On April Fools' Day 2017, players were greeted by the following announcement:

Welcome to the Distraction Discotheque and Dazzle Dance Emporium!
"It's a marvelous day, and I, Bailey the Town DJ, would like to warmly welcome you to the Distraction Discotheque and Dazzle Dance Emporium! This festive location was set up by the dashing, brilliant, and humble April Fool. It's entirely devoted to sparkly diversion -- and avoiding productivity at all costs!
Rad New NPCs!
Be sure to check out all your favorite places on Habitica today to visit the Non-Player Characters, a set of ENTIRELY unique individuals, as I... er, they... have a grand time and dance the day away!
Party with the April Fool and Win Gems!
You're going to have a wonderful time, not least of all because the April Fool, in his endless magnanimity, is making the time to party with every single one of you -- take a peek at your avatar!
For even more fun, check out the official Challenge posted especially for today! Share your avatar featuring that fantastic Fool on social media, and you'll have a chance to win gems. Now go boogie!"

Photobombed Avatars[edit | edit source]

The April Fool made a special appearance in each player's avatar.

Show/hide the different versions of the April Fool's photobombs.

The April Fool replaced players' pets in their avatars. The version of the April Fool that appeared in players' avatars depended on which hatching potion was used to hatch the pet that was replaced, or on the type of rare pet that was replaced.

NPC Changes[edit | edit source]

The NPCs were replaced with a set of entirely unique individuals:

Official Habitica Challenge[edit | edit source]

An official challenge appeared in the Tavern, entitled "Party with the April Fool!" and created by Definitely Not the April Fool. Players could share their photobombed avatars on social media for a chance to win gems. This blog post shows all the winners' screenshots as well as other favorite photobombed avatars.

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