff from a skill.
  • Receiving a buff by completing a Perfect Day.

Every time players level up, they gain 1 point which they can assign to the character stat of their choice, up to level 100. This feature unlocks at level 10 when all points earned from earlier levels become available.

Character Stats[]

Strength (STR) is a character stats that affects critical hits, damage done to a boss, and the effects of two skills used by Warriors and one of the Rogues' skills. It is therefore the primary stat for Warriors and the secondary stat for Rogues, though all classes get the passive bonuses described following.

This stat increases the chance that a player will land a critical hit when scoring a task and increases the bonus gained from critical hits. It also increases damage dealt to bosses. Both normal damage and damage from a critical hit are increased.

A player of any class can increase their own Strength by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the STR stat. Warriors and Rogues gain an additional class bonus for wearing the STR-providing weapons and helms that are specifically intended for their class. 

Warriors can use the skill Valorous Presence to buff their own and their party mates' Strength by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Strength, and increased Strength will also increase the effect of Warriors' Brutal Smash skill and Rogues' Backstab skill.

Constitution (CON) affects health and defense. It is the primary stat for Healers and the secondary stat for Warriors.

Having a higher Constitution decreases the amount of damage (health loss) taken from your own missed Dailies and from clicking your negative Habits (e.g., succumbing to junk food). Constitution does not decrease the amount of damage received from bosses. In other words, boss damage is calculated without anyone's Constitution taken into account, regardless of whether the source of the missed Daily is you or a member of your party.

A player of any class can increase their own Constitution by allocating stat points to it or by wearing equipment that provides a CON bonus. Healers and Warriors gain additional class bonuses for wearing the CON-providing armor and shields that are specifically intended for their class.

Healers and Warriors can also temporarily buff their own and their party members' Constitution using the skills Protective Aura and Intimidating Gaze, respectively. The amount of increase in Constitution depends on the caster's unbuffed Constitution. Protective Aura is more powerful than Intimidating Gaze, so a Healer is always more effective at buffing CON than a Warrior with the same CON.

Intelligence (INT)  affects experience and mana points (MP). It is the primary stat for Mages and the secondary stat for Healers.

Higher Intelligence allows the player to earn more XP from doing tasks, which means that they will level up more quickly. It also increases the player's MP cap and rate of MP regeneration.

Maximum MP can be determined by the following formula: ()

Once the maximum MP of the player is over 100, their maximum daily mana regeneration rate becomes 10% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 10 MP every Cron. Their mana gained from positive Habits becomes 0.25% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 0.25 MP, and mana gained per Daily, To Do or To Do checklist item becomes 1% of their maximum MP, instead of a base 1 MP.

A player of any class can increase their own Intelligence by allocating stat points to it (also adds 1 MP per point allocated to INT) or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the INT stat. Mages and Healers gain an additional class bonus for wearing the INT-providing weapons and armor that are specifically intended for their class. 

Mages can use the skill Earthquake to buff their own and their party mates' Intelligence by an amount determined by their own unbuffed Intelligence.

Perception (PER) affects the rate of earning drops and gold points (GP) for each task. It is the primary stat for Rogues and the secondary stat for Mages.

This stat increases the chance of finding item Drops (including drops for collection quests) when completing Tasks, a player's daily drop-cap, Streak Bonuses, and the amount of gold awarded for every Task completed.

A player of any class can increase their own Perception by allocating stat points to it or by equipping armor and weapons that provide a bonus to the PER stat. Rogues and Mages gain an additional class bonus for wearing the PER-providing equipment that is specifically intended for their class.

Rogues can use the skill Tools of the Trade to buff their own and their party mates' Perception by an amount that is determined by their own unbuffed Perception.

Assigning Stat Points[]

Stat points are found under Stats in the User Icon menu on the website, or within the Stats page on the menu of the Android App and iOS App.


When you have stat points to allocate, arrows will appear beside all stats. Click the up or down arrow to assign or remove points from a stat.

Feature Unavailable
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Distribution choices
Workaround: Currently users who select automatic allocation in the website are required to allocate based on task activity. In addition, it is not currently possible to assign stat values to tasks in the main system. To do this, use the Task Adjustor to set your tasks to the correct options. Alternatively, users can use the Android App to set to the option as desired under the Stats menu.
Octocat habitica Issue #9789

Players can either assign points manually or enable the Automatic Allocation feature to automatically assign points according to one of three distribution modes.

Once assigned, stat points cannot be redistributed unless the player changes class or uses the Orb of Rebirth. Changing class will refund all stat points and give the player the option to choose a new class.


Five sources of stats are summed to get the final total for each stat.

Attribute stats


Each stat gets a bonus equal to half your level, rounded down. However, this is capped at 50 points
(Example: a level 61 player gets a 30 point bonus. A level 101 player and a level 150 player both get a 50 point bonus.). Leveling maxes out at 9999.


Bonus provided by your equipment.
(Example: Golden Armor gives 11 to CON, and Golden Shield gives 9 to CON for a total of 20.)

Class Equip Bonus[]

Your class uses its equipment more effectively than other classes. Equipped gear from your current class gets a 50% bonus.
(Example: A Warrior wearing the Warrior gear Golden Armor and Golden Shield gains 20 CON from the equipment, plus 50% more of that number (10 points) for a final total of 30 CON.)

Allocated Stat Points[]

Bonus points from your allocation, either automatic or manual.


Temporary bonuses from achievements and abilities. These wear off at the end of your day, otherwise known as your cron. If you're in a party, you can be given buffs from other party members' skills in addition to your own. Also, following any day in which you accomplish all of your Dailies, you will receive a Perfect Day buff of one half your level, rounded up, to a maximum of 50 points. (For example: Tools of the Trade gives a buff of Perception to all party members.)

Stat Point Cap[]

At level 100, a player will receive their 100th stat point for allocation. After this, they will no longer be able to increase their stats via leveling up. They will receive no further stat points for allocation, and their level bonus to stats will not increase with level up. This is to prevent the game from becoming unbalanced at very high levels. Players above level 100 may still increase their stats via the use of equipment and/or buffs.

Previously, stat allocation was not capped at level 100. Therefore, players who were above level 100 before the cap was introduced may have more than 100 stat points for allocation. However, these players will not gain any more stat points on further level-ups. Additionally, if these players choose to reassign their stat points or change class, they will only be given 100 points to reassign.