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Pre-prank Teaser[]

On March 30th 2018, players were greeted by the following announcement:

3/30/2018 - The April Fool Stops By the Tavern...
It's that time of year again, and all Habitica's denizens have been on the lookout for stirrings from the most mischievous Masterclasser: the April Fool. Puzzlingly (and perhaps alarmingly!) he's been unusually quiet considering his favorite day is nearing. He's announced he's keeping his plans small-scale and that they will hardly be noticed, but upon hearing this from Tavern-goers on a visit to Habit City, Lady Glaciate rolled her eyes.
"I'd be interested to know what the Master of Rogues considers a modestly-proportioned prank…" she says irritably.
Perhaps you should check back over the weekend to see what's in store…

The Fool's Prank[]

On April Fools' Day 2018, players were greeted by the following announcement:

Tiny Pets and Mounts
Npc aprilFool.png
Oh no! That dastardly April Fool seems to have pulled off his "small" prank: all our pets and mounts have shrunk!
"Haha!" the April Fool laughs as he bursts in the the Tavern, "Enjoy your new and more efficiently-sized friends! Now your pets and mounts are so much easier to keep track of, right? This should certainly increase your productivity!"
Lady Glaciate grumbles from her corner table and looks at her mammoth, which is happily cavorting in her teacup. "Well, since I don't have a ride back home to the Stoikalm Steppes at the moment, I disagree."
As Sir Stomp sprays tea triumphantly from his trunk, a small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. ".…I suppose one could argue it's quite cute, though," she grudgingly adds.
It looks like all our pets and mounts are extra small for the time being. Enjoy the fun by checking out everyone's profiles today! Your pets and mounts will return to normal on April 3.
Special April Fool's Social Media Challenge!
For even more fun, check out the official Challenge posted especially for today! Share your avatar featuring your tiny pets on social media between now and April 3, and you'll have a chance to win gems!

Official Habitica Challenge[]

An official challenge appeared in the Tavern. Players could share their tiny pet and mount avatars on social media for a chance to win gems. This blog post shows all the winners' screenshots as well as other favorite tiny pet and mount images.