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Ailish143 Ailish143 18 days ago

365 Day Editing Challenge

I've seen a lot of people start a blog post whenever they begin an editing streak attempt, and I've never been one for originality, so hi!

I guess this is just another form of accountability, except now I'm leaving evidence that I'm bad at planning ahead. So if someone sees this post and also sees that I've failed to complete it, you can comment some motivation or just laugh at me - either works!

Have a good day :)

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Edhammerbeck Edhammerbeck 10 October

How I use Habitica

I use Habitica to keep me on track with the stuff I have to do every day. Here's how I do it.

  • 1 Habits
  • 2 Dailies
  • 3 To Dos
  • 4 Rinse and repeat

Most of my Habits come from the D&D guild and you can read about their Dungeons & Dailies Challenge there. I am presenty working on the Goblin Cave 1 adventure. I have another one from the Metalheads guild. Obviously, I don't really use Habits as intended.

Dailies and To Dos are where I do my work. My Dailies are things I absolutely have to do periodically -- daily, weekly, or whatever. Things that I cannot let slip without consequences to my physical/mental health or the functioning of my household. I have to take my medications. I have to feed my dogs. If I don't exercise, that affects my mood negatively. I fe…

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Artmouse17 Artmouse17 9 July

An Introduction

Hi, I'm artmouse17. I found Habitica not-too-long-ago, and it's really great. I love the functions, game type…it's amazing! To celebrate Habitica, I made this:

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SuperSaraA SuperSaraA 4 July

Hi Everyone!

Hi there!

This is my first Habitica Wiki user blog post. :) I am learning how editing the Wiki works so that I can continue to help out the awesome community of Habitica. So far, I have learned a little about how to edit pages using the source editor, add pixel art (that has been set into Habitica) to the Wiki and update the Pixel Art Credits pages to help keep them up-to-date. I am still learning how things work with the Wiki so if you want to share any tips and tricks with me I am all ears.

Hope you have a great day!

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Yoshikora Yoshikora 21 April

My journey to "Wiki Hero!"

This a my way of logging my progress towards the "Wiki Hero!" badge - 365 continuous days of contribution to the Wiki. Can I do it?

My newest update will be at the top, and the oldest one will be at the bottom. For dates I will use this format: "yyyy/mm/dd".

2021/05/25 I lost my streak at 43 days. Back to day 1!

2021/05/10 Earned the "Devoted" - badge for 30 continuous days of contribution to the Wiki! The daily editing / translation is beginning to become a routine and it doesn't feel that hard anymore. At least for the current moment... Most of the days (especially after work) my energy level only allows me to do tiny edits (translating is hard work on the brain), but every small step counts!

2021/04/24 Earned the "Two Weeks on the Wiki" - bad…

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NotZephyr NotZephyr 15 April


Well, I've lost my streak :P

It was nothing too big to begin with; I'm only on the 60 days achievement, but I felt proud of it nonetheless. However, yesterday I didn't get a chance to do anything, so the streak is now back to 1. Hurrah. Hopefully, I can get a better run this time (maybe even set it as a daily o.O)

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Taldin Taldin 11 February

A Distinct Lack of Focus

I've been here editing the blog since 2014. You would think that by this time, six years later and change, I'd be able to put together a coherent streak of one year worth of edits.

But I've missed my daily edit -twice- this week. There's a LOT going on my life right now, and when that happens, even an alarm doesn't help. It's not even the Demon of Procrastination -- just that momentary lapse of 'hang on, interruption, gotta respond to this email from the flood coming in that day'.

I think the older I get the more prone I am to being distracted and nonfocused, and perhaps this is a sign of not being as sharp as I used to be. Or low blood sugar being a factor. Or not enough sleep.

There are many things that it could be, and stubbornness d…

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NotZephyr NotZephyr 31 January

An Introduction

There was a period today where I was really bored. School was over for the day, and my dad had blocked peacock, the one streaming service I used to watch Psych. Since I had planned on watching few episodes, I had nothing to do. So, being the "instant gratification"  person I am, I decided to go online and look up things I could do to kill time. However, while scrolling through the "education" section of one of the websites I had clicked on, there was one suggestion that I liked: Habitica. What is Habitica? Well, I'm lazy, so I'll just put the Wikipedia description. "Habitica, formerly HabitRPG, is an online task management application run by HabitRPG, Inc. Unlike most task management programs, Habitica takes the form of a role-playing game…

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PixelStormArt PixelStormArt 20 January

A little bit about me!

I’m mainly making this blog post for the badge, as I’m a bit of a completionist and this (unearned) badge has been bugging me for about a year.

I’ve been wiki editing occasionally for just over a year and a half. As a guild leader, I’m responsible for maintaining The Keep:Pixel Power. I’ve used this account to keep track of all my edits. Most of my edits take place at the start of the month, when I add the new challenges, remove the old ones and update the winner’s tables. Looking back to when I started, our Keep Page has come a long way.

In Habitica I have earned Contributor Tiers as an Artisan and Challenger. I don’t currently plan on becoming a Scribe, but I will happily offer my assistance to any Scribes who need it when it comes to upda…

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SnowCrasher SnowCrasher 26 November 2020

Being a Linguistic Scribe in Korean

After many years of procrastinating, I have now started adding Korean translations to wiki.

Of course, I should finish the main site translation first...

We now have a nice discussion guild with several capable translators though, so maybe I can let them work for now while I just approve as a reviewer... XD

Feel free to ding me up if there are backed up strings waiting for approval!

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Citrusellaeditswikis Citrusellaeditswikis 9 October 2020

Test blog comments

Testing blog post with comments enabled to see if the form shows up

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Taldin Taldin 7 October 2020

Hmmm... new format...

Okay, it looks like we've been migrated over. The good news is that blog posts got pulled over as well as the notes that went with them. The (bad?) news is that things have changed.... so it doesn't hurt to go poking around to see what might look different than it did before. One of those things is a new visual editor, which also has a Source Editor if you use the dropdown at the top.

I foresee interesting times ahead.

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SlothHut SlothHut 29 September 2020

3 Months (about) Using Habitica

I first used Habitica a couple of years ago. I played with my family and didn't do any contributing or anything like that. That account is now long lost but I hope to get it back so I can look back at how I used Habitica a couple of years ago.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was in quarantine and I couldn't get anything done. All I mostly did was play video games. I was extremely un-motivated. Then I remembered Habitica. I remembered how fun it was and then created another account. It actually really helped me get motivated.

After a month I decided I wanted to give back to the community. I started with being a Socialite. Seemed like the easiest thing to do. No submission and no signup. I realized it wasn't so easy. But I kept on doing it a…

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Taldin Taldin 19 August 2020

...that's a lot of archiving work to do...

If I'm reading the migration info right, blogs as we know them are going away when the Wiki gets converted to the new format.  I see complaints about them vanishing with their notes without a trace. 

I have blogs going back to 2014, 15 pages worth, to archive and save, apparently.... 

The best way to save your blog posts is to Print them as PDFs -- you won't get all the banner bits and the navigation bits, but you will lose all your comments.  Those may need to be copy-pasted into a file manually.

If anyone has a script that can archive blog posts, I'd love to know...

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Loremipsum2 Loremipsum2 4 August 2020

Talking about color (1)

I did some more experimenting, and just wanted to share and start a discussion about how we use color in our art! I use the free program Krita, and this is what my color picker looks like:


  • Hue refers to the position on the color wheel and is what we mean we when say the names of the colors in everyday life: red, green, blue, yellow…
  • Saturation refers to how "colorful" something is perceived, or how much of a hue goes into a pixel.
  • Value refers to how bright (or dark) a pixel is perceived.

Hue and saturation together make up the color part of a pixel, but value is mostly what's conveying space and threedime…

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Kunar Kunar 17 July 2020

One year of translating for Habitica

On 2019-07-16 17:35:49 CEST, I was contacted by @ieahleen and asked to translate some hails for the Pirate Cove to Esperanto (one of my two native languages). One year later, I have contributed to the German translation of both Habitica itself as well as the Wiki news.

The Wiki gamification mechanisms worked well on me. I tried not to miss any day, even though it was very tough around New Year's Eve. I was in the mountains in Poland near the Czech border and internet connection worked only sometimes and only within a specific square meter.

I am curious about where I will go from tomorrow on. Maybe I will do less Wiki and more Habitica translation again. Or less of both. Or a bit of both with less pressure to do it every day. Who knows?

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Kyylyew Kyylyew 16 July 2020

Creating a New Subclass: Case Study - Barbarian (Warrior) Pt. 1

Many ideas for customizing your Habitica play style to better match your incentive response preferences are introduced in the article Creating a Unique Experience. The option that first caught my attention was under the Custom Rules section: Sub-classes (which I will be spelling "subclasses" for the remainder of this article). The option, as written in the article, is specifically about mechanics for swapping Health for Mana, but it got me thinking about how to take the various themes covered in the custom rules section and create a system for applying them all under one mechanic. I liked the concept of creating a subclass as a way to implement multiple rule customizations around a play style theme, and so I co-opted it as the frame for my…

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LadyAlys LadyAlys 16 July 2020

Rate Limiting (Intentional Slow-Downs) in Some Third-Party Tools

On 20 July 2020 at about 20:30 UTC, Habitica made a change that may cause slowness in some third-party tools (extensions, addons, scripts, etc). Technical details for the creators of the tools are given at the bottom of this post but the main reason for this post is to inform the Habiticans who use those tools.

In brief, Habitica introduced "rate limiting", which means that third-party tools cannot communicate with Habitica too often. Previously, there was no limit on how often a tool could fetch data about your account, or how often it could modify your account (e.g., to cast skills), and because of that some player's private scripts had been doing so many updates so quickly that sometimes Habitica's entire server slowed down and that caus…

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RaitheOfDureya RaitheOfDureya 6 July 2020

Productivity Tools

I've made a list of some tools that I use daily for the Life Hackers Guild, maybe it can be useful for you too:

  • HackMD - collaborative markdown knowledge base.
  • Workflowy - a simpler way to organize your work using text-based nested lists.
  • Vimium (Chrome Extension) - provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation without mouse.
  • Grammarly - grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection
  • LastPass - password manager.
  • Mubert - generative music streaming service powered by AI.
  • MusicForProgramming.net - a series of mixes intended for listening while '+task+' to aid concentration and increase productivity.
  • Mullvad VPN - trustworthy and easy-to-use VPN service.
  • Spritzlet (Chrome Extension) - speed reading tool.
  • Strict Workflow (Chrome Extension) - p…
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SunSparc SunSparc 12 June 2020

It is time...

...for a new blog post.

I am getting things done.
Using Habitica, I am now more productive.
With all the extra time, I am given to pause, and consider.
Am I producing and accomplishing what most needs to be done?

The are far too many a product to create.
I have an unlimited supply of projects to do.
Which is the best? Which ones can wait?

What is it that meets the highest of priorities?
Thinking through all the possibilities, because now I can.
I am producing more, with the help of Habitica.
Things are being completed by me.

For this new blog post, time is it. Because that is all I have.

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Taldin Taldin 29 May 2020

One Year Out

It's been a year since I moved out of the place I called home for sixteen years.  I moved out from under the auspices of someone who I'd lived with for longer than that, and into a smaller place that was sadly more expensive (amazing how much rents have gone up since before the Great Recession...).

My routines changed.  My habits changed.  I haven't been using Habitica much at all, but I'm still supporting the site and the Wikia to some degree, because some habits are worth keeping, and this is one of them. Surprisingly?  It's gotten easier to keep up with the housework, mostly because... I have help.

Trying to track when the dishes need to be done as a daily doesn't work near as well when sometimes the dishes are done before you get to them…

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IzzoT IzzoT 16 May 2020

My favourite tasks

Hi. This is my first blog post. I want to tell you about  my favourite tasks.


  • don't read before things you have to do
  • check into party
  • hour off screens 


  • Unplugged activity 
  • wishing well


  • skip a level (100 gold)
  • hatch a pet (5 gold)
  • wishing well
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Greenovals Greenovals 8 May 2020

How I use my habits and Dailies

Hi, Greenovals here.

This is my first blog post, and it is about how I use my habits and dailies.


I have both positive and negative habits. I use habits for various things, such as learning new things, doing my chores, and not buying items when I am over my spending limit.


I use dailies to keep track of my bedtime routine, morning routine as well as keeping active.

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Dracothedragonn Dracothedragonn 30 April 2020

Why is this a badge?

The wiki wants me to write a blog post, so hi I guess?

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CTheDragons CTheDragons 23 February 2020

Wearing the Best Thing to the Ball


If you are new, you may have asked yourself:

What is the best thing to wear on my Avatar?


Which equipment should I use?


Can I have an amazing looking Avatar that rocks with my skills or in a quest?

The answer to this question is Yes and Yes. (Don't worry we will get to the other questions). Habitica has a great feature called Wear Costume or Use Costume. On the apps it and option that appears under the Battle Gear in the Equipment menu option.

For the web it is under menu option Inventory -> Equipment in the action draw at the bottom. Click the "2nd tab" of Costume to find it.

Switching that on, allows you to dress your Avatar to its finest clothes. (No need to pretend like the Emperor).

While we are here turn off Auto-Equip OFF! Just because you have…

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Lady Indigo Lady Indigo 7 January 2020

Hello World!

Hi everyone!

I am Lady Indigo (aka Svenja, an autistic student from Germany and I have been using Habitica on and off for the last two years to help me with executive dysfunction and procrastination. This year I have decided that I want to contribute something to the app that has been such a tremendous help to me.

In my day-to-day life I use Habitica for both small and large tasks, for university, shopping, hobbies and above all, self-improvement. There are goals I have accomplished last year that I feel would have been a lot harder to reach on my own, because I often lack determination if there is no incentive.

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Drpf33 Drpf33 1 January 2020

Difficulty Modifier, Part 2

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Yoshikora Yoshikora 1 December 2019

Why I'm here?

Hi! I love Habitica, it's such a positive community and I guess I just want to help it to the best of my abilities. I have been on this website/app in periods the last couple of years, but now when I came but I got more into it than usual. It really helps my day-to-day life, more than it has in the past. I began to wonder how I could make the website more available to others and find my way into translating the site, and now I'm here.

Turns out translating is relaxing, and I get to work on my language and spelling skills (which is a plus since I love to write and have a bad habit of using auto-correct!)

But, I'm still ew to all of this, epecially the Wiki! So, please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or advice on how to be…

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JohnJSal JohnJSal 14 November 2019

My Habitica Wiki Mission

Hello everyone! I've always had an interest in programming and web design, but I often don't have many opportunities to use those skills. I am hoping that learning how to edit the Habitica Wiki will help me not only re-learn some of those old skills but also learn new ones and give me a chance to put all of those lessons into practice more often.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or advice for how to best edit the wiki! I'm always interested in doing things most efficiently, so if there are better or more useful ways of making changes, I would appreciate knowing about them!

Thank you!


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Taldin Taldin 1 November 2019

2019 NaNoWriMo Ninjas List

As usual, I'm participating in National Novel Writer's Month.   There's a healthy NaNo community in Habitica, and one of the things I do is put up a challenge with plot ninjas (things that spark people's creativity when they're stuck in their own novel) that help people get their word count in for the day.  

There are four types of ninjas: 

  • Ordinary Ninjas -- you can do these on your own, they're voluntary, that sort of thing.
  • Secret Ninjas -- players in the Challenge send me their way of completing the ninja, and one of them will form the basis for a future ninja challenge.
  • Level Boss Ninjas -- aka 'show your work'  -- you get credit only if you post an excerpt from your novel that completes the ninja challenge. 
  • Ninja Lairs -- aka 'a Mob of N…
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Hello-titania Hello-titania 6 October 2019

Save the Earth; Where do I Begin?

You can't care about everything,

a wise woman told me once.

I want to care so much about anything,

But all the pain I felt lately was too much.

I tried to carry the weight of the world,

but I only have two hands.

Heavy on my shoulders, on my soul.

Exhaustion is running my veins.

Strong enough to save the earth,

if she would exist first.

But where does that begin?

It starts by acknowledging the hurt.

- titānia

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SunSparc SunSparc 5 October 2019

Proof Read All The Pages

Project Started: 2019 October 04

My checklist for proofreading all the (English) pages on the wiki. A daunting task? Sure. But one a day or less, consistently, should only take 2-3 years. :D


  • this page has been read already
  • still need to read this page

Total Page Count: 746

  • 2014 HabitRPG Birthday Bash redirects to Habitica Birthday Bash
  • API (disambiguation page)
  • API Options
  • A Gentler Purpler Habitica
  • A Stern Talking-To
  • A Tangled Yarn
  • Absurd Party Hat redirects to Winter Wonderland
  • Accessibility
  • Achievement redirects to Achievements
  • Achievements
  • Acronyms
  • Adapting HabitRPG for ADHD redirects to Adapting Habitica for ADHD
  • Adapting HabitRPG for Anxiety and Depression redirects to Adapting Habitica for Anxiety and Depression
  • Adapting HabitRPG for Passive-Aggressive B…

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Drpf33 Drpf33 4 October 2019

Difficulty Modifier, Part 1

Greetings, Scribes of the realm!

I have been toying with the idea of using what I call a "Difficulty Modifier" (which is really just a Habit). I'll describe how it works and how it is helping me (or not) in future installments.

Some tasks are, well, hard. I mean super tough. For me, this is waking up. I've never been a morning person, although hope springs eternal on that count. On most days, due in large part to a medical history of sleep disorders (and the resulting side effects of prescribed medications), waking up is an unreasonable demand, like yelling at a tomato in your garden to stop being green and just turn red already.

Can Habitica accommodate this situation? Of course it can!

We have the following default Difficulty levels to work w…

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SunSparc SunSparc 3 October 2019

Ode T' Ye Wiki Scribe

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SunSparc SunSparc 15 July 2019

Habitica Haiku

Tasks are on my list

Points and gold for playing life

Checking off Success!

- SunSparc

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Kzmac Kzmac 10 July 2019

I love Habitica

Now listen, I'm 15, and I love Habitica. Ever since starting, I've accomplished an amazing amount of things!

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Taldin Taldin 8 July 2019

New Place, New Habits

I moved last month; new apartment, new roomie, that sort of thing.   

It's interesting because I've picked up a bunch of new habits as I try and emulate/mirror my housemate, who is way more orderly than my previous one.  Most of the stuff I accumulated over the past 15 years of living with the former housemate went with them; I kept the stuff which really mattered to me, and some stuff to sort through later. 

It's also really nice having a housemate who pitches in for the housework.   You don't realize how much easier it gets when you're not the only one doing the household chores for a household of two.   We've had a bit of a disagreement over the housemate making sure they actually _leave_ me some dishes to do!   (They're between jobs righ…

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Taldin Taldin 31 May 2019

Perspectives On Life Changes vs. Habits

Habits are things that we do because we want to do things the same way.  Improving oneself, fixing problems, it's all about making things routines. 

Change is about doing things differently.   Controlled change is what makes habits tick; you learn to consistently keep something changed to a new way, rather than your old way of doing things. 

I've a confession to make; I'm not using Habitica regularly these days.  It's not that I've outgrown it; it's that I need new habits, and there's a lot of changes going on outside the game that have kinda turned my world upside down. 

Doing the Wiki changes, being an admin, used to be a routine that grounded me; it was a constant Need in the midst of chaos and a joy to be creating content to stay ahead of…

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Ravenlune Ravenlune 2 February 2019

Contribution tracker

Someplace for me to track my more major contributions to Habitica; inspired by 's contribution tracker :>

Joined Habitica
Started answering questions in the Tavern and Habitica Help: Ask a Question guild as a Socialite
Started editing in the Habitica Wiki as a Scribe
Started Tier 1 Scribe application (eventually awarded as a Tiers 2-3 application)
Updated Task Attributes page to latest web version and added Android and iOS sections
Submitted first quest script on the Habitica Pixel Art Trello Board (Random Encounters Mimic Chest) as a Storyteller
Updated Streaks page to explain Habit counters and revised to latest …

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DipperDolphin DipperDolphin 2 January 2019

Looking forward to contributing!

Looking forward to contributing more on here. Enjoy contributing on Wikipedia, and contributing here is teaching me a lot more things about Habitica!

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Taldin Taldin 30 November 2018

Taldin's 2018 Plot Ninja Challenge: The Ninjas You Never Saw (And Some You Did)

I was a bit off my game this year; normally over in the NaNoWriMo Guild I'm present and accountable and accounting, but I started the year off helping an old friend and one of my original mentees with a Discord based site that does writing year 'round.  I got voluntold that I was helping run workshops live, and I ran four of them between October and November.    And I was a lot more diligent at easy, instant post ninjas as opposed to logging into Habitica and putting the ninjas in there.... 

Anyway.  Here's the full list for the month of November:

  • 1 November 1's Plot Ninja: It's A Party And You're (Not) Invited
  • 2 November 2's Plot Ninja: Knowing Where Your Towel Is
  • 3 November 3's Plot Ninja: String Theory
  • 4 November 4's Plot Ninja: The Wolf
  • 5 Novembe…

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CTheDragons CTheDragons 9 October 2018

So now I am becoming paranoid...

As my streak counter ticks from 360 to 361 I have noticed my paranoia has increased.

It is for good reason I know. The trauma of last Friday 13 Oct 2017 has left a large scar. This Friday 13th was a very unlucky day. Despite my edits had been recorded in my contributions to the Habitica wiki, it failed to increase my streak and thus was reduce to zero the next edit. This did become a test of trying to not throw things against walls. I pleaded and beg for those in higher places above to restore my wiki streak to its previous glory. Alas, although all agree a bug had burnt the streak to the ground, there was no magic in the kingdom that could raise it back up again.

So here I am, 11 months 3 weeks and counting and I am getting concern that th…

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Arikaeli Arikaeli 5 October 2018

That feeling when a 503 error eats your edit, but...

... the "are you sure you want to resend this information?" brings it back! I've never been so happy to see that confirmation popup.

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Arikaeli Arikaeli 28 September 2018

Technical Writing Portfolio?

Do you think pages of the Habitica wiki would make sense as part of a technical writing portfolio?

It makes sense to me, whether explaining the website and apps in general or explaining and recording the various plugins and libraries people have created for Habitica.

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Sydar95 Sydar95 10 September 2018

Sydar1 Survival Mode День 1

Итак, хаббитика поощряет плохие привычки и бездействие. Как же так - спросите вы, ведь отнимается здоровье, мана, золото при смерти.
Я уже несколько лет на хаббитике, и её слабая часть - это именно низкая сложность. 
Вы можете пропустить все ежедневные задачи, оставив лишь 0,1 жизнь, а на следующий день сделав пару дел повысить уровень и восстановить все здоровье.
Вы можете даже если у вас привычка (сложная) не пить алкоголь, а вы пьете и у вас отбавляется здоровье, то вам придется выпить стаканов 10 пива, прежде чем вы умрете. Да и имея хоть чуть чуть золота которое на поздних уровнях получить сделав пару легких задач ничего не стоит. В общем что бы умереть в хаббитике - это ещё надо постараться. Да и смерть имеет смысл только на поздних уро…

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Taldin Taldin 7 September 2018

Year 3: Programming Routines

I think that having a weekly status report has been the bane of my professional existence for some time.  I'm a little better at it when it comes to keeping a journal, but even that fell behind a bit during Year 2: it's funny, because I feel like I'm a writer at heart and by profession, but I don't always like to talk about my life that much. 

On the other hand, doing educational stuff?  Is always an engaging topic to me. 

So I think, for Year Three, I'm going to try and do some weekly programming advice and lessons, and maybe that'll get me into Blacksmithing again so I'm not just answering questions with 'file a Trello ticket'  or 'it doesn't work right now.'   There are some computing languages I'd like to learn, and now's a good a time a…

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BarthFYI BarthFYI 16 August 2018

Traduzindo para Habitica

Faz tempo que queria ajudar a comunidade de Habitica. Bastou colocar na minha lista de afazeres para finalmente eu tomar jeito e começar a ajudar. Obviamente, não poderia estar fazendo isso sem a ajuda de todos os tradutores da guilda Portuguese Translators liderada pelo sempre disponibilíssimo Rodrigo Nascimento.

Obrigado a todos os habiticanos! 

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SmilePile101 SmilePile101 12 July 2018


I really like editing things, so I'm glad I can contribute this way. I see a lot of people that are way ahead of me and that have edited everyday for an entire year! It's really impressive to have a community that cares so much and I appreciate being a part of it! Hope you all have a lovely day!

SmilePile101 (talk) 01:58, July 12, 2018 (UTC)Smile

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JosephK9 JosephK9 15 April 2018

Day 1/200

4/15/18: Ugg. Only myself to blame, but I just forgot to edit yesterday until after 11, losing a 146 day streak. Ah well - if I can get better about weekends, I just have a year to go. ;)

5/26/18: Got up to 41 days, then missed one, so I'm back down to 1/200. The issue is days when I don't log into Habitica at all - I did yard work for most of the day, then went out with my family. I'll need to give my workflow some thought.

10/22/18: I'm finally past my original streak, and still going! The big issues are (1) trying to edit the night before when possible and (2) making sure I don't overlook weekends when my routine is shaken, especially Saturdays when I don't have any specific computer time scheduled. So far, so good, though.

11/20/18: If I …

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Culverg Culverg 17 February 2018

New User

Lots of neat content for new Wiki editors here. I've never edited a wiki before, but as a new Habitica user I was immediately drawn to the benefits of the program I felt compelled to contribute in some way. I'm no coder, so blacksmithing was out, we'll see.

Mot useful resources I've found are

  • Guidance_for_Scribes
  • Category:Habitica_Templates

Another great bit of advice is make use of your Sandbox! Play around here so you're not committing changes to the live wiki.

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