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A shadowy figure with green, glowing eyes wears a red Santa suit. Below him, a red health bar displays his health as 227 out of 300.

This boss, Trapper Santa, has taken some damage.

Bosses are powerful enemies that can be battled via the quest system. All party members who are participating in the quest fight the boss together. Players reduce the boss's health by completing their Dailies, positive Habits, and To Do's, and take damage for both their own and other party members' missed Dailies.

Boss fights make the game more difficult by multiplying damage from Dailies. They can increase players' motivation because their bad habits will now harm their friends as well as themselves. Even players who are resting in the Inn will take damage for their party members' missed Dailies.

When a boss is defeated, the players earn rewards, which consist of gold, items or experience.


A quest boss' HP can be viewed in real time on Habitica's iOS app.

  • When not on a boss quest, players only take damage from their own Dailies at their Cron, and can predict how much they're going to take the next time they log in after their Cron. During a boss quest, they may take an unpredictable amount of damage on any party member's Cron when that party member logs in to process their Cron after missing their Dailies. It is wise to keep one's Health higher than would normally be necessary in case a companion slips up.
  • If the quest is started later in the day, tasks that the player had completed and skills that the player had used earlier in the day still do damage to the boss.
  • If a player rests in the Inn while on a boss quest, their Dailies will not affect other party members, but they will still take boss damage caused by other players. Thus, they may need to heal even while resting.
  • If a player completes positive Habits, Dailies, or To Do's while resting in the Inn, those tasks will eventually cause damage to the boss but only after the player checks out of the Inn and the player's next Cron runs. Thus, if the player stays in the Inn during the entire boss quest, their tasks will not have any effect on the quest.
  • Each player's damage to and from the boss appears on the party's chat after cron, which lets other party members know roughly how well they are doing with their tasks. However, the names or details of a player's specific tasks are never revealed to other players in the party.
  • If a player does more damage to the party than expected, they can find out which of their Dailies had not been completed on the previous day using the Data Display Tool.


Bosses are specific to a particular quest. To fight a boss, players on the quest complete To Do's, positive Habits, and Dailies (including grey Dailies). Each of these tasks deals a certain amount of damage to the boss. Completing a red task will deal more damage than a yellow task. The Mage skill Burst of Flames and the Warrior skill Brutal Smash will also deal more damage to the boss independently of completing To Do's, Habits, and Dailies. Anything that buffs Strength will cause the player to deal more damage when completing tasks.

Additionally, if a World Boss is currently active, damage that you do to quest bosses is also duplicated as damage to the World Boss. If you are on a collection quest, Habitica treats you as if you were fighting a quest boss to calculate damage to the World Boss.

Failure to complete Dailies results in the boss attacking all of the players for damage. If a World Boss is active, it does not do a second set of damage to you, but fills its rage bar instead.

This boss has taken some damage, but has also begun to fill its rage bar

Boss with damage and rage bars.

If a quest boss has a rage effect, missing Dailies also fills the boss's rage bar as well as doing damage to you and the party. If the rage bar fills completely, the boss will activate an effect. For most bosses, the rage effect is to heal the boss, but some bosses have other rage effects. Bosses with this feature are designed to be more of a challenge to parties to complete their tasks regularly!

Taking damage from negative Habits does not cause the boss to do additional damage to you or your party.

Damage to the boss and the player is dealt on each player's Cron.

Boss Health[]

Health Points (HP) represent the health of a Boss and indicate how well the battle against them is going. They show how much damage has already been done to the Boss, and how much more needs to be done until a party has defeated the Boss.

It is shown through a red bar underneath the Boss's picture, known as a Health Bar, and it includes a numerical display of the current HP out of the maximum HP (e.g. 227.84/300.00).

A health bar for a boss reads 227.84 out of 300.00 health. Above it are the quest name and boss image.

A Boss's Health is usually a good indicator of how long a quest is going to take and how difficult it will be. The more Health a Boss has, the longer it will take a party to defeat it. For example; a party of four that does not have a Mage or Warrior and deals an average of 10 damage per player, will take 30 days to defeat a Boss with 1200 HP but only 10 days to defeat a Boss with 400 HP. See the table further down this page for an overview of all the Quests Bosses and their Health.

If you are currently participating in a quest with a boss, you can see an estimate of how much damage you'll do to the boss at your next Cron. The damage estimate can be seen in the quest details under the Health Bar of the Boss, on the right side (e.g. 13.1 pending damage, as in the image above).

You can also view pending damage via the Quest Progress link on the Data Display Tool. Alternatively, every time you complete a task on the website, you can see how much damage it will cause, as a notification.

A screenshot of the data display tool, containing only text. The header reads Quest Progress, and below it is the following message: So far today you have done an estimated 4.6 points of damage to the Ghost Stag, who has 1200 HP remaining. The numbers in the message are in bold.

Calculating Damage Done to Boss[]

Damage to a quest boss from Habits, Dailies, and To Do's is delivered at the player's next Cron and is calculated as follows:

  • To Do's and Dailies: Strength Multiplier * Critical Hit Bonus * Task Value Delta
  • Habits: (Strength Multiplier/2) * Critical Hit Bonus * Task Value Delta


  • Strength Multiplier = 1 + Strength * 0.005
  • Critical Hit Bonus = 1.5 + (4 * Strength)/(Strength + 200) (Only if a critical hit is scored for that task.)
  • Task Value Delta = 0.9747 ^ (Task Value prior to clicking the task. However, if task value is lower than -47.27 or higher than 21.27, those values are used instead)

Therefore, if a player with Strength of 20 is participating in a boss quest and completes a Daily with an existing value of 10 and scores a critical hit, the accrued damage is calculated as follows: (1 + (20 * 0.005)) * (1.5 + (4 * 20)/(20 + 200)) * 0.9747 ^ 10 = 1.1 * 1.52 * 0.773944 = 1.294035.

Task difficulty does not affect damage done to a boss. A Trivial task will deal equally as much damage as a Hard task if they both have the same task value.

Boss Strength[]

When one player fails to complete Dailies, the boss attacks all of the players. Boss damage is determined by the following formula:

Boss Damage = (Dmg / 2) x Boss Strength

Where "Dmg" means the amount of damage the player would normally take for the missed Dailies before Constitution is applied. Boss damage is applied to all party members participating in the quest, including the person whose missed Dailies generated the damage. This means that, while on a boss quest, players take damage from their own missed Dailies twice.

Boss strength is a fixed multiplier specific to that boss - it does not depend on the boss's health or any other factor.

Bosses with higher initial health take longer to defeat, and stronger bosses deal more damage.

Constitution does not reduce boss damage. This is so that all players are equally affected by the boss. If that were not the case, then a player with a high Constitution could leave their Dailies undone and take only a small amount of damage from the boss, while causing large damage to their party members.


Picture Name Health Strength Reward
A shadowy figure with green, glowing eyes wears a red Santa suit. Trapper Santa 300 1 Mount
An angry, bright orange gryphon with a flaming tail. The Fiery Gryphon 300 1.5 Pet
A navy blue to black wispy figure with glowing yellow eyes. Vice's Shade 750 1.5 Scroll
A purple and grey dragon ascends from purple wisps. Vice, The Shadow Wyrm 1500 3 Equipment
An angry hedgehog with red eyes. The Hedgebeast 400 1.25 Pet
A pure white male deer. Ghost Stag 1200 2.5 Pet
A large, angry brown rat guards multiple smaller brown rats. The Rat King 1200 2.5 Pet
A mud-colored octopus Octothulu 1200 2.5 Pet
An angry-looking seahorse Sea Stallion 300 1.5 Pet
A sea serpent made of trash The SnackLess Monster 300 1 Scroll
An electric blue humanoid figure is surrounded by clouds and trash The Laundromancer 800 1.5 Equipment
A large parrot guarding a glowing object Harpy 600 1.5 Pet
An angry blue and green rooster Rooster 300 1.5 Pet
A white spider guards a web Frost Spider 400 1.5 Pet
A hooded figure holds a skull cane Necromancer 1500 3 Scroll
A large winged figure ascends from green mist Necro-Vice 2000 3.5 Equipment
A golden knight holds a shield and a weapon.
Golden Knight 1000 3 Scroll
A large knight in black armor holds a sword and stands at attention. The Iron Knight 1700 3.5 Equipment
A long list written on paper, which has come to life as a serpent. The Basi-List 100 0.5 Gold, XP
An owl flying through the night sky, its eyes glowing. The Night-Owl 500 1.5 Pet
An emperor penguin with foreboding spikes on its back. Frost Penguin 400 1.5 Pet
A T-Rex with green skin, its mouth open. Flesh Tyrannosaur 800 2 Pet
A T-Rex skeleton, its mouth open. Skeletal Tyrannosaur 500 (50 Rage) 2 Pet
An angry, sentient rock. Crystal Colossus 400 1.5 Pet
An angry bunny with pink adornments The Killer Bunny 300 1.5 Pet
A blob of pink jelly, dressed in royal regalia The Jelly Regent 400 1.5 Pet
A grey ram with lightning bolts for legs The Thunder Ram 300 1.5 Pet
A deep red Kraken The Kraken of Inkomplete 800 2 Pet
An angry whale with green mist spouting from its blowhole Wailing Whale 500 1.5 Pet
A skull with water pouring from its mouth Water Skull 500 (50 Rage) 1 Equipment
A black-haired, blue mermaid wearing a glowing red amulet. Adva, The Usurping Mermaid 1000 2 Equipment
A cheetah running through flames Cheetah 600 1.5 Pet
A large grey horse Night-Mare 500 1.5 Pet
A frog with blue flames sprouting from its hands Clutter Frog 300 1.5 Pet
A large angry serpent Serpent of Distraction 1100 2.5 Pet
A unicorn with a flaming mane Unicorn Queen 600 1.5 Pet
A green sabre cat Zombie Sabre Cat 1000 2 Pet
An angry mandrill Monstrous Mandrill 400 1.5 Pet
A snail covered with moss and sludge Snail of Drudgery Sludge 500 1.5 Pet
A fire-breathing falcon Birds of Preycrastination 700 2 Pet
A tree with an angry face The Tangle Tree 600 1.5 Pet
An axolotl wearing a pointy hat and holding a staff with a glowing snail shell design at one end. Magical Axolotl 500 1.5 Pet
An angry turtle surrounded by bubbles. Task Flotsam 300 1.5 Pet
An angry armadillo with a spiky tail. Indulgent Armadillo 600 1.5 Pet
An angry mootant cow. Mootant Cow 400 1.5 Pet
An angry critical bug. CRITICAL BUG 500 1.5 Pet
A cackling, flaming skull-creature. Fire Skull Swarm 500 1 Equipment
A possessed lantern spirit. Jacko of the Lantern 1000 2 Equipment
A devious ferret. Nefarious Ferret 400 1.5 Pet
Three vicious, dusty bunnies. Feral Dust Bunnies 100 0.5 Gold, XP
A dark monster rising from the floor. Overshadowing Stress 100 1.5 Equipment
A monstrous moon with a glowing eye, fangs, and a long tongue. Monstrous Moon 1000 2 Equipment
A sloth with emeralds on its back. Somnolent Sloth 400 1.5 Pet
An angry triceratops with red eyes. Trampling Triceratops 1200 2.5 Pet
A skull creature rising from the earth. Earth Skull Swarm 500 1 Equipment
An icy, bejeweled dragon queen. Icicle Drake Queen 1000 2 Equipment
A greedy guinea pig in a black hat. Guinea Pig Boss 400 1.5 Pet
Quest peacock.png Push-and-Pull Peacock 300 1.5 Pet
Quest butterfly.png Flaming Butterfry 400 1.5 Pet
Quest mayhemMistiflying1.png Air Skull Swarm 500 1 Equipment
Quest mayhemMistiflying3.png Wind-Worker 1000 2 Equipment
Quest nudibranch.png NowDo Nudibranch 400 1.5 Pet
Quest hippo.png Hippo-Crite 800 2 Pet
Quest lostMasterclasser2.png a'Voidant 1500 2.5 Equipment
Quest lostMasterclasser3.png Void Skull Swarm 2000 3 Equipment
Quest yarn.png Dread Yarnghetti 500 1.5 Pet
Quest pterodactyl.png Pterror-dactyl 1000 2 Pet
Quest badger.png The Badgering Bother 600 1.5 Pet
Quest squirrel.png Sneaky Squirrel 700 2 Pet
Quest seaserpent.png The Mighty Sea Serpent 1200 2.5 Pet
Quest kangaroo.png The Catastrophic Kangaroo 700 2 Pet
Quest alligator.png The Insta-Gator 1100 2.5 Pet
Quest velociraptor.png The Veloci-Rapper 900 2 Pet
Quest bronze.png Bronze Beetle 800 2 Potion
Quest dolphin.png Dolphin of Doubt 300 1.25 Pet
Quest amber.png Trerezin 300 1.25 Potion
Quest waffle.png Awful Waffle 500 2 Potion
Quest fluorite.png Fluorite Elemental 1200 2 Potion
Quest windup.gif Clankton 1000 1 Potion
Quest blackPearl.png Asteroidea 725 1.75 Potion
Quest solarSystem.gif Diversionoids 1500 2.5 Potion
Quest virtualpet.gif Wotchimon 500 2 Potion
Quest lostMasterclasser4.gif Anti'zinnya 3000 4 Equipment & Mount

World Bosses[]

Main article: World Bosses

A world boss is the boss in a special type of quest where all users of Habitica are involved. All users are rewarded upon its completion. Damage is done to a world boss in the same way as to a normal quest boss: by completing Habits, Dailies, and To Do's, and by casting Burst of Flames or Brutal Smash. The previous world bosses were The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory, The Abominable Stressbeast of the Stoïkalm Steppes, Burnout and the Exhaust Spirits, The Be-Wilder, and The Dysheartener.