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Talented and creative pixel artists sharing their work with Habitica
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One of the features that makes Habitica engaging and fun for its players is the use of pixel art. The pixel art technique is used to create the avatars, pets, bosses, backgrounds, and other aspects of game play that make Habitica colorful and inviting. Habitica is fortunate to have talented and creative pixel artists who submit their work for inclusion in the game. This page contains a list of in-game and wiki art objects and their creators so that all can enjoy!

Where's the Art?[]

All of the images, along with the name of the artist who did them, can be found throughout the wiki on relevant pages. This page allows you to easily see the titles of all the art pieces a given artist did, with links to the pages where the image can be viewed.

Help Us Give Credit Where it's Due[]

This page is maintained by volunteers from the "Wizards of the Wiki", which used to be an official guild but is now found on the Habitica Central Discord server. If you know who did a piece of art that's not credited correctly, please visit the server to let the volunteers know -- they'll appreciate it since it's sometimes not easy to track down who did what! You can also leave a reply to this thread, here on the wiki.

List of Artists[]

In the list below, every known artist is listed with the official titles of the pieces they did. If you like one piece that an artist did and want to see what else they might have done, this list puts it all in one handy location. There is too much art to all showing on one page without causing server issues, so for each piece of art there's a page elsewhere in this wiki that shows the art & artist together -- just click the handy link!

Note: All credits marked with an asterisk at the end (Example*) are for partial credit on that item.

Volunteer/Community Artists[]

Until August 2023, many community members volunteered their time and talents to create equipment, backgrounds, and other art for Habitica. As of June 2024 there is still art being introduced and attributed to community members. It is unknown whether these are new paid pieces, or leftover volunteer ones.


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0mizuki0smith0 (Trello name: 0mizuki0smith0)[]
24freeplay (Trello name: 24freeplay; Also known as: Chronolight, Gildergreen, Xyron)[]


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a_diamond (Trello name: a_diamond)[]
  • Background icons: Autumn Lakeshore, Frozen Polar Waters, Iridescent Clouds, Misty Forest, Orange Grove, Raging River, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Rope Bridge, Underwater Among Koi, Vineyard, Winter Canyon
  • Equipment: Black Loungewear Set, Decorative Pet Food Set, Decorative Hatching Potion Set, Pink Loungewear Set, Spooky Sorcery Set
  • Mount icons: Pink Marble, Porcelain, Robot, Sand Sculpture, Solar System, Stained Glass, Wind-Up
  • Quest Scrolls: A Voyage of Cosmic Concentration
AaronTheTwin (Trello name: aaronthetwin)[]
ACE (Trello name: [deleted account])[]
afiregender (Trello names: cecilyperez, Cecily Perez; Also known as: Aserlath)[]
AinFach (Trello name: ainlion; Also known as: Ain Vuhs)[]
aiseant (Trello name: aiseant)[]
  • Achievements: Mount Master*, Perfect Days*, Savior of the Flourishing Fields*
  • Equipment: Trident of Crashing Tides*
Alemiir (Trello name: Alemiir)[]
  • Quest Collection Items: Tracks
Alonquain (Trello name: zacharyatacksherwood; Also known as: Zachary Atack Sherwood)[]
AltArcana (Trello name: migumakesart; Also known as: MiguelDavid, Miguel)[]
amadshade (Trello name: amadshade)[]
Ambulon (Trello name: Misceo; Also known as: Merceo)[]
  • Eggs: Monkey, Sheep, Snail
andrews38 (Trello name: andrews38)[]
AnnDeLune (Trello name: anndelune)[]
  • Avatar Customizations: Earrings
  • Backgrounds: Chessboard Land, Dojo, Elegant Balcony, In a Rowboat, Midnight Castle, Starry Winter Night
  • Equipment: Ace of Spades Set, Alter Ego Rogue Set, Autumn Enchanter Set, Conch Healer Set, Festival Attire Set, Florid Fan, Fluttery Frock Set, Golden Baton, Guardian of the Grazers Set, Heroic Herbalist Set, Jack of Clubs Set, Jade Warrior Set, King of Diamonds Set, Lamplighter's Set, Lich Healer Set, Masquerade Mage Set, Merchant Set, Minotaur Warrior Set, Mistletoe Healer Set, Piratical Princess Set, Queen of Hearts Set, Red Rose, Regal Set, Seashell Seahealer Set, Swan Dancer Set, Vernal Vestments Set, Water Lily Mage Set, Winter Star Healer Set
  • Quest Bosses: Anti'zinnya, The Dysheartener
ARandomMako (Trello name: Mako413; Also known as: Mako)[]
Arcosine (Trello name: Arcosine)[]
Aries Faries (Trello name: ariesfaries; Also known as: Aries Fairies)[]
artemie (Trello name: Artemie)[]
ashjolliffe (Trello name: ashjolliffe)[]
  • Mounts: Bear (zombie), Cactus (zombie), Dragon (zombie), Flying Pig (zombie), Fox (zombie), Lion (zombie), Panda (zombie), Tiger (zombie), Wolf (zombie)
aspiring_advocate (Trello names: matthewlee170, aamllama; Also known as: fffswhk, Aspiring Advocate, A Shining Advocate)[]
astigmatism (Trello name: astigmatism)[]
  • Backgrounds: Elegant Ballroom, Flower Market, Habit City Streets
awakebyjava (Trello name: awakebyjava)[]
Awesome_kitty (Trello name: awesomekitty; Also known as: Awesome kitty)[]


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Baconsaur (Trello name: Baconsaur)[]
badholt (Trello names: barbaraholt1, thebadh; Also known as: Barbara Holt)[]
Balduranne (Trello name: annabaldur)[]
  • Avatar Customizations: Wheelchairs
  • Equipment: Basic Archer Armor, Basic Archer Cap, Brave Mouse Set, Dragon Tamer Set, Glowing Spear, Grand Malkin Set, Iron Blue Archer Armor, Iron Blue Archer Helm, Jeweled Archer Set, Miner Set, Mystic Lamp, Nephrite Archer Set, Vermilion Archer Set
  • Hatching Potions: Ember, Frost, Thunderstorm
  • Mounts: Ember, Frost, Royal Purple (tiger, panda), Thunderstorm
  • Mount icons: Thunderstorm
  • Pets: Ember, Frost, Royal Purple*, Thunderstorm
Bambin (Trello name: hanztan)[]
BanthaFett (Trello name: BanthaFett)[]
basekick (Trello name: basekick)[]
Batsukaman (Trello name: batsukaman)[]
benga (Trello name: benga)[]
blue-raindrop (Trello name: blueraindrop8; Also known as: Blue Raindrop)[]
  • Achievements: E-I-E-I-O, Woodland Wizard
  • Backgrounds: Frozen Polar Waters, Mask Maker's Workshop*, Meteor Shower, Room of Spectral Candles
  • Background icons: Clothesline, Cottage Under Construction
BlueStylus (Trello name: bluestylus)[]
Breadstrings (Trello name: breadstrings)[]
BrowserQuest (Note: BrowserQuest is not a Habitica user. Mozilla BrowserQuest is an online game that is the source of some of Habitica's earliest equipment images, which were taken with permission. You can read a bit more here.)[]
  • Achievements: Beast Master*, Began a New Adventure*, Challenges Won*, Contributor, Helped Habitica Grow*, Kickstarter Backer (2013)*, Quests Completed*, Streak Achievement*, Ultimate Gear*, Veteran User*
  • Avatar Customizations: Bangs Hair Styles*, Basic Hair Colors*, Basic Shirts*, Basic Skin Colors*, Broad Body*, Slim Body*
  • Equipment: Warrior 0-6 Sets
  • Other: Fortify Potion, Health Potion


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CaffeineCat (Trello name: caffeinecat_; Also known as: CaffieneCat)[]
CalypsoTea (Trello name: afreeman7; Also known as: CalypsovemberTea)[]
CarolinaAsh (Trello name: carolinaash)[]
cataclysms (Trello name: androidagrace)[]
Catalina127 (Trello name: Catalina127)[]
celticdragon (Trello name: celticdragon)[]
Cerastes (Trello name: cerastes)[]
Chimera_Liani (Trello name: chimeraliani; Also known as: Chimera Liani)[]
  • Background icons: Aquarium, At the Docks, Beside a Well, Buried Treasure, Chessboard Land, Cornfields, Crystal Cave, End of the Rainbow, Fantastical Shoe Store, Frigid Peak, Giant Birdhouse, Giant Flowers, Giant Seashell, Habit City Streets, Ice Cave, Iceberg, In a Rowboat, Kelp Forest, Magic Beanstalk, Magical Candles, Marble Temple, Mistiflying Circus, Ocean Sunrise, Orchard, Pyramids, Sandcastle, School of Fish, Shimmering Ice Prisms, Snowman Army, Snowy Pines, South Pole, Sparkling Snowflake, Strange Sewers, Sunset Meadow, Sunset Oasis, Sunset Savannah, Tar Pits, Underwater Vents, Windy Autumn, Winter Fireworks, Winter Shop, Winter Twinkling Lights
ChumBucket (Trello name: chumbucket; Also known as: Chum Bucket)[]
  • Equipment: Ram Fleece Robes, Ram Horn Shield, Weaver Set
CitrineSun (Trello name: citrinesun)[]
citronrouge (Trello name: 1920kun; Also known as: milk)[]
confusedcicada (Trello name: confusedcicada)[]
  • Eggs: Dolphin, Squirrel
confusus (Trello name: confusus)[]
Crawford McCarty (Trello name: Crawford McCarty; Also known as: Crawford McCarty)[]
crystalphoenix (Trello name: crystalphoenix)[]
cyaneus (Trello name: cyaneus; Also known as: Mel)[]


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Daikagaru (Trello name: daikagaru)[]
Darkly (Trello name: LordDarkly; Also known as: Lord Darkly)[]
  • Eggs: Marshmallow Slime, Rooster, Snake
  • Pets: Snake
Definitely not a villain (Trello name: definitelynotavillain)[]
DialFforFunky (Trello name: dialfforfunky)[]
  • Backgrounds: Castle of Dilatory, Gazebo, Gorgeous Greenhouse, Rainy City, Rocky Canyon, Tree Roots
  • Equipment: Garnet Healer Set*
Draayder (Trello name: Draayder)[]
Drevian (Trello name: Luciferian)[]


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Eevachu (Trello name: eevachu)[]
  • Hatching Potions: Royal Purple
  • Mounts: Cow*, Royal Purple (dragon, bear)
  • Mount icons: Beetle, Cactus, Cow, Cuttlefish, Dragon, Flying Pig, Frog, Ghost Jack-O-Lantern, Glow-in-the-Dark Jack-O-Lantern, Jack-O-Lantern, Owl, Parrot, Penguin, Phoenix, Royal Purple Jack-O-Lantern, Sabretooth Tiger, Seahorse, Spider, Trex
  • Pets: Butterfly*, Royal Purple*
  • Quest Scene Art: Find the Cub, The Moonstone Chain
eienni (Trello name: emmavig; Also known as: eyenne)[]
EmeraldOx (Trello name: EmeraldOx)[]
Empress42 (Trello name: empress42; Also known as: Empress)[]
Erikari (Trello name: ErikaInzatari)[]
Eslyn (Trello name: jenryn)[]
Euan1 (Trello name: euanhayden)[]
Evyx (Trello name: Evyx)[]
extrajordanary (Trello name: extrajordanary)[]


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Fandekasp (Trello name: Fandekasp)[]
fasteagle190 (Trello name: fasteagle190)[]
featherlight (Trello name: featherlight)[]
felipetotoro (Trello name: felipetotoro; Also known as: Totoro)[]
Feralem Tau (Trello name: feralem)[]
FirozTaverbi (Trello name: FirozTaverbi)[]
fuzzytrees (Trello name: Fuzzytrees)[]
  • Eggs: Cow, Treeling
  • Equipment: Healer 0 Set, Healer 1-5 Sets*, Healer 6 Set, Mage 0 Set, Mage 1-5 Sets*, Mage 6 Set, Rogue 0 Set, Rogue 1-5 Sets*,
  • Mounts: Bear (desert, shade), Cactus (desert, shade), Dragon (desert, shade), Flying Pig (desert, shade), Fox (desert, shade), Lion (desert, shade), Panda (desert, shade), Tiger (desert, shade), Wolf (desert, shade)
  • Pets: Cow, Treeling*


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gawrone (Trello name: gawrone)[]
  • Backgrounds: Airship, Autumn Picnic, Castle Gate, Colorful Street, Crescent Moon, Dragon's Lair, Dreamy Island, Enchanted Music Room, Fancy Bedroom, Field with Colored Eggs, Frozen Blue Pond, Ghost Ship, Gingerbread House, Golden Birdcage, Haunted Forest, Heather Field, Holiday Wreath, Ice Bubble Lake, In A Painting, In Front of a Fountain, Inside a Potion Bottle, Inside an Ornament, Leafy Tree Tunnel, Maypole, Misty Autumn Forest, Mystical Observatory, Old Photo, Potter's Studio, River of Lava, Sailboat At Sunset, Salt Lake, Shell Gate, Snowy Desert, Snowy Temple, Spiral Staircase, Spooky Scarecrow Field, Springtime Shower, Tea Party, Theatre Stage, Viking Ship, Woodland Critter's Den
  • Equipment: Bog Creature Healer, Carol of the Mage Set, Dressing Gown Set, Hammerhead Rogue Set, Headless Warrior Set*, Holly and Ivy Rogue Set, Medieval Launderers Set, Musical Instrument Set 1 Set, Operatic Specter Rogue Set, Pirate Set, Rhinoceros Beetle Warrior Set, Scarlet Warlock Mage, Swan Mage Set, Tea Party Set, Theatre Masks Set, Two-Headed Rogue Set
  • Hatching Potions: Solar System, Turquoise
  • Mounts: Solar System, Turquoise
  • Pets: Solar System, Turquoise
  • Quest Bosses: Diversionoids
GeraldThePixel (Trello name: geraldthepixel)[]
  • Backgrounds: Cozy Barn, Cozy Bedroom*, Garden Shed, Park with Statue*, Valentine's Day Feasting Hall*
  • Background icons: Apple Picking, Avalanche, Birch Forest, Blossoming Desert, Classroom, Cozy Barn, Cozy Bedroom, Dungeon, Elegant Ballroom, Field with Colored Eggs, Flower Market, Foggy Moor, Frosty Forest, Giant Book, Giant Dandelions, Hot Spring, Inside A Crystal, Old-Fashioned Bakery, Park with Statue, Pirate Flag, Snowy Day Fireplace, Tea Party, Tide Pool, Valentine's Day Feasting Hall, Winter Nocturne
  • Equipment: Clown Set, Sunrise Warrior Set(partial)
  • Pets: Pterodactyl*
ghostlight_gal (Trello name: ghostlight_gal)[]
Ghosty (Trello name: ghostfingers)[]
Giu09 (Trello names: giu09, giuli)[]
GoodestSnuffles (Trello name: ForeverRender; Also known as: Snuffles)[]
Great and Powerful (Trello name: great_and_powerful; Also known as: hb-7bs0y0tbrh1g42voz)[]
greenpencil (Trello name: katiepaxtonfear)[]
gully (Trello name: gully3)[]


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Hachiseiko (Trello name: lovacarlsson; Also known as: Lova Carlsson)[]
HappyPete (Trello name: calumhaugh)[]
HarrySofokleous (Trello name: harrysofokleous; Also known as: Harry Sofokleous)[]
hazel_ (Trello name: hazel40)[]
Hermi (Trello name: hermi6)[]
Holseties (Trello name: holsety1)[]


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icefelis (Trello name: icefelis)[]
inesl (Trello name: inesll)[]
Infinidulge the Distinguished (Trello name: unknown)[]
InspectorCaracal (Trello names: TheInventrix, Inventrix)[]
Intune (Trello name: Intune)[]
iobreese (Trello name: iobreese)[]
Irrevenant (Trello name: irrevenant)[]
izmo (Trello name: captainizel; Also known as: Izel)[]
  • Equipment: Deerstalker Cap, Inverness Cape, Magnifying Glass*, Trusty Umbrella


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JaizakAripaik (Trello names: jynn13, jynn, jynn3, jzacharypike)[]
James_Danger (Trello name: james_danger; Also known as: James Danger)[]
JessicaChase (Trello name: JessicaChase)[]
JinjooHat (Trello name: jinjoohat)[]
jjgame83 (Trello name: jjgame83)[]
  • Backgrounds: Autumn Lakeshore, Bioluminescent Waves, Clothesline, Flowering Prairie, Haunted Photo, Holiday Hearth, Misty Forest, Mountain Waterfall, Palm Tree with Fairy Lights*, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Relaxation River, Spring Thaw, Undead Hands, Vineyard, Water Mill, Wintry Castle
  • Equipment: Arctic Explorer Healer Set, Bubble Bath Set, Cleaning Supplies Set Two, Cyclops Mage Set, Death's Head Moth Healer Set, Flame Summoner Healer Set, Gardener Set, Ice Crystal Healer Set, Karate Set, Lantern Rogue Set, Manta Ray Mage Set, Peeker Healer Set, Peridot Healer Set, Puddle Mage Set, Rainstorm Warrior Set, Ribbon Rogue Set, Sea Glass Healer Set, Skull Lantern, Sunstone Warrior Set, Third-Eye Mage Set, Twin Flower Rogue Set
  • Hatching Potions: Black Pearl, Mossy Stone, Polka Dot, Vampire
  • Mounts: Black Pearl, Mossy Stone, Polka Dot, Vampire
  • Pets: Black Pearl, Mossy Stone, Polka Dot, Vampire
  • Quest Promo Art: Find the Cub
JokeRat (Trello name: jokerat; Also known as: JokeRat)[]
  • Achievements: All that Glitters, Bare Necessities, Bug Bonanza, Good as Gold
Jon Arinbjorn (Trello name: Jon Arinbjorn)[]
Jordan Zimmerman (Trello name: jordanzimmerman; Also known as: hb-5lyp7ex0p7ggeh8ts)[]
jumorales (Trello name: jumorales; Also known as: ju.morales)[]


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Kai-Wen (Trello name: kaiwen14; Also known as: Kai)[]
Karithina (Trello names: Carly, Karithina; Also known as: Karathina)[]
katieslug (Trello name: kathleen215)[]
  • Backgrounds: Camping Out
  • Background icons: Among Giant Flowers, Animal Clouds, Autumn Poplar Forest, Beach Cabana, Birthday Party, Brick Wall with Ivy, Camping Out, Crescent Moon, Dragon's Lair, Elegant Garden, Flying Over a Glacier, Holiday Hearth, Holiday Wreath, Hot Air Balloon, In the Armory, Old Photo, Relaxation River, River of Lava, Snowglobe, Snowy Desert, Splashing in a Puddle, Spooky Scarecrow Field, Swimming Among Jellyfish, Throne Room, Underwater Ruins, Windmills, Wintry Castle, Woodland Critter's Den
Katy133 (Trello name: jasmineosler; Also known as: Jasmine Osler)[]
  • Non-Quest Promotional Art: Aborting a quest, Cultivating positivity, Habiticans hiking, Habiticans playing musical instruments, Hall of Heroes, Holding a tomato (Pomodoro)
  • Backgrounds: Bug-Covered Log, Champions' Colosseum, Fiber Arts Room, Guardian Statues, Magical Museum, Sparkling Snowflake, Tornado
  • Equipment: Ancient Axe, Coach Driver Set, Cobbler Set, Duffle Coat Set, Fiddler Set, Forest Fungus Staff, Hatter Set, Herald Set, Jeweler Set, Mushroom Druid Set, Polished Pocketwatch, Reindeer Rogue Set, Roguish Rainbow Set, Slingshot, Trick-or-Treat Rogue Set, Tricorn Hat, Viking Set
  • Quest Bosses: Void Skull Swarm, Pterror-dactyl
  • Quest Collection Items: Soap Bar
khdarkwolf (Trello name: khdarkwolf)[]
Kiwibot (Trello name: Kiwibot)[]
kmcallah (Trello name: kaitlyncallahan)[]
Kodey (Trello names: kodey99, yamato)[]
  • Backgrounds: Among Cattails, Mask Maker's Workshop*, Rope Bridge
  • Pets: Monkey
krajzega (Trello name: krajzega)[]
KusSv (Trello name: kussv)[]
  • Non-Quest Promotional Art: Finding a drop, Habiticans cooking
  • Backgrounds: Archaeological Dig, Blizzard, Idyllic Cabin, Meandering Cave, Midnight Clouds, Spider Web, Waterfall Rock, Winter Fireworks
Kysenica (Trello name: annetger; Also known as: An4ous)[]
Kyuuei (Trello name: kyuuei)[]


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l3rett (Trello name: l3rett; Also known as: Brett)[]
  • Equipment: Beanie Propeller Hat, Scary Movie Warrior, Witch’s Brew Rogue
Lalaitha (Trello name: lalaitha)[]
lauraia (Trello name: lauraportillo3; Also known as: Laura)[]
Laurelei Kirsch (Trello name: laureleikirsch)[]
Leephon (Trello name: leephon)[]
LilithofAlfheim (Trello name: lilithofalfheim; Also known as: Lilith of Alfheim)[]
LlamaHobbit (Trello name: LlamaHobbit; Also known as: Llama Hobbit)[]
loremis (Trello name: loremipsum8; Also known as: Lorem Ipsum, loremi)[]
Lotay (Trello name: lotay1)[]
louiselouise (Trello name: louiselouise1)[]
LtCabel (Trello names: lt_cabel, carterabel1; Also known as: Lt.Cabel, Lt. Cabel)[]
Lukrecja (Trello name: Lukrecja; Also known as: Lukreja)[]
Lynkboz (Trello names: Snowchu, Snowdeath, Snuchu; Also known as: Snowchu, Snowdeath, Shuchu, L)[]


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Maans (Trello name: nothingsmaan)[]
Manostion (Trello name: manostion; Also known as: Manostian)[]
Mantichore (Trello name: sembrys)[]
MaraSummerhall (Trello name: corinnaj; Also known as: Mara, Corinna Jaschek)[]
mariah (Trello name: unknown; Also known as: mariahm)[]
marilynjay (Trello name: bridgetteempress)[]
Marmarru (Trello name: LeafyBear)[]
Marsi (Trello name: marsigotchi)[]
maxpendragon (Trello name: stephenlarsen1; Also known as: Max Pendragon)[]
MazHem (Trello names: Maz H, revcleo; Also known as: Rev)[]
McCoyly (Trello name: sungabraverday)[]
Meganana (Trello name: Megan Strickland; Also known as: Megan)[]
melynnrose (Trello name: Melynnrose)[]
mewrose (Trello name: mewrose)[]
  • Background icons: Autumn Forest, Back Alley, Beehive, Bug-Covered Log, Champions' Colosseum, Circle of Stones, Clock Tower, Cozy Library, Dojo, Garden Shed, Grand Staircase, Hall of Heroes, Mist-Shrouded Mountain, Rainforest, Scribe's Workshop, Spooky Hotel, Steamworks, Training Grounds, Treasure Room
  • Mounts: Dolphin, Guinea Pig Gang*
  • Mount icons: Dolphin
  • Pets: Dolphin
  • Quest Bosses: Catastrophic Kangaroo*
mfonda (Trello name: Oneironaut)[]
Midori88 (Trello name: midori88)[]
mihun (Trello name: mihun)[]
mike_the_monk (Trello names: mike_the_monk, mikeantonacci; Also known as: Mike the Monk, mike_antonacci)[]
MimiAlves (Trello name: mimialves)[]
minac (Trello name: [deleted account])[]
mooeena (Trello name: annaglassman1; Also known as: Anna Glassman)[]
MrMakara (Trello name: Tiny Coke; Also known as: TinyCoke)[]


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NekoAtsumeLARPer (Trello name: nekoatsumelarper)[]
netorobatto (Also known as: Netoptimus Prime)[]
nirbhao (Trello name: shinecaramia; Also known as: Shine Caramia)[]
nonight (Trello name: nonight)[]
Nummycakes (Trello name: tracyfu)[]


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Onheiron (Trello name: carlomoretti1)[]
Orangeyfresh (Trello name: unknown)[]
Ottl (Trello name: Ottl)[]
OuttaMyMind (Trello names: OuttaMyMind, Outtamymindpro, kdalis; Also known as: FolleMente)[]
overomega (Trello name: tjmcdaniel2)[]


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painterprophet (Trello name: clusterpainter; Also known as: Painter de Cluster)[]
Pandawalker (Trello name: pandawalker)[]
Pandoro (Trello name: Pandoro)[]
p-denissa (Trello names: r0sedrake, czarina4)[]
Pepperwheel (Trello name: artofedge; Also known as: Edge)[]
Pfeffernusse (Trello name: Pfeffernusse; Also known as: Pffernusse)[]
PixelStormArt (Trello name: pixelstormart; Also known as: PixelStorm, Pixel Storm)[]
plain-rice (Trello name: ricecake2)[]
plumilla (Trello name: esther301)[]
Pocketmole (Trello name: pocketmole)[]
Podcod (Trello name: podcod)[]
Porrompomperro (Trello names: cristinagper, Cristina García)[]
ProcyonP (Trello name: jformenti; Also known as: Julia Formenti)[]
  • Pets: Pterodactyl*, Velociraptor


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QuartzFox (Trello name: quartzfox)[]
  • Non-Quest Promotional Art: Starting a quest
  • Achievements: Plant Parent, Shady Customer, The Shade of It All
  • Backgrounds: Animal Clouds, Cemetery Gate, Foggy Moor, Ice Palace, Messy Room*, Rainbow Meadow, Rainy Barnyard, Stone Tower, Strawberry Patch*
  • Background icons: Ancient Ruins, Ancient Tomb, Autumn Flower Garden, Blossoming Trees, Bridge, Butterfly Garden, Cemetery Gate, Duck Pond, Enchanted Music Room, Farmers' Market, Flowering Prairie, Flying Over an Autumn Forest, Forested Lakeshore, Haunted Photo, Holiday Market, Ice Palace, Icicle Bridge, Inside an Ornament, Lake with Floating Lanterns, Mask Maker's Workshop, Monster Maker's Workshop, Mystical Observatory, Potion Shop, Pumpkin Carriage, Rainbow Meadow, Rime Ice, Spiral Staircase, Spring Thaw, Strawberry Patch, Succulent Garden, Treehouse, Undead Hands
  • Equipment: Candymancer Mage Set*, Cardinal Healer Set*, Clownfish Rogue Set*, Cooking Implements Set Fairy Lights Mage Set, Juggling Balls, Kappa Rogue Set, Match Maker Set, Nautilus Mage Set, Oarfish Mage Set, Ooze Rogue Set, Paper Knight Set, Sheet Ghost Costume, Stocking Warrior Set, Waterspout Warrior Set
  • Hatching Potions: Moonglow, Shadow
  • Mounts: Aurora*, Moonglow, Shadow
  • Pets: Moonglow, Shadow
  • Quest Bosses: Asteroidea
  • Quest Collection Items: Mossy Stone, Silver Ingots, Turquoise Gem
  • Quest Scrolls: Calm the Corrupted Cupid


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RandallStanhope (Trello name: RandallStanhope)[]
  • Mounts: Bear (red, skeleton), Cactus (red, skeleton), Dragon (red, skeleton), Flying Pig (red, skeleton), Fox (red, skeleton), Lion (red, skeleton), Panda (red, skeleton), Tiger (red, skeleton), Wolf (red, skeleton)
randomdaisy (Trello name: randomdaisy)[]
RandomGryffindor (Trello name: RandomGryffindor)[]
  • Background icons: Ancient Forest, Aurora, Driving a Coach, Icy Steppes, Magical Museum, Rocky Canyon, Rose Garden, Terraced Rice Field, Tornado
Rattify (Trello name: rattify)[]
ravenlune (Trello name: ravenlune)[]
RBrinks (Trello name: rbrinkley)[]
  • Mount icons: Cheetah, Deer, Ferret, Gryphon, Hedgehog, Horse, Octopus, Rat, Rooster, Treeling, Whale, Wolf
RedMyst (Trello name: rapowers)[]
Reesachan (Trello names: Reesa, reesa3)[]
  • Backgrounds: Buried Treasure, Driving a Coach*, Kelp Forest, Park with Statue*, Spooky Hotel
RiitheWordsmith (Trello name: riithewordsmith; Also known as: Leigh Owens)[]
Rosemonkey (Trello name: RosemonkeyCT)[]
RosieSully (Trello name: rosiesully)[]


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Sam (Trello name: AuraKami)[]
sarajea (Trello name: sarajea)[]
Scarabsi (Trello name: ceesingwong)[]
Scarvia (Trello name: scarvia)[]
*~Seraphina~* (Trello name: alyssa531; Also known as: Alyssa)[]
seschnepper (Trello name: seschnepper)[]
Seus (Trello name: jesusdiaz57; Also known as: Jesus Diaz)[]
  • Non-Quest Promotional Art: Habiticans doing arts and crafts, Habiticans gardening, Healing party members, Party group, Selling items
Shaners (Trello name: unknown)[]
  • Eggs: Bear, Cactus, Dragon, Flying Pig, Fox, Lion Cub, Panda Cub, Tiger, Wolf
  • Equipment: Contributor Gear Set, Jean Chalard's Noble Tunic, Kickstarter 2013 Set, Mustaine's Milestone Mashing Morningstar, Nameless Helm, Stephen Weber's Shaft of the Dragon
  • Mounts: Cerberus, Ethereal Lion, Lion (most colors), Polar Bear
  • Pets: Bear, Cactus, Cerberus, Dragon, Flying Pig, Fox, Lion Cub, Marshmallow Slime (Base), Panda Cub, Polar Bear, Tiger, Veteran Wolf, Wolf*
  • Transformation Items & Results:: Base Snowman
Shellcollector (Trello name: florencedelaney)[]
Shogirlgeek (Trello name: shogirlgeek)[]
Shred1 (Trello name: imshred; Also known as: Shred)[]
Shtut (Trello name: hadasshahar)[]
Sir_Jetpack (Trello name: sir_jetpack; Also known as: Ricardo)[]
siriocra (Trello name: Siriocra; Also known as: Sirioca)[]
Snickie (Trello name: emilyfrier)[]
Soloana (Trello name: Soloana)[]
squishington (Trello name: squishington; Also known as: Sphinxy, Squish)[]
starsystemic (Trello name: starsystemic)[]
Stefalupagus (Trello name: stefalupagus; Also known as: ʂʈєƒąʃųƥągųʂ)[]
stowersd (Trello name: susanknowles1; Also known as: Sooz)[]
Streak (Trello name: Streak)[]
Sunstroke (Trello name: sunstroke)[]
SuperSaraA (Trello name: supersaraa)[]
  • Backgrounds: Brick Wall with Ivy, Splashing in a Puddle
  • Background icons: Cryptic Candles, Heart-Shaped Bubbles, Messy Room, Old Timey Basketball Court, Stone Tower
  • Equipment: Clownfish Rogue Set*


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tabbytoes (Trello name: tabbytoes)[]
Take This (Note: Take This is not a Habitica user. Take This is a nonprofit organization that seeks to inform the gamer community about mental health issues, to provide education about mental disorders and mental illness prevention, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness. They partnered with Habitica to create the Take This Official Challenge series)[]
Tashus (Trello name: tashus)[]
tea-cat (Trello names: virginiamoon2, tea_cat; Also known as: virrcat)[]
TetoIsGreat (Trello name: tetoisgreat; Also known as: Teto is Great, Teto Forever)[]
The GaymerX Team (Note: GaymerX is not a Habitica user. GaymerX is a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ people and culture in the world of gaming, with a focus on video games. They povided a free limited-edition set of armor to all players to promote Habitica.)[]
thegrimsqueaker (Trello name: thegrimsqueaker)[]
TheMushroomKing (Trello name: themushroomking)[]
TheSerendipity (Trello name: zanorin; Also known as: ZanorinSeregris, Persephone)[]
Tigergurke (Trello name: tigergurke)[]
Timsh (Trello name: Octoclown)[]
Tipsy (Trello name: Tipsy)[]
Tiva (Trello name: tivaquinn; Also known as: Gaston)[]
Tocath (Trello name: tocath)[]
traverpatri (Trello name: PattyTheWitch; Also known as: PattyTheWitch)[]
tressley (Trello name: unknown; Also known as: Apollo)[]
tricksyfox (Trello name: tricksyfox; Also known as: tricksy.fox)[]
Trogdorina (Trello name: Trogdorina)[]
tseren (Trello name: tseren)[]
Tuqjoi (Trello name: dragonfire4)[]
Twitching (Trello name: Twitching)[]
Tyche_Alba (Trello names: robin_tyche, tyche_pontius; Also known as: Tychee_Alba, Tyche Antilles Alba)[]
Tyler (Trello name: unknown)[]
-Tyr- (Trello name: hermes_hg; Also known as: Tyr, Týr)[]


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uchihamadara (Trello name: uchihamadara)[]
UncommonCriminal (Trello name: Uncommon Criminal)[]
unicornbread (Trello names: Pandah, rubydooby)[]
unrulyhyena (Trello name: unrulyhyena; Also known as: Faye)[]
Urse (Trello name: Urse)[]
usnbfs (Trello name: usnbfs)[]


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Vampitch (Trello name: vampitch; Also known as: Archeia)[]
  • Non-Quest Promotional Art: Buying rewards, Repeatable yesterdailies*, Setting Up dailies, Using a saddle
  • Achievements: Joined a Guild*, NPC*
  • Backgrounds: Magical Candles
  • Background icons: Archaeological Dig, Beach, Blacksmithy, Clouds, Coral Reef, Cross-Country Ski Trail, Dusty Canyon, Elegant Balcony, Fairy Ring, Giant Wave, Glowing Mushroom Cave, Gorgeous Greenhouse, Habitica Market, Habitica Stable, Habitica Tavern, Harvest Feast, Harvest Fields, Haunted House, Medieval Kitchen, Midnight Castle, Open Waters, Pixelist's Workshop, Pumpkin Patch, Seafarer Ship, Stained Glass, Starry Skies, Starry Winter Night, Thunderstorm, Toymaker's Workshop, Volcano
  • Equipment: Anti-Procrastination Set, Lionfish Mage Set, Sea Dragon Set
  • Hatching Potions: Holly, Icy Snow, Rose Quartz
  • Mounts: Holly, Icy Snow, Rose Quartz
  • Mount icons: Flying Carpet, Icy Snow, Rainbow
  • Pets: Holly, Icy Snow, Rose Quartz
  • Quest Promo Art: The Pterror-dactyl, What a Hippo-Crite
Vikte (Trello name: tevik)[]
  • Backgrounds: Among Giant Mushrooms, Ancient Forest, Ancient Ruins, Autumn Flower Garden, Autumn Poplar Forest, Birch Forest, Blossoming Desert, Bonsai Collection, Branches of a Holiday Tree, Bridge in Autumn, By A Campfire, Colorful Coral, Crater Lake, Cretaceous Forest, Dog Park, Dragon's Back, Duck Pond, Elegant Garden, Flower Shop, Flowering Forest, Forest Sunset, Flying Over a Glacier, Flying over Tropical Islands, Frosty Forest, Giant Dandelions, Halfling's House, Holiday Market, Holiday Tree Forest, Ice Sculpture Festival, In an Aquarium, Jack O'Lantern Stacks, Jungle Watering Hole, Mangrove Forest, Pumpkin Carriage, Raging River, Rock Garden, Snowy Day Fireplace, Snowy Mountains*, Snowy Village, Spooky Ruins, Springtime Lake, Succulent Garden, Swimming Among Jellyfish, Tulip Garden, Tumultuous Thunderstorm, Underwater Among Koi, Underwater Statue Garden, Under Wisteria, River Bottom, Winter Full Moon, Winter Lake With Swans, Winter Mountain Range
  • Equipment: Alchemist Set, Bagpiper Set, Betta Fish Warrior Set*, Brain Eater Mage Set, Carnivorous Plant Healer Set, Crab Rogue Set, Evergreen Warrior Set*, Fireworks Rogue Set, Fisher-Rogue Set, Forsythia Mage Set, Gift-Wrapped Warrior Set*, Harpy Mage Set, Ice-Fishing Warrior Set, Iris Healer Set, Magpie Rogue Set, Orc Warrior Set, Painter Set, Parrot Healer Set, Poinsettia Rogue Set, Pomegranate Mage Set, Rainbow Trout Warrior Set, Sea Turtle Warrior Set, Sunrise Warrior Set*, Tulip Mage Set, Walrus Warrior Set, Willow Healer Set, Winter Spice Healer Set, Wraith Warrior Set
  • Hatching Potions: Amber, Autumn Leaf*, Onyx, Wind-Up
  • Mounts: Amber, Autumn Leaf*, Onyx, Wind-Up
  • Pets: Amber, Autumn Leaf*, Onyx, Wind-Up
  • Quest Bosses: Trerezin
Vyllan (Trello name: vyllan)[]


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weeWitch (Trello name: ChrisSpatzerl; Also known as: Smallest Witch in the Woods)[]
  • Achievements: Lucky Letter*
  • Backgrounds: Aurora, Rose Garden, Strawberry Patch*
  • Background icons: Alpine Slopes, Archery Range, Back of a Giant Beast, Bamboo Forest, Bell Tower, Blizzard, Castle of Dilatory, Cherry Trees, City of Dilatory, Deep Mine, Deep Sea, Desert Dunes, Drifting Raft, Floating Islands, Frozen Lake, Gazebo, Graveyard, Guardian Statues, Gumdrop Land, Harvest Moon, Idyllic Cabin, Island Waterfalls, Lilypad, Meandering Cave, Midnight Clouds, Mountain Lake, Night Dunes, Pagodas, Ruins of Dilatory, Shimmery Bubbles, Slimy Swamp, Spider Web, Stoïkalm Volcanoes, Stormy Rooftops, Stormy Ship, Summer Fireworks, Sunken Ship, Swarming Darkness, Tree Roots, Twinkly Party Lights, Waterfall Rock, Wedding Arch, Winter Night, Winter Town
  • Equipment: Confetti Mage Set
  • Quest Promo Art: Kangaroo Catastrophe
willowthewitty (Trello name: snazzyorange; Also known as: Willow the Witty)[]
Witticaster (Trello name: witticaster)[]
wolvenhalo (Trello name: wolvenhalo)[]
Wykedcrafty (Trello name: Wykedcrafty)[]


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x4ojM (Trello name: x4ojm; Also known as: asl)[]


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yayannabelle (Trello name: yayannabelle)[]
ystockings (Trello name: ystockings)[]


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zoebeagle (Trello name: zoebeagle)[]
  • Achievements: Adoring Friends, Ultimate Gear - Healer, Ultimate Gear - Mage, Ultimate Gear - Rogue
  • Equipment: Basic Crossbow, Critical Hammer of Bug-Crushing
  • Pets: Whale
Zorelya (Trello name: zorella)[]
  • Mount icons: Armadillo, Axolotl, Bear, Bunny, Egg Basket, Falcon, Fox, Gilded Turkey, Lion, Mammoth, Mantis Shrimp, Marshmallow Slime, Orca, Polar Bear, Rock, Snail, Tiger, Turkey

Current & Former Staff[]

Throughout Habitica's history, staff members have done all Mystery Item sets, added all animation, and filled in wherever volunteers couldn't be found.

beffymaroo (Trello name: beffymaroo)[]
Lemoness (Trello name: Lemoness)[]
  • Achievements: Adoring Friends*, Alarming Friends*, Annoying Friends*, Auld Acquaintance*, Cheery Chum*, Contributor*, Greatly Grateful*, Habitica Birthday Bash*, Habitica Birthday Bash badge, Party On*, Party Up*, Savior of Dilatory*, Savior of Mistiflying*, Savior of Stoikalm*
  • Avatar Customizations: Base Hair Style Set*, Basic Hair Colors*, Basic Skin Colors*, Hair Flowers*, Hairstyle Set 1, Haunted Hair Colors*, Rainbow Skin Colors, Shimmer Hair Colors*, Supernatural Skin Colors, Wintery Hair Colors
  • Characters in Habitica: Alexander (all versions), Bailey (all versions), Daniel (all versions), Ian (all versions), Justin (all versions), King Manta, Lady Glaciate, Matt Boch (all versions), Siena Leslie (most versions), The April Fool, The Joyful Reaper, Tyler and Vicky (Regular version)
  • Eggs: Cuttlefish
  • Equipment: All Mystery Item sets February 2014-December 2017, Beware Dog Set, Candy Cane Mage Set, Cheetah Set, Comforting Kitty Set, Festive Fairy Set, Gingerbread Warrior Set, Healer 1-5 Sets*, Icicle Drake Set, Mage 1-5 Sets*, Mage of the North Set, Magician's Bunny Set, Nutcracker Armor Set, Party Hat Set*, Party Robes Set*, Reef Renegade Set, Rogue 1-5 Sets*, Ship Soothsayer Set, Ski-Sassin Set, Sneaky Squeaker Set, Snow Day Warrior Set*, Snowflake Healer Set, Soothing Skater Set, Strapping Sailor Set, Sunfish Warrior Set, Turkey Set, Unconventional Armor Set, Undersea Explorer Set, Yeti Tamer Warrior Set
  • Hatching Potions: Base, Cotton Candy Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Desert, Golden, Peppermint, Red, Shade, Skeleton, Spooky, White, Zombie
  • Moderators: Alys, Blade, Breadstrings, Cantras, Daniel the Bard, deilann 5.0.5b, Dewines, Fox_town, It's Bailey, Megan, shanaqui
  • Mounts: Cactus (most colors), Cuttlefish, Dragon (most colors), Flying Pig (most colors), Fox (most colors), Ghost Jack-O-Lantern, Gilded Turkey*, Hopeful Hippogriff, Jack-O-Lantern, Magical Bee, Peppermint, Royal Purple Gryphon (Melior)*, Spooky, Turkey, Wolf (most colors)
  • Pets: Cuttlefish, Ghost Jack-O-Lantern, Gilded Turkey*, Hopeful Hippogriff, Hydra, Jack-O-Lantern, Magical Bee, Peppermint, Royal Purple Gryphon (Meliora)*, Spooky, Turkey, Veteran Bear, Veteran Lion, Veteran Tiger
  • Staff: Apollo/Tressley, beffymaroo/Beth, Lefnire/Tyler Renelle, Lemoness/Siena Leslie, Litenull/Tomaž Korenika, paglias/Matteo, Piyo/Sara, redphoenix/Vicky Hsu, SabreCat/Sabe Jones, Slappybag/Stan Lindsey, TheHollidayInn/Keith, viirus/Phillip
  • Transformation Items & Results:: Ghost, Sea Creature, Seafoam, Shiny Seed, Snowball, Spooky Sparkles
  • Other: New Year's Card, Valentine Card, Cake, Candy(Fall Festival), Pie(Pi Day, Turkey Day)
  • Quest Bosses: The Be-Wilder*
  • Quest Scrolls: Creatures of the Crevasse, Message in a Bottle, Not a Mere Maid
SabreCat []
Piyo (Trello name: unknown; Also known as: Piyowo)[]
  • Achievements: Adoring Friends*, Alarming Friends*, All Your Base, Annoying Friends*, Arid Authority, Auld Acquaintance*, Back to Basics, Beast Master*, Began a New Adventure*, Caring Confidant*, Challenges Won*, Cheery Chum*, Congratulatory Companion*, Contributor*, Dust Devil, Generic unearned achievement placeholder*, Greatly Grateful*, Habitica Birthday Bash*, Helped Habitica Grow*, Invited a Friend*, Joined a Guild*, Kickstarter Backer (2013)*, Kickstarter Backer (2019), Lucky Letter*, Mount Master*, NPC*, Party On*, Party Up*, Pearly Pro, Perfect Days*, Primed for Painting, Quests Completed*, Rosy Outlook, Savior of Dilatory*, Savior of Mistiflying*, Savior of Stoikalm*, Savior of the Flourishing Fields*, Streak Achievement*, Tickled Pink, Triad Bingo*, Ultimate Gear*, Veteran User*, Violets are Blue, Wild Blue Yonder, Zodiac Zookeeper*
  • Class System: Healer (mobile), Healer (web), Mage (mobile), Mage (web), Rogue (mobile), Rogue (web), Warrior (mobile), Warrior (web)
  • Equipment: Caterpillar Rogue Set*, Habitica Hero Set*, Hummingbird Warrior Set*, Lily Healer Set*, Midnight Merrymaker Set*, Moonstone Mage Set*, Mythic Gryphon Set* Perky Ponytail Set*
  • Mounts: Gryphatrice*
  • Pets: Confection*, Garden*, Gryphatrice*, Joyous Gryphatrice*,
  • Other: Gems (Shop display), Bronze Guild Crest, Gold Guild Crest, Silver Guild Crest
The Habitica Staff[]

Paid/External Artists[]

After August 2023, since they were no longer accepting volunteer submissions, Habitica began getting art from external professionals. Because they are not part of Habitica they are not listed in the [Hall of Contributors https://habitica.com/hall/contributors] and cannot be contacted within Habitica, so when there is more than one external artist listed in an announcement they are listed here as having partial credit for everything in that announcement.

Berker Sönmezler[]
Irena Urosevic[]

Unknown Artists[]

This section is not guaranteed to be complete -- It primarily focuses on older items for which an exhaustive search has already been conducted.

(artist name needed)

Art Without a Specific Page[]

Progress Bar SVG Icons[]

Health Icon
by tressley
"Health Points"
by tressley
"Experience Points"
by tressley
"Mana Points"
Pending Damage
by tressley
"Pending Damage"
by tressley

Non-Quest Promotional Art[]

by Drevian
by UncommonCriminal & beffymaroo
"Interactions in Habitica"
by Draayder
by Leephon
"Public Guilds"
by Leephon & beffymaroo
"Infractions (Troll in the Tavern)"
by UncommonCriminal
"Consequences (Spamming)"
by Kiwibot
Promo task planning
by beffymaroo
"Establishing your tasks"
Scene todos
by willowthewitty
"Smart goal setting"
Scene habits
by beffymaroo
"Setting up habits"
Scene dailies
by Vampitch
"Setting Up dailies"
Scene yesterdailies repeatables
by Vampitch & beffymaroo
"Repeatable yesterdailies"
Scene buying rewards
by Vampitch
"Buying rewards"
Scene money
by OuttaMyMind
"Budgeting and saving"
Hatching a Dragon Scene by Leephon
by Leephon
"Hatching a pet"
Feeding Time
by Rosemonkey
"Feeding pets"
Scene sleep
by Hachiseiko
"Resting with pets"
Scene saddle
by Vampitch
"Using a saddle"
Scene strength
by gully
Scene perception
by gully
Scene intelligence
by gully
Scene constitution
by gully
Scene party
by Seus
"Party group"
Scene quest start
by QuartzFox
"Starting a quest"
Scene shielding from damage
by LtCabel
"Shielding from damage"
Scene quest abort
by Katy133
"Aborting a quest"
Scene casting spells
by James_Danger
"Casting spells"
Scene party healing
by Seus
"Healing party members"
Throwing Snowballs by infinidulge
by Infinidulge the Distinguished
"Snowballing other party members"
Scene positivity
by Katy133
"Cultivating positivity"
Resting in Inn by draayder
by Draayder
"Resting in the inn"
Scene tavern
by Aries Faries
"Talking in the tavern"
Promo startingover
by beffymaroo
"Starting Over Options"
Scene eco friendly
by beffymaroo
"Eco-friendly Habitican guilds"
Scene languages
by OuttaMyMind
"Learning Languages"
Scene video games
by eienni
"Habiticans playing video games"
Scene board games
by gully
"Habiticans playing board games"
Scene music
by Katy133
"Habiticans playing musical instruments"
Scene arts crafts
by Seus
"Habiticans doing arts and crafts"
Scene hat guild
by gully
"Habitican hat guild"
Scene tools
by gully
"Habitican woodworking guild"
Scene studying
by OuttaMyMind
"Using Habitica for schoolwork"
Scene library of shared lists
by PixelStormArt
"Library of shared lists guild"
by Rosemonkey
by Rosemonkey
Phone peek3 by phoneix faerie
by JessicaChase
"Peeking out of a mobile device"
Scene podcast
by beffymaroo
"Podcast picks"
Coding 3 by phoneix faerie-d7idtti
by JessicaChase
Sweeping by Leephon
by Leephon
Dusting by Leephon
by Leephon
Scene winter cleaning
by weeWitch
"Winter cleaning"
Scene raking leaves
by Leephon
"Raking leaves"
Scene gardening
by Seus
"Habiticans gardening"
Scene hiking
by Katy133
"Habiticans hiking"
Promo working out
by James_Danger
"Habiticans working out"
Scene eating healthy
by Aries Faries
"Habiticans eating healthy"
Scene tough times
by aspiring_advocate
"Habiticans practicing self-care"
Scene exhausted
by Irrevenant
"Habiticans exhausted"
Scene office
by Stefalupagus
"Habiticans at the office"
Promo cooking
by KusSv
"Habiticans cooking"
Scene gold
by eienni
"Habiticans finding and hoarding lots of gold"
Scene sport outdoors
by PixelStormArt
"Habiticans playing a sport outdoors"
Scene obstacles
by RiitheWordsmith
"Habitican overcoming obstacles"
Scene puzzle
by gully
"Habiticans completing a puzzle"
Scene recycling
by CarolinaAsh
"Habiticans recycling"
Scene litter
by cyaneus
"Habiticans picking up litter"
Scene habitica map
by UncommonCriminal
"Map of Habitica"
Scene finding a drop
by KusSv
"Finding a drop"
Scene selling items
by Seus
"Selling items"
Scene pomodoro
by Katy133
"Holding a tomato (Pomodoro)"
Scene perfect day
by RiitheWordsmith
"Perfect day"
Scene achievement
by UncommonCriminal
"Gaining an achievement"
404 not found wiki by cosmic caterpillar-d83gwxa
by UncommonCriminal
"404 Not Found"
Scene exporting data
by PixelStormArt
"Exporting data"
Scene habit cycle
by Erikari
"The habit loop"
Scene cheating
by CitrineSun
Halls of habitica - mods variant ver 1
by Katy133
"Hall of Heroes"
by Breadstrings and Kiwibot
"Directing to the newbies guild"
by Kiwibot
"The back corner"
by starsystemic
"Artisans and Storytellers in Trello"
by MazHem
"Blacksmiths in GitHub"
by Kiwibot
"Scribes and Linguistic Scribes in the Wiki"
by Leephon