BountySource is a website where users of open source software can post bounties on bug fixes and feature requests. This allows a user to donate money that will be paid to the developer who fulfills the user's chosen requests.

For a few years, Habitica used BountySource as a way to incentivize bug fixing. However, it was found that a bounty on an issue did not noticeably increase the likelihood that the issue would be resolved, and so Habitica is no longer using BountySource. The material below is for purely historical interest.

Habitica's bugs and feature requests that had bounties can be viewed in GitHub by using the type: bounty label. The label is no longer applied to new issues.

The images below show what the Habitica pages in BountySource's website used to look like.

Habitica's BountySource page

Issues list sorted by bounty amount

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