Tired of manually crunching through the challenge CSV data to pick the winner? The Habitica Challenge Wrangler to the rescue! It is a data analysis tool for quickly selecting a Challenge winner. It treats the challenge like a multi-event sporting competition where the winner is the participant with the highest average place across all tasks. Tie-breaks are supported in the event of a tie for first place. It is implemented in Python so it will run on all major operating systems.


Install with pip:

pip install habitica-challenge-wrangler

Full installation instructions on GitHub


First, download your Habitica challenge CSV data from the Habitica website, then execute the pick-winner script, passing the downloaded CSV file name as a command line argument:

pick-winner -f my_challenge_data.csv

By default, the leaderboard showing the top 10 participants is displayed. The number of participants to display can be specified with a command line argument:

pick-winner -f my_challenge_data.csv --leaderboard-rows 5

Finally, the intermediate data products can optionally be written to a spreadsheet with the to-excel command:

pick-winner --input-file my_challenge_data.csv --to-excel

This will create a single spreadsheet with multiple work sheets. The sheets are described in detail in the project Readme file, available from the GitHub site.

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