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What are Backgrounds?[]

Background forest

A forest background

Background violet

Default background.

Backgrounds are optional scenery that can be placed behind player avatars. They have no in-game effect and exist only for aesthetic value. As of March 28, 2017, the violet background from the Plain Background Set is the default background, replacing the previous featureless light slate color.

The complete gallery of backgrounds is available below, along with instructions on how to acquire and select them. However, there are two additional things you can do with backgrounds that some players may enjoy.

Background options

Tiled background raging river

A tiled background

First, if you are in a party you may choose to work with other party members to have the same background, so it creates a "tiling" effect when viewed in the party screen. Some backgrounds are better at creating a continuous effect than others, so most entries in the Gallery of purchasable backgrounds also show the tiled version.

Second, if you prefer absolute simplicity, it's also possible to choose to have a "transparent" or nonexistent background, which is to say nothing behind the avatar except the color of the page (currently purple when viewed in the header or white then viewed in a user profile). To use the "transparent" background, simply click on any background to use it, then click it once more to remove it.

Backgrounds menu[]

User Menu Backgrounds

"Backgrounds" is the third option under the User Icon

To view available backgrounds and to change the current background, the most direct way is to click the User Icon, then choose Backgrounds.

Things you can do in this menu include:

  • Changing backgrounds: Clicking once on a purchased background will set it as the current background. Activating the "Hide Locked Backgrounds" option (Hide locked backgrounds), located just above the list of backgrounds, changes the screen so that only backgrounds that have already been purchased are visible.
  • Removing backgrounds: Clicking once on the equipped background will remove it, leaving the avatar with a "transparent background". Clicking on any non-equipped but purchased background twice (once to equip it, once to remove it) should have the same effect, but if it doesn't just close the backgrounds menu, re-open it, and click again on that background.
  • Buying backgrounds: Clicking once on an unpurchased background will make a purchase prompt pop up, with options to either continue with the purchase or cancel it. To get the discount for buying an entire monthly set at once, be sure to click on the "Purchase set" button below the set (Purchase Set), not on an individual background. This option is no longer available for a given set once any background from it has been purchased individually.
  • Pinning backgrounds: Hovering over the background and then clicking the pin icon Pin once it appears centered on the top of the background will "pin" that background to the rewards column. The pin icon will turn purple and remain visible even when not hovering, and the background will be purchasable directly from your rewards column without going into the Backgrounds menu.

In the apps, backgrounds are located under Menu > Customize Avatar (iOS) or Menu > Avatar (Android).

Background types[]

There are four types of backgrounds, and each can be gotten in a different way. Backgrounds do not expire, and three of the four remain permanently available after release whether or not they are purchased.

Background violet

The plain background set consists of six very simple backgrounds, each consisting of two shades of the same color.

The first one, Violet, is automatically granted to all players as soon as they start playing. The other five are part of the Daily Check-In Incentives, and are unlocked once a player has completed their second day.

Background birthday bash

To celebrate Habitica's 10th Birthday Bash, players were given a number of gifts including the Birthday Bash background. Thus far it is the only limited-edition background ever released, and it is now retired.

Background steamworks

Animated backgrounds are very rare. As of March 2022 there are only three, all with a Steampunk theme.

Each one costs one Mystic Hourglass, and they can be purchased either via the Time Travellers Shop or at the top of the same Backgrounds menu the monthly backgrounds are in. There is no way to buy them all as a set, or to get a discount for doing so.

Background windmills

Monthly backgrounds are the most common, and most diverse. Each month a set of three new ones is released. They are not grouped by theme, though there is generally at least one related to the month it is released. (For example, hearts in February, or a picnic setting during a summer month.)

They can be purchased in the same menu you would use to change the background, described above. Each set can be bought for 15 Gems (Purchase Set), or individuals from the set can be purchased for 7 Gems. Once one is bought on its own, it is no longer possible to get the discount for purchasing the set.


Gallery of free backgrounds[]

As mentioned above, the violet background from the Plain Background Set is the default background. The rest of the Plain Background Set is unlocked after a player logs in to Habitica for two days.

Gallery of purchasable backgrounds[]

This page is outdated.
Habitica releases content that should be added to this page on a monthly basis, and this page was last updated 2024-05-08. If you would like to bring this page up to date or start maintaining it, there is a guide to help you do so [[1]].

The available purchasable backgrounds with their release dates, titles, artists, and descriptions are shown below. Backgrounds prior to March 2023 also have tiled versions, showing how the backgrounds look if two adjacent people in your party are using the same on.

Event Backgrounds
"Birthday Bash" by beffymaroo
January 30, 2023, Retired
Habitica's having a birthday party, and everyone's invited
Background birthday bash Tiled background birthday bash
Steampunk Backgrounds
Time Travellers set
January 21, 2020
"Airship" by gawrone and beffymaroo
Become a sky sailor on board your very own Airship.
Background airship Tiled background airship
"Clock Tower" by Kysenica and beffymaroo
Situate your secret lair behind the face of a Clock Tower.
Background clocktower Tiled background clocktower
"Steamworks" by Kysenica and beffymaroo
Build mighty contraptions of vapor and steel in a Steamworks.
Background steamworks Tiled background steamworks
This page is outdated.
Habitica releases content that should be added to this page on a monthly basis, and this page was last updated 2024-04-12. If you would like to bring this page up to date or start maintaining it, there is a guide to help you do so here.

Monthly Backgrounds

July 2024 (Set 122)
"River Bottom" by vikte
Explore a River Bottom.
Background river bottom Tiled background river bottom
June 2024 (Set 121)
"Shell Gate" by gawrone
March through the decorated coral of a Shell Gate.
Background shell gate Tiled background shell gate
May 2024 (Set 120)
"Dragon's Back" by Vikte
Sail the sky on a Dragon's Back.
Background dragons back Tiled background dragons back
"Maypole" by gawrone
Dance around a merry Maypole.
Background maypole Tiled background maypole
"Potter's Studio" by gawrone
Create art in the Potter's Studio.
Background potters studio Tiled background potters studio
April 2024 (Set 119)
"Forest Sunset" by Vikte
Bask in the glow of a Forest Sunset.
Background forest sunset File:Tiled background forest sunset.png
"Wall with Flowering Vines" by (unknown)
Hang out by a wall of Flowering Vines.
Background wall flowering vines File:Tiled background wall flowering vines.png
"Container Garden" by (unknown)
Get your hands dirty wth the Container Garden.,
Background container garden File:Tiled background container garden.png
March 2024 (Set 118)
"Flowering Forest" by Vikte
Breathe in the perfume of a Flowering Forest.
Background flowering forest File:Tiled background flowering forest.png
"Rainy Rainforest" by tea-cat
Enjoy a refreshing downpour in the Rainy Rainforest.
Background rainy rainforest File:Tiled background rainy rainforest.png
"Dog Park" by Vikte
Frolic at the Dog Park.
Background dog park File:Tiled background dog park.png
February 2024 (Set 117)
"Colorful Street" by gawrone
Viewing a Colorful Street.
Background colorful street File:Tiled background colorful street.png
"Swan Boat" by netorobatto
Take a ride in a Swan Boat.
Background swan boat File:Tiled background swan boat.png
"Heart Tree Tunnel" by beffymaroo
Drift through the Heart Tree Tunnel.
Background heart tree tunnel File:Tiled background heart tree tunnel.png
January 2024 (Set 116)
"Winter Mountain Range" by Vikte
Climb a Winter Mountain Range.
Background winter mountain range File:Tiled background winter mountain range.png
"Frozen Blue Pond" by gawrone
Chill out by the Frozen Blue Pond.
Background frozen blue pond File:Tiled background frozen blue pond.png
"Ice Bubble Lake" by gawrone
Stand carefully on the Ice Bubble Lake.
Background ice bubble lake File:Tiled background ice bubble lake.png
December 2023 (Set 115)
"Holiday Tree Forest" by Vikte
Decorate a Holiday Tree Forest.
Background holiday tree forest File:Tiled background holiday tree forest.png
"Ice Sculpture Festival" by Vikte
Tour an Ice Sculpture Festival.
Background ice sculpture festival File:Tiled background ice sculpture festival.png
"Winter Full Moon" by Vikte
Gaze at the Winter Full Moon.
Background winter full moon File:Tiled background winter full moon.png
November 2023 (Set 114)
"Giant Cat" by beffymaroo
Take a nap with a Giant Cat.
Background giant cat File:Tiled background giant cat.png
"Barrel Cellar" by beffymaroo
Look for culinary delights in a Barrel Cellar.
Background barrel cellar File:Tiled background barrel cellar.png
"Autumn Tree Tunnel" by beffymaroo
Take in the beauty of an Autumn Tree Tunnel.
Background autumn tree tunnel File:Tiled background autumn tree tunnel.png
October 2023 (Set 113)
"Room of Spectral Candles" by blue-raindrop
Commune with spirits in a Room of Spectral Candles.
Background spectral candle room File:Tiled background spectral candle room.png
"Monstrous Cave" by 24freeplay
Gaze into the maw of the Monstrous Cave.
Background monstrous cave File:Tiled background monstrous cave.png
"Jack O'Lantern Stacks" by Vikte
Admire a field of Jack O’Lantern Stacks.
Background jack o lantern stacks File:Tiled background jack o lantern stacks.png
September 2023 (Set 112)
"Moving Day" by Marsigotchi
Pack up for Moving Day.
Background moving day File:Tiled background moving day.png
"Covered Bridge in Autumn" by tea-cat
Traverse a Covered Bridge in Autumn.
Background covered bridge in autumn File:Tiled background covered bridge in autumn.png
"Baobab Forest" by 24freeplay
Gaze in wonder at the Baobab Forest.
Background baobab forest File:Tiled background baobab forest.png
August 2023 (Set 111)
"Bonsai Collection" by Vikte
Admire a gorgeous Bonsai Collection.
Background bonsai collection File:Tiled background bonsai collection.png
"Dreamy Island" by gawrone
Enjoy the scenery on a Dreamy Island.
Background dreamy island File:Tiled background dreamy island.png
"Rock Garden" by Vikte
Relax in a Rock Garden.
Background rock garden File:Tiled background rock garden.png
July 2023 (Set 110)
"On a Paddlewheel Boat" by (unknown)
Ride on a Paddlewheel Boat.
Background on a paddlewheel boat File:Tiled background on a paddlewheel boat.png
"Colorful Coral" by Vikte
Dive among Colorful Coral.
Background colorful coral File:Tiled background colorful coral.png
"Boardwalk into the Sunset" by Snickie
Stroll on a Boardwalk into the Sunset.
Background boardwalk into sunset File:Tiled background boardwalk into sunset.png
June 2023 (Set 109)
"In an Aquarium" by Vikte
Take a peaceful swim with the fish In an Aquarium.
Background in an aquarium File:Tiled background in an aquarium.png
"Inside an Adventurer's Hideout" by Pandawalker
Plan a journey inside an Adventurer's Hideout.
Background inside adventurers hideout File:Tiled background inside adventurers hideout.png
"Crater Lake" by Vikte
Admire a lovely Crater Lake.
Background crater lake File:Tiled background crater lake.png
May 2023 (Set 108)
"In A Painting" by gawrone
Enjoy creative pursuits Inside a Painting.
Background in a painting File:Tiled background in a painting.png
"Flying Over Hedge Maze" by 24freeplay
Marvel while Flying over a Hedge Maze.
Background flying over hedge maze File:Tiled background flying over hedge maze.png
"Cretaceous Forest" by Vikte
Take in the ancient greenery of a Cretaceous Forest.
Background cretaceous forest File:Tiled background cretaceous forest.png
April 2023 (Set 107)
"Leafy Tree Tunnel" by gawrone
Wander through a Leafy Tree Tunnel.
Background leafy tree tunnel File:Tiled background leafy tree tunnel.png
"Springtime Shower" by gawrone
See a Flowery Springtime Shower.
Background springtime shower File:Tiled background springtime shower.png
"Under Wisteria" by Vikte
Relax Under Wisteria.
Background under wisteria File:Tiled background under wisteria.png
March 2023 (Set 106)
"Old Timey Basketball Court" by SuperSaraA
Shoot hoops on an Old Timey BasketBall Court.
Background old timey basketball court Tiled background old timey basketball court
"Jungle Watering Hole" by Vikte
Stop for a sip at a Jungle Watering Hole.
Background jungle watering hole Tiled background jungle watering hole
"Mangrove Forest" by Vikte
Explore the edge of the Mangrove Forest.
Background mangrove forest Tiled background mangrove forest
February 2023 (Set 105)
"In Front of a Fountain" by gawrone
Stroll In Front of a Fountain.
Background in front of fountain Tiled background in front of fountain
"Golden Birdcage" by gawrone
Hide out in a Golden Birdcage.
Background golden birdcage Tiled background golden birdcage
"Fancy Bedroom" by gawrone
Luxuriate in a Fancy Bedroom.
Background fancy bedroom Tiled background fancy bedroom
January 2023 (Set 104)
"Rime Ice" by CaffieneCat
Admire Sparkly Rime Ice.
Background rime ice Tiled background rime ice
"Snowy Temple" by gawrone
View a Serene Snowy Temple.
Background snowy temple Tiled background snowy temple
"Winter Lake With Swans" by Vikte
Enjoy Nature at a Winter Lake With Swans.
Background winter lake with swans Tiled background winter lake with swans
December 2022 (Set 103)
"Branches of a Holiday Tree" by Vikte
Frolic on the Branches of a Holiday Tree.
Background branches of a holiday tree Tiled background branches of a holiday tree
"Inside A Crystal" by Tigergurke
Peer out from Inside A Crystal.
Background inside a crystal Tiled background inside a crystal
"Snowy Village" by Vikte
Admire a Snowy Village.
Background snowy village Tiled background snowy village
November 2022 (Set 102)
"Among Giant Mushrooms" by Vikte
Marvel at Giant Mushrooms.
Background among giant mushrooms Tiled background among giant mushrooms
"Misty Autumn Forest" by gawrone
Wander through a Misty Autumn Forest.
Background misty autumn forest Tiled background misty autumn forest
"Bridge in Autumn" by Vikte
Admire the beauty of a Bridge in Autumn.
Background autumn bridge Tiled background autumn bridge
October 2022 (Set 101)
"Spooky Ruins" by Vikte
Explore some Spooky Ruins.
Background spooky ruins Tiled background spooky ruins
"Mask Maker's Workshop" by QuartzFox
Try on a new face at the Mask Maker's Workshop.
Background mask makers workshop Tiled background mask makers workshop
"Cemetery Gate" by Kodey & blue-raindrop
Haunt a Cemetery Gate.
Background cemetery gate Tiled background cemetery gate
September 2022 (Set 100)
"Theatre Stage" by gawrone
Perform on a Theatre Stage.
Background theatre stage Tiled background theatre stage
"Autumn Picnic" by gawrone
Enjoy an Autumn Picnic.
Background autumn picnic Tiled background autumn picnic
"Old Photo" by gawrone
Strike a pose in an Old Photo.
Background old photo Tiled background old photo
August 2022 (Set 99)
"Rainbow Eucalyptus" by jjgame83
Admire a Rainbow Eucalyptus grove.
Background rainbow eucalyptus Tiled background rainbow eucalyptus
"Messy Room" by CalypsoTea & QuartzFox
Tidy up a Messy Room.
Background messy room Tiled background messy room
"By A Campfire" by Vikte
Bask in the glow By a Campfire.
Background by a campfire Tiled background by a campfire
July 2022 (Set 98)
"Bioluminescent Waves" by jjgame83
Admire the glow of Bioluminescent Waves.
Background bioluminescent waves Tiled background bioluminescent waves
"Underwater Cave" by 24freeplay
Explore an Underwater Cave.
Background underwater cave Tiled background underwater cave
"Underwater Statue Garden" by Vikte
Try not to blink in an Underwater Statue Garden.
Background underwater statues Tiled background underwater statues
June 2022 (Set 97)
"Beach With Dunes" by loremis
Explore a beach with dunes.
Background beach with dunes Tiled background beach with dunes
"Mountain Waterfall" by jjgame83
Admire a mountain waterfall.
Background mountain waterfall Tiled background mountain waterfall
"Sailboat At Sunset" by gawrone
Enjoy the beauty of a sailboat at sunset.
Background sailboat at sunset Tiled background sailboat at sunset
May 2022 (Set 96)
"On A Castle Wall" by aspiring_advocate
Look out from On a Castle Wall.
Background on a castle wall Tiled background on a castle wall
"Castle Gate" by gawrone
Stand guard at the Castle Gate.
Background castle gate Tiled background castle gate
"Enchanted Music Room" by gawrone
Play in an Enchanted Music Room.
Background enchanted music room Tiled background enchanted music room
April 2022 (Set 95)
"Blossoming Trees" by Marsi
Dally beneath Blossoming Trees.
Background blossoming trees Tiled background blossoming trees
"Flower Shop" by Vikte
Enjoy the sweet scent of a Flower Shop.
Background flower shop Tiled background flower shop
"Springtime Lake" by Vikte
Take in the sights along the shores of a Springtime Lake.
Background springtime lake Tiled background springtime lake
March 2022 (Set 94)
"Woodland Critter's Den" by gawrone
Cozy up in a Woodland Critter's Den.
Background animals den Tiled background animals den
"Brick Wall with Ivy" by SuperSaraA
Admire a Brick Wall with Ivy.
Background brick wall with ivy Tiled background brick wall with ivy
"Flowering Prairie" by jjgame83
Frolic through a Flowering Prairie.
Background flowering prairie Tiled background flowering prairie
February 2022 (Set 93)
"Winter Waterfall" by beffymaroo
Marvel at a Winter Waterfall.
Background winter waterfall Tiled background winter waterfall
"Orange Grove" by Awesome_kitty
Wander through a fragrant Orange Grove.
Background orange grove Tiled background orange grove
"Iridescent Clouds" by inesl
Float in Iridescent Clouds.
Background iridescent clouds Tiled background iridescent clouds
January 2022 (Set 92)
"Meteor Shower" by blue-raindrop
Observe the dazzling nighttime display of a Meteor Shower.
Background meteor shower Tiled background meteor shower
"Palm Tree with Fairy Lights" by jjgame83 and beffymaroo
Pose by a Palm Tree bedecked with Fairy Lights.
Background palm tree with fairy lights Tiled background palm tree with fairy lights
"Snowy Farm" by beffymaroo
Check that everyone is well and warm on your Snowy Farm.
Background snowy farm Tiled background snowy farm
December 2021 (Set 91)
"Winter Canyon" by x4ojM
Adventure in a Winter Canyon!
Background winter canyon Tiled background winter canyon
"Ice Palace" by QuartzFox
Reign in the Ice Palace.
Background ice palace Tiled background ice palace
"Frozen Polar Waters" by blue-raindrop
Explore Frozen Polar Waters.
Background frozen polar waters Tiled background frozen polar waters
November 2021 (Set 90)
"Fortune Teller's Shop" by CalypsoTea
Seek tantalizing hints of your future in a Fortune Teller's Shop.
Background fortune tellers shop Tiled background fortune tellers shop
"Inside a Potion Bottle" by gawrone
Peer through the glass while hoping for rescue from Inside a Potion Bottle.
Background inside a potion bottle Tiled background inside a potion bottle
"Spiral Staircase" by gawrone
Climb up, down, round and round a Spiral Staircase.
Background spiral staircase Tiled background spiral staircase
October 2021 (Set 89)
"Cryptic Candles" by AinFach
Summon arcane forces among Cryptic Candles.
Background cryptic candles Tiled background cryptic candles
"Haunted Photo" by jjgame83
Find yourself trapped in the monochrome world of a Haunted Photo.
Background haunted photo Tiled background haunted photo
"Undead Hands" by jjgame83
Try to escape from the clutches of Undead Hands.
Background undead hands Tiled background undead hands
September 2021 (Set 88)
"Autumn Lakeshore" by jjgame83
Pause at an Autumn Lakeshore to appreciate the reflection of woods on water.
Background autumn lakeshore Tiled background autumn lakeshore
"Autumn Poplar Forest" by Vikte
Delight in the brilliant shades of brown and gold in an Autumn Poplar Forest.
Background autumn poplars Tiled background autumn poplars
"Vineyard" by jjgame83
Explore the sprawl of a fruitful Vineyard.
Background vineyard Tiled background vineyard
August 2021 (Set 87)
"Misty Forest" by jjgame83
Bathe in the glow of daylight streaming through a Misty Forest.
Background daytime misty forest Tiled background daytime misty forest
"Rope Bridge" by Kodey
Demonstrate to doubters that this Rope Bridge is perfectly safe.
Background rope bridge Tiled background rope bridge
"Stone Tower" by QuartzFox
Gaze from the parapets of one Stone Tower to another.
Background stone tower Tiled background stone tower
July 2021 (Set 86)
"Underwater Among Koi" by Vikte
Dazzle and be dazzled by glittering carp, Underwater Among Koi.
Background underwater among koi Tiled background underwater among koi
"Ghost Ship" by gawrone
Prove tales and legends true when you step aboard a Ghost Ship.
Background ghost ship Tiled background ghost ship
"Raging River" by Vikte
Stand amid the mighty current of a Raging River.
Background raging river Tiled background raging river
June 2021 (Set 85)
"Clothesline" by jjgame83
Hang out with the clothes drying on a Clothesline.
Background clothesline Tiled background clothesline
"Forested Lakeshore" by RedMyst
Be the envy of your Party with your choice spot on the Forested Lakeshore.
Background forested lakeshore Tiled background forested lakeshore
"Water Mill" by jjgame83
Watch the wheel of the Water Mill go round and round.
Background water mill Tiled background water mill
May 2021 (Set 84)
"Afternoon Picnic" by Hermi
Enjoy an Afternoon Picnic alone or with your pet.
Background afternoon picnic Tiled background afternoon picnic
"Dragon's Lair" by gawrone
Try not to disturb the occupant of the Dragon's Lair.
Background dragons lair Tiled background dragons lair
"Windmills" by aspiring_advocate
Saddle up and go tilting at Windmills.
Background windmills Tiled background windmills
April 2021 (Set 83)
"Among Cattails" by Kodey
Admire wetland wildlife Among Cattails.
Background among cattails Tiled background among cattails
"Cottage Under Construction" by Pandawalker
Help out with, or at least supervise, a Cottage Under Construction.
Background cottage construction Tiled background cottage construction
"Elegant Garden" by Vikte
Walk the well-manicured paths of an Elegant Garden.
Background elegant garden Tiled background elegant garden
March 2021 (Set 82)
"In the Armory" by -Tyr-
Gear up In the Armory.
Background in the armory Tiled background in the armory
"Splashing in a Puddle" by SuperSaraA
Enjoy the sequel to the storm by Splashing in a Puddle.
Background splash in a puddle Tiled background splash in a puddle
"Spring Thaw" by jjgame83
Watch winter yield to the Spring Thaw.
Background spring thaw Tiled background spring thaw
February 2021 (Set 81)
"Flying Over a Glacier" by Vikte
Witness frozen majesty by Flying Over a Glacier.
Background flying over glacier Tiled background flying over glacier
"Heart-Shaped Bubbles" by tseren
Float cheerfully among Heart-Shaped Bubbles.
Background heart shaped bubbles Tiled background heart shaped bubbles
"Throne Room" by Daikagaru
Grant an audience in your luxurious Throne Room.
Background throne room Tiled background throne room
January 2021 (Set 80)
"Hot Spring" by gully
Melt away your worries with a dip in a Hot Spring.
Background hot spring Tiled background hot spring
"Icicle Bridge" by Vyllan
Cross the Icicle Bridge with care.
Background icicle bridge Tiled background icicle bridge
"Wintry Castle" by jjgame83
Witness a Wintry Castle through the chilly mists.
Background wintry castle Tiled background wintry castle
December 2020 (Set 79)
"Gingerbread House" by gawrone
Take in the sights, scents, and (if you dare) flavors of a Gingerbread House.
Background gingerbread house Tiled background gingerbread house
"Holiday Hearth" by jjgame83
Relax, warm up, and dry off beside a Holiday Hearth.
Background holiday hearth Tiled background holiday hearth
"Inside an Ornament" by gawrone
Let your festive cheer shine out from Inside an Ornament.
Background inside an ornament Tiled background inside an ornament
November 2020 (Set 78)
"Mystical Observatory" by gawrone
Read your destiny in the stars from a Mystical Observatory.
Background mystical observatory Tiled background mystical observatory
"Resting in the Inn" by aspiring_advocate
Work from the comfort and safety of your room while Resting in the Inn.
Background resting in the inn Tiled background resting in the inn
"River of Lava" by gawrone
Defy convection taking a stroll along a River of Lava.
Background river of lava Tiled background river of lava
October 2020 (Set 77)
"Crescent Moon" by gawrone
Do the work of dreams while seated upon a Crescent Moon.
Background crescent moon Tiled background crescent moon
"Haunted Forest" by gawrone
Try not to get lost in the Haunted Forest.
Background haunted forest Tiled background haunted forest
"Spooky Scarecrow Field" by gawrone
Prove you're more daring than a bird by braving a Spooky Scarecrow Field.
Background spooky scarecrow field Tiled background spooky scarecrow field
September 2020 (Set 76)
"Flying Over an Autumn Forest" by Daikagaru
Take in the brilliant colors below while Flying Over an Autumn Forest.
Background flying over an autumn forest Tiled background flying over an autumn forest
"Giant Leaf" by Eslyn
Perch on a Giant Leaf before it falls.
Background giant autumn leaf Tiled background giant autumn leaf
"Herd of Sheep" by Eslyn and sarajea
Mingle with a Herd of Sheep.
Background herding sheep in autumn Tiled background herding sheep in autumn
August 2020 (Set 75)
"Camping Out" by katieslug
Enjoy the outdoors by Camping Out.
Background camping out Tiled background camping out
"Jungle Canopy" by -Tyr-
Bask in the sweltering splendor of a Jungle Canopy.
Background jungle canopy Tiled background jungle canopy
"Productivity Plaza" by Alonquain
Take an inspirational stroll through Habit City's Productivity Plaza.
Background productivity plaza Tiled background productivity plaza
July 2020 (Set 74)
"Beach Cabana" by -Tyr-
Relax in the shade of a Beach Cabana.
Background beach cabana Tiled background beach cabana
"Swimming Among Jellyfish" by Vikte
Thrill with beauty and danger Swimming Among Jellyfish.
Background swimming among jellyfish Tiled background swimming among jellyfish
"Underwater Ruins" by Vyllan
Explore Underwater Ruins sunk long ago.
Background underwater ruins Tiled background underwater ruins
June 2020 (Set 73)
"Relaxation River" by jjgame83
Drift languorously down the Relaxation River.
Background relaxation river Tiled background relaxation river
"Salt Lake" by gawrone
Behold the striking red ripples of a Salt Lake.
Background salt lake Tiled background salt lake
"Viking Ship" by gawrone
Set sail for adventure aboard a Viking Ship.
Background viking ship Tiled background viking ship
May 2020 (Set 72)
"Habit City Rooftops" by OuttaMyMind
Leap adventurously between the Rooftops of Habit City.
Background habit city rooftops Tiled background habit city rooftops
"Hot Air Balloon" by Sir_Jetpack
Soar above the landscape in a Hot Air Balloon.
Background hot air balloon Tiled background hot air balloon
"Strawberry Patch" by QuartzFox and weeWitch
Pick fresh treats from a Strawberry Patch.
Background strawberry patch Tiled background strawberry patch
April 2020 (Set 71)
"Animal Clouds" by QuartzFox
Exercise your imagination finding Animal shapes in the Clouds.
Background animal clouds Tiled background animal clouds
"Heather Field" by gawrone
Enjoy the aroma of a Field of Heather.
Background heather field Tiled background heather field
"Rainy Barnyard" by QuartzFox
Take a soggy splashy stroll through a Rainy Barnyard.
Background rainy barnyard Tiled background rainy barnyard
March 2020 (Set 70)
"Among Giant Flowers" by OuttaMyMind
Dally on and Among Giant Flowers.
Background among giant flowers Tiled background among giant flowers
"Butterfly Garden" by Mantichore
Party with pollinators in a Butterfly Garden.
Background butterfly garden Tiled background butterfly garden
"Succulent Garden" by Vikte
Take in the arid beauty of a Succulent Garden.
Background succulent garden Tiled background succulent garden
February 2020 (Set 69)
"Elegant Ballroom" by astigmatism
Dance the night away in an Elegant Ballroom.
Background elegant ballroom Tiled background elegant ballroom
"Hall of Heroes" by Alonquain
Approach the Hall of Heroes with appreciation and reverence.
Background hall of heroes Tiled background hall of heroes
"Tea Party" by gawrone
Partake in a fancy Tea Party.
Background tea party Tiled background tea party
January 2020 (Set 68)
"Birthday Party" by nirbhao
Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.
Background birthday party Tiled background birthday party
"Snowy Desert" by gawrone
Witness the rare and quiet beauty of a Snowy Desert.
Background desert with snow Tiled background desert with snow
"Snowglobe" by aspiring_advocate
Shake up a Snowglobe and take your place in a microcosm of a winter landscape.
Background snowglobe Tiled background snowglobe
December 2019 (Set 67)
"Holiday Market" by Vikte
Find the perfect gifts and decorations at a Holiday Market.
Background holiday market Tiled background holiday market
"Holiday Wreath" by gawrone
Festoon your avatar with a fragrant Holiday Wreath.
Background holiday wreath Tiled background holiday wreath
"Winter Nocturne" by Maans
Bask in the starlight of a Winter Nocturne.
Background winter nocturne Tiled background winter nocturne
November 2019 (Set 66)
"Farmers' Market" by LtCabel
Shop for the freshest of foods at the Farmers' Market.
Background farmers market Tiled background farmers market
"Tumultuous Thunderstorm" by Vikte
Chase a Tumultuous Thunderstorm as closely as you dare.
Background flying in a thunderstorm Tiled background flying in a thunderstorm
"Potion Shop" by aspiring_advocate
Find an elixir for any ailment at a Potion Shop.
Background potion shop Tiled background potion shop
October 2019 (Set 65)
"Foggy Moor" by QuartzFox
Watch your step traversing a Foggy Moor.
Background foggy moor Tiled background foggy moor
"Monster Maker's Workshop" by Tigergurke
Experiment with discredited sciences in a Monster Maker's Workshop.
Background monster makers workshop Tiled background monster makers workshop
"Pumpkin Carriage" by Vikte
Ride in an enchanted Pumpkin Carriage before the clock strikes midnight.
Background pumpkin carriage Tiled background pumpkin carriage
September 2019 (Set 64)
"Autumn Flower Garden" by Vikte
Take in the warmth of an Autumn Flower Garden.
Background autumn flower garden Tiled background autumn flower garden
"Ancient Tomb" by Tigergurke
Brave the mysteries of an Ancient Tomb.
Background in an ancient tomb Tiled background in an ancient tomb
"Classroom" by aspiring_advocate
Absorb knowledge from your mentors in a Classroom.
Background in a classroom Tiled background in a classroom
August 2019 (Set 63)
"Amid Ancient Ruins" by Vikte
Stand in reverence of the mysterious past Amid Ancient Ruins.
Background amid ancient ruins Tiled background amid ancient ruins
"Giant Dandelions" by Vikte
Dally among Giant Dandelions.
Background giant dandelions Tiled background giant dandelions
"Treehouse" by Maans
Hang out in an arboreal hideaway all to yourself, in your very own Treehouse.
Background treehouse Tiled background treehouse
July 2019 (Set 62)
"Lake with Floating Lanterns" by Tigergurke
Stargaze from the festival atmosphere of a Lake with Floating Lanterns.
Background lake with floating lanterns Tiled background lake with floating lanterns
"Flying over Tropical Islands" by Vikte
Let the view take your breath away as you Fly over Tropical Islands.
Background flying over tropical islands Tiled background flying over tropical islands
"Among Giant Anemones" by Tigergurke
Explore reef life, protected from predators Among Giant Anemones.
Background among giant anemones Tiled background among giant anemones
June 2019 (Set 61)
"School of Fish" by TheMushroomKing
Swim among a School of Fish.
Background school of fish Tiled background school of fish
"Seaside Cliffs" by Tyche_Alba
Stand on a beach with the beauty of Seaside Cliffs above.
Background seaside cliffs Tiled background seaside cliffs
"Underwater Vents" by Manostion
Take a deep dive down, down to the Underwater Vents.
Background underwater vents Tiled background underwater vents
May 2019 (Set 60)
"Dojo" by AnnDeLune
Learn new moves in a Dojo.
Background dojo Tiled background dojo
"Park with Statue" by GeraldThePixel and Reesachan
Follow a flower-lined path through a Park with a Statue.
Background park with statue Tiled background park with statue
"Rainbow Meadow" by QuartzFox
Find the pot of gold where a Rainbow ends in a Meadow.
Background rainbow meadow Tiled background rainbow meadow
April 2019 (Set 59)
"Halfling's House" by Vikte
Visit a charming Halfling's House.
Background halflings house Tiled background halflings house
"Blossoming Desert" by Vikte
Witness a rare superbloom in the Blossoming Desert.
Background blossoming desert Tiled background blossoming desert
"Birch Forest" by Vikte
Dally in a peaceful Birch Forest.
Background birch forest Tiled background birch forest
March 2019 (Set 58)
"Duck Pond" by Vikte
Feed aquatic birds at the Duck Pond.
Background duck pond Tiled background duck pond
"Field with Colored Eggs" by gawrone
Hunt for springtime treasure in a Field with Colored Eggs.
Background field with colored eggs Tiled background field with colored eggs
"Flower Market" by astigmatism
Find the perfect colors for bouquet or garden in a Flower Market.
Background flower market Tiled background flower market
February 2019 (Set 57)
"Medieval Kitchen" by NekoAtsumeLARPer
Cook up a storm in a Medieval Kitchen.
Background medieval kitchen Tiled background medieval kitchen
"Old-Fashioned Bakery" by Marmarru
Enjoy delicious smells outside an Old-Fashioned Bakery.
Background old fashioned bakery Tiled background old fashioned bakery
"Valentine's Day Feasting Hall" by aspiring_advocate and GeraldThePixel
Feel the love in a Valentine's Day Feasting Hall.
Background valentines day feasting hall Tiled background valentines day feasting hall
January 2019 (Set 56)
"Avalanche" by LtCabel
Flee the thundering might of an Avalanche.
Background avalanche Tiled background avalanche
"Archaeological Dig" by KusSv
Unearth secrets of the ancient past at an Archaeological Dig.
Background archaeological dig Tiled background archaeological dig
"Scribe's Workshop" by Lynkboz
Write your next great scroll in a Scribe's Workshop.
Background scribes workshop Tiled background scribes workshop
December 2018 (Set 55)
"Snowy Mountains" by Wykedcrafty & Vikte
Soar over Snowy Mountains at night.
Background flying over snowy mountains Tiled background flying over snowy mountains
"Frosty Forest" by Vikte
Bundle up to hike through a Frosty Forest.
Background frosty forest Tiled background frosty forest
"Snowy Day Fireplace" by Vikte
Snuggle up next to a Fireplace on a Snowy Day.
Background snowy day fireplace Tiled background snowy day fireplace
November 2018 (Set 54)
"Back Alley" by FirozTaverbi
Look shady loitering in a Back Alley.
Background back alley Tiled background back alley
"Glowing Mushroom Cave" by Leephon
Stare in awe at a Glowing Mushroom Cave.
Background glowing mushroom cave Tiled background glowing mushroom cave
"Cozy Bedroom" by GeraldThePixel and ghostlight_gal
Curl up in a Cozy Bedroom.
Background cozy bedroom Tiled background cozy bedroom
October 2018 (Set 53)
"Bayou" by NekoAtsumeLARPer
Bask in the fireflies' glow on the misty Bayou.
Background bayou Tiled background bayou
"Creepy Castle" by gully
Dare to approach a Creepy Castle.
Background creepy castle Tiled background creepy castle
"Dungeon" by Shred1
Rescue the prisoners of a spooky Dungeon.
Background dungeon Tiled background dungeon
September 2018 (Set 52)
"Apple Picking" by tea-cat
Go Apple Picking and bring home a bushel.
Background apple picking Tiled background apple picking
"Giant Book" by Maans
Read as you walk through the pages of a Giant Book.
Background giant book Tiled background giant book
"Cozy Barn" by GeraldThePixel
Relax with your pets and mounts in their Cozy Barn.
Background cozy barn Tiled background cozy barn
August 2018 (Set 51)
"Training Grounds" by Irrevenant
Spar on the Training Grounds.
Background training grounds Tiled background training grounds
"Rocky Canyon" by DialFforFunky
Look down into a breathtaking scene as you fly over a Rocky Canyon.
Background flying over rocky canyon Tiled background flying over rocky canyon
"Bridge" by Lalaitha
Cross a charming Bridge.
Background bridge Tiled background bridge
July 2018 (Set 50)
"Dark Deep" by Great and Powerful
Swim in the Dark Deep among bioluminescent critters.
Background dark deep Tiled background dark deep
"City of Dilatory" by Irrevenant
Meander through the undersea City of Dilatory.
Background dilatory city Tiled background dilatory city
"Tide Pool" by Gully
Observe the ocean life near a Tide Pool.
Background tide pool Tiled background tide pool
June 2018 (Set 49)
"Docks" by CarolinaAsh
Fish from atop the Docks.
Background at the docks Tiled background at the docks
"Rowboat" by AnnDeLune
Sing rounds in a Rowboat.
Background rowboat Tiled background rowboat
"Pirate Flag" by AltArcana
Fly a fearsome Pirate Flag.
Background pirate flag Tiled background pirate flag
May 2018 (Set 48)
"Champions' Colosseum" by Katy133
Bask in the glory of the Champions' Colosseum.
Background champions colosseum Tiled background champions colosseum
"Fantastical Shoe Store" by confusus
Look for fun new footwear in the Fantastical Shoe Store.
Background fantastical shoe store Tiled background fantastical shoe store
"Terraced Rice Field" by TheMushroomKing and khdarkwolf
Enjoy a Terraced Rice Field in the growing season.
Background terraced rice field Tiled background terraced rice field
April 2018 (Set 47)
"Ancient Forest" by Vikte
Fly over the canopy of an Ancient Forest.
Background flying over an ancient forest Tiled background flying over an ancient forest
"Field of Wildflowers" by tea-cat
Soar above a Field of Wildflowers.
Background flying over a field of wildflowers Tiled background flying over a field of wildflowers
"Tulip Garden" by Vikte
Tiptoe through a Tulip Garden.
Background tulip garden Tiled background tulip garden
March 2018 (Set 46)
"Driving a Coach" by Nummycakes and Reesachan
Enjoy Driving a Coach past fields of flowers.
Background driving a coach Tiled background driving a coach
"Elegant Balcony" by AnnDeLune
Look out over the landscape from an Elegant Balcony.
Background elegant balcony Tiled background elegant balcony
"Gorgeous Greenhouse" by DialFforFunky
Walk among the flora kept in a Gorgeous Greenhouse.
Background gorgeous greenhouse Tiled background gorgeous greenhouse
February 2018 (Set 45)
"Chessboard Land" by AnnDeLune
Play a game in Chessboard Land.
Background chessboard land Tiled background chessboard land
"Magical Museum" by Katy133
Tour a Magical Museum.
Background magical museum Tiled background magical museum
"Rose Garden" by weeWitch
Dally in a fragrant Rose Garden.
Background rose garden Tiled background rose garden
January 2018 (Set 44)
"Aurora" by weeWitch
Bask in the wintry glow of an Aurora.
Background aurora Tiled background aurora
"Sleigh" by Nummycakes and beffymaroo
Drive a Sleigh over snow-covered fields.
Background driving a sleigh Tiled background driving a sleigh
"Icy Steppes" by p-denissa
Fly over Icy Steppes.
Background flying over icy steppes Tiled background flying over icy steppes
December 2017 (Set 43)
"Cross-Country Ski Trail" by Hachiseiko
Glide along a Cross-Country Ski Trail.
Background crosscountry ski trail Tiled background crosscountry ski trail
"Starry Winter Night" by AnnDeLune
Admire a Starry Winter Night.
Background starry winter night Tiled background starry winter night
"Toymaker's Workshop" by CitrineSun
Bask in the wonder of a Toymaker's Workshop.
Background toymakers workshop Tiled background toymakers workshop
November 2017 (Set 42)
"Fiber Arts Room" by Katy133
Spin thread in a Fiber Arts Room.
Background fiber arts room Tiled background fiber arts room
"Midnight Castle" by AnnDeLune
Stroll by the Midnight Castle.
Background midnight castle Tiled background midnight castle
"Tornado" by Katy133
Fly through a Tornado.
Background tornado Tiled background tornado
October 2017 (Set 41)
"Magical Candles" by Vampitch
Bask in the glow of Magical Candles.
Background magical candles Tiled background magical candles
"Spooky Hotel" by Reesachan
Sneak down the hall of a Spooky Hotel.
Background spooky hotel Tiled background spooky hotel
"Tar Pits" by NekoAtsumeLARPer
Tiptoe through the Tar Pits.
Background tar pits Tiled background tar pits
September 2017 (Set 40)
"Beside a Well" by CitrineSun
Stroll Beside a Well.
Background beside well Tiled background beside well
"Garden Shed" by GeraldThePixel
Work in a Garden Shed.
Background garden shed Tiled background garden shed
"Pixelist's Workshop" by unicornbread
Create masterpieces in the Pixelist's Workshop.
Background pixelists workshop Tiled background pixelists workshop
August 2017 (Set 39)
"Back of a Giant Beast" by khdarkwolf
Ride on the Back of a Giant Beast.
Background back of giant beast Tiled background back of giant beast
"Desert Dunes" by ystockings
Boldly explore the Desert Dunes.
Background desert dunes Tiled background desert dunes
"Summer Fireworks" by thegrimsqueaker
Celebrate Habitica's Naming Day with Summer Fireworks!
Background summer fireworks Tiled background summer fireworks
July 2017 (Set 38)
"Giant Seashell" by LilithofAlfheim
Lounge in a Giant Seashell.
Background giant seashell Tiled background giant seashell
"Kelp Forest" by Reesachan
Swim through a Kelp Forest.
Background kelp forest Tiled background kelp forest
"Midnight Lake" by Manostion
Rest by a Midnight Lake.
Background midnight lake Tiled background midnight lake
June 2017 (Set 37)
"Buried Treasure" by Reesachan
Unearth Buried Treasure.
Background buried treasure Tiled background buried treasure
"Ocean Sunrise" by CitrineSun
Admire an Ocean Sunrise.
Background ocean sunrise Tiled background ocean sunrise
"Sandcastle" by traverpatri
Rule over a Sandcastle.
Background sandcastle Tiled background sandcastle
May 2017 (Set 36)
"Guardian Statues" by Katy133
Stand vigil in front of Guardian Statues.
Background guardian statues Tiled background guardian statues
"Habit City Streets" by astigmatism
Explore the Streets of Habit City.
Background habit city streets Tiled background habit city streets
"On a Tree Branch" by usnbfs
Perch On a Tree Branch.
Background on tree branch Tiled background on tree branch
April 2017 (Set 35)
"Bug-Covered Log" by Katy133
Investigate a Bug-Covered Log.
Background bug covered log Tiled background bug covered log
"Giant Birdhouse" by James_Danger
Perch in a Giant Birdhouse.
Background giant birdhouse Tiled background giant birdhouse
"Mist-Shrouded Mountain" by CarolinaAsh
Summit a Mist-Shrouded Mountain.
Background mist shrouded mountain Tiled background mist shrouded mountain
March 2017 (Set 34)
"Magic Beanstalk" by Witticaster
Ascend a Magic Beanstalk.
Background magic beanstalk Tiled background magic beanstalk
"Meandering Cave" by KusSv
Explore the Meandering Cave.
Background meandering cave Tiled background meandering cave
"Mistiflying Circus" by Stefalupagus
Carouse in the Mistiflying Circus.
Background mistiflying circus Tiled background mistiflying circus
February 2017 (Set 33)
"Bell Tower" by CitrineSun
Climb to the Bell Tower.
Background bell tower Tiled background bell tower
"Treasure Room" by Twitching
Bask in the wealth of a Treasure Room.
Background treasure room Tiled background treasure room
"Wedding Arch" by Twitching
Pose under the Wedding Arch.
Background wedding arch Tiled background wedding arch
January 2017 (Set 32)
"Blizzard" by KusSv
Brave a fierce Blizzard.
Background blizzard Tiled background blizzard
"Sparkling Snowflake" by Katy133
Glide on a Sparkling Snowflake.
Background sparkling snowflake Tiled background sparkling snowflake
"Stoïkalm Volcanoes" by Alonquain
Explore the Stoïkalm Volcanoes.
Background stoikalm volcanoes Tiled background stoikalm volcanoes
December 2016 (Set 31)
"Shimmering Ice Prisms" by LilithofAlfheim
Dance through the Shimmering Ice Prisms.
Background shimmering ice prism Tiled background shimmering ice prism
"Winter Fireworks" by KusSv
Set off Winter Fireworks.
Background winter fireworks Tiled background winter fireworks
"Winter Shop" by FirozTaverbi
Purchase presents from a Winter Shop.
Background winter storefront Tiled background winter storefront
November 2016 (Set 30)
"Midnight Clouds" by KusSv
Fly through the Midnight Clouds.
Background midnight clouds Tiled background midnight clouds
"Stormy Rooftops" by FirozTaverbi
Creep across Stormy Rooftops.
Background stormy rooftops Tiled background stormy rooftops
"Windy Autumn" by Laurelei Kirsch
Chase leaves during a Windy Autumn.
Background windy autumn Tiled background windy autumn
October 2016 (Set 29)
"Rainy City" by DialFforFunky
Splash through a Rainy City.
Background rainy city Tiled background rainy city
"Spider Web" by KusSv
Get snagged in a Spider Web.
(This background can be hidden with the Phobia Protection Extension. The entire avatar will be hidden.)
Background spider web Tiled background spider web
"Strange Sewers" by Kiwibot
Slither through the Strange Sewers.
Background strange sewers Tiled background strange sewers
September 2016 (Set 28)
"Cornfields" by felipetotoro
Enjoy a beautiful day out in the Cornfields.
Background cornfields Tiled background cornfields
"Farmhouse" by James_Danger
Say hello to the animals on your way to the Farmhouse.
Background farmhouse Tiled background farmhouse
"Orchard" by felipetotoro
Pick ripe fruit in an Orchard.
Background orchard Tiled background orchard
August 2016 (Set 27)
"Idyllic Cabin" by KusSv
Retreat to an Idyllic Cabin.
Background idyllic cabin Tiled background idyllic cabin
"Mountain Pyramid" by minac
Climb the many steps of a Mountain Pyramid.
Background mountain pyramid Tiled background mountain pyramid
"Stormy Ship" by JInjooHat
Hold steady against wind and wave aboard a Stormy Ship.
Background stormy ship Tiled background stormy ship
July 2016 (Set 26)
"Aquarium" by JessicaChase
Bob in an Aquarium.
Background aquarium Tiled background aquarium
"Castle of Dilatory" by DialFforFunky
Swim past the Castle of Dilatory.
Background dilatory castle Tiled background dilatory castle
"Deep Sea" by JessicaChase
Dive to the Deep Sea.
Background deep sea Tiled background deep sea
June 2016 (Set 25)
"Lighthouse Shore" by Shellcollector
Stroll down the Lighthouse Shore.
Background lighthouse shore Tiled background lighthouse shore
"Lilypad" by Witticaster
Hop on a Lilypad.
Background lilypad Tiled background lilypad
"Mountain Pyramid" by minac
Climb the many steps of a Mountain Pyramid.
Background mountain pyramid Tiled background mountain pyramid
May 2016 (Set 24)
"Beehive" by James_Danger
Buzz and dance in a Beehive..
Background beehive Tiled background beehive
"Gazebo" by DialFforFunky
Battle a Gazebo.
Background gazebo Tiled background gazebo
"Tree Roots" by DialFforFunky
Explore the Tree Roots.
Background tree roots Tiled background tree roots
April 2016 (Set 23)
"Archery Range" by Sunstroke
Practice on the Archery Range.
Background archery range Tiled background archery range
"Giant Flowers" by painterprophet
Frolic atop Giant Flowers.
Background giant florals Tiled background giant florals
"End of the Rainbow" by UncommonCriminal
Discover gold at the End of the Rainbow.
Background rainbows end Tiled background rainbows end
March 2016 (Set 22)
"Deep Mine" by James_Danger
Find precious metals in a Deep Mine.
Background deep mine Tiled background deep mine
"Rainforest" by UncommonCriminal
Venture into a Rainforest.
Background rainforest Tiled background rainforest
"Circle of Stones" by McCoyly
Cast spells in a Circle of Stones.
Background stone circle Tiled background stone circle
February 2016 (Set 21)
"Bamboo Forest" by Pocketmole
Stroll through the Bamboo Forest.
Background bamboo forest Tiled background bamboo forest
"Cozy Library" by UncommonCriminal
Read in the Cozy Library.
Background cozy library Tiled background cozy library
"Grand Staircase" by UncommonCriminal
Stride down the Grand Staircase.
Background grand staircase Tiled background grand staircase
January 2016 (Set 20)
"Frozen Lake" by featherlight
Skate on a Frozen Lake.
Background frozen lake Tiled background frozen lake
"Snowman Army" by louiselouise
Lead a Snowman Army.
Background snowman army Tiled background snowman army
"Winter Night" by nonight
Look at the stars of a Winter Night.
Background winter night Tiled background winter night
December 2015 (Set 19)
"Alpine Slopes" by Karithina
Ski on the Alpine Slopes.
Background alpine slopes Tiled background alpine slopes
"Snowy Sunrise" by InspectorCaracal
Gaze at the Snowy Sunrise.
Background snowy sunrise Tiled background snowy sunrise
"Winter Town" by Midori88
Bustle through a Winter Town.
Background winter town Tiled background winter town
November 2015 (Set 18)
"Floating Islands" by Ghosty
Hop across the Floating Islands.
Background floating islands Tiled background floating islands
"Night Dunes" by Kiwibot
Walk peacefully through the Night Dunes.
Background night dunes Tiled background night dunes
"Sunset Oasis" by stowersd
Bask in the Sunset Oasis.
Background sunset oasis Tiled background sunset oasis
October 2015 (Set 17)
"Harvest Moon" by Draayder
Cackle under the Harvest Moon.
Background harvest moon Tiled background harvest moon
"Slimy Swamp" by Midori88
Slog through a Slimy Swamp.
Background slimy swamp Tiled background slimy swamp
"Swarming Darkness" by Leephon
Shiver in the Swarming Darkness.
Background swarming darkness Tiled background swarming darkness
September 2015 (Set 16)
"Habitica Market" by UncommonCriminal
Shop in the Habitica Market.
Background market Tiled background market
"Habitica Stable" by UncommonCriminal
Tend mounts in the Habitica Stable.
Background stable Tiled background stable
"Habitica Tavern" by Bambin
Visit the Habitica Tavern.
Background tavern Tiled background tavern
August 2015 (Set 15)
"Pyramids" by minac
Admire the Pyramids.
Background pyramids Tiled background pyramids
"Sunset Savannah" by Bambin
Stalk across the Sunset Savannah.
Background sunset savannah Tiled background sunset savannah
"Twinkly Party Lights" by RosieSully
Dance under Twinkly Party Lights!
Background twinkly party lights Tiled background twinkly party lights
July 2015 (Set 14)
"Ruins of Dilatory" by Twitching
Dive to the Ruins of Dilatory.
Background dilatory ruins Tiled background dilatory ruins
"Giant Wave" by minac
Surf a Giant Wave!
Background giant wave Tiled background giant wave
"Sunken Ship" by MimiAlves
Explore a Sunken Ship.
Background sunken ship Tiled background sunken ship
June 2015 (Set 13)
"Drifting Raft" by TetoIsGreat
Paddle a Drifting Raft.
Background drifting raft Tiled background drifting raft
"Shimmery Bubbles" by beffymaroo
Float through a sea of Shimmery Bubbles.
Background shimmery bubbles Tiled background shimmery bubbles
"Island Waterfalls" by UncommonCriminal
Picnic near Island Waterfalls.
Background island waterfalls Tiled background island waterfalls
May 2015 (Set 12)
"Marble Temple" by painterprophet
Pose in front of a Marble Temple.
Background marble temple Tiled background marble temple
"Mountain Lake" by hazel_
Dip your toes in a Mountain Lake.
Background mountain lake Tiled background mountain lake
"Pagodas" by TetoIsGreat
Climb to the top of Pagodas.
Background pagodas Tiled background pagodas
April 2015 (Set 11)
"Cherry Trees" by kmcallah
Admire the Cherry Trees in blossom.
Background cherry trees Tiled background cherry trees
"Flowering Meadow" by Rattify
Picnic in a Flowering Meadow.
Background floral meadow Tiled background floral meadow
"Gumdrop Land" by painterprophet
Nibble the scenery of Gumdrop Land.
Background gumdrop land Tiled background gumdrop land
March 2015 (Set 10)
"Spring Rain" by Sunstroke
Dance in the Spring Rain.
Background spring rain Tiled background spring rain
"Stained Glass" by Kiwibot
Admire some Stained Glass.
Background stained glass Tiled background stained glass
"Rolling Hills" by UncommonCriminal
Frolic through the Rolling Hills.
Background rolling hills Tiled background rolling hills
February 2015 (Set 9)
"Blacksmithy" by Twitching
Labor in the Blacksmithy.
Background blacksmithy Tiled background blacksmithy
"Crystal Cave" by Holseties
Explore a Crystal Cave.
Background crystal cave Tiled background crystal cave
"Distant Castle" by Bambin
Defend a Distant Castle.
Background distant castle Tiled background distant castle
January 2015 (Set 8)
"Ice Cave" by Rattify
Descend into an Ice Cave.
Background ice cave Tiled background ice cave
"Frigid Peak" by Kiwibot
Summit a Frigid Peak.
Background frigid peak Tiled background frigid peak
"Snowy Pines" by Sunstroke
Shelter amid Snowy Pines.
Background snowy pines Tiled background snowy pines
December 2014 (Set 7)
"Iceberg" by Holseties
Drift upon an Iceberg.
Background iceberg Tiled background iceberg
"Winter Twinkly Lights" by RosieSully
Stroll between trees bedecked in festive lights.
Background twinkly lights Tiled background twinkly lights
"South Pole" by McCoyly
Visit the icy South Pole.
Background south pole Tiled background south pole
November 2014 (Set 6)
"Harvest Feast" by Kiwibot
Enjoy a Harvest Feast.
Background harvest feast Tiled background harvest feast
"Sunset Meadow" by Holseties
Admire a Sunset Meadow.
Background sunset meadow Tiled background sunset meadow
"Starry Skies" by Draayder
Gaze at the Starry Skies.
Background starry skies Tiled background starry skies
October 2014 (Set 5)
"Graveyard" by Kiwibot
Visit a Creepy Graveyard.
Background graveyard Tiled background graveyard
"Haunted House" by stowersd
Sneak through a Haunted House.
Background haunted house Tiled background haunted house
"Pumpkin Patch" by afiregender
Carve jack-o-lanterns in a Pumpkin Patch.
Background pumpkin patch Tiled background pumpkin patch
September 2014 (Set 4)
"Thunderstorm" by UncommonCriminal
Conduct lightning in a Thunderstorm.
Background thunderstorm Tiled background thunderstorm
"Autumn Forest" by krajzega
Stroll through an Autumn Forest.
Background autumn forest Tiled background autumn forest
"Harvest Fields" by UncommonCriminal
Cultivate your Harvest Fields.
Background harvest fields Tiled background harvest fields
August 2014 (Set 3)
"Volcano" by Draayder
Heat up inside a Volcano.
Background volcano Tiled background volcano
"Clouds" by Kiwibot
Soar through the Clouds.
Background clouds Tiled background clouds
"Dusty Canyon" by Kiwibot
Wander through a Dusty Canyon.
Background dusty canyons Tiled background dusty canyons
July 2014 (Set 2)
"Open Waters" by Breadstrings
Enjoy the open waters.
Background open waters Tiled background open waters
"Coral Reef" by Draayder
Swim in a coral reef.
Background coral reef Tiled background coral reef
"Seafarer Ship" by Batsukaman
Sail aboard a Seafarer Ship.
Background seafarer ship Tiled background seafarer ship
June 2014 (Set 1)
"Beach" by artemie
Lounge upon a warm beach.
Background beach Tiled background beach
"Fairy Ring" by Draayder
Dance in a fairy ring.
Background fairy ring Tiled background fairy ring
"Forest" by InspectorCaracal
Stroll through a summer forest.
Background forest Tiled background forest